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I've been to a few more live shows including the September and October PPVs. I'll get some photos up from those eventually.

Triple H finally dropped the title to Goldberg, the match was rather lame though - I was there - Goldberg had the win and everyone was just kinda quiet and waiting for the rest of the match. Well, everyone went nuts when the his music played and Goldberg raised the title.

I just watched the Stratusfaction DVD. Nice. One of my favorite extras was the Trish and Chris Jericho scene at Much Music Awards.

Overall Raw has improved since my last article. Not sure about specifics but it I find it a little more entertaining. I was excited about Booker T getting the IC title, but an injury caused him to lose the title to Christian a short time later. Shane-o-mac has been feuding with Kane as of late, Shane is taking some serious bumps but I still don't like this Kane. Lita is back! It is simply wonderful to see her back in the ring.

SmackDown is more entertaining than Raw to me. Stephanie McMahon lost an 'I quit' match against Vince when her mom threw in the towel (there's a loophole when she's ready to come back - and please hurry Steph, I can't take much more of Paul Heyman). Lesnar and Angle are still locked in a feud that has continued for several months now. Each have a team at the upcoming Survivor Series. The cruiser weight division has grown with the addition of Ultimo Dragon as well as Tajiri getting a couple 'goons' to come to the ring with him. As annoying as John Cena's rapping was at first - I'm starting to like most of it now. The Kurt Angle vs John Cena match at No Mercy in Baltimore got the biggest crowd response for the night that I recall. Not sure what it sounded like on TV, but from where I was in the audience the fans were evenly divided between chanting "Angle" and "Cena" - many seemed to be chanting "Angle, Cena"; myself included.

Survivor Series is about a week away now. And here's my predictions: Austin's team gets a win and the Texas Rattlesnake strikes Coachman down first, as much as I'd like to see Angle's team (including the returning Hardcore Holly) win I think Lesnar will pull off an upset, Undertaker buries Vince alive (but what does it really gain him?), Triple H vs Goldberg - I don't care who wins as long as the match is good. If Stone Cold's team already won and his physical provocation clause is lifted, then Goldberg will win. Otherwise I say Evolution regains a title. Lita has to be pick over Molly Holly. Shane pulls off a win in the ambulance match. There you have it: Austin's Team, Lesnar's Team, Undertaker, Goldberg, Lita, and Shane.

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