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Alright, I said this would be a monthly or so article...looks like it's been coming about quarterly. Sometime soon you'll be able to sign up for an email alert when I post a new article.

I'm still not thrilled with WWE action lately. Not much has changed. Some new faces have appeared, Nathan Jones is on his way from an Australian prison. Scott Steiner signed up and is feuding with Triple H. Perhaps the biggest news occurred a week or two ago when Vince McMahon, who had not been on Raw for months, told Bischoff he had 30 days to turn Raw around or he's fired. His replacement? Shane! Bischoff's first act in turning Raw around -- he has invited Stone Cold Steve Austin back to Raw at No Way Out 2003!

The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels made a return in the past months as well. Mostly focusing on Triple H and Chris Jericho. Some crazy marriage between Al Wilson and Dawn Marie was aired, followed by Al's death. (For those less informed, Al was supposedly Torrie Wilson's father.) The only plot, in recent years, I liked less than this one was Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry and Mae.

Tag team scene. Billy and Chuck faded away. Chuck Palumbo has made a few shows. The Dudley Boyz have reunited and as of Rumble 2003 they were 16 time tag champs. A second set of tag team titles were created as well (essentially one for SmackDown and one for Raw). The unAmericans faded away although Storm and Regal went on to win some tag titles. Test found a marketing director in Stacy Keibler, the "Testicles" are thrilled about it. So while there are now two tag team titles, there's not much tag team action.

The Rock made a satellite appearance during the 10th Anniversary Raw special, but has otherwise stayed in Hollywood. Rey Mysterio has fallen to the shadows. Brock Lesnar is still at the top of the pyramid and now has a title shot at Wrestlemania. Undertaker disappeared for awhile but returned at Rumble, let's see what the Dead Man is going to do now. Bill DeMott (Hugh Morrus) has made a new appearance with more attitude.

Apparently, nobody knows what to do with the Cruiserweight title. That's one that should be defended every week.

Overall I think there's too many big names that want to share the spot light combined with a lack of titles. That is, you have two singles titles that're equivalent and two tag titles, and the Cruiserweight that isn't in action much. The Hardcore, Light Heavyweight, and Intercontinental titles are all retired - and these could certainly be carried by many of the current roster that are "not quite ready" for the WWE Championship itself. This would allow for more meaningful action among the whole roster. There was a time when missing one episode of Raw had you confused, now one could probably stay informed on PPVs alone.

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