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Way back in February of 2001 I attended an Ideas & Issues presentation at the Indiana University of PA. I attended the University for several years prior to this and never bothered to go to any of their presentations. (They brought various speakers to campus to discuss current issues.) However, a friend of mine told me Mick Foley was going to be there and I couldn't miss it! Now, two years later I am finally putting together this web page.

[ Mick Foley Autograph ] Michael Francis Foley showed up in his trademark black sweat pants and flannel shirt. For the next couple hours Foley spoke about some of the PTC's statements about World Wrestling Entertainment programming. However, Mick Foley spent most of his time telling jokes, relating old wrestling stories, and ripping on fellow wrestler Al Snow. He also took a number of questions from the audience. Afterward he signed autographs. I got my program signed quickly, but there were probably 300 or more people in line and, as I recall, it was about 10PM. I'm not sure how late Mick Foley stayed that night. He was clearly tired, but also dedicated to the fans.

One memorable story Foley relayed was about Steve Blackman, who grew up in Pennsylvania, and his idea for how one might deal with an unwanted body in a deep mine shaft. He also told stories of some house shows where unexpected things happened; like Al Snow getting his trunks pulled into a revealing position during a match. While the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kane fought to control their laughter.

I was somewhat surprised by the audience members, having never attended a WWE event at this point, all ages of men and women were in attendance. I do recall one (apparently drunk) college guy that continued to be a disruption. Finally Mick paused in his presentation and looked over at him, then said to the audience, "Yeah, I remember my first beer..." At that, the auditorium rocked with laughter. And the drunk kid stayed quiet.

Lastly, I suspect there are some skeptical people out there thinking that a professional wrestler that's been beat up as much as Mick Foley can't possibly be a good speaker. All I can say is jump at any oppurtunity to listen to him speak. Most of his TV time doesn't do much justice, and a fair amount of that is scripted.

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