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Faarooq (Ron Simmons) a graduate of Florida State University. (At ODP.)

Bradshaw (John Layfield). (At ODP.)

[ Acolytes ] The Acolytes united when the Undertaker began to form his Ministry of Darkness, they were among his first followers. Basically they beat up whoever he told them too and didn't do much else. They had very little personality. Since the MOD disintegrated they have become a more dynamic team. The Acolytes have held the Tag Team Championship twice. More recently they've entered the protection business as the Acolyte Protection Agency (APA).

The APA remained a formidable team until they were split during the Raw / Smackdown draft in early 2002. The WWF's (or WWE as it is now known) tag team scene went down hill and there really wasn't much competition of established teams.

After the brand split, Ron Simmons and Bradshaw were involved in some singles action but nothing significant. I believe Bradshaw took some injury time as well. About June of 2003, Stone Cold Steve Austin (as co-general manager of Raw) brought the Acolyte Protection Agency back.

Ron Simmons

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