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WrestleMania was pretty good this year, though more traditional matches might have been nice. E.g., just two teams fighting for a tag title instead of fatal four-ways, and one-on-one matches for single's titles.

Well, it has been a few months since my last Synaptic Discharge but the time has brought a couple improvements I had been hoping for. The first one took effect awhile ago when Stone Cold Steve Austin returned as Sheriff of Raw. Same idea as a commissioner, in that he has authority over the general manager. While he does make his presence known I would like to see more "upholding of the law" at times. The second hope came about at WrestleMania when the Undertaker returned from the dead! The old music, mist, "druids", and even Paul Bearer all returned to reintroduce Undertaker. Mark left the motorcycle at home, wears all black, and is growing his hair long again. It was awesome to see Undertaker dominate Kane, cross Kane's arms over his chest, roll his eyes back into his head and take the win.

So here some comments on the rest of the matches at WrestleMania XX:

The opening match had John Cena against the Big Show. Cena took the win after smacking Show with some brass knuckles. Overall a decent match, but Big Show is just too slow lately.

Booker T and RVD retained their tag titles in a fatal four-way with Dudley Boyz, La Resistance, and Jindrak & Cade. Dudley Boyz would've been my pick here. I didn't think that match was that exciting.

Christian took a win over Jericho after Trish got involved. After the match Stratus slapped Jericho and walked out with Christian - the CLB. I don't like Trish being played like that. The match was great other than the ending.

Evolution members Flair, Batista, and Orton took a win over the Rock and Sock Connection. Mick Foley got a big ovation and respect from the Rock despite the loss.

Evening Gown Match: Torrie Wilson and Sable defeated Stacy Keibler and Miss Jackie. Despite the concept of an evening gown match, three of the ladies decided to wrestle without their gowns. And Miss Jackie had hers pulled off for her before the match got underway. There was some decent wrestling here, but the frolicking women in lingerie was the highlight of the night so far!

Chavo retained his title in the Cruiserweight Open. The cruiserweights put on a nice show, but could've used more air time (or less combatants). Ultimo Dragon tripped on his way off the stage, and nearly fell again in the ring - good thing the mask covered up the embarrassment.

Goldberg vs Lesnar with Stone Cold as referee was much slower paced than I anticipated. Lots of fists and a back-and-forth match was what I thought would happen. But Goldberg took the win rather quickly after the match got serious. After the match Austin stunned Lesnar and when Goldberg joined him for a beer, Stone Cold nailed him with a stunner as well.

Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi retained their titles in another weak match against the Basham Brothers, APA, and Benjamin and Haas. Maybe it was weak because I just don't care for any team except the APA...

Victoria defeated Molly Holly to retain the Women’s Championship and got to shave Molly's head bald!

Eddie Guerrero defeated Kurt Angle to retain the WWE Championship. Angle was my pick in this match. Kurt dominated most of the match and looked very intense while Guerrero looked somewhat scared.

Undertaker defeated Kane in old school fashion.

Chris Benoit defeated Triple H and Shawn Michaels to win the World Heavyweight Championship. This was a surprisingly good match in my opinion though I thought Triple H would keep the title. Shawn Michaels and Benoit carried more of the match than Triple H, but that's typical for Triple H I suppose. HBK was covered in blood but kept on fighting, even teaming up with Triple H to suplex Benoit through an announce table.

Somewhat surprisingly, not a single referee got knocked out during the evening:-)

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