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Not sure just when this took place. Sometime in late 1999 or early 2000. Maybe I'll get around to finding out sometime:-) And more recently, WWF.com has become WWE.com.

WWF.com: About four or five weeks ago you went through a table on SmackDown. You were out for a little while. Can you clear up why you were out?

Road Dogg: Yeah I'll clear it up for everybody. I was supposed to start on an album - CD, actually; I guess they don't make albums anymore - and I don't know what happened but somewhere the ball got dropped and I ended up sitting at home for four weeks doing nothing. But I did spend a lot of time with my family so it was actually a big benefit for more. And I think a big loss for everybody involved. But now, I'm back - Tag Team Champions - I think it's old news already.

WWF.com: So what's the scoop on the album? Are they still going to do it.

RD: I haven't heard anything from the music director. I don't know. I wanted to be more involved in the process of making it. And I think he had in mind doing his music and then bringing me in for the recording, which would be good also because I love that. But I just wanted to be involved more and that's not happening so I don't know. I still got irons in the fire in the music business. It's not dead in the water - it could still happen - just maybe under different circumstances.

WWF.com: What kind of music was it going to be?

RD: I think maybe some Kid Rock - not cover tunes - but like Kid Rock or like Eminem. They're influential right now on me and what I would do in the studio because they get a lot of airtime in my car. Snoop Dogg also. It's just some rap and maybe some rock 'n' roll. A whole lot of everything, 'cause I can do it all.

WWF.com: What do you think of providing sound bites for the merchandise? What's it like to play a video game as yourself?

RD: I get the toys at my house and my kids can play with them and I think it's really cool. My son plays that new Attitude game a lot. They sent me one in the mail - right after I bought one - so he plays it. It's cool. I love that too. That's just funny to me, to walk in there and see it. It such a good little picture of me in the game. It's funny to me; it's hilarious.

WWF.com: Why did the New Age Outlaws get back together?

RD: (Turning toward Mr. Ass) I think Billy was hurting. His career was dying and he needed something. And so I just went back to help him out a little bit.

Mr. Ass: I'm not (paying attention). I'm watching this (producers at the television facility editing a show).

RD: Oh, well never mind. He's sitting next to me and he didn't hear me so never mind. It's not even funny now.

WWF.com: So are you excited about the Outlaws being back together?

RD: Yeah, I love it. I think the people always wanted it from the get-go, and I'm not just saying that because Billy's sitting next to me. I do love it. And the reason why I love it: same payday, half the workload.

WWF.com: Speaking of payday, I read in Jim Ross' column that your merchandise is selling third behind Austin and The Rock.

RD: Let me also remind you - and definitely print this on there - that I only have two T-shirts and one foam hand for sale and I'm third. So, I'm not doing bad.

WWF.com: Do you have a problem with Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara jumping to WCW?

RD: No, no I don't and I'll tell you why. It's good for them (and) not bad for us, not at all. I used it on a radio show and I'll use it again: You can buy the painter the paint and the canvas, but you can't paint the picture for him, the painter has to paint the picture. Russo and Ed have never been in a ring in their life. They don't know anything about timing, about placement, about anything inside the ring. They know about storylines. Well, anybody can write a storyline. It takes the wrestler to go out there. I never did one finish he gave me. We changed every finish. We make it good, not him. Not the pencil-pusher. It's the wrestler in the ring. So it doesn't matter where he's at. WWF.com: Have you talked to your brothers down there about it?

RD: No I haven't talked to them yet because, you know, it was just yesterday that we heard about it. So, no, I haven't talk to them yet. But I hope - because I had a good relationship with Vince (Russo) - and to be quite honest with you, I hope that goes on to my brothers. Because they deserve something - they can work - and they got people down there getting TV time that damn sure cannot work.

WWF.com: What was it like backstage (Monday) with the announcement?

RD: They thought it was an impact move. But it was not deep impact; it was slight impact. There was nothing different. Actually, the day went smoother to be quite honest with you. And that's the truth. We had the sheet up and knew what we were doing by 4 o'clock and usually we didn't have it like that until the bell rang for the first match.

WWF.com: Do you think the show was any better or worse last night?

RD: Oh no. I honestly don't think it was affected at all. I thought it was a pretty good show. But of course I only see my part and I thought that was great.

Mr. Ass: Because you didn't do anything.

RD: Because Billy got beat up and I got to stand on the apron and wiggle my legs.

WWF.com: There are a lot of superstars doing other stuff - outside the ring - like Mankind and Austin. Do you see the Road Dogg doing the acting thing a little bit? I know you've got the album thing.

RD: Yeah, I'd rather do that (the album), and that's my main goal. To be quite honest, I never wanted to be anything other than a wrestler. And I honestly don't want to be an actor. I'm an impulse, live-action kind of guy. It just so happens I was blessed to be clever quickly, you know what I mean? And, when the red light comes on, I can do it right then. But I can't do it 80 times, 80 takes. So I don't have it in me to go to Hollywood. But if they asked me to I would definitely do it because I think it's a great experience. Not an opportunity I don't think because, like I said, that's not what I want to do with my life. But I'd like to make music. You could have a studio at your home, make music out of your home. I just want to get back with my family. I'm trying to build that nest egg. And if you're not down with that, I got two words for ya.

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