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I just got back from watching Backlash, so first some thoughts on that and then some random stuff. Overall it was pretty good.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Ric Flair I missed, I was out biking and didn't make it home in time. I expected Shelton to take the win. Jonathan Coachman defeated Tajiri with an assist from Garrison Cade. Hurricane and Rosey defeated La Resistance (I have no idea why this match was on a PPV?)

Jericho vs. Christian and Trish Stratus was a decent match. Jericho was in control most of the match and finally took the win. Lita vs. Victoria for the Women's Championship was a great match. Both fan favorites, they kept the match technical though it appeared a bit slower than their normal pace. Lita came close but Victoria retained the title. (C'mon Lita, bring back the thong! Then you'll win.)

Edge vs. Kane wasn't very eventful. Edge had one hand in a cast so mostly threw punches with the other hand. Kane tossed him around quite a bit. Finally the referee got knocked down allowing Edge to smack Kane with the cast and take a win.

Mick Foley (as Cactus Jack) vs. Randy Orton for the Intercontinental Championship, Hardcore Rules. The match was brutal. Foley brought his barbed-wire covered bat and Randy brought a box of tacks. Foley also pulled a sheet of plywood from under the ring that had rolls of barbed-wire fastened to it. However, he was the first to get slammed on it. Later Orton got slammed on the pile of tacks (ouch!). Both men were bloody but kept most of the match near the ring and no one interfered. Orton, somewhat surprisingly, took the victory. As always Mick Foley had the highest points for pain-inflicting offense and absorbing a lot of pain. Orton earned some respect in this one.

Heavyweight Championship: HBK vs. Triple H vs. Benoit. A rematch from WrestleMania. The match was fairly predictable but still good. I think Benoit spent more time in the ring than either of Shawn Michaels or Triple H. The match lasted nearly 40 minutes. Benoit forced Shawn Michaels to tap out and retained the Championship.

Undertaker came back from the dead at WrestleMania, made one appearance on SmackDown and then disappeared. Likewise Stone Cold and Goldberg haven't been around much.

Vince shook up the rosters of SmackDown and Raw a little with a lottery of 6 names from each brand that got traded. In the process Paul Heyman got traded to Raw, and quit. So Kurt Angle took over as General Manager of SmackDown, perhaps to let his neck heal more. Big Show tossed him off a high stage just last week so they could go anywhere with it.

The APA split up, Faarooq (Ron Simmons) was fired. Bradshaw showed up on SmackDown as John Bradshaw Layfield, a rich guy with a limo. I didn't mind the new persona the first week or two, as it is perhaps truer to life, but then JBL turned coward. Even so he's getting pushed toward a WWE Championship.

I'm still annoyed at Guerrero defending the WWE Championship in less than main event matches.

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