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(2000-02-03) Cactus Jack, Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko, and Chris Benoit made their way to the ring as SmackDown began. Cactus said they were only after contracts, not Hunter's blood. Then suggested that D-Generation X were afraid of a little competition. DX answered the challenge and Triple H agreed to give them a chance: Malenko vs X-Pac, Guerrero and Saturn vs New Age Outlaws, and Benoit vs Triple H. Hunter stated that if the foursome won two of the three matches, they'd get their contracts. Cactus Jack assured Triple H that he'd be watching to see there was no interference.

Intercontinental Title Match: Chris Jericho vs Gangrel, Luna repeatedly tried to interfere but Chyna stopped her, and Jericho got the victory. Dean Malenko was defeated by X-Pac with an assist from Tori. Big Show managed to get video proof that The Rock's feet touched the ground at Royal Rumble so Triple H awarded Show a match against The Rock at No Way Out. The winner to face the Federation Champion at WrestleMania. Harvey Wippleman was quickly defeated Jacqueline, gaining her the WWF Womens Championship. Triple Threat Match: Rock, Tazz, and Kurt Angle. The Rock dominated the match, but Big Show appeared before he could get the win and drug him out of the ring. Angle happened to fall across Tazz and get the win while Show chokeslammed Rock outside the ring. Perry Saturn and Eddie Guerrero vs NAO, Guerrero delivered his Frog Splash but landed improperly allowing NAO to get the win. Snow and Blackman got a win over the Hollys. Rikishi Phatu vs Big Show, Rikishi started out good but Show recovered and retaliated with a chokeslam. However, Rikishi kicked out, shocking Big Show. Show promptly grabbed a chair and nailed Rikishi getting DQed. Too Cool tried to help but got leveled. Then Rock arrived and pummeled Show until officials pulled him away. Chris Benoit vs Triple H, the deal was already off since DX had one two of the three matches, Benoit had Triple H in his submission maneuver (the Crippler Crossface) but the referee was out and didn't see Hunter tap out. Finally, Hunter got in a low blow, followed by a Pedigree for the win. DX celebrated as the show ended.

(2000-02-07) X-Pac and Tori entered the ring as Raw came on the air. However, Benoit, Saturn, Malenko, and Geurrero soon filled the ring and X-Pac stepped out. The four spoke about the past weeks events, thanked the fans, and invited Cactus Jack to the ring. After Jack entered the ring Triple H and Stephanie stepped on to stage. Hunter agreed to give Cactus Jack a title shot at No Way Out - any style of match but no weapons. "Any type of match?" Foley inquired. "Hell in a Cell." Triple H consented, "Okay, but when I win you retire." Then Hunter heads towards the ring and addresses the four radicals. "Are you going to stand behind the man that made this possible? Stand behind the man that gave you your contracts." A confused Cactus Jack gets attacked by all six men - including Pac and Hunter. Later backstage, Triple H announces that he, X-Pac, Benoit, Malenko, and Saturn will take on Cactus Jack and whoever will help him.

Tag Team Championship Match: New Age Outlaws vs Edge and Christian, NAO takes the victory with an assist from the Dudleys. Angle vs Mark Henry ends when Mae enters the ring and Angle slams her. Hardcore Tag Match: Hollys vs Acolytes, they immediately fight into the crowd and end up in a concession area. Hollys take the win after Viscera nails Bradshaw with a 2x4. IC Title Match: Jericho vs Viscera ends when the Hollys get involved followed by the Acolytes. WWF Womens Title: Jackie retains the title against Luna, but gets leveled by Gangrel. Rock speaks about his upcoming matches, then volunteers to team with Cactus Jack making it 5 on 2. Dudleys defeat Godfather and D'Lo, Buh Buh is about to drop B.B. through a table but Edge, Christian, and the Hardys stop him. Five Man Tag Match: X-Pac and Triple H entered followed by the four radicals, Guerrero was injured but stayed at ringside. Cactus Jack and Rock stormed into the ring together, then the lights went dim and Too Cool's music started as Rikishi and TC joined the fight on Cactus Jack's side. Fighting erupted all over the arena floor. They slowly collected back at the ring and put on a good show until the referee missed a tag and another brawl broke out. Triple H gets the win during the confusion then NAO hit the ring with weapons in hand. *LIGHTS OUT* Paul Bearer makes a grand entrance with Kane, who promptly steps in the ring and destroys D-Generation X along with the radicals.

(2000-02-10) Kurt Angle opened SmackDown by asserting his intention to become European Champion. Then lived up to his words be defeating Val Venis to become the new WWF European Champ. Backstage, Stephanie looked pleased at the win. Then Triple H announced five matches for the evening to upset his competition. Grand Master Sexay, Brian Christopher, vs Saturn. Brian accidentally knocked the referee down, then landed his leg drop on Saturn but the ref was slow to count allowing Saturn to get the win; Brian's foot went unnoticed on the rope. Edge and Christian defeat the Dudley Boyz, after Buh Buh apparently injures his knee. However, as the EMTs arrive at the ring Buh Buh reveals the trick by grabbing B.B. and slamming her through a table. Edge and Christian return to the ring but D-Von takes them down with a chair. Scotty Too Hotty, Scott Taylor, vs Dean Malenko soon brings Eddie to ringside. Taylor climbs to the top rope but Eddie knocks him off and Malenko takes the win via submission. Then the two stomp Taylor until Brian Christopher clears the ring.

New Age Outlaws vs Rock and Cactus Jack, non-title, Rock dominates most of the match until Gunn nails him with the belt. Rock surprisingly kicks out and tags in Jack. During some confusion Cactus grabs a pipe from under the ring and drills Road Dogg for the victory. Gangrel and Luna vs Jackie and Prince Albert, Luna gets a quick win over Jackie. Rikishi Phatu vs Chris Benoit, Benoit misses his flying headbutt, then Rikishi goes for his butt drop. However, Saturn and Malenko storm the ring ending the match. Too Cool arrives to clear the ring and do a celebration dance afterward. Hardy Boyz vs Snow and Blackman, Buh Buh cracks Jeff Hardy with a chair and Blackman takes the win. Earlier in the evening Chris Jericho agreed to meet the Hollys in a no-DQ Handicap Match, furthermore he would tie one hand behind his back. Had Y2J finally lost his marbles? No, he hired the Acolyte Protection Agency who soon hit the ring and leveled the Hollys giving the win to Jericho. Handicap Match: Triple H and X-Pac vs Kane, Pac runs into the crowd but Kane drags him back then dominates the two DX-ers. Stephanie gives Hunter a chair but it has no effect on the Big Red Machine. Kane smacks Hunter with the chair, then Tori grabs it, Kane goes after her but some officials flood the ring. Kane throws them aside and Paul Bearer shoves Tori into Kane's arms. Kane hesitates to chokeslam her - but when she tries to be friendly he delivers a tombstone piledriver.

(2000-02-14) The Radicals Benoit, Guerrero, Saturn, and Malenko enter the ring as Raw comes on the air. D-Generation X joins them in the ring and they discuss the events of Smack Down. Kane's attack on Tori in particular, then Triple H announces several matches for the night. Too Cool and Rikishi head for the ring after hearing the announcement. Kane and Rock are right behind them, and together they kick DX and the Radicals out of the ring.

Triple Threat Match: Jeff Hardy vs Edge vs D-Von Dudley, the winner's team becomes number one contenders for the Tag Titles. Edge and Jeff work together in the beginning, then Edge inadvertently spears Jeff and D-Von pins Edge for the victory. Dudleys vs NAO at No Way Out. Mark Henry and Mae rent a room, several video segments are shown. Road Dogg vs Grand Master Sexay, Brian Christopher does well but misses his leg drop and Dogg gets the win. Godfather and D'Lo get the victory over Snow and Blackman while Al is distracted by the ladys. European Champion Kurt Angle challenges Jericho to an IC Title match at No Way Out, then continues with some remarks about Chyna's appearance on The Tonight Show. Chris Jericho answers the challenge and attacks Angle, as officials break up the fight Chyna drops Angle.

The Rock vs 'The Canadian Crippler' Chris Benoit, Guerrero gets in a couple shots during the match. It was a good competitive match, with both combatants getting several near falls. Benoit locked in the Crippler Crossface but Rock got to the ropes. Then Big Show attacks Rock while the referee is distracted and Benoit gets the win. Mr. Ass vs Scotty Too Hotty, Grand Master nails Gunn while the referee isn't looking and Scott Taylor gets the victory. Light Heavyweight Title Match: Crash Holly vs Essa Rios. (Rios defeated Gillberg on Heat which aired 2000-02-13). Rios retains the title with some aid from his valet Lita. Lita slams Crash again after the match. Hardcore admonishes Crash for getting beat by a woman prior to facing Tazz. Hardcore isn't fairing to well when Crash interrupts ending the match, but gets slammed by Tazz. Handicap Match: Rikishi vs Saturn and Malenko, Rikishi simply dominates the match. He flattens both men and drags them to the corner, but Guerrero interferes ending the match. The Radicals pound Rikishi till Too Cool storm the ring. Handicap Match (no-DQ): Kane vs Triple H and Big Show, if Kane wins he gets X-Pac, no holds barred, at No Way Out. Kane takes a beating most of the match. Rock arrives on the scene but gets slammed by Show, then Kane counters a Pedigree but gets attacked by X-Pac. Cactus Jack runs over Tori on his way to attack Triple H. Show pummels the Rock before turning his attention back to Kane. Rock grabs a chair and nails Show allowing Kane to get the victory. Kane gets X-Pac. The fight continues until Cactus Jack clears the ring with a large wrench.

(2000-02-17) D-Generation X arrives to Smack Down on a 'DX Express' tour bus. They make their way to the ring and talk about upcoming matches at No Way Out. X-Pac is mad at Triple H for putting him in the match with Kane at No Way Out. Hunter apologizes and states he'll fight Kane tonight to make up for it. X-Pac responds, "That doesn't impress me...put the title on the line." Triple H agrees. And to show how much he's impressed X-Pac agrees to fight Cactus Jack in a hardcore match. Then Hunter tells the New Age Outlaws they're putting the belts on the line against The Rock. NAO was immediately upset, but didn't mind after hearing who Rock's partner was...Big Show. Backstage, Hollys attack Mark Henry and insult Mae Young. Later, Mark hires the Acolyte Protection Agency to watch Mae and she ends up beating them at poker.

WWF Championship Match: Triple H vs Kane, The Game can't handle the Big Red Machine prompting the rest of DX to storm the ring. X-Pac chases Paul Bearer out to the 'DX Express', Kane recovers and follows, and DX locks them both in a luggage compartment of the bus. Kurt Angle vs Chyna ends when Angle smacks The Ninth Wonder of the World with his European Title belt. Jericho comes to Chyna's aid. Tazz defeats Gangrel. Lilian interviews Cactus Jack, and he guarantees Triple H will suffer at No Way Out. Hardcore Match: X-Pac vs Cactus Jack, Pac hits Cactus with a chair but it has no effect and Jack continues to stomp X-Pac. After fighting around the ring Pac lures Cactus Jack outside to a DX ambush. Jack gets locked in another luggage compartment of the DX Express. Too Cool put on an impressive show against Saturn and Malenko but Guerrero attacks allowing Malenko to get the victory. A limping Rikishi heads for the ring when the Radicals continue to clobber Too Cool. But Guerrero strikes again taking down Rikishi, the three try to break his ankle. Finally, officials break up the fight.

Guerrero is announced the winner of his match with Rikishi by forfeit. Rock speaks about his upcoming match and tells the Big Show not to come near the ring tonight - the People are his partner tonight. Edge and Christian defeat Boss Man and Prince Albert, but get stomped afterward. Handicap Match (no-DQ): Mark Henry vs Hollys, Henry is doing alright but Mae sends in the APA anyhow and Mark gets an easy win. Tag Team Title Match: NAO vs Rock and Big Show, Rock enters alone and takes on both Outlaws. Rock puts on an impressive show nearly defeating Gunn when Big Show arrives and Rock goes after him. They drag Rock outside to the waiting DX Express, but he continues to fight and it takes the rest of DX to get him into a luggage compartment. D-Generation X climb on the bus and depart as Big Show waves. But apparently the Rock slide out the other side. Big Show turns to find The Rock with 2x4 in hand and gets clobbered.

(2000-02-21) D-Generation X arrived at the Georgia Dome in another 'DX Express' as Raw went on the air. As Stephanie and Triple H began to speak, Rock appeared on the TitanTron. After an exchange Rock, Cactus Jack, and Kane made their way to the ring and a brawl erupted. Then Big Show joined DX and together they destroyed the opposition. Chris Jericho and Chyna vs Kurt Angle and British Bulldog, Angle took the victory after nailing Jericho with his title belt. Too Cool defeated Blackman and Snow. Saturn and Dean Malenko defeated Godfather and D'Lo Brown.

Edge, Christian, and the Hardys defeated New Age Outlaws and Dudley Boyz in a rather brutal match after Buh Buh smacked Mr. Ass with a chair. Acolytes and Mark Henry defeated Hollys and Viscera. Afterward Mae tried to attack the Hollys and got slammed by Viscera. Chris Benoit defeated Test, who returned from the injured list recently. Rikishi Phatu entered the ring with a crutch and quickly defeated Guerrero in a no-DQ match. Tazz vs Boss Man, Tazz tried to lock in his chokehold but got nailed with a nightstick causing a DQ. The Rock, Cactus Jack, and Kane vs Triple H, X-Pac, and Big Show. The six superstars fought everywhere in a wild match. But Triple H ultimately cracked Mick with a fire extinguisher and took the win. The fighting continued after the match, with DX heading for the bus. Cactus Jack followed and smashed the windshield of the DX Express as it pulled away.

(2000-02-24) Hardcore Title Match: Test vs Crash Holly, prior to the match the Hollys were arguing backstage. However, Hardcore made his way to ringside and nailed Test with a chair giving the victory to Crash. Crash is the new Hardcore Champ. D-Generation X and the Radicals discuss their plans out in the DX Express. Big Show arrives and enters the ring. He reminds the fans that they cheered him not long ago and questions why they don't do it now. Then he shows footage of the Rock's feet landing first at the Rumble. Kurt Angle joins Show in the ring and asks to shake his hand, "Finally, someone with a little integrity." Angle speaks out in support of Big Show, but is soon interrupted by Chris Jericho. Y2J berates both of them, prompting Angle to challenge him to a tag match against himself and Big Show. The Rock steps on to stage and states he'll be Jericho's partner. Rock continues, "You're absolutely right. My feet did hit the ground first..." Then continues to infuriate the Big Show.

Kane vs Benoit, prior to the match all four Radicals stomp Kane. Then Kane proceeds to clobber Benoit untill Tori comes to ringside and distracts him. Kane gives chase, but X-Pac hits him with some pyrotechnics. Edge, Christian, and Hardy Boyz vs Snow, Blackman, Malenko, and Saturn. All eight men start fighting all around the ring. Finally, Jeff Hardy gets double-teamed for the win. Afterward, the Hardys and Edge and Christian start fighting till officials break it up. Too Cool and Rikishi vs Triple H, Road Dogg, and X-Pac. Part way into the match Hunter begins to attack Rikishi's bad leg. However, Rikishi recovers and flattens Pac after absorbing a barrage of kicks. Later, Triple H smacks Rikishi with a chair before he can land the butt drop on Pac - the referee doesn't see it and DX takes the victory. Godfather and D'Lo defeat Boss Man and Prince Albert, with an assist from Tazz.

Jim Ross interviews Mick Foley about his upcoming match at No Way Out. As Mick leaves the ring, Stephanie appears and has him arrested and locked in a cell backstage. Then the 'police' turn over the key to Hunter. Mr. Ass vs Buh Buh, D-Von gets involved, Road Dogg runs from the back to help his partner and Buh Buh gets clobbered. Backstage, Triple H chains Mick's cell to the bus and at the end of Smack Down drives away dragging it. Jericho and Rock vs Big Show and Angle, Chyna smacks Show with a chair ending the match. Rock saves her from a chokeslam and gives Show a Rock Bottom. Then Y2J locks Show in the Walls of Jericho but officials soon fill the ring. Fighting erupts again as Rock and Show fight into the backstage area and Jericho puts Angle in the Walls.

No Way Out

(2000-02-27)Angle Intercontinental Title Match: Kurt Angle vs Chris Jericho, Angle slammed Jericho but Y2J kicked out. Angle grabbed the IC belt and tried to hit Jericho with it, but the ref stopped him. Later, Angle tried to hit Jericho with a belt again but Chyna grabbed it. When Angle turned to face Chyna, Jericho charged and knocked Chyna into the steps. Back in the ring Angle smashed Jericho in the face with a belt while the referee attended Chyna. The referee returned to the ring to make a count, and Kurt Angle is Intercontinental Champ and still European Champ. Earl Hebner tried to explain what happened to referee Tim White but the decision stood after some heated words.

Tag Team Title Match: Dudley Boyz vs New Age Outlaws, Buh Buh Ray nailed Mr. Ass in the arm with a lead pipe giving the advantage to the Dudleys. Then Road Dogg got slammed for the win. The Dudley Boyz are Tag Team Champions. After the match Gunn and Road Dogg began arguing. Mark Henry defeated Viscera. Edge and Christian vs Hardy Boyz w/ Terri, the Acolytes made their way to ringside as the match got underway, apparently hired to protect Terri. Terri knocked Jeff off the ropes and later slapped Matt across the face. Edge and Christian got the victory after pinning the befuddled Matt Hardy. Edge and Christian will face the Dudleys at WrestleMania. Terri celebrated with Edge and Christian but the confused duo left the ring without her, when the Hardys demanded answers the APA clobbered them. Tazz vs Boss Man, Tazz quickly trapped Boss Man in the Tazzmission, Prince Albert nailed Tazz causing the Boss Man to get disqualified. Boss Man and Prince Albert pummeled Tazz, trying to keep him down, but Tazz just kept getting up. Then Boss Man shattered his nightstick over Tazz's head, however Tazz still got up. Finally officials arrived and held Tazz down, to get Boss Man and Albert to leave. No Holds Barred: X-Pac vs Kane, X-Pac got chokeslammed but when Kane prepared to deliver a Tombstone, Tori jumped on his back. Kane gave her a Tombstone then dropped her and picked up the steel stairs, but Pac had recovered and kicked the steps into Kane and took the victory. Six-Man Tag Match: Too Cool and Rikishi Phatu vs Perry Saturn, Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko, Guerrero accompanied the Radicals to the ring and carried a lead pipe with him. Prior to the match, Rikishi grabbed the pipe and clobbered Eddie with it. The six superstars battled in and out of the ring in a competitive match, Malenko got splashed by Rikishi for the win. Then Too Cool and Rikishi danced for the fans. Big Show vs The Rock, after Earl Hebner was inadvertently knocked out of the ring, Big Show chokeslammed Rock, but had to wait for another referee - Tim White. White slid into the ring but Hebner pulled him out. Then 'No Chance in Hell' played and Shane McMahon arrived as the two referees started fighting. Rock lined up for the People's Elbow but Shane smacked him with a chair, then grabbed Time White who administered the count. Big Show will face Triple H at WrestleMania. Big Show and Shane left the ring area together.

Foley Outside, Chyna and Jericho ambushed Angle and tossed him into the trunk of his car. Back in the arena, Hell in a Cell WWF Championship Match: Triple H vs Cactus Jack, Cactus had promised to climb to the top of the cell, but the door of the Cell had been chained shut. However, a corner of the Cell broke open during the match and the two men battled outside where Cactus gave Triple H a piledriver on the announcer's table. Cactus produced a board wrapped in barbed wire and nailed Hunter with it. Triple H climbed on top of the cage trying to escape. As Cactus followed, Hunter got hold of the board and knocked Cactus off the side of the Cell causing him to crash through the Spanish announce table. Cactus Jack got back up and started tossing chairs on top of the Cell. Then climbed back up, Hunter began beating him with the weapon until Cactus landed a low blow. Then he lit the board on fire and prepared to piledrive Hunter on top of it, but The Game countered and Cactus fell through to the ring mat. Hunter hit the Pedigree and pinned Cactus Jack for the win. Triple H retains the title, and Mick Foley retires. Foley refused medical attention and walked away from the ring to a standing ovation.

(2000-02-28) Triple H and Stephanie enter the ring and Triple H announces that he has new found respect for Mick Foley and wants to pay tribute by showing a video. The video starts out nice but soon turns to D-Generation X clobbering Foley at different times - another DX prank. Shane McMahon and Big Show enter the ring. Shane informs everyone that he's been waiting for the right moment to return. Rock steps on to stage and soon infuriates the four in the ring. Then states his intentions on being part of WrestleMania. Hunter berates Rock then informs him that he's starting at the bottom of the ladder with the Brooklyn Brawler tonight. (Brawler's been around awhile but never got over.) Hardys pull off a victory over the Acolytes after challenging them backstage. The Intercontinental and European Champion Kurt Angle makes an open challenge and Rikishi Phatu answers. Phatu dominates the match until Angle slips out of the ring and deliberately gets counted out. However, Jericho and Chyna shove him back into the ring where Rikishi soon gives him the butt drop. The Radicals storm the ring and Too Cool comes in for the assist, after the Radicals retreat. Too Cool and Rikishi are joined by Chyna and Jericho for a dance. Backstage, Saturn challenges Jericho. Edge and Christian get the win over Snow and Blackman with an unexpected assist from Terri when she distracted Blackman.

Rock makes short work of the Brawler then calls out The Game. Hunter heads for the ring but Shane stops him, "This is not going to happen. I've seen it before. (Shades of SCSA)" "If WrestleMania is going to be Big Show and Triple H, then WrestleMania is going to absolutely suck!" declares Rock. Shane, Stephanie, and their two champions confer then offer Rock one last chance at WM: a handicap match against Triple H and Big Show. "So if the Rock doesn't pin you or Big Slow, then that's the Rock's last chance?" Triple H starts to answer - "It doesn't matter..." replies Rock.

Jericho vs Saturn, Malenko attacks Jericho and knocks Chyna down. Saturn slams Chyna while the ref is distracted then Malenko distracts the referee a second time allowing Chyna to low blow Saturn. Jericho gets the win. DX attack one of their own, an injured Mr. Ass. Hardcore Title Match: Mark Henry vs Crash, Mae decides to jump on Crash and apparently goes into labor. EMTs escort her backstage where a silly delivery scene is played out and Mae delivers a plastic hand. And everyone gives themselves a round of applause on the performance. Tazz vs Benoit ends when Boss Man and Prince Albert clobber Tazz. Tag Team Championship: Dudleys vs Road Dogg and X-Pac, Kane comes out after Pac ending the match. Kane chokeslams Dogg and both Dudleys but Pac slips away. The 'real' Foley Tribute plays. Handicap Match: Rock vs Big Show and Triple H. The Rock puts on a good show finally landing the People's Elbow on Triple H but Shane interrupts the count ending the match. Rock gets pummeled as Raw goes off the air.

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