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My votes for Taboo Tuesday.

I want Edge to face Triple H. But I doubt he will win.

Randy Orton vs Ric Flair should be the Submission match. Randy Orton can defeat Flair with his own move.

Kane vs Snitsky, my pick was the chain but I don't really care as long as Kane positively destroys Snitsky. I don't care for Kane's character lately, and I don't care for the storyline with Lita - but I do like Lita:-)

Jericho vs Shelton Benjamin was my choice. Shelton has been looking good and deserves the title shot. This could start another runa against Triple H if Shelton wins.

Eugene vs Bischoff, loser wears dress for a month. Bischoff better be forced into the ring at every event too!

Fantasy Diva Battle Royal. I picked the nurse outfits since I don't remember seeing them on WWE before.

Christy vs Carmella, my pick was the lingere pillow fight, why not? I am annoyed at WWE keeping Carmella on the air though. She lost the vote she should not be on the air anymore than the others that lost.

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