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Alright, so I've been rather disappointed with the World Wrestling Federation over the past couple months. But the scene has changed quite a bit over the past week or so. But first some thoughts on Survivor Series, since I just watched it the other night.

Christian retained the European title against Al Snow. Not too surprising, really, I like Al but having him come from Tough Enough and win gold on a PPV like Survivor Series is far fetched. Regal took a win over Tajiri then powerbombed Torrie (personally, I'd rather not see the ladies getting slammed around unnecessarily). IC Champ Test faced off against the WCW U.S. Champion Edge in a unification match. Edge took the victory to become the unified champ. The Hardys and Dudleys Cage Match was pretty good. Of course the Dudleys found a way to bring tables into the match. While I like the Hardys it was fitting to have the more highly decorated Dudley Boys take the win to become the undisputed Tag Team champions. I think Jeff Hardy just might be crazy; Swanton Bomb from the top of the cage...insane!

Test took out Scotty Too Hotty backstage then proceeded to win the Immunity battle royal. Well, being employed for a year doesn't mean he main events for a year...might end up working Heat. Trish Stratus pulled out a surprise win in the six-way Women's Championship match to crown a new champ.

The winner take all match came down to Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin. Before Jericho left the ring area he slammed Rock and seemingly cost the WWF the victory before Undertaker escorted him backstage. Kurt Angle ran in and clobbered Stone Cold with the WWF Championship belt. Rock took the win with a Rock Bottom and the World Wrestling Federation prevailed. I did enjoy this match. The Kurt Angle mole scenario wasn't really needed IMO. But I suppose, having Austin lose cleanly in such a high stakes match was too much to hope for.

After seeing RAW. It looks like Angle is still in a top heel position. Jerry Lawler is back! This is perhaps the most important change as far as I'm concerned, Heyman flat out annoyed the heck out of me. Mick Foley has apparently had enough and has quit - I'll miss him on TV. Ric Flair and Vince as partners...not sure what to think of this one yet. Flair is a tremendous asset to have on board but whether he gets used properly is a big question. It seems Austin is right back in his anti-Vince position and still the Federation Champion - I hope some credibility is regained, more classic Stone Cold please. Nicely enough, Triple H won't have to choose any sides now when he returns.

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