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This page contains info regarding DX's current members, as of 2000-01-08 (Road Dogg Jesse James, Mr.Ass Billy Gunn, Triple H, and X-Pac). This page will contain any information about them that I add to Rock13.com.

A bit of history on D-Generation X. HBK Shawn Michaels and Hunter Hearst Hemsley, along with his valet Chyna, formed the original DX. About this time Hunter became known as Triple H. X-Pac, and the New Age Outlaws joined in. And these were the most long lived members. Shawn Michaels eventually left due to injuries. As did Chyna to pursue her own career. Tori (not Torrie Wilson) was a member for a time, brought in by X-Pac. And even Stephanie McMahon was a member.

New Age Outlaws

The team of Road Dogg Jesse James and Badd Ass Billy Gunn are five-time Tag Team Champions:

New Age Outlaws were the first team to win the Tag Team Championship in three consecutive years - one reign in 1997, two in 1998, and two in 1999. The New Age Outlaws held the Tag Team Championship for all but 64 days in 1998. The Outlaws fourth reign starting 1999-09-23 ended with a loss to Hardcore and Crash Holly on 1999-10-18. The Outlaws regained the titles for a fifth time on 1999-11-08 defeating Al Snow and Mankind.

Billy Gunn is once again the most decorated tag team superstar (as of 1999-11-08). Mr. Ass has held the Tag Team Championship 8 times, the first three as a member of the Smoking Gunns with 'brother' Bart. Billy Gunn has won at least one Tag Team Championship every year since 1995.

More recently Billy Gunn won two more tag championships with partner Chuck Palumbo.

Arnold Schwarzenegger with DX

[Arnold and DX] Smack Down (1999-11-11)

Mr. Ass on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

(Posted: 2000-01-08) Mr. Ass Billy Gunn recently had a guest appearance on ABC's Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. The episode which aired in February cast Gunn as the father of a groom at a 'realm' wedding. Gunn takes on both Sabrina and Salem the cat in a wrestling match.

Gunn and Sabrina

Where are they now?

Just some brief notes on where these DX members are at now (2002-10-10).

Billy Gunn held the Intercontinental title from 2000-11-23, after defeating Eddie Gurerro, until being defeated by Chris Benoit on 2000-12-10. In 2002 Billy Gunn held the tag titles with Chuck Palumbo on two different occaisons. Right now he and Chuck Palumbo are probably the most experienced tag team in action.

Tori dissapeared quite awhile ago, I have no idea where.

Chyna posed for Playboy a couple times. Dominated the Women's championship as well as some competitions against the men. She eventually left the company to pursue other interests.

Road Dogg faded away quite some time ago as well. Spent some time in the Hardcore division.

X-Pac was on again, off again. Right now he's off.

Shawn Michaels was the commissioner for awhile after leaving DX. Then left completely until earlier this year. HBK defeated Triple H but ended up out with injuries.

Stephanie McMahon was 'married' to Triple H for awhile, then separated. Dissappeared and reappeared. She even resurrected ECW briefly with Paul Heyman and took on Vince. Currently, she's the General Manager of SmackDown.

Triple H has been on top of The Game basically since DX broke up. And he's still there despite being out with a bad injury for a number of months.

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