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Well, its been awhile. Just watched Unforgiven. Best PPV I've seen in awhile. I liked it more than Wrestlemania. So first some quick thoughts on Unforgiven.

The four-way Tag match was rather lame and the Dudleys retained the WWF Tag Titles of course. Edge vs Christian was alright. Nice to see Christian win some singles gold but I would've preferred it been against someone else. Brother vs brother is an old script--throw the darn thing in the shredder.

Kronic has always impressed me with power but it seems its always in tandem and I can't recall seeing a clean match without a lot of double teaming. Undertaker and Kane retained the WCW Tag Titles in their match against Kronic. Having them lose to a 'new' team, a team without a clear angle yet, would've been sad. Overall I thought the match was too slow. And I've seen Taker and Kane go faster so the blame lies on Kronic this time around.

Rob Van Dam vs Y2J was excellent. Nice work by two fan favorites. It showed technical skills and some sportsmanship, risk taking tactics, and brutal hardcore moves all in the same match. Steph's minor interference was just the right touch--Jericho didn't have to job to the new guy.

Rock vs Booker T and Shane. If the Rock wasn't in this match it would've been the worst match of the night by far. The Rock carried the match as far as I'm concerned. Personally, I'd like to have seen less involvement from the referees. I've seen Booker look much better in WCW; since coming to the WWF I simply can not stand where his character has gone.

Rhyno taking the U.S. Championship from Tajiri was not too surprising. Good match nonetheless. The eye candy, err Torrie Wilson, at ring side certainly helped.

With the patriotic angle involved in the WWF Championship match and Kurt Angle in Pittsburgh, PA having the match end any other way would've been a crime. Overall I liked the match; arguably more hardcore than it should've been without it having been declared hardcore rules. Angle's initial viscousness was good--revenge. Trading finishing moves was a nice touch though its getting a bit overused. Thankfully no outside interference, SCSA took the fall with style. Win via submission was more than I really expected! However, it looked to me like Austin was tapping out with has hand through the ropes. Maybe it was the camera angle.

Since my last Synaptic Discharge it's nice to see that the angles with Rock and Kurt Angle were carried through. The DDP Debra angle is dead, thank you. I'd still like to see the Women's title get back in the arena and preferably around the sexy waist of Lita. The NWO feel has faded somewhat. The original "we're going to put you out of business" idea has faded as well. After some further thought, I suppose it would not make much sense to have two promotions so closely tied but on separate shows. Still waiting to see what some of the other guys do; e.g. Kevin Nash, Goldberg, and others.

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