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Alright, if WCW invading WWF wasn't enough, now we have ECW back from the dead. And none other than Stephanie McMahon is the owner! Now I think ECW could be really cool with McMahon money behind it; but having three promotions so tightly interacting is just unthinkable (not to mention confusing and a mistake IMAO. Can anyone say NWO?). Too much product confusion. Its more like three factions within the World Wrestling Federation right now; than three distinct promotions. Even more so with Extreme Championship Wrestling since its only original wrestlers, untouched by WCW/WWF, are Rob Van Damme and Tommy Dreamer. A buddy of mine put it rather simply, "I think Vince is going to far too fast; spreading himself too thin." After the reaction from the XFL, maybe this is just the case.

On 2001-07-09 RAW, Booker T vs Kurt Angle was started out as a great match. The referee confusion, and fighting, was acceptable; even funny. But Booker T resorting to hitting Angle with the belt and having so much obvious bias from Nick Patrick just flat out made him look bad. Booker tapping out, and the referee missing it -- fine. Booker actually losing would have even been okay. Kurt Angle definitely has the credentials to win and Booker would not have looked bad losing (semi-)cleanly.

On that topic of spreading themselves too thin. Who's left in the World Wrestling Federation? Rock is suspended to do the movie and PR. Mick Foley is on a PR and personal mission as well. Benoit is out for probably a year with his neck injury. Triple H won't be back for awhile either. Austin hasn't been in a match in like a month. Chyna has the Women's strap but has dropped out of sight again. Undertaker was built up to be the WWF Champion but has now brought in his wife as a valet and is feuding with DDP. The top talent is either out of town, or being misused. And a good chunk of talent just got shuffled off to ECW/WCW. The Dudleys, Rhyno, Tazz. And what about commentators -- two of them are now part of 'rival' promotions. What about Tough Enough, Tazz still going to be there?

Incase it wasn't obvious I'm a bit annoyed at the current state of affairs within the Sports Entertainment world.

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