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First some things I'm happy about: Hulk Hogan a.k.a. Mr. America has faded from the scene again and Rowdy Roddy Piper followed suit. Kurt Angle made a quick recovery from a neck injury and is battling Brock Lesnar -- that's a good story line there. Overall, I think SmackDown is doing pretty good. However, Raw is just plain pathetic lately.

Some things wrong with Raw (basically everything, but here's some highlights): Kane got unmasked (Cool for removing the mask, but they made him look like an idiot) and he's acting in a "stupid violent" manner rather than a "dangerous violent" manner. I.e. beating up the likes of Eric Bischoff, Linda McMahon, and Shane McMahon as opposed to getting in the ring with an actual wrestler. Kane even set JR on fire (with that clown stuff that burns at room temperature).

Overall, Raw has been beating up the fan favorites without mercy for the past couple months. There's no balance. Triple H still has the World Heavyweight title on Raw, and the matches aren't that exciting. Booker T won the IC title July 7th, which gets one title in the hands of a 'face' but Booker T still isn't very visible. The Women's title was dropped to newcomer Gail Kim briefly, and swapped to Molly Holly recently. So it started to look good, but this week it turned into one big cat fight among four of the women. Decent competition please? The Tag titles are still in the hands of the anti-American team La Resistance. (They're newcomers as well, I could understand the likes of Lance Storm and Steven Regal carrying the titles as heels. But this is ridiculous.)

Back in June I mentioned some improvements I'd like to see in the title structure (check the Synaptic Discharge archive), so a few comments on that. Women's title is still being bungled. I still want more title changes. SmackDown reinstated the U.S. Champion (and now have the 3 tiers of competition I discussed last time). Raw is still off balance with only a Heavyweight and IC title, and the Heavyweight has been in Triple H's hands for nearly a year now. More title changes!

Back to my rant on Raw. I thought Stone Cold as a co-GM was going to be a good thing, and in a few isolated moments it has. But there should be more action. Much talent is still hopelessly repeating the same old matches week in and week out. Test and Scott Steiner to name a couple. The Dudley Boyz, Eddie Guerrero, and Chris Benoit aren't doing much of anything exciting either. In fact Eddie and Benoit are feuding when they could be better used as a tag team (they have the history for it). Does Evolution remind you of another Flair inspired ensemble? (Four Horsemen). How can I take Goldberg seriously when he's in the ring with Flair? And constantly getting pummeled by Triple H and Randy Orton? Shane McMahon came back to Raw (Yeah!). But he got tangled up in the silly Kane storyline and just lost a match to Bischoff. If Shane doesn't pull rank and seriously shake up Raw then WWE better hope folks tune in early to watch Slamball and Stripperlla.

Oh, my prediction for the winner of the Elimination Chamber Heavyweight title match: Triple H. Why not? I'm sure Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff will find a way to help. And Kane might as well get involved anyhow, and give us another silly glare with his eyes turned up.

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