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Yes, I know Sports Entertainment is scripted. The athletes often use stage names and they have personas that may or may not emulate their true character. Vince McMahon and the WWE don't insult our intelligence; they are completely open to the fact they are entertainers. The men and women in the WWE are very talented, athletic, and tough. Their shows are live and they do get injured. Stone Cold, Triple H, X-Pac, Mick Foley, Droz, and many more can attest to that. But watching the action unfold each week is exciting for many of us; of all ages, men and women. Like my ol' theatre prof said--they're asking us to temporarily suspend our disbelief and enjoy the show.

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Well it's been quite some time since I wrote a Synaptic Discharge article. I just watched Summer Slam 2005, the first PPV I rented for quite awhile. I have to admit the Hulk Hogan vs Shawn Michaels match tipped the scales in WWE's favor and convinced me to part with my hard earned cash.

Benoit got the U.S. Championship in a matter of seconds from Orland Jordan. Kudos to making this match end quickly. Chris Benoit is one of my favorites but Orlando's reign has been lame to say the least.

The Edge, Matt Hardy, Lita love triangle is not one of my favorite plots. Lita would be better used in a positive role. Edge takes the win when Matt Hardy can no longer continue the match; perhaps a genuine injury here.

The Guerrero vs Mysterio Ladder Match would have been wonderful, if the whole custody battle plot had been left out. This is the worst plot I've seen in quite some time and it got entirely too much hype for a story that would be better used in a daytime-soap. Rey got the win, but I honestly don't care; I just hope the WWE drops this plot.

Eugene vs Angle for the Olympic gold medal. Angle makes pretty short work of Eugene in this No Time Limit match. Christy Hemme looks appealing in that cheerleader theme; but how about some more creative development of her own persona?

Undertaker vs Randy Orton. Nice match until Randy Orton once again uses a lame interference by his father to take a win.

WWE Title: Chris Jericho vs John Cena. A good match between these two, although Jericho's "argument" with the referee looked a little too scripted. I believe either of these men could take a legitimate win over the other without the extra fluff. Jericho certainly deserves another title reign. Hmmm... How about Jericho vs Benoit?

World Heavyweight: Batista vs JBL, No Holds Barred. Nice match. They start clobbering eachother in the aisle. Batista takes the win after dominating most of the match. Although JBL got some hard hits on the champion.

The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels vs the Immortal Hulk Hogan. These two main-eventers lived up to their reputations in their first ever one-on-one match. Going into the match I couldn't decide who I wanted to win. WWE got this one right I think.

The only complaint I have is that the opening of the match reminded me of some of Triple H's matches. (He looked great getting beat up.) HBK played a little too much to Hogan's "power" at the beginning. After the match sways back and forth for awhile, HBK nips up and Hogan Hulks-up. The referee gets knocked down. A second nip up and Hogan finds himself in the sharpshooter. A new referee runs in, Hogan gets the rope to break the hold. The second referee gets knoced out. Michaels hits Hogan with a low-blow, a chair to the head, then lands the flying elbow, AND follows nails sweet chin music. The Immortal Hogan kicks out to a huge pop (like only Hulk Hogan gets) from the crowd. He Hulks-up. Hits the big boot and the leg drop for the victory.

Overall, I enjoyed the match. A nice show of the old power of Hulkamania. HBK suffered his first loss at Summer Slam. But the Heartbreak Kid shows respect when he extends his hand to Hogan, the Hulkster accepts, and we have a nice end to a classic match that doesn't happen to often these days.

I can only hope that Summer Slam will be a turning point to some better programming to compete with new television releases this fall.

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