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I just watched Survivor Series. I have to admit WWE did a fine job creating an emotional show - mainly anger!

So much for making predictions in my last Synaptic Discharge. I got every single match wrong! Angle's team actually pulled off the win over Lesnar's team, mostly thanks to Cena nailing Big Show with his chain. Hardcore Holly getting ejected before the match was underway was a let down. Lita lost to Molly, but it was a nice match, along with Angle's team vs Lesnar's it was the cleanest fought match as well.

The Basham Brothers retained the Tag Titles against the Guerreros, which was announced after I made my predictions. I don't like the Basham's gimmick. Kane took the win against Shane McMahon, as usual Shane put on a good show.

Bischoff was the first to get involved in the survivor series match. Austin got involved as well. A bloody HBK nearly got the win after the odds were 3 on 1 against him. But Batista attacked while Stone Cold was distracted and gave the win to Bischoff's team. Shawn Michaels is still the Show Stoppa! Austin helped him out of the ring and walked him back to the locker room before returning to the ring to say farewell, stun Coachman, and toast a few to the crowd.

I never thought Vince would take a win over Undertaker in Buried Alive! Undertaker dominated the match. Vince was pouring blood from his forehead while Undertaker continued to pummel him. However, Kane got involved at the end and McMahon buried Taker.

Goldberg managed to take a win despite repeated interference from Flair. Later he used the sledge hammer to take out Randy Orton and Batista before hitting a spear and jackhammer to retain the title.

Overall it was certainly entertaining, but mostly because it ticked me off. Now, I want to see the "old Undertaker" rise from the grave. Get rid of the motorbike and bandannas; pull on the rubber gloves, toll the bell, dim the lights and let the real dead man walk again - straight to a title reign. And put Kane out of commission permanently. Additionally, Shane as co-GM of Raw sounds pretty good to me. Give it a few weeks of chaos and Bischoff screw jobs and then Linda might want to bring in a new commissioner to keep things in order. Bring the Texas Rattlesnake back and let him kick butt!

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