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This is a brief summary of the quiz/poll results. Needless to say, I don't have statistics on the first couple questions. The latest results are at the bottom.

You voted the WWF section as your favorite on Rock13.

I questioned keeping the poll and you said keep it.

Who's your favorite wrestler? Of 271 votes. 52% said Rock, 38% Stone Cold, and Mick Foley 10%.

68% said Chyna was a good IC champ, 27% said she needed to defend the title more, and 5% said she's a disgrace to the title of 22 votes. I asked the question too late.

Hunter and Stephanie's marriage? Of 123 responses. 22% said it was better than the SCSA rivalry, 34% said worse, 44% said Rivalry, Shmivalry...Steph looks hot.

Mae Young's puppies and pregnancy? Of 23 responses. 43% said it's disgusting end it now, 22% don't like it - end it soon. And 35% said whatever show me the Kat's puppies. I had this question up for awhile, and assume the rest of you were so disinterested you didn't respond;-)

Who's going to be champ after WrestleMania? Of 254 votes, 53% said Rock, 26% Mick Foley, 16% Triple H, and 5% Big Show. (Nuts, I voted Rock and then Mick when he actually got in the match - I put him on there in hopes he would get his shot.)

What about WrestleMania? of 48 votes, 46% loved it, 31% it sucked, 23% said okay. Well, from what I read in Usenet I thought it would be more 'it sucked' but I thought it was okay myself. Glad I didn't pay to go see it though!

Thoughts on Big Show going Hollywood? 35 votes. 54% said funny stuff, 14% said not that funny, and 31% said its getting old. This was about two weeks into Show coming out with a different gimmick each show.

What will Stone Cold do it Backlash? 222 votes, 34% said stun HHH, Rock wins. 11% said stun Rock, HHH wins. 18% said stun everyone, HHH keeps title. And 37% said SCSA wins the title.

Rock won, what do you think? 126 votes, 32% said he deserved it, 48% said it sucks, and 20% said whatever SCSA is back! Well I was a little disappointed they brought Stone Cold back before he was ready to stay in action.

What will HBK do at Judgment Day? Only 16 votes, 50% say help HHH regain the title, 38% said help Rock, 13% said call it down the middle. Well, he did call it down the middle.

Your thoughts on the Iron Man Match? Of 42 votes, 57% said it rocked, 17% said it sucked, and 26% said the HBK vs Hitman Bret Hart was better. I assume the rest of you just didn't care.

Who's going to be WWF Champ after King of the Ring? Of 18 votes, 22% said Rock, 11% Kane, 28% Triple H, and 39% Undertaker. Rock won the Championship. My vote went to Triple H.

Thoughts on King of the Ring (Only 10 responses). 4 said worse than WrestleMania, 1 said better than WM, and 5 said it Rocked!

Fully Loaded: Rock vs Benoit. (11 responses) 9% said Benoit becomes the WWF Champ, 27% said Benoit wins via DQ and Rock retains title, 64% said Rock wins with the Crippler Crossface. Note: Commissioner Foley added a stipulation on SmackDown that stated the title would change hands on a DQ.

Your favorite match at Fully Loaded 2000: (92 votes) 49% Rock vs Benoit, 38% Triple H vs Jericho, 13% Undertaker vs Kurt Angle.

Summer Slam 2000: WWF Championship Triple Threat Match (of 22 votes) 41% said Rock retains the title, 14% say Triple H defeats Rock, 5% Triple H defeats Angle, 0% Angled defeats Rock, 9% Angle defeats Triple H, and 32% Undecided Rock gets pinned by both Triple H and Angle (this was my vote).

Thoughts on Summer Slam 2000 (of 89 votes) 62% said it Rocked!, 26% said it sucked, and 12% said it was okay.

Stone Cold is back, what do you think? (of 107 responses) 5% said whatever, 32% said Rock is still the man, 64% said Austin 3:16 Rocks!

Billy Gunn returns. (of 26 responses) 27% said he's nothing without DX, 35% said who cares, 38% said "Please, no more New Age Outlaws!"

Kurt Angle as WWF Champ. (of 123 responses) 11% said whatever, 14% thought it Rocks!, and 76% said it sucks.

Kurt Angle retains the WWF Championship at Survivor Series. (of 127 responses) 17% said whatever, 20% said it rocks, and 63% it sucks.

Armageddon: Kurt Angle is still the WWF Champion. (of 118 responses) 6% were clueless, 16% "Its true. Its true.", 78% "It really sucks!"

Who was the best WWF Champ of 2000? (of 700 votes) 7% said Big Show, 11% Kurt Angle, 25% Triple H, and 57% Rock. I left this quiz up for a couple months. Incidentally, my vote went for Triple H and I don't know what the hell that 7% came from.

Who will be the Champ after WrestleMania X-Seven? (of 175 votes) 5% said Angle in Triple Threat (it could've happened), 33% Rock, and 62% Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Your thoughts on WrestleMania X-Seven. (of 125 votes) 16% Yawn, 16% It Sucked, and 68% It Rocked! It was better than last year, in my opinion, and visitors to Rock13.com agree.

Stone Cold's Heel Turn, your thoughts? (of 72 votes) 35% said it sucks, 51% it Rocks!, and 14% Yawn.

Paul Heyman or Jerry Lawler, who is better? (of 260 votes) 10% said Heyman, 62% Lawler, 28% said give me The Kat.

Rock is back (from Hollywood). (of 470 votes) 96% It Rocks, 3% It Sucks, 1% Yawn.

Stephanie McMahon's implants. (of 328 votes) 65% They Rock, 31% They Suck, 3% are clueless.

Will Kurt Angle win the WWF Championship at Unforgiven 2001? (of 21 votes) 100% said yes. Well, I did ask the question rather late.

Your thoughts on Unforgiven 2001: (of 428 votes) 2% Yawn, 3% It Sucked, and 95% said It Rocked.

Mick Foley is back. (of 722 votes) 82% It Rocks, 7% It Sucks, 11% Yawn.

Your thoughts on Survivor Series 2001? (of 396 votes) 51% It Rocked, 39% It Sucked, 10% Yawn.

Your thoughts on Chris Jericho as the Undisputed Champion. I accidentally overwrote the data for this poll. But the last I checked, it was an overwhelming 'It Sucks'.

The Game's Return? (of 2016 votes) 48% It Rocks, 12% It Sucks, 40% Yawn. Sorry, I left this poll up for quite awhile...I suppose some of you may have gotten bored with the poll more than The Game.

Hulkamania is back! (of 1118 votes) 41% It Rocks, 34% It Sucks, 25% Yawn. Another poll I didn't get around to updating.

Rosey and Jamal's attacks, your thoughts? (of 630 votes) 63% It Sucks, 19% It Rocks, 18% Yawn.

Scott Steiner, your thoughts? (560 votes) 73% He Sucks, 22% He Rocks, 5% Yawn.

I asked if you would be interested in a raffle for a WWE CD. The response was no.

Stone Cold's return. (of 280 votes) 95% It Rocks, 2% It Sucks, 3% Who Cares?

One word, Goldberg! (of 1789 votes) 76% It Rocks!, 7% It Sucks, 17% Who Cares?

What's your favorite WWE show? (of 259 votes) 55% Raw, %43 SmackDown, 2% Heat.

Kane's unmasking craziness? (of 332 votes) 27% It Rocks, 52% It Sucks, 22% I Don't care. I'm in the 73% who don't like it.

Your thoughts on Crash Holly? The majority of fans missed seeing Crash Holly. (I was not aware at the time that Crash Holly passed away in early November 2003, just days before I posted the poll. The exact statistics don't matter.)

The hottest WWE diva? (of 257 votes) 54% Trish Stratus, 21% Lita, 25% Stacy Keibler. I voted for Lita.

Chris Benoit as Heavyweight Champ? (of 409 votes) 41% It Rocks!, 18% It Sucks!, 41% Just glad it is not HHH.

Your thoughts on Summer Slam? (of 135 votes) 69% It Rocked, 27$ It Sucked, 4% Rented a DVD.

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