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King of the Ring 2001 is down to Edge, Christian, Rhyno, and Angle. Angle has stated his intentions of winning back to back KORs. Why not? I don't think the other three deserve it, surely not to get a WWF Championship match at any rate.

A stalker is after the Undertaker's wife Sara. Give me a break, who thunk this one up? Never cared for putting too much of the storyline outside the arena. And its who?! Diamond Dallas Page! What?! I call that one lame. I've watched DDP in the past and thought he was alright but never saw him in this stalker angle with Taker. I hope this one ends real quick. Got to say that DDP already has some fan support from the sounds of his arrival.

Shane McMahon continues to attack Kurt Angle. Rumors say Angle could go to WCW, what's the angle? Test says he could go to WCW, why not he's one notch above jobber right now.

Saturn's idiot act. I don't like it. Is it punishment or what? Stone Cold isn't acting much more rational. What happened to that tough-as-nails SOB? He don't need Vince as his buddy. Showering him with gifts and hugging him; losing respect in my eyes.

Chris Benoit and Jericho finally function together as a good team, and they're robbed of the titles. If one of them doesn't get the WWF Championship someone backstage needs smacked up side the head. There's simply no other reason for that quick of a title change. If you count the brief Hardcore Championship and the revoked WWF Championship, Chris Jericho has held every title except Light Heavyweight and Women's. That could be the most of anyone...

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