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Well, it has been several months since I wrote a new article. The biggest change being the Raw and Smackdown draft to split up the roster. I don't know about you but I think quite a number could've been moved into backstage roles and some of this young talent given more camera time. Mr. Perfect and Goldust had their day.

I haven't watched any Pay Per Views lately, until the plots or action get better I won't be. Stasiak hasn't had a decent role his whole career, I kinda liked him when he first came on the scene. Billy and Chuck as the Tag Team champs?! And split up the Dudley Boyz! Where are the Hardy Boys lately? There's much more potential for tag matches as far as I'm concerned. The run-ins and interference would at least be a little more understandable from established tag teams. Instead we get tag matches with top name singles just so they don't have to have title matches outside of PPV. Stone Cold has been getting sidelined lately, put Bradshaw with him and let them run with the tag titles for awhile. They can join Faarooq on SmackDown and all have a poker game in the back.

Thankfully, the NWO hasn't been given as much of an angle as it seemed they would initially. Hulk Hogan going face was understandable. However, I did not think he would regain the WWF Championship at Backlash. This was a plot that could've been carried to at least the next PPV. The fan support had only began about a month or so prior, at WrestleMania, to giving him the title -- now what do we have to look forward to? Undertaker hasn't had another title run since the American Badass returned. He doesn't seem as interested or dedicated lately, and I can't blame him.

Why did X-Pac have to come back? But if we got Goldust back and DDP grining from ear-to-ear, Sean Waltman's almost a welcome site. Mark Henry is back to do strong man feats?

I don't like Molly Holly's "bad attitude", I liked the innocent Molly she debuted as. Trish looks to have learned a good bit, even if some of the moves are a bit out there. If the Women's title is going to be carried by an amazon-like Jazz, I'd rather have Chyna with the title. The things I really would like are: Lita. More Lita. More of Lita wrestling women rather than getting hit on by Heyman and slammed by Brock Lesnar. The beat-on-women skit has been overused.

That's all for now. Can you tell I'm less than thrilled with current events?

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