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WWE's Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson appeared on the Tonight Show 2000-03-24 along with movie critic Roger Ebert and musical guest Fiona Apple (at Prior to the show, backstage, Rock uses some classic Rock lines on Tonight Show host Jay Leno. After his monologue Jay shows a photo of a blimp that the Rock apparently had fly overhead to taunt him, with "Jay, know your role." on the bottom of it. The Rock walks on stage to the familiar 'Rocky' chant. He gives Jay a muffin so he can, "...smell what the Rock is cooking." Overall, Rock was pretty comical and sincere.

Jay asks him about his former persona Rocky Miavia. Rock says that the name was derived from his father and grandfather's names but he didn't have enough creative freedom. Hence the change to 'The Rock'. Jay jokes about his People's Eyebrow and if he's practicing to raise the left one. "I'm not bi-eyebrow, Jay."

Then Rock tells a story from his days at the University of Miami where he chased the opposing teams mascot into the stands. Of course Leno wouldn't let Rock out of a look at his Saturday Night Live skit where he dressed as a woman. Rock promised that the match at WrestleMania would be electrifying. Then Jay brought up Dwayne being an Elvis fan. Rock said he's seen all the movies and likes Blue Hawaii then sang a few lines of SmackDown Hotel.

Roger Ebert came out and complimented the Rock on his performance at SNL, for which the Rock appeared somewhat surprised but appreciative. Ebert went on to make a couple 'The Roger Says' jokes.

This was Rock's first appearance on the Tonight Show. Of course he went on, not long after, to appear on many talk shows - too many to chronicle here at any rate. (Added: 2002-10-06)

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