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Autographed Card

I met Joanie Laurer, WWE's Chyna, at a World of Wheels auto show in Pittsburgh, PA during February 2003. I was surprised by how much her appearance changed from her days in World Wrestling Entertainment as Chyna. Her muscle mass, which was already dropping during her WWE days, dropped further - she's certainly still fit and muscular but not nearly as masculine-looking as when she debuted as Chyna.

Joanie was friendly and talkative. Many people had multiple books and magazines to have autographed and she had no problem signing anything, even a steel folding chair. She posed for a picture with almost everyone. She held babies, accepted flowers (as well as a kiss on the cheek from one guy), and made her way to the floor to greet and sign autographs for several handicapped children.

I was astounded by the number of people that apparently attended the auto show to see Ms. Laurer. Nearly the entire convention center surrounded the stage when she first appeared. After waiting around 2 hours I got a couple old WWF sticker cards signed (gave one to my nephew) and my copy of Chyna: If They Only Knew. Buy it from

I do wonder how long Joanie stayed; or if she had to limit the autographs. The length of the line when I left would've taken the rest of the night... So many thanks, Joanie Laurer, for the time you spend with fans!

The images below are of Joanie and I as she was autographing her book.

[ Joanie Autographing Book ] Autographed Book
[ Joanie and Rob Posing ]

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