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Some thoughts and highlights from No Mercy.

Eddie takes the victory over Luther Reigns with a typical cheat.

Cruiserweight Championship: Nunzio vs Spike Dudley. A fairly decent match, Bubba and D-Von at ring side along with Johnny The Bull. Spike retains the title with aid from his brothers.

Paul London vs Billy Kidman. Stipulations state Kidman will be fired if he doesn't compete. London dominates the opening of the match. Then Kidman comes back and punishes London but then starts to walk out before doing a shooting star press, he comes back to the ring before he's counted out. London goes for a shooting star but Billy counters and then hits his own shooting star press for the victory. EMTs come to the ring to attend to London, Kidman blames the fans for the result. Then hits another shooting star press before walking out.

Interview with Bradshaw: Bradshaw can't guarantee victory but rather says that Undertaker will have to take the title over his dead body.

Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree vs Rob Van Dam and Myserio. A decent match. Suzuki and Dupree retain the titles.

Kurt Angle vs Big Show. Stipulation states that anyone that gets involved will be fired. Big Show dominates the beginning of the match with Angle staying out of the ring as much as possible, finally telling the referee to count him out. However, Theodore Long comes to ringside and threatens to fire Angle if he leaves; then states the match will continue. Angle returns to the ring, tripping on his way. Show continues to dominate the match. Angle finally slips on an ankle lock and grapevines Big Show's leg, basically his only offense so far. Referee goes down as Big Show escapes the hold. Angle uses a chair repeatedly on Big Show's legs then uses a variety of submission holds on the leg. The referee finally gets back up as Angle mounts an offense. Show kicks out of an Angle slam. Angle goes for the tranq gun, but Big Show breaks it in half, then takes control of the match again. Show takes the win with a giant choke slam.

U.S. Championship Booker T vs John Cena, match five in a best of five. I might fill in some play by play here later. My pick is Cena. (I got it right.) Be back after the match. After a well fought series from both men, Cena regains the title.

Dudley Boyz and Dawn Marie vs Charlie Haas, Rico, and Miss Jackie. Not a lot of build up to this one, but entertaining anyhow. Rico, Haas, and Jackie take the win.

Last Ride WWE Championship Match: JBL vs Undertaker. My pick here's the Undertaker. Nice match. Back and forth. Most of the match is a brawl outside the ring. Undertaker hits some of the highest impact moves. A tombstone piledriver on the steel steps, later a choke slam through the Spanish announce table. Heindireich attacks Undertaker and knocks him out. But Taker wakes back up in the hearse and destroys Heidenreich for a moment. Bradshaw and Heidenreich together put Undertaker in the hearse and Bradshaw retains the title. An outrage! Backstage Heindreich smashes a Bronco into the hearse carrying Undertaker.

They keep building Undertaker up for a title reign, but everytime it gets stolen away. Alas, I would rather see Undertaker regain the title in a traditional match.

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