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Well, I made these predictions the other night and here's my comments as the action unfolds on WrestleMania 21 (DVD).

Lilian Garcia sings America the Beautiful. Then the trailers are reviewed and a new one with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Guerrero vs Mysterio, this is going to be a good match. I think Guerrero will take the win but somehow stay on good terms with Mysterio.

Results/Comments: First time ever tag team champions have faced eachother. Nice match up, a lot of counters. Eddie gets the upperhand and applies a series of submission maneuvers. Mysterio stages more offense and both men get many near falls. Mysterio pulls off a win out of nowhere. Eddie shakes his hand after the match.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Chris Benoit, Kane, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Jericho, Edge, Christian. Either Benoit or Jericho, my pick is Jericho. Shelton is young and has a title. Kane's entry came out of left field, Christian is annoying and Edge whines too much.

Results/Comments: Everyone attacks Kane at the beginning. But it soon breaks down to everyone for themselves. Dynamic match, creative ladder use. Shelton hits some devastating moves from the ladders. Tomko assists Christian. Benoit with a flying headbutt from the top of a ladder to Kane. Edge takes the win after a chair shot to Benoit's injured arm. So a win from Edge makes sense but I didn't want it.

Eugene makes it to the ring with his injured knee still braced, then Hassan enters. And attacks Eugene. Hollywood Hogan heads to the ring and Hassan doesn't know what to think. Hulkamania runs wild on Hassan and his manager and clears the ring. The crowd is thunderous as Hogan strikes some classic poses.

Undertaker vs Legend Killer Randy Orton, I have to go with Undertaker as the winner on this. There's no reason he should drop the match to Orton. There's no shame losing to Undertaker at his young age. If he does win, it will be with interference.

Results/Comments: Taker has the full 'druid' entrance. This would have been more effective if Orton had already been in the ring, however you then have to get around why Orton wouldn't attack early. Very exciting match. Orton mounts some surprising offense, Cowboy Bob Orton knocks out Taker with a cast. Undertaker kicks out. Orton tries a tombstone but Taker reverses it and takes the win. Undertaker is 13 and 0 at Mania.

Women's Title: Trish defends against Christy Hemme, Christy will take the win to set off her career. However, I suspect Trish Stratus will soon regain the title.

Results/Comments: Trish retains the title against the newcomer. But a nice fighting spirit shows a strong future if WWE uses it.

Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels. I think HBK will pull off a win, in either case this is going to be a great match.

Results/Comments: Starts out pretty equal in a mat wrestling match. Angle spends many of the opening minutes stuck in a headlock. But eventually it breaks down into a fist fight. Michaels clears an announce table clearly intending to use it. But Angle goes on the offensive. HBK splashes Angle on the announce table. But both men are down. HBK comes back and tunes up the band. But Angle turns it into an ankle lock. HBK gets out and the match is back in high gear. Angle attempts a moonsault but misses. Angle slam from the top and HBK still kicks out. Angle kicks out of sweet chin music. Another angle lock and HBK finally has to tap out after what seemed like 10 minutes in the excruciating pain. I suppose a torch has been passed. Still the Undertaker vs Orton match was more captivating.

HBK gets a standing ovation when he makes it back to his feet and limps from the ring.

Piper's Pit. Rowdy Roddy Piper invites Stone Cold Steve Austin to this classic interview segment. SCSA makes his way to the ring in wrestling gear. Piper welcomes him with a slap to the face. Austin returns one. Carlito Cool interrupts the segment and insults them both, tells them to walk out . Piper takes his apple and spits it in Carlito's face. Carlito attacks Piper, Austin watches then stomps Carlito. And Piper tosses Carlito out of the ring. Austin tosses Piper a beer and they share a toast or four. Austin stuns Piper.

Sumo Match: Big Show vs Akebono, I pick Big Show to take Akebono off his feet.

Results/Comments: Big Show did well but the experienced man too the victory. Shook hands afterward.

WWE Championship: John Layfield defends against John Cena, JBL has set himself up for a serious beating. Considering Cena was robbed of the U.S. Title, JBL's unreasonbly long title reign, and Cena's record I think John Cena will take the win.

Results/Comments: The match opens with Bradshaw in control. Cena makes a come back and takes the win. Really a pretty quick match. I wasn't thrilled with the match but got the win that I expected.

The 2005 Hall of Fame takes the stage. Nokolai Volkof, Paul Orndorf, The Iron Shiek, Cowboy Bob Orton, Jr., Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart, Roddy Piper, and Hollywood Hogan.

Triple H enters with his theme played live. In a way this signifies a last respect to Triple H, as if he's about to lose to Batista. But I'm still sticking with Triple H to prevail as he has so many times before.

Heavyweight Championship: Triple H defends against Batista, Triple H lost to Chris Benoit at WrestleMania 20 (DVD from so I doubt he'll lose again this year. Benoit deserved the big win - I'm not sure Batista has been around long enough for that. But I definitely see him getting the title soon. I say Triple H retains.

Results/Comments: Batista dominates the opening minutes. Triple H takes over as Flair begins to distract the challenger. The Game targets Batista's lower back. The near falls go back and forth. Triple H gets bloodied outside the ring and Batista is back in control. The referee goes down. Flair gets in the ring, Triple H has the title belt. Referee is back in the ring but doesn't see Triple H nail Batista with it. But Batista kicks out. Triple H hits a low blow. Pedigree is blocked, and Batista signals thumbs down. A Batista bomb for the win. Wow. Surprising. Batista had the power but I didn't expect Triple H to drop the title at two WrestleMania's in a row.

Doesn't seem like that many matches for three hours... Ok, so there was plenty action for the time, running near four hours. Overall a good show. With some surprises.

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