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(2000-03-02) Too Cool and Jericho with Chyna vs the Radicals with Guerrero, the six men had a nice match. Malenko inadvertently hits Saturn and ends up alone in the ring. Guerrero tries to get involved but Chyna yanks him off the ring apron, then Jericho flattens Malenko at ringside and they fight back toward the locker room. Benoit pulls Scotty out of the ring and Guerrero distracts the referee allowing Saturn to steal the win with an assist from Benoit. Rock arrives backstage and nails Mideon with little provocation. Light Heavyweight Championship Match: Jeff Hardy with brother Matt vs Essa Rios with Lita, after a multitude of acrobatic maneuvers from both men Lita continued her habit of mimicking Essa and nailed Jeff, but he recovers. Later, Lita distracts the referee and Matt drops Rios. Jeff goes for the cover but Lita gets involved again and ends the match. Lita and Essa leave the ring area arguing. Several clips of Snow sending Blackman on a blind date are shown.

Shane and Big Show enter the ring. "Why did I interfere with Rock's matches? I can't let the Rock dominate the WWF like Stone Cold did." explains Shane. Rock steps on stage, "You think you've managed to keep the Rock down...you pissed the Rock off. Regardless...Rock is still the People's Champion." Further, since Rock has nothing to lose, he challenges Big Show and Shane. They accept, then Rikishi steps out beside the Rock. "You don't need my help to beat those two jabronis." but Rock accepts him as a partner anyhow. Shane doesn't like the position he just stepped into but has no choice. Backstage, Angle gets cocky with Sgt. Slaughter and gets called out. Hardcore Title Match: Tazz vs Crash Holly, the fight spills backstage rather quickly. Prince Albert and Boss Man attack Tazz, he clubs them with a pipe and locks Albert in a freezer. However, Crash hammers him with a 2x4 and retains the title. Later, in an interview Crash says he'll defend the title anywhere a referee will follow. With Billy Gunn out for surgery, Road Dogg and X-Pac take on Edge and Christian. Terri makes her way to ringside and slaps Edge during the match, Christian gets distracted by the events at ringside and DX takes the win. Christian and Edge start arguing after the match. Backstage, Shane and Show enter the DX dressing room for a brief meeting. Test defeats Viscera after a somewhat brutal fight. IC Title Match: Angle vs Sgt. Slaughter, Slaughter locks in the cobra clutch twice but Angle manages to get to the ropes. Then he sends the legend over the ropes and shortly gets the victory. Dudleys vs Kane, Dudleys pull out all the stops but can't keep Kane down. Finally they prepare to slam Kane through a table but Kane reverses and send D-Von through the table instead ending the match. Outside the Meanstreet Posse bring a referee and try to take down Crash, but they end up fighting among themselves and Crash drives away.

Shane and Big Show vs Rock and Rikishi, prior to the match Shane announces his replacement: Triple H. As the match takes off Hunter goes after Rikishi's injured leg but Rikishi keeps coming back and finally tags in the Rock. Show takes a chair to Rikishi outside the ring then Shane distracts the referee and Triple H gets in a low blow. Show misses Rock with the chair and flattens Hunter instead. Rock lands the People's Elbow for the victory. Afterward Stephanie and Shane get into an argument about whether or not Show meant to hit Triple H.

(2000-03-06) Shane and Big Show enter the ring and announce Triple H vs Rikishi. Stephanie and Hunter head for the ring and speak about WrestleMania. Then Stephanie announces Big Show vs Kane. A video of the Posse attacking Crash Holly was shown, Crash managed to get away with his Hardcore Title. Kane vs Big Show ends when Rock delivers a Rock Bottom, then Kane chokeslams Show. An APA commercial plays. Mark Henry defeats D-Von Dudley with an assist from Mae, but afterward the Dudleys level Mark and put Mae thru a table. Road Dogg and X-Pac with Tori vs Too Cool, Tori knocks Grand Master off the ropes while the referee is distracted. Then Kane ends the match when he comes after Pac, Road Dogg gets chokeslammed while X-Pac slips away.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Chris Jericho vs Kurt Angle, Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho but Bob Backlund (former WWF Champion) jumps in the ring and attacks Jericho. Officials finally manage to separate them. Triple H vs Rikishi, Stephanie distracts the ref allowing Triple H to deliver a low blow. Rikishi recovers and is about to finish off the Champ when Stephanie slides a chair into the ring and distracts the referee once again. Hunter nails Rikishi with the chair ending the match. Rock charges into the ring and hits Triple H with a Rock Bottom then positions him for Rikishi to land the big butt drop. Too Cool join Rikishi in the ring for a dance. Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman defeats Matt Hardy. Backstage, Shane converses with Stephanie and they decide to put the Rock in a cage match with The Crippler Benoit.

Edge and Christian vs Malenko and Saturn, Edge gets distracted by Terri for the second week in a row and they lose the match. Hardcore Title Match: Viscera vs Crash Holly, the quickly battle backstage where Viscera falls on the Acolyte's poker table. Faarooq flattens Viscera and Crash takes the win. Then Bradshaw nails Crash before turning back to argue with Faarooq over what his hand was. Cage Match: Chris Benoit vs Rock, both men make a couple attempts to climb out but to no avail. Shortly, Shane and Big Show make their way to ringside followed by Triple H and Stephanie. Rock hits Benoit with the Rock Bottom, and follows it with a tremendous power bomb before scaling the side of the cage. Triple H meets him at the top but Rock knocks him away and makes it over for the win. Show and Hunter attack the Rock and drag him back in the cage. Triple H misses Rock with a chair and smacks Big Show. Rock levels Triple H then walks out as Raw comes to an end.

(2000-03-09) Triple H and Stephanie step out on stage at the beginning of Smack Down, Big Show and Shane join them, and they collaborate on a series of Handicap Matches. Stephanie finishes by promising the Rock she has a special surprise for him. Highlights from earlier in the day, Meanstreet Posse attack Crash again - this time in a laundromat - but Crash gets away with the belt. Handicap Match: Rock vs Benoit and Saturn, Rock just keeps coming back until he hits Saturn with the Rock Bottom for the victory. Then the rest of the Radicals join in clobbering the Rock. Afterward, Stephanie announces her surprise - Rock vs Dudley Boyz in a Table Match where Rock must put both Tag Champs through tables to win.

Light Heavyweight Title Match: Essa Rios vs Christian, Terri distracts the referee allowing Lita to moonsault on to Christian. Edge spears Lita causing Christian to lose the match, the two argue afterward. IC Title Match: Angle vs Tazz, Backlund saves Angle once again but gets locked in the Walls of Jericho when Y2J sprints to the ring. Handicap Match: Kane vs DX members X-Pac and Road Dogg, Kane dominates the match. But when Tori nails Paul Bearer Kane drags her in the ring, before he can do anything Pac smacks him with a chair then plants the Big Red Machine on top of it for the win. Steve Blackman defeats Jeff Hardy with an assist from Snow.

Handicap Match: Rock vs Dudley Boyz, the Rock charges right into his second match of the night and clobbers the Dudleys with the ring bell and a chair before they head up the ramp away from him. Rock flattens them both and brings them back to the ring. Rock looks to be wore out but he recovers and goes for the People's Elbow, Buh Buh intercepts him. Dudleys set up a table but Rock drops Buh Buh through it. Rock sets up another table and is about to put D-Von through it when Buh Buh returns with a chair, Rock gets the 3D (Dudley Death Drop) through the table and the Boyz win the match. Rock refuses assistance in getting back to the locker room for some medical treatment. WWF Womens Title Match: Jackie retains the title in a rather quick match against Ivory. Hardcore Title: Crash vs Prince Albert, they immediately fight backstage. The Posse attack and Crash runs off chased by Rodney. Meanwhile, Albert brings the other two Posse members to the ring and clobbers them.

Handicap Match: Rikishi vs Triple H and Big Show, Rikishi puts up a good fight but gets wore down. Too Cool get ambushed by DX when they head for the ring. Then Triple H and Show start fighting allowing Rikishi to recover and clobber Show and Hunter. Shane hits Rikishi with a chair, to no effect, and Show nails him from behind allowing Hunter to take the win. They continue to pummel Rikishi, motivating an injured Rock to head to the ring one more time. Rock produces a short pipe and clubs Show with it, but he loses it when he goes after Helmsley and Shane nails him with it. Then Rock gets pummeled as Smack Down ends.

(2000-03-13) Shane, Big Show, Stephanie, and WWF Champ Triple H make their way to the ring and open RAW with a discussion of last Thursday's events. Triple H says the Rock brought it on himself and guarantees to humiliate the Rock tonight. Stephanie announces a match for the Rock at WrestleMania: Rock vs Twin Towers, then two minis enter the ring and everyone has a laugh at the Rock's expense. Rock steps on to stage, "Tonight the joke is over...You drove Mick out. Now, the Rock's giving you the chance to drive me out." Rock challenges Show, one on one. Rock wins and he gets a WWF Championship shot at WM, if he loses he retires from WWF. Shane replies, "You're on." "The Rock's not done..." Rock adds the stipulation that any interference sends him to WM and the WWF Title. "You got a deal." agrees Triple H. Rock continues, "Why is the Rock putting it all on the line? The Rock doesn't have Shane or Stephanie in his corner...he has the People in his corner."

Hardy Boyz vs Lethal Weapon and Al Snow, Matt ties up Blackman for the win. Dudleys vs Mark Henry in a grudge match, Mark starts out good but the Dudleys take control. Then Buh Buh brings Mae out to ringside in her wheel chair and lets her watch as they finish off Henry with a 3D. The Dudleys push Mae up the ramp, then Buh Buh drops her off the stage with a power bomb. European Title Triple Threat: Angle defends against Jericho and Tazz, nice match with many near falls and counters from all three men. Backlund interferes when Tazz locks his choke hold on Angle and gets a Tazzmission himself. Angle knocks Tazz out of the ring but encounters the Walls of Jericho, Backlund nails Y2J but before he can do more Chyna appears and delivers a low-blow. Angle flattens Jericho with a belt for the win. Ivory supports the Rock in a backstage interview. D-Generation X vs Too Cool and Rikishi, Triple H is about to receive the butt drop when X-Pac KOs Rikishi with the ring bell while Stephanie has the referee distracted. Triple H rolls on top for the victory.

Kane runs into Rock backstage and wishes him luck. Then Kane enters the ring and defeats Boss Man with relative ease. Backstage, Godfather says the Rock will win in an interview and Moolah voices her disgust at Mae's actions lately. Light Heavyweight Title: Essa Rios vs Dean Malenko, fast action gives way to Malenko dismantling Essa. Outside the ring, Lita goes after Eddie and gets power bombed. Meanwhile, a series of counter moves ends with Malenko becoming the Lt. Heavyweight Champ. Edge and Christian vs Acolytes, Mideon accompanies the Acolytes and gets speared when he steps in the ring. Terri distracts Christian while Edge gets flattened and Acolytes take the win. Edge and Christian pummel Mideon after the match, when Acolytes shove him toward them. Earlier in the day, the Posse attack Crash at the airport. Pete Gas pulls off a win, but Crash smacks him with the scale and takes the Hardcore Title back. Val Venis returns to action with Test vs Benoit and Saturn, Benoit gets the win with an assist from Eddie.

Rock vs Big Show. Shane enters the ring first and dismisses the referee, then pulls off his jacket to reveal the stripes. Rock, with his career on the line, charges right after the Big Show. Majority of the match takes place outside the ring, with Shane officiating essentially a Hardcore match. Show misses with a chair and Rock gets hold of it, but Shane grabs the chair allowing Big Show to blind side Rock. Rock recovers and nails Show with the ring bell then spits water in his face. Show retailiates and throws Rock on top of the announce table. When they finally get back in the ring, Shane makes a couple fast counts but Rock kicks out both times. Rock fights back but soon gets clobbered again. Show goes for a chokeslam but Rock gives him a low-blow. However, Show accidentally knocks Shane out of the ring. Rock lands the People's Elbow but no referee, Earl runs to the ring but Shane yanks him out of the ring and smacks the Rock with a chair. A limo arrives on the Titan Tron and Shane is flabbergasted at who steps out. The boss is back - Vince McMahon has returned. Triple H and Stephanie leave their office backstage to greet Vince. Vince levels Hunter and struts right into the ring and drills Shane, then clobbers him with a chair before taking the referee shirt for himself. Rock recovers and delivers a Rock Bottom. Vince makes a very deliberate three-count and sends the Rock to WrestleMania and a shot at the WWF Championship. Vince simply walks back out of the ring as Rock celebrates to a thunderous applause.

(2000-03-16) Shane McMahon and Big Show enter the ring as Smack Down opens. Shane rants about Vince's actions Monday night. Then points out that Rock didn't make any stipulation about Big Show's participation at WrestleMania. Therefore the main event will be a Triple Threat WWF Title Match. Triple H and Stephanie head for the ring. Hunter replies, "The winner at WrestleMania is gonna be me...cause, I am that damn good!" Stephanie declares she will be in Triple H's corner since Shane is in Show's. Vince steps on to stage and berates his two children, "...I'm back to keep you two from screwing up the business." Then he announces that he will be in the Rock's corner. So Shane demands Rock vs Kane. Not to be left out, Stephanie says Big Show vs Rikishi. Vince accepts this and announces Triple H vs Godfather, " Hey Stephanie...maybe you'll take a ride on the Ho Train!"

Tag Team Title Match: Edge and Christian vs Dudley Boyz, Terri interferes and allows Dudleys to retain the titles. Afterward, Hardys shove Terri in the ring and Edge spears her. Godfather vs Triple H, non-title, Godfather takes the victory after Show flattens Hunter. Acolytes with Mideon vs Blackman and Snow, Acolytes win with a distraction from Mideon. Rikishi defeats Big Show after Triple H sneaks into the ring and delivers a Pedigree. Too Cool join Rikishi for a dance. Angle and former WWF Champ Bob Backlund vs Jericho and Tazz with Chyna, Tazz ends up chasing Backlund through the audience while Jericho locks Angle in the Walls of Jericho. Benoit attacks both competitors ending the match, Chyna tries to help but Guerrero levels her. Earlier in the day, Crash successfully defended the Hardcore Title against the Headbangers, at Fun Time USA, after the Bangers started arguing. Backstage, X-Pac gets attacked by Kane. Triple H helps lock Kane in a semi trailer. Vince declares that X-Pac will take Kane's place against the Rock if Kane isn't out in time.

Light Heavyweight Title Match: Grand Master vs Malenko, Guerrero distracts the referee allowing Malenko to recover. Dean mocks Scotty and Scotty trips him, but Malenko retains the title with another assist from Eddie. Afterward, Chyna flattens Guerrero and celebrates with Too Cool in the ring. Number-One Contenders Match: Hardy Boyz vs Benoit and Saturn, nice fast paced match with many acrobatic moves and near wins. However, both team get counted out while brawling at ringside. Rock vs X-Pac, Shane and Big Show arrive at ringside. Triple H and Stephanie soon follow. When Rock falls outside the ring, Show nails him. Then Triple H nails Show and attacks Rock - rolling him back in the ring. Rock nails Show when he distracts the referee. Hunter sneaks in the ring and smacks Rock with the title belt, but Rock kicks out. Kane storms into the ring after X-Pac ending the match. Triple H and Big Show start fighting as Rock backs up the ramp and Smack Down comes to a close. Backstage, Vince admires his handiwork.

(2000-03-20) Backstage, Michael Cole questions Vince about a rumored major announcement. Vince wouldn't tell the secret but did announce a Tag Team Elimination series ending in a Battle Royal to decide a number-one contender. Cole commented on SNL and gave Vince an idea - "Live, from Chicago. Its Raw is War!"

First Tag Elimination Match: Road Dogg and X-Pac vs Hardys, DX has new entrance music by Run DMC (BUY). Kane comes after Pac, during the distraction Hardys get the victory. Then they shove Tori into Kane's arms and she gets choke slammed. Triple H and Stephanie enter the ring and The Game calls out Vince. Shane and Big Show walk to ringside and challenge Hunter to a WWF Championship match. Triple H replies, "No...that big goof doesn't deserve it." Vince steps on stage and likes the idea of a WWF Title defense - "...and that's exactly what's going to happen. Triple H vs Big Show, and Rock. Why not have the WrestleMania main event tonight?" Shane agrees and the two McMahons taunt The Game into accepting. However, Triple H adds the stipulation that the match will not happen again at WM. Then Vince smugly tells Triple H , "I want you to pucker up your lips. I don't want you to kiss my daughter - that would make me sick. I don't even want you to kiss my ass...I want you to pucker up and kiss that WWF Championship goodbye."

Road Dogg and Pac are mad about Kane's interference and Triple H satisfies them with Kane vs Rikishi.Too Cool pulls off a win against the Radicals despite interference from Eddie and advance to the Battle Royal. Kane vs Rikishi ends when DX members Pac and RD storm the ring and take down both Rikishi and Kane. Kurt Angle joins JR and Lawler for the IC number-one contender match. Benoit vs Jericho, the dynamic match ends when Angle cracks Benoit with a belt and Jericho gets the victory. Backlund distracts Jericho and Angle knocks out Y2J as well. Hollys vs Snow and Blackman, Tazz chases Crash into the crowd initiating a Hardcore match, Hardcore Holly is left by himself allowing Snow and Lethal Weapon to advance. GTV shows Terri insulting The Kat. Edge and Christian vs Acolytes, Mideon inadvertently hits Bradshaw with a mop handle allowing Edge to get the win. Mideon gets destroyed by the Acolytes. Val Venis vs Test with Trish, Venis gets distracted by Trish and Test gets the win by holding on to Val's tights. An upset Venis starts shoving Test, Prince Albert charges to the ring and takes down Venis. Then Test and Albert stomp Val. Trish Stratus steps into the ring, after Test and Albert are finished she announces, "We know what everyone wants. T and A, well that's just what you're looking at - T and A - Test and Albert."

Highlights of Rock on SNL are shown. Then Dudley Boyz join commentary for the Tag Team Battle Royal: Hardys, Christian and Edge, Snow and Blackman, and Too Cool. Snow eliminates Scotty, then Matt tosses Snow out, leaving E&C and the Hardys. But the Dudleys storm the ring and destroy both teams before a decision is reached. Triple Threat WWF Championship Match: Triple H defends against Big Show and Rock - with Shane, Steph, and Vince at ringside. Show and Triple H double-team Rock most of the match but Rock keeps coming back. When Hunter falls out of the ring he takes a swing at Vince, misses, and gets hammered by the boss. Shane chokes the Rock on the bottom ring rope. Then Triple H and Show start fighting, Rock recovers and flattens both. Rock gets a near win over Triple H but receives a chokeslam. Hunter goes outside the ring after Show and gets his own chokeslam. Rock goes for the People's Elbow on Big Show but Shane pulls down the rope and Rock topples over and gets smacked with a chair by Shane. Vince clobbers Shane but gets leveled by Hunter (who just got up from the chokeslam). Triple H nails Show with a chair then finishes him with a Pedigree for the win. The Game is still WWF Champ.

As Triple H and Steph make their way up the ramp Linda McMahon steps on stage (sidenote). "You're right, there will be no return Triple Threat at WM...but a Fatal Fourway Elimination Match. You, Big Show, Rock, and this man who will get the chance to realize a dream: Mick Foley." Foley takes the exhausted Triple H to the ring and clobbers him. Mick is going to WrestleMania.

SIDENOTE: A fan jumped the rails and looked to be headed toward Linda. HHH tackled him right before the camera cut and locked on Linda. JR and Lawler got quiet. A few moments later HHH was back in position beside Steph and Linda continued with her announcement. My impression is that it was not scripted and HHH acted to protect Linda (his boss's boss) since security was not close enough. I read something on Usenet to the effect that the fan grabbed the title belt - I didn't see any evidence of this.

(2000-03-23) SmackDown starts off with Stephanie stating that she has a shocking announcement for later in the evening. Triple H calls out Linda McMahon on why she brought Mick Foley back. Linda replies, "I did the right thing." Hunter pursues the issue asking, "What if Mick does manage to win the Title?" Linda restates that Mick will be back for one night and one night only, "If he wins - and I believe he will - then Mick will retire, the WWF Championship will be vacant, and a tournament will start the following night to be concluded at Backlash." Triple H calls Linda a bitch before she turns and exits. Backstage, Ivory offers Crash a massage then brings in a referee and tries to win the Hardcore Championship - Crash runs from the room retaining the title.

Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit, Jericho joins commentary. However, when Angle grabs one of his belts and heads for Benoit - Jericho grabs the other and levels both men. Then Y2J slaps the Walls of Jericho on each of them before officials break up the fight. Godfather vs Bull Buchanan, Boss Man interrupts the match and Godfather gets pummeled. Backstage, Crash is concerned about someone interrupting the next match to come after the Hardcore Title. Hardcore Holly assures him no one will. The Hollys enter the ring to take on Snow and Blackman, but Hardcore decides to go after the Hardcore Championship instead and chases Crash into the crowd. Test and Albert destroy Snow and Blackman. Shane has plans for the Posse, and leads them off to concoct some kind of scheme. Rock vs Buh Buh Dudley, Rock manages to fight off constant interference from D-Von and takes the victory after sending D-Von through a table and landing the People's Elbow on Buh Buh. Jim Ross interviews Mick Foley on the reasons for his return and his final match at WrestleMania. Foley says he was reluctant to come back since he didn't know how the fans would react but couldn't let a dream slip away.

GTV: The Kat returns a stained skirt to Terri. Womens Championship Match: Jackie retains her title against Lita, but Lita flattens Jackie after the match. Shane leads the Posse to the ring dressed as The Rock, Mick, and Triple H. Then calls out Big Show and starts an impromptu match where Show easily clobbers the Posse. Six-Man Tag Match: Too Cool and Rikishi vs Malenko, Saturn, and Guerrero. Too Cool gets the win but DX storms the ring during the dance and clobbers Too Cool and Rikishi. Kane heads for the ring but X-Pac levels him with a chair and D-Generation X has the last laugh. Stephanie calls out Linda, after some ranting she slaps Linda and walks out to Triple H.

(2000-03-27) Linda McMahon entered the ring at the start of RAW and apologized for the scene Stephanie caused on Thursday. Then demands the Stephanie apologize to her and the fans. Vince joins his wife in the ring to await Stephanie's apology. Meanwhile he voices his concern of Linda's safety while she insists on being in the wrestling arena as opposed to the corporate arena. Stephanie steps on to stage and indeed apologizes to her mother, "...what I really wanted to do was slap dad!" Vince starts to step out of the ring, insisting he's going to spank Stephanie. However, Hunter steps out beside his wife, Stephanie. "What the hell kind of family did I marry into?" Vince calls him into the ring but Triple H declares he is the voice of reason. Then Vince borrows a quote from Stone Cold Steve Austin, "You got about 20 thousand people calling you and a**hole." The Game starts talking about the need for a new era and Shane makes his way to ringside. Shane berates Stephanie for her actions then hugs his mother and steps into the ring to offer his apology to the fans as well. Then continues, "As far as a new era is concerned..." Shane clobbers Vince from behind. Then Hunter joins him in stomping Vince. Linda pulls Shane off by his hair but Stephanie restrains her mother. Mick Foley charges after Triple H, Big Show soon follows. The Rock sprints to the ring saving Vince from a Pedigree but gets chokeslammed by Show. Mick, Rock, and Foley are left laying in the ring.

Chyna and Jericho vs Guerrero and Benoit, Benoit gets the win with an assist from Eddie. They attack Chyna outside the ring, until Y2J chases Benoit into the fans and Chyna ends up in the ring with Eddie. But Saturn and Malenko run in to hold Chyna for Eddie to pummel. Too Cool saves the day by clearing the ring. Backstage, Vince says he's calling out Shane. Linda asks him not to but he won't listen. Hardcore Title Match: Hardcore vs Crash, but as the match gets underway - Tazz, Headbangers, and Viscera bring referees and chase the Hardcore champ from the arena. The Posse and Kaientai get involved in the hallways. Eventually Crash hides behind a trashcan just outside the exit, then runs back in the arena after the mob follows him out, and locks the door behind him. Shane turns down Vince's challenge. Rikishi defeats Road Dogg by count-out after Dogg leaves the ring area - apparently sick after getting a butt in the face. Too Cool enter for a dance.

Backstage, Rock is irate - he doesn't care about the McMahon saga but declares he's not finished and wants to fight somebody. Later, Shane and Big Show take him up on the challenge - insisting on a handicap match. Then Vince steps in as Rock's partner. Edge and Christian join commentary for Hardys vs Malenko and Saturn, E and C interfere giving the win to the Radicals. Kane vs Angle, Angle nails Kane with a title belt and walks away from the ring ending the match. However, Kane drags him back in for a chokeslam and tombstone. Test defeats Al Snow, with a distraction by Trish. Backstage, Stephanie suggests Triple H referee the match: Vince and Rock vs Shane and Show. Then Linda nominates Mick as a second referee. Boss Man and Bull vs Acolytes, Godfather and D'Lo come to ringside during the match and pay the Acolytes to leave. Of course the match is thrown out but they get to pound on Boss Man and Bull for awhile. GTV: Kat finds Moolah and Terri and ends up getting her shirt ripped off by Moolah - Mae enters on Kat's side... X-Pac defeats D-Von Dudley, Buh Buh and Road Dogg get into a fight, Kane heads for the ring and gets a 3D from the Dudleys. Tori gets in Kane's face and is nearly chokeslammed before DX comes to the rescue and toss Kane out thru a table.

Rock and Vince vs Shane and Big Show, with Triple H and Foley as referees. Vince gets double-teamed until the Rock sprints to the ring and sends Shane over the ropes. Hunter gives an assist to Shane putting the Rock down, Foley gets in Hunter's face then nails Shane to 'make it even'. Mick and Hunter nearly start fighting. Show clobbers Rock and goes for a pin, Mick counts 2. Rock gets a near win over Shane, the Vince wants tagged in - and gets it. Vince tosses Shane around the ring then gets a head butt from Show. Vince finally tags in Rock, he lands the People's Elbow on Shane but Hunter clobbers Mick before he can make a three count. Triple H Pedigrees Rock and puts Shane on top, Vince interrupts the count. Show grabs Vince but Mick locks in the mandible claw. Shane gets Rock Bottomed for the win.

(2000-03-30) Kane and Rikishi Phatu vs Dudleys, non-title. Kane dominates the opening, Rikishi gets in and tosses the Dudleys around for awhile until they finally mount an offense. However, when Buh Buh DDTs Rikishi - he pops right back up. Kane comes in and delivers a double chokeslam, then Rikishi takes the victory with a butt drop. DX Express pulls up outside. Triple H walks to the ring and speaks about the upcoming four-way match at WrestleMania. Vince steps out and announces that the match is now no-DQ and no count-out, with a pin as the only way to win. The Game remains confident. Mick Foley steps on stage, "...Since its no-DQ, I guess its okay if I bring my barb wire bat. And beat the hell out of you while I take you belt." Triple H seems a little shaken. Backstage, Big Show pulls Kurt Angle aside to talk.

Hardcore Title Match: Tazz vs Crash Holly, the match soon spills into the backstage area where numerous superstars try to pin Crash. The match continues outside the arena. Meanwhile, GTV show Kat visiting Val Venis to try swaying his authority at WrestleMania (he was named special referee of her cat fight with Terri). Later, another GTV segment show Terri paying a visit to Val as well. Hardy Boyz join commentary for X-Pac and Road Dogg vs Edge and Christian, referee gets knocked down and Hardys level E and C allowing DX to get the win. Rock vs Angle, non-title. Shane, Big Show, Triple H, and Stephanie all come to ringside. Shane gets involved a little, then Rock lines up for the People's Elbow but when Hunter steps on the ring apron Rock knocks him off. Then gets clobbered by Show. However, Rock recovers and pulls off a Rock Bottom for the win. Rock gets pummeled by Triple H and Show, Vince heads for the ring and gets leveled by Shane. Then Shane nails Rock and Hunter with the title belt as well.

Chyna and Jericho vs Benoit and Guerrero, prior to the match Eddie accuses Chyna of being attracted to him. Angle ends the match by attacking Jericho and Benoit, after Chyna chases Eddie. Stephanie enters the ring to read a letter, supposedly from a fan. Vince berates her afterward, Linda comes out to reason with him and tells him to settle things. So he orders Stephanie to face Jackie tonight. Crash stumbles back into the arena, still chased by a mob, and makes his way to the ring. He announces that he will defend the title at WM in a 15 minute Hardcore Battle Royal, the last pinfall takes the belt, and afterward the 24/7 challenge is off. Malenko defeats Scotty Too Hotty with an assist from Eddie. T and A vs Hardys, dynamic match leads to a sudden win by Matt. Afterward, Test drops the elbow from Albert's shoulders. Afterward, Edge and Christian attack the Hardys then pose on a ladder. But the Dudleys storm the ring and knock the ladder over, then flatten everyone in the ring. Backstage, Snow and Blackman attack T and A.

Womens Championship Match: Stephanie vs Jackie, with all of D-Generation X at ringside. Stephanie refuses to get in the ring at first, then the referee gets distracted by Triple H. Tori drops Jackie and a confused Steph makes the cover. DX celebrate Stephanie's Womens Title win. Stephanie slips away as Kane and Rikishi attack DX, then the rest of the locker room spills into the ring and a brawl erupts. Big Show and Rock clear most of the ring, then Mick steps in beside Rock and they end up arguing as Triple H and Stephanie hold their titles high on the stage.

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