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It has been about 5 months since I last wrote an article here. WWE wrestling simply hasn't been too inspiring lately. Since the Raw / Smackdown split Vince McMahon appointed a general manager for each show. Eric Bischoff for Raw and Stephanie McMahon for SmackDown. These two then started stealing talent and trying to get one up on eachother. While the surprise steals have improved the overall value of the plot they have now been ended by Vince, only arranged trades can take place. Just when the multiple plots were growing on me they have perhaps been stopped.

Thankfully, the likes of Stasiak and X-Pac have been out of sight. Matt and Jeff Hardy have advanced as singles, Jeff more so than Matt. Jeff worked some nice matches with Undertaker, nearing championship ground. The Dudleys who were split during the draft as well have followed a similar path, D-Von got religion and has taken the role of a minister (apparently this all spun off of his use of the word "testify") which simply disgusts me. Bubba has excelled and is walking on championship ground too. Still on the note of tag teams, established teams are still not well represented. Most teams being short lived, suddenly built to win the title and then separated at the next title change. Thankfully, Billy and Chuck's gimmick has ended and they're straight now.

To rally patriotic feelings the unAmericans have formed. Test, Christian, Storm, and more recently Steven Regal have drawn a strong dislike from the crowd and consequently a strong cheer for any opposition.

The NWO disappeared, Hogan is out of sight, Nash tried to come back and injured himself again, the Rock has been mostly off the scene, and perhaps most notably Stone Cold Steve Austin walked out on his contract. Shawn Michaels returned for a match against Triple H and took the win but is benched for now. Lita is still out injured. Trish is looking even better in the ring. Rey Mysterio debuted on Smackdown and is as dynamic as ever. Brock Lesnar made a big impact and took the WWE Championship recently from Rock at Summer Slam 2002. Undertaker is back in championship territory feuding with Brock.

Unforgiven. The only PPV I rented since my last article in April, so it seems proper to share my thoughts on that. From the top, Booker T, Goldust, Bubba Dudley, and Kane defeated the unAmericans in a decent match. Predictable. Flair was tricked by Jericho allowing Y2J to retain the IC title. A lame ending IMO. Eddie Guerrero beat Edge in a good match. Edge has been getting a fair push lately. Bischoff's Rosey and Jamal defeated Chuck and Billy with the assistance of Rico, Billy and Chuck's former valet. Their win meant Stephanie would have to perform HLA in the ring. For the uninformed, Rosey and Jamal are two big men Bischoff has used to pummel anyone he cares to point them at - mostly people who can't defend themselves alone (Moolah, Jimmy Snuka, innocent women, Stephanie, and many others). Rob Van Dam nearly took Triple H's Heavyweight title (former WCW championship handed to him by Bischoff) until Ric Flair aided Triple H. An excellent match until the end, RVD even grabbed a bottle of water and mocked Hunter. Stratus won the Women's title for the third time. Angle and Benoit worked an excellent technical match with Benoit taking the win (although he had his feet on the rope, I would've preferred a clean victory). Undertaker and Lesnar collided. The match started out nice, Taker took Brock to school in the opening knocking him down several times. The referee was knocked down several times, Matt Hardy and Heyman got involved, both men went after chairs, eventually the match was thrown out. Undertaker had the upperhand at the end after he threw Lesnar through the "Unforgiven" wall near the entrance. I enjoyed the PPV for the most part.

So after quite a few months the WWE is looking a little better...or maybe it's simply a lack of other programming to watch. Star Trek: Enterprise is only on once a week after all!

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