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Prolouge. Yeah, I know lots of people throw their rants on wrestling on the web; some with regularity and even research. Well this is going to be mine. From time to time, perhaps once a week or once a month, this is where you may read what I think of the current events in the WWF world in particular. What I think of the story lines, who the champs are, and at times what I think of the real life events surrounding Sports Entertainment.

Spike Dudley and Molly Holly. I think its cute, kinda reminds me of what I was like back in 6th grade or so... The Holly persona has been developing for quite some time -- ever since Crash Holly came on the seen with his seemingly simple mind. Not sure what little Spike was like in ECW but he's more like a Holly than a Dudley here in the WWF. Clearly appearing as an underdog but with lots of determination. Definitely a cute couple, thank God its not Mark Henry and Mae Young!

The King of the Ring qualifying matches are underway, it looks like the Hardys are on a roll; perhaps this will be their year to see King Jeff... Hmm...Sable, Chyna, Lita? Probably too much to hope for.

Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho finally get some real recognition, never thought these two would ever make a team...I don't recall them being on too good of terms in WCW either. But having both come from Stu Hart's dungeon they've been destined for greatness and I'm glad to see them getting it. Can't wait to see them battle over the WWF Championship; hopefully they can stay on good terms as competitors. Some of my favorite matches were Ricky Steambot vs. Ric Flair, they shook hands and hugged after the matches. Even bringing in family members to celebrate no matter which of them had come out on top...

I'm getting real tired of hearing Stone Cold say, 'My name is Stone Cold Steve Austin' and 'I don't deserve that.' I know what your dang name is and who the heck is writing your material?! If I turn down the sound and ignore McMahon at ringside its almost like having the old Stone Cold back; he is looking better in the ring. Kinda nice timing with the super-heel Triple H going on the shelf with an injury. Nice that he dropped both titles before the injury as well.

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