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Have a Nice Day

Have a Nice Day - Mick Foley

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Mick Foley aka Mankind (aka Dude Love aka Cactus Jack) took the advice his parents gave him as a child and wrote his autobiography: Have a Nice Day : A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks (Buy it). Initially, as is often the case, professional writers interview a subject to gain enough knowledge to then 'shadow write' the autobiography. However, after receiving the first few chapters Mick says, "...It was well, good. There was only one problem - I didn't want good. I had a great story to tell and I wanted it to be great." After receiving the go ahead to write it himself Foley wondered if he, "had the 'testicular fortitude' to write for six hours a day." With a two month deadline, Foley put pen to paper - literally (no computer or typewriter) - and began writing. Mick wrote any time he could during his travels between events, often asking fellow superstars to critique his work. The Federation supported his efforts by helping to send his handwritten work to an assistant at Titan Sports who then transcribed them on her computer. The book turned out much longer than planned, about twice what the publisher required.

Foley talks mostly of his wrestling career, beginning when he was 19 and breaking into the business. He tells the story of working his way from the independents to his years in WCW and ECW, as well as time in Japan. And finally his arrival at WWF. Foley says, "What it basically comes down to is that I wanted my autobiography to be the one against which all others would be judged. I wanted a book that wrestling fans would love and appreciate."

Mick Foley went on to write another book of his memoirs: Foley is Good. As well as several other books; check them out at Amazon.com.

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