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(2000-05-01) Tag Champs Edge and Christian made their way to commentary and once again say they're planning a run in. Dudley Boyz vs T and A, without Trish. Test and Albert charge the ring and command the opening round. Dudleys regroup and deliver the 3D to Albert then Test. Edge distracts the referee while Christian takes down D Von. T and A take the win. McMahon Helmsley Regime fill the ring. Triple H has his arm in a sling due to a dislocated shoulder. Triple H speaks, saying the Rock knows he couldn't do it alone. And tells him to enjoy it while it lasts. Then scolds Jim Ross for saying Game Over at Backlash. "The Game is just beginning." Stephanie declares her love of her husband and family. And tells how proud she is of Triple H continuing to fight with the dislocated shoulder. Then Vince declares that if Stone Cold Steve Austin shows he'll get clobbered. Then implies the same will happen to Linda after her reinstating Earl Hebner. He goes on to say the history will be made tonight as Rock faces someone in a Cage Match for the WWF Championship.

Crash Holly arrives and is attacked by a couple parking attendants, Crash tosses one of them in the trunk of his car before running into the arena. Too Cool pull off a victory over the Hardy Boyz in a nice match. Backstage, Vince sends the Stooges to get Earl and then scolds Earl for his action as Backlash. Then threatens him telling him to, "...stay outta my business." Kat and Jacqueline vs Terri and Ivory, Terri interrupts several pinfall attempts by Jackie. But goes to far when she shoves Jackie, Kat sneaks behind Terri and the two have her cornered. Kat tosses her out of the ring and chases her up the ramp. All four end up in the ring where Terri and Ivory get slammed together, Kat and Jackie try a double pin but can't pull it off. The Kat actually body slams Terri and goes for a cover, but Ivory clobbers her and puts Terri on top. Jackie enters while the referee is distracted and nails Terri and rolls Kat on top, the referee finally notices and gives the win to Kat and Jacqueline. While it was somewhat of a 'cat fight' there was some actual wrestling in this one. Backstage, X-Pac and Road Dogg argue with Vince for a Tag Title shot but Vince has other plans. Earl Hebner gets his own entrance as he makes his way to the ring for X-Pac vs Chris Jericho. Pac is to defend Stephanie's honor. Y2J continues his verbal assault on Stephanie. Jericho goes for a cover, Tori distracts the referee and gets a drop kick for her efforts. Pac hits the Bronco Buster, Hebner pulls X-Pac off Jericho after a few moments since Jericho was in the ropes. They shove eachother and Hebner calls for a DQ. Jericho puts Pac in the Walls of Jericho anyhow but gets assaulted by Road Dogg. Earl knocks Dogg down, then officials flood the ring and hold Jericho and Hebner in the ring as DX retreats.

Rock enters the ring and gives Austin an, "Oh hell yeah!" Rock speaks to Stone Cold, "Rock realizes you're probably at home in Texas. Beer in one hand. Beer in the other hand..." moreless thanking him for his involvement at Backlash. Then he tells the McMahons to, "Bring it." They step on to stage. And Vince announces a WWF Championship Cage Match: Rock vs Shane McMahon, must escape the cage to win. Triple H begins to voice his dislike, but Vince assures him he knows what he's doing. Later Triple H asserts his dislike to Stephanie and Shane. Tag Team Title Match: Edge and Christian make their way to the ring to fulfill the open challenge the made earlier. Rikishi and Showkishi (Big Show impersonating Rikishi) head to the ring, and dominate most of the match. Edge smacks Show with the ringbell, referee called for a DQ but no bell. Rikishi levels Edge and Christian. Both Show and Rikishi prepare to do a butt drop but E and C slip out. DX attack them on the ramp and shove them back in. The Tag Champs receive a double stink face. Then Rikishi and Showkishi dance. European Title: Eddie vs Essa, the fast dynamic match ends in a victory for Eddie Guerrero. Chyna rips Lita's dress off, returning the favor from Backlash. Tazz vs Benoit, Saturn makes his way to ring side momentarily distracting Tazz and Benoit takes the victory. Tazz assaults Saturn, Hardcore Holly arrives and slams Benoit then takes out Saturn and Tazz. Crash interview, Blackman attacks him initiating a HC Title Match. They fight out to the ring where Blackman gets several near falls, then Crash levels him and heads into the crowd. A couple Baltimore Ravens challenge him but he gets away.

WWF Championship Cage Match: Rock vs Shane McMahon. Stephanie, Vince, and Triple H accompany Shane to the ring followed by Brisco and Patterson in referee attire. Rock enters the cage along with Patterson and Shane. Rock goes right after Shane, soon Vince tries to pull Shane out the door but Rock grabs Shane's foot and drags him back in. Triple H starts poking Rock through the cage with a long wooden pole. Rock DDTs Shane and starts climbing but Hunter pokes him again and knocks him down. However, Rock grabs the pole and breaks it over Shane's back. Later, Shane starts climbing the wall Rock follows him up and slams Shane's head off the cage. Shane slumps over on the top of the cage wall. Patterson manages to grab Rock's leg and pull him back in, then tries to shove Shane the rest of the way over. Rock flattens Pat. Shane wakes up and starts to climb out but Rock grabs him by the hair and pulls him back in and drops him on to the mat. Rock lands the People's Elbow and heads for the door but Brisco slams it in his face. Triple H goes in after Rock and pummels the People's Champ. Earl Hebner heads out to the ring and shoves Brisco into the cage wall. Then Hebner slams the cage door on Triple H. Triple H stumbles back into the ring and gets Rock Bottomed. The WWF Champ climbs out for the win and Earl hands him the title belt.

(2000-05-04) Earl Hebner got his own introduction at the open of SmackDown. Intercontinental Championship Match: Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit, they showed their technical skills as well as brawling around the ring. Jericho tried to lock in the Walls of Jericho but Benoit slipped out and went for his own submission but couldn't get Y2J. Jericho gets tossed outside the ring. Benoit starts arguing with Hebner, then shoves Hebner out of the ring. Jericho smacks Benoit with the title belt and goes for a cover. Earl recovers and makes the three-count. Y2J is IC Champ again. The McMahon Helmsley Regime makes their way on to stage. Vince announces that referee Earl Hebner will be in his first wrestling match. Furthermore, he will have Rock as a tag partner against the three members of D-Generation X. If Rock or Earl gets pinned the WWF Title will change hands.

Latino Heat vs Essa and Lita, both ladys get involved but Chyna simply over powers Lita and makes a nonchalant cover for the win. Kurt Angle defeats Hardcore Holly. Afterward Hardcore slams Angle on top of a chair. Edge and Christian vs Rikishi, Edge gets the Stink Face but retailiates with a spear. Rikishi ends up getting a win by count out. But the Tag Champs return to the ring and assault Rikishi, Edge grabs the ring bell but Too Cool hit the ring before he can use it. Too Cool and Rikishi dance together for the first time in several weeks. Backstage, Stephanie and Tori tell the Dudleys not to mess with them - Buh Buh seems to have an idea. Hardy Boyz defeat Test and Albert, after the referee misses a cover by Test. T and A pummel Matt Hardy after the match. Bull Buchanan vs Shonan The Barbarian (Big Show), Bull attacks Show with an extendable-baton. Big Show gets mad and tosses Bull from pillar to post then delivers two chokeslams. The match was thrown out. Vince calls Earl into his office to say that he hopes there will be no hard feelings. Hardcore Title Match: Dean Malenko attacks Crash backstage in a fun house. They fight out to the ring where Saturn joins the fight and prevents Malenko from scoring a pin. Crash pins Dean, then the two Radicals start fighting. Backstage, Big Show asks Shane what he thinks of his recent efforts. Shane insults Show hurting his feelings with the harshness of his speech.

WWF Championship Match: Rock and Earl Hebner vs X-Pac, Road Dogg, and Triple H. Whoever pins Rock or Earl will win the WWF Title. In the opening moments Rock holds Triple H for Hebner to smack. Then Rock pulls the sling off and goes after Hunter's shoulder (that later appears to be un-injured). Rock gets tossed outside the ring and DX taunt Earl. Triple H shove Hebner into the ring. Luckily, Rock makes it back into the ring and clears out DX. Shane charges in and gets slammed, then Brisco and Patterson step on the apron and get knocked back off. Jericho attacks Triple H at ringside, Vince chases after him. Pac brings a chair in the ring but Hebner delivers a low blow before he can use it. X-Pac gets a Rock Bottom and Rock retains the Championship. DX returns to the ring to stomp Rock. Then the McMahons shove Earl in the ring where DX clobbers him and Triple H Pedigrees him. Rikishi arrives to help but is soon taken down, Big Show follows and gives out a series of headbutts. Shane gets one too. Rock is back up but Triple H takes him down with a low blow, then takes Show down with another one. The Dudley Boyz finally chase the McMahon Helmsley Regime from the ring when the charge down the ramp with a table. Rikishi throws the Stooges in the ring. Patterson gets clobbered and Brisco gets slammed through the table. Rock helps take Hebner out on a gurney as SmackDown ends.

(2000-05-08) Edge and Christian enter the ring at the start of RAW to issue an open challenge. The APA accompanies them as protection, but after being insulted state they're refunding the payment and accept the challenge. Tag Title Match: Edge and Christian vs Acolytes, Christian nails Faarooq with the ring bell while the referee is distracted. However, Bradshaw gets the bell and levels Christian but gets disqualified. Boss Man and Bull assault the Acolytes. The McMahon Helmsley Regime fills the ring and Triple H makes fun of Earl Hebner then announces a match for Judgment Day. Rock vs Triple H, in a 60 min. Iron Man match for the WWF Championship. Vince begins to speak but Chris Jericho interrupts him and insults the McMahons - implying Vince has a small penis. The McMahon Helmsley Regime is about to head up the ramp after Jericho when Big Show, Rikishi, and the Dudley Boyz step out behind Y2J. So Vince guarantees Jericho will lose the Intercontinental Title tonight and announces Kurt Angle as his opponent. Then Vince announces a Table Match: Dudleys vs Gerald Brisco and a Stink Face Match: Rikishi vs Patterson. Furthermore Vince says he does have a plan.

IC Title Match: Jericho vs Kurt Angle. Angle is proud to be defending Stephanie's honor. Nice match, each get several near falls. Jericho manages to get Angle to submit for a win. Backstage, Big Show busts into Shane's room and Shane talks him into taking on Jericho for the IC Title. Eddie Guerrero defeats Godfather with an assist from D'Lo Brown. Table Match: Dudleys vs Gerald Brisco, T and A enter as Brisco's partners. However, the Dudleys 3D Test thru a table for the victory. DX assaults Dudleys. IC Title Match: Big Show vs Jericho, second title defense of the evening for Chris. Big Show dominates most of the match until a video starts on the Titan Tron. It shows Shane saying he has Show wrapped around his finger. Big Show goes ballistic and chases Shane from the arena. Jericho retains the title via count out. Backstage, Vince reminds Stephanie that he guaranteed Jericho would lose the title. Then announces Benoit as his next opponent. Too Cool defeat Boss Man and Bull, APA chases Bull and Boss Man from the ring afterward allowing Too Cool to dance. The Radicals Saturn and Malenko start arguing backstage. Benoit and Eddie try to keep the peace. Saturn and Malenko vs Hardys, Hardys get the win when Saturn accidentally kicks Malenko. After the match Saturn and Malenko start arguing again. Latino Heat enters to try helping but they both get knocked down. Stink Face Match: Rikishi vs Pat Patterson, Road Dogg and X-Pac enter as his partners. DX starts off good but can't handle the three-on-one assault. Pat gives Rikishi a stink face for the victory. Too Cool clear the ring.

Backstage interview, Jericho continues to insult the McMahon Helmsley Regime. Shane returns. IC Title Match: Jericho vs Benoit (yep third defense of the night). Triple H arrives at ringside as a special enforcer. Another good match between these two. Benoit knocks down the referee and Hunter steps in to admonish him. Benoit shoves Triple H, but Hunter drills the original referee and tosses him out of the ring rather than go after Benoit. Benoit gets a series of near falls. Then Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho. Stephanie walks to ringside distracting Triple H from seeing Benoit tap out. Jericho releases the hold to kick Triple H. Hunter smacks Jericho and Benoit goes for his own submission. Triple H calls for the bell, although Jericho did not tap out, and awards the title to Benoit. Chris Benoit is the new IC Champ. The McMahon Helmsley Regime enters the ring and stomps Jericho. Finally Big Show, Rikishi, Dudleys, and Too Cool clear the ring.

The most prominent Iron Man Match in WWF history was Bret Hart vs HBK Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XII. I was hoping Benoit would have the integrity to come out and say he would not fight Jericho for the title since he already defended it twice - 'I want to defeat Jericho when he's at his best'. I think this would have made Benoit look much better, gained him respect. Note that I'm talking about the characters here, not the people.

(2000-05-11) Gerald Brisco accompanies T and A to the ring to face the Dudley Boys as SmackDown opens. Shane makes his way to ringside during the match. Albert gets leveled but Shane pulls the referee from the ring allowing Test to nail Buh Buh for the victory. Big Show chases Shane from the ring area. Benoit defeats Godfather, then challenges Jericho to a Submission match for the IC Title at Judgment Day. Backstage, Benoit and Jericho start fighting until officials break it up. McMahon Helmsley Regime makes their way to the ring. Pat Patterson books a Six-man Tag Elimination Match: D-Generation X vs Too Cool and Rikishi. Shane taunts Big Show than announces a Table Match: Dudleys vs Show. Triple H makes some remarks about Rock being scared and giving the excuse that he had to go film Mummy 2.

Light Heavyweight Title Match: Dean Malenko vs Chyna, Dean retains the title with an assist from Saturn. Boss Man and Bull enter a local tavern. Later the Acolytes pay them a visit and a brawl erupts, the APA comes out on top. Backstage, Edge and Christian charge some fans for an autograph and photo. The Tag Champs and Angle vs Hardy Boyz and Chris Jericho, Benoit flattens Jericho at ringside then Edge hits him with a spear but Y2J kicks out. Jericho chases Benoit up the ramp. Angle takes the win for his team and charges up ramp after Jericho. Hardcore Title Match: British Bulldog (who made his return at Insurrextion) defends against Hardcore Holly. During the match Crash enters the fight and takes the win, Crash is once again HC Champ. Table Match: Dudleys defeat Big Show, Shane jumps in the ring to kick Show while he's down and the Dudleys grab another table for Shane. However, X-Pac and Road Dogg come to Shane's aid. Eddie Guerrero defeats Saturn with an assist from Chyna.

Six-Man Tag Team Elimination Match: Triple H, Road Dogg, and Pac vs Too Cool and Rikishi. Too Cool is eliminated first leaving it 3 on 1. Rikishi fairs well at first, avoiding a Pedigree attempt and dominating the match for awhile. But DX finally take him down. While the referee is out the Dudleys enter the ring and take out Pac and Dogg, lay them side by side, and leave. Rikishi returns from battling Triple H outside the ring and covers them both. The referee recovers and eliminates them leaving it 1 on 1. Pat comes to ringside with the skid-marked underwear. Rikishi pulls him in and flattens him, then shoves the dirty underwear in Triple H's face. Stephanie gets in the ring and Pat accidentally causes Rikishi to collide with her knocking her into a corner. Rikishi clobbers Patterson and gives him a stink face. Then approaches Stephanie but Triple H makes it back to his feet and takes the victory with a Pedigree.

(2000-05-15) Raw. The WWF Commissioner Shawn Michaels makes his way to the ring. The Heart Break Kid introduces himself then admits he has been neglecting his role in the WWF due to other obligations. "I'm here to resign as WWF Commissioner." He continues saying that things have been going on recently that should not have been allowed to happen and points out that he is partially responsible for starting it. Then shows a video from the first SmackDown last August. Where HBK cost Rock the WWF title against Triple H, then moreless disappeared from the scene. Vince struts to the ring. HBK tells Vince that he was indeed invited to Raw, by Linda McMahon. Furthermore, although he's resigning as Commissioner Linda has named him official spokesperson of the WWF. Michaels continues to enlighten everyone by stating that since he's the only one in the WWF to have won an Iron Man Match, HBK is going to be the special referee at Judgment Day. Vince gets cocky and pokes HBK in the chest, "How resilient are you now?" HBK pauses a moment then knocks Vince on his butt and saunters out of the ring. As DX arrives HBK departs in a limo.

Dudley Boyz defeat Blackman and Snow. Road Dogg and Pac assault Dudleys after the match. They set up a table and Tori splashes Buh Buh thru it. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley steps on stage to announce Rikishi vs Angle. During the match Edge and Christian make their way to the ring area. The Tag Champs intervene to prevent Angle from getting the stink face. Rikishi levels them both as the referee throws out the match. Too Cool help clear the ring then dance with Rikishi. Big Show waits for Shane in the parking area. Hardcore Title Match: Crash vs Godfather, D'Lo Brown attacks both men and goes for a win but Crash gets away. One of the Godfather's ladys jumps in and pins Crash winning the HC Championship. However, Crash quickly tips her over and pins her to regain the HC Title and makes a quick departure.

Triple H, Vince, and Steph enter the ring. They announce a Submission Match: Rock vs Benoit. Hunter warns HBK not to cross him. Rock steps on stage and accepts Triple H's challenge to an Iron Man Match and also issues a warning to HBK. Hardcore Match: Jericho vs Hardcore Holly, they fight into the audience and back then Benoit assaults Jericho and Holly smacks him with a chair for the win. Shane enters the ring, apparently Show has been waiting outside for nothing. Shane challenges Big Show to a no-DQ match at Judgment Day. Show heads for the ring as Shane announces him opponents T and A. Handicap Match: T and A vs Big Show, Brisco escorts Trish to the ring. Show dominates the match, Trish hands Test a chair but Show just punches it into Test's face. Trish gets in Big Show's face, then Brisco enters the ring and gets chokeslammed. Shane hits Show with a chair to no avail, he tries to run away but Big Show catches and clobbers him. Latino Heat vs Malenko and Saturn, Eddie accidentally bumps into Chyna from behind and she kicks him between the legs. Saturn takes the win. Triple Threat Tag Title Match: Edge and Christian vs Acolytes vs Hardy Boyz, Edge and Christina pull off an easy win during the confusion.

Submission Match: WWF Champion Rock vs IC Champ Benoit, Triple H, Steph, and Vince come to ringside. The match starts out good with Rock proving that he does know some submission holds. Benoit tries a sharpshooter but Rock gets the ropes. After a Rock Bottom, Benoit finds himself locked in a figure-four in the center of the ring. Stephanie distracts the referee allowing Triple H to drag Benoit to the ropes. The referee turns and makes Rock break the hold. Rock nails Triple H then Benoit goes for his Crippler Crossface. Vince immediately calls for the bell and awards the win to Benoit. Triple H stomps the Rock. But Rock fights off both men and goes after Vince. Jericho heads down the ramp trapping Vince. Triple H attacks Rock allowing Vince to slip away. Jericho puts Hunter in the Walls of Jericho and Benoit gets leveled with another Rock Bottom. DX enter the fight but are soon neutralized by the Dudley Boyz who bring a table to the ring. Rock slams Triple H through the table as Raw ends.

If Vince keeps ringing the bell for Benoit, some fans may never see this guy's full potential. In this particular case giving the win to Benoit while keeping Rock from jobbing really doesn't help any story line. The match was not a no-DQ the referee could've called for the bell after interference and then the rest transpired as planned.

(2000-05-18) McMahon Helmsley Regime enters the ring as SmackDown comes on the air. Stephanie announces Benoit and Hardcore Holly vs Jericho and a partner. Shane challenges the Big Show tonight. Triple H speaks about Judgment Day then announces that a win during the Iron Man Match will can be a pin, submission, count out, or DQ. Furthermore, if it ends in a tie Rock keeps the title. Then Vince announces a Lumberjack Handicap Table Match: Rock vs Dudleys. Backstage, Crash pays the APA to protect him for an hour so he can take a nap.

Kurt Angle defeats Scotty Too Hotty. Chyna announces Saturn vs Malenko to decide Eddie Guerrero's opponent at Judgment Day. And Eddie is the special referee. It starts out as a pretty good match. Then Saturn and Eddie start shoving eachother and Dean takes the opening to smack Saturn with a title belt. Eddie ignores the cover and nails Malenko with a belt before declaring the match a draw. Chyna announces that the Triple Threat European Title Match is back on. Grand Master Sexay pulls off a victory over Christian. Backstage, that woman that was momentarily the HC Champ on Monday tries to cover Crash while he's sleeping but the APA kick her out. Val Venis complains about being held back and challenges whomever is the IC Champ to a match on the next Raw. Benoit steps out and says let's do it now, since I'll still be champ. Jericho steps on stage to disagree, and is shortly followed by Hardcore Holly. Y2J picks Venis as his tag partner and the match is on: Holly and Benoit vs Venis and Jericho. Benoit gets locked in the Walls of Jericho but Hardcore smacks Jericho with a chair ending the match. Then Hardcore levels Benoit and hammers away at his knee with a chair. Officials finally break it up. Edge with Christian and Angle vs Rikishi with Too Cool, the match ends when all six men end up in the ring. Too Cool and Rikishi clear the ring and start to dance but the Tag Champs and Angle assault them then mock their dancing. Acolyte Protection Agency, Joe C (from Kid Rock) invites the Bradshaw and Faarooq out. They declare Crash's hour up and leave him alone. Brisco wins the Hardcore Title by pinning the sleeping Crash Holly. Crash awakes and chases Brisco to the ring but Pat Patterson distracts Crash allowing Brisco to smack him with a garbage can and escape while Pat tried the stinky face again. Crash recovered and lowblowed Patterson before charging out after Gerald Brisco.

The McMahon Helmsley Regime, Bull and Boss Man, alone with T and A are among the lumberjacks for the Lumberjack Handicap Table Match: Rock vs Dudley Boyz. They start off fighting eachother but after each falls to the Jacks and gets pummeled they just out after the lumberjacks. DX slams the Dudleys thru tables. Rock slams Bull thru a table and keeps on fighting but Triple H counters Rock and uses the Rock Bottom to put Rock thru a table. Vince declares DX the winners.

Judgment Day

(2000-05-21) Rikishi and Too Cool defeated Edge, Christian, and Kurt Angle. Then celebrated with a victory dance. Triple Threat European Title Match: Eddie Guerrero vs Dean Malenko vs Perry Saturn. Chyna knocked out Saturn with a lead pipe hidden in her bouquet, then went after Malenko. He avoided getting hit but fell and smacked his head off of the bouquet anyhow. Eddie took the victory and retained the European Title. Hardcore Match: Shane McMahon vs Big Show, as to be expected Shane wasn't planning to fight alone. Boss Man, Test, Albert, and finally Bull all attacked Big Show. Ultimately Show was pinned under a heavy piece of sound equipment and Shane took the win. Big Show was taken to a hospital after the match.

Intercontinental Championship Submission Match: Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho. Benoit's injured knee became Y2J's target. But Benoit was able to lock on the Crippler Crossface. Jericho made his way to the ropes but Benoit drug him back to the center of the ring and locked on the move again. Jericho did not tap out but eventually passed out. Benoit regained the IC Title. Tag Team Table Match: Road Dogg and X-Pac vs Dudley Boyz, both opponents must be put through tables to win. DX took the win thanks to Tori's distracting Buh Buh and interference from Gerald Brisco.

WWF Championship Iron Man Match: Triple H vs The Rock, the winner must score the most wins in 60 minutes via pinfall, submission, count out, or DQ. Shawn Michaels served as special referee. Triple H sent Vince, Shane, and Steph backstage claiming he wanted to win the match himself. HBK Shawn Michaels remained unbiased in his officiating throughout the match.

Undertaker returns Rock went for another pin, but Shane pulled HBK out of the ring. Shawn clobbered Vince and Shane outside the ring, but Rock inadvertently bumped him off the ring apron when he tried to get back in. While Shawn Michaels was out DX attacked Rock. Less than a minute remaining. The Undertaker returns. The Phenom rode out on a motorcycle, climbed into the ring and took out the entire DX crew. Then chokeslammed Triple H and set him up for a Tombstone just as Shawn Michaels climbed back into the ring. The Phenom executed the Tombstone as time expired. Michaels disqualified Rock for the Undertaker's interference. Triple H won the match 6 to 5. Triple H is the new World Wrestling Federation Champion.

(2000-05-22) As Raw came on the air, Vince strutted to the ring to speak about Judgment Day. Then announced a Handicap Match: Rock vs Road Dogg, X-Pac, Shane, and Triple H. As Vince makes his way backstage Rock assaults him. The Rock doesn't say a word to him, just pummels him and tosses him into a waiting limo that quickly pulls away. Rock awaits the arrival of DX in the parking area. T and A vs Hardy Boyz, Test and Albert displayed alot of power moves in a nice match. The fighting spills outside the ring where Trish shoves Matt into a ringpost then distracts the referee allowing Test to make the save. T and A take the win. European Title Match: Eddie gets a victory over D'Lo Brown with a distraction from Godfather. GF attacks D'Lo after the match.

D-Generation X arrives and Brisco tries to warn them, but too late. Rock nails Road Dogg and Pac with a pipe and locks them in a semi-trailer. The Tag Champs continue their 5 second pose 'for those with the benefit of flash photography'. Angle joins them to take on Too Cool and Rikishi. The match gets chaotic and Angle rolls up Scotty for a victory. Shane arrives and heads straight for the ring ignoring Brisco's warnings of the Rock's attack. Shane speaks about his match at Judgment Day. Rock stalks to the ring and chases Shane from the arena. IC Title Match: Benoit vs Val Venis, a very competitive match where Venis scored several near falls but it ended suddenly when Hardcore Holly stepped in the ring and leveled both men with a chair. As Holly headed up the ramp Y2J's music played. However, Jericho appeared behind the waiting Holly and smacked him with a chair. Dudleys defeat Bull and Boss Man. Crash confronts the APA about not protecting him for a full hour. The furious Crash pours a beer over Bradshaw's head. Bradshaw met him in the ring for a Hardcore Match and walked out with a win. Triple H and Stephanie arrive. Brisco manages to get their attention and tells them about the Rock's actions thus far. Triple H says he's going to find Rock, but as he, Stephanie, and Brisco walk out of the room - Rock steps out of the shadows. Special Interview (recorded soon after Judgment Day ended): Shawn Michaels declares that he called the match down the middle. He called what he saw and is tired of everyone giving him a hard time about the controversial decision. Backstage, Lita finds Essa with a couple of the Godfather's ladys and seems to brush off the encounter. Dean Malenko and Saturn vs Godfather and Essa Rios, GF offers Dean a couple hos and he accepts. Saturn is left alone but pulls off a win when Lita knocks Essa off the ropes.

The Rock enters the ring and speaks for the first time tonight about his title loss. "Undertaker, although you did the right thing - you did it at the wrong time. You did it on the Rock's time." Then the People's Champion calls out Triple H. Hunter steps on stage and taunts the Rock with the title belt, and calls him a loser. Rock listens getting increasingly angry. Finally cuts off Triple H and says, "Just, bring it." Triple H slowly enters the ring. Moments later Shane, Road Dogg, Pac, and Vince all fill the ring. Rock fights them all off for a short time. Vince gets Rock Bottomed, but then DX overpowers Rock. Undertaker rides in and takes out DX, Shane, and Vince. Meanwhile Triple H continues to clobber Rock. The Phenom lays Vince across the ramp then rides his motorcycle down the ramp nearly running over Vince and circles the ring before chasing the McMahons up the ramp. Rock blocks a Pedigree attempt, then takes Triple H toward the announce table. Hunter goes for another Pedigree on top of the table but Rock counters and Rock Bottoms Hunter through the table. Rock celebrates in the ring.

On a somewhat humorous note. I thought it was comical when the Rock couldn't pull his hand out of his shirt sleeve. He was really tugging at it. Had some lame camera work trying to hide it. I'm not sure if he got the shirt off himself or got help.

(2000-05-25) As SmackDown opens a group of police fill the ring. Backstage, Vince and company head toward the ring. Vince says if Undertaker shows up he's going to be arrested for trespassing. Taker nearly runs down Vince on his motorcycle. Vince makes his way into the ring and calls out Undertaker and tries to have him arrested for trespassing since he's no longer under contract. However, Undertaker replies, "Don't you ever talk to your old lady anymore?" Then informs Vince that Linda signed him to a long lucrative contract prior to Judgment Day. So Vince tries to have Taker arrested for trying to run him down backstage. But after his arrogance toward the cops, they walk out and leave Vince alone with the Phenom. Shane runs in to hit Undertaker with a chair to no effect, but Vince manages to get away and scurry up the ramp with Shane.

Tag Title Match: Edge and Christian issue an open challenge and Latino Heat accepts. Eddie and Chyna are impressive during the match. Chyna shows more ring skills including a powerbomb and some more Xena-like moves. The match ends in a disqualification when Edge shoves the referee. Crash meets the APA backstage and sprays beer in Faarooq's face. Faarooq makes short work of Crash in a Hardcore Match. Backstage, Brisco meets Triple H as he arrives, reports on the Undertaker, and takes the Champ to see Vince. IC Number One Contender Match: Val Venis vs Jericho vs Hardcore Holly, all three are impressive working alone and together. At one point Jericho put Hardcore in a painful-looking variation of the Walls of Jericho where he stretched him across the ring ropes with his HC's head pinned to the mat. However, HC recovered and got a pinfall on Venis for the victory. Vince meets Rock outside the arena and gives him the night off. As Rock is about to leave he calls Vince over to the car window and slaps him before pulling away.

Matt Hardy defeats Essa Rios with a little assistance from Lita, after Essa used her as a shield against Matt's fist. After the match Essa dragged Lita into the ring and delivered a power bomb (that nearly yanked Lita out of her pants) then his splash from the top rope. The Hardys ran back to the ring and pummeled Essa, then carried Lita from the ring. McMahon Helmsley Regime decides to put Shane in the ring with Undertaker. Too Cool and Dudleys defeat T & A and DX with an assist from Rikishi. Afterward Too Cool invited the Dudleys to dance, the Dudleys gave Too Cool glasses, and all five men danced to a huge ovation. Buh Buh even did a solo. IC Title Match: Benoit vs Angle ends when Hardcore Holly smacks Angle with a chair. He tries to nail Benoit, but Chris gets the chair and levels HC instead. Bull defeats Al Snow with an assist from Boss Man.

Shane vs Undertaker. The Phenom doesn't even bother to take off his jacket he simply tosses Shane around the ring like a rag doll. All three D-Generation X members storm the ring. Undertaker fights them all off for a few minutes but eventually they overpower him and clobber him in a corner. Rock returns and runs into the ring, along with Taker they soon clear the ring. Shane gets a tombstone. Then Undertaker rides up the ramp after the McMahon Helmsley Regime while Rock celebrates in the ring.

(2000-05-29) As Raw came on the air Undertaker road to the ring. Before he could speak the McMahon Helmsley Regime made their way to ringside. Triple H welcomed Undertaker back to the WWF and thanked him for Judgment Day - sarcastically of course. Taker tells Triple H, "that WWF Championship belongs to me." Triple H and DX start to enter the ring after Undertaker as Rock steps on stage. Vince implies they're helping eachother with the "buddy system". Then announces Undertaker vs Rock.

D'Lo, Saturn, and Terri defeat Godfather, Dean Malenko, and Kat. European Title Match: Eddie retains against Kurt Angle with an assist from Chyna. Backstage, Edge and Christian make fun of Joe C (from Kid Rock). Then Road Dogg gets yanked into a dark room and clobbered by someone. Tag Title Match: Edge and Christian vs Too Cool, Rikishi and Joe C make their way to ringside. While the referee is distracted Joe lowblows Christian with a hocky stick. Grand Master picks up the title belt, that Christian brought into the ring, and levels him with it for the win. Too Cool are the new Tag Champs. Joe C joins Rikishi and Too Cool for a victory dance. Backstage, Stephanie and Vince are talking about the evening when the lights go out and Vince is attacked. Later, Pat Patterson is attacked as well, by a still unknown assailant. In a King of the Ring Qualifier Rikishi defeats Shane by disqualification when Triple H gets involved. Jericho and the Hardy Boyz vs T and A and Venis. Trish Stratus assists her boys to a victory. IC Title Match: Hardcore Holly vs Chris Benoit, Jericho nails Holly with a chair but gets in an argument with Benoit. Hardcore recovers and swings the chair but misses both guys. Benoit grabs it and smacks Hardcore again. Then Benoit and Jericho chase Holly up the ramp. In another KOR Qualifier Bull advances after defeating Steve Blackman. After the match Boss Man attacks Blackman but Lethal Weapon gets the nightstick and takes down both Boss Man and Bull.

Jericho introduces Kid Rock performing their hit American Badass (Undertaker's present theme). They're well received by the audience and gave a kick ass performance. A short time later Edge and Christian attack Joe C backstage. Undertaker vs Rock, Vince steps on stage and asks which of them was responsible for the attacks backstage. When they both deny it he declares the match a Lumberjack Match. Taker and Rock just go out after the lumberjacks. The fighting moves into the ring with Rock and Undertaker cleaning house. Finally, they get over powered and pummeled. Then *Firey Explosion on Stage* and Kane returns. Kane walks down the ramp leveling anyone who steps in his way then clears the ring choke slamming Test, X-Pac, and Triple H. Undertaker and Rock are the only ones left in the ring as Kane raises the WWF Title belt over the fallen Champ and making his intentions obvious.

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