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Most recent edition posted: 2004-08-15

Alright, it's been awhile since I wrote here. My Summer Slam predictions:

Six Man Tag Match: London, Kidman and Mysterio vs the Dudleys. The Dudleys have all the advantages to take a win, so I have to go with them. Especially considering their 'bad guy' streak has just begun.

Till Death Do Us Part: Kane vs Matt Hardy for Lita's hand in marriage. Matt Hardy will somehow overcome the odds but won't take Lita's hand. I do not like this angle with Lita.

Booker T vs Cena, the first match in a series of five. I say Booker T pulls off a win. Ultimately Cena will get the title back though.

Intercontinental Championship: Jericho vs Edge vs Batista, Edge will retain the title despite Jericho coming very close to winning. This will setup a one-on-one return match between these two.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle: I pick Angle to take the victory, probably by cheating (in Guerrero fashion).

Triple H vs Eugene: I just can't see Eugene winning a high profile match, The Game will take a win with a sledge hammer or the like. Perhaps giving the match by disqualification. Or The Rock will return to aid Eugene.

Diva Dodgeball: Fourteen gorgeous girls in the ring at once! Who cares who wins. Seriously though, the current divas will most likely take the win.

WWE Championship: Undertaker better win the title from John Bradshaw Layfield.

World Heavyweight Championship: Benoit will retain against Randy Orton, this will probably be the best match of the night in technique and crowd appeal.

And the Results: [right/wrong]

Dudleys took the six-man tag match. The match was over pretty quick. [1/0]

Till Death Do Us Part: Kane gets the despite some interference by Lita. Lita walked out looking disgusted. [1/1]

Booker T vs Cena, the first in a best of five, Cena took the win in this match. I could still be right overall if he wins the series. [1/2]

These matches have been rolling right along, apparently the final matches will be long.

Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat: Edge indeed takes the win as predicted, Jericho coming close. [2/2]

Angle took the win over Eddie Guerrero, nice hard fought match. Angle unlaced Eddie's boot and repeatedly locked in ankle locks. As I thought Angle took at page out of Guerrero's book to get the win. [3/2]

Triple H vs Eugene: Triple H took the win after distractions from Ric Flair and William Regal. [4/2]

Diva Dodgeball: The Rookies got an upset over the WWE Divas. In fact the crushed the Divas. The Divas didn't appear to well coordinated. [4/3]

Undertaker vs JBL was a great match. JBL took the win via disqualification after Orlando Jordan interfered and Taker used the title belt. Undertaker destroyed JBL after the match; chokeslamming him through the roof of the limo (looked like a breakaway roof though). Bradshaw was carried out be EMTs. [4/3]

Randy Orton pulled off a victory over Benoit. Benoit was in control but Orton hit an RKO for the win. A great match overall. Surprisingly Benoi returned to the ring to offer a handshake to Orton saying, "Be a man." And Orton accepted the handshake. [4/4]

Well, I got them half right. Perhaps the most surprising was Orton's win.

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