Rock Considered For Conan Role

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This is an excerpt from USA Today: Movies: Conan Could Roll with Rock 2000-05-11

For years, the feature film franchise that made Arnold Schwarzenegger a star has been inactive because the rights to the character were owned by people outside the movie industry. But producers Irving Azoff (The Hurricane), Jon Jashni (Anna and the King) and Rick Alexander (Strong Medicine for TV's Lifetime) have convinced the group that Conan should ride again, and their involvement has aroused the interest of studio suitors Miramax, Universal, and Paramount.

The early favorite for Ah-nuld's role: the World Wrestling Federation's The Rock (a.k.a. Dwayne Johnson). The wrestler already has a budding film career, playing a villain in the sequel to last year's blockbuster The Mummy. If Johnson plays Conan, a producing role will go to his manager, WWF chief Vince McMahon.

Note: 2002-10-06 Not sure whatever happened concerning the matter. If anyone has a source I could check out send me feedback.

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