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So The Rock has returned to the WWF and proclaimed his loyalty to the people. I like it. Kurt Angle is once again at the top instead of floundering around being wasted with so much longer standing talent above him -- another Good Thing.

The DDP angle with Sara sucks. Maybe I missed it but wasn't DDP happily married at one point? Undertaker seems out of place in these feuds with the second string. Kane could've been utilized better in fighting the alliance. Even as far as unmasking and being a dominant force against them -- but alas, he's stuck behind a mask as Mark's brother...

Debra and cookies?! C'mon I want to hear Lawler screaming for puppies not cookies. And speaking of women, if Chyna is on the sideline Lita would look very nice wearing that title belt in this current WCW vs WWF fight. Would give the women a bit more to do. Heck, they've had other wrestlers forfeit the title when they go on the sideline.

I thought Heyman was finally off the announce table but he's back! I'd rather have Cole or Coachmen. Better yet, let's get Lilian over there beside good ol' JR.

Stone Cold has been moved into a position to be super heel in Triple H's absence. However, he just doesn't fit the part as well. Especially, acting lack such a coward most of the time. Same with Booker T. I liked this guy back when he was in Harlem Heat. Even G.I. Bro wasn't bad, but with the WWF shows only he looks pathetic. I feel bad for the fans that have never seen him before. Rock ripping on him had me laughing my arse off though! Maybe I'm thick, but it just hit me! This is the NWO. Just like Hollywood Hogan acted like a coward most of the time, so is Stone Cold. What happened to the original WWF storylines?! I guess they don't have any competition right now but a substandard product cannot stand forever. If Vince doesn't get his act together soon this fan is going to go watch M.A.S.H and LFN reruns. Oh yeah, and the upcoming new Star Trek series Enterprise!

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