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(2000-06-01) New Tag Champs Too Cool defended against the Hardy Boyz, Lita watched from backstage. Hardy Boyz may have won but Kane entered the ring, carrying the WWF Championship he stole from Triple H on Monday, and cleared out the Hardys and Too Cool. Then called out Hunter. Triple H and Steph headed to the ring. After some debating Hunter agreed to give Kane a non-title match and if he won then he would be the number one contender. Outside, Vince arrived with Road Dogg and X-Pac. Undertaker tried to run down McMahon again and Vince ended up agreeing that the Phenom would be the number one contender if he defeated X-Pac and Dogg in a Handicap Match. When Hunter found out what Vince did he was not pleased. About this same time Shane arrived, Edge and Christian started begging for a rematch and he told them they would be the number one contender's if they defeated Rock. If Rock won he would be number one contender for the WWF Championship. Of course this did not go over well with the rest of the McMahon Helmsley Faction.

In a King of the Ring Qualifier Angle defeated Bradshaw. Prior to the match Angle promised he would win King of the Ring. IC Title Match: Benoit vs D'Lo Brown, Benoit took the victory via submission. Kat vs Terri in an arm wrestling match with Jerry Lawler as the referee. Terri won after spitting water in Kat's face. Kat retaliated with a broncobuster. Lawler pleaded with Kat to give him one but she refused. No. 1 Contender Match: Undertaker vs Road Dogg and Pac, Taker took the win after the DX members were distracted by the Dudleys. Hardcore Holly challenges Jericho, Jericho took the win after Benoit nailed Holly with a chair. No. 1 Contender Match: Rock defeated Edge and Christian and earning number one contendership. Backstage, Triple H scolded Shane and Vince for creating this number one contender mess and told them he wanted no help in his match. In another KOR Qualifier Crash Holly faced Albert. Crash got the win but was attacked by Albert and Trish. No. 1 Contender Match: Kane vs Triple H, after Hunter made his way to the ring Kane sent the referee out and Earl Hebner entered the ring to officiate. Hebner's return shook The Game's concentration. When Triple H grabbed a chair to use on Kane, Hebner snatched it away. This allowed Kane to chokeslam Triple H for the win and earned Kane number one contendership.

(2000-06-05) Triple H and Stephanie enter the ring. The WWF Champ speaks to the crowd about the Championship and the 3 number one contenders. Then accuses Vince of having too big of an ego. Vince comes to the ring and is ready to fight Hunter until Shane separates them. Rock steps on stage, insults them, and demands his title shot tonight. Undertaker and Kane follow and demand their title shots. Vince decides to have a Triple Threat between the three contenders and the winner will face Triple H later in the night. Later, the McMahon Helmsley Faction shares a group hug backstage.

Too Cool and Rikishi vs T and A and Val with Trish Stratus, while the referee is distracted Trish pulls off a boot and tries to hit Grand Master Sexay but he gets the boot and smacks Test with it but the referee is still out of position. Val makes the save and takes the win for his team. Afterward Too Cool and Rikishi clobber their opponents and Trish gets a stink face (and her whole head was in there). KOR Qualifier: Benoit defeats Road Dogg with an assist from the Dudleys. After the match the Dudleys go after Tori but DX prevents it. Crash calls out Hardcore Champ Brisco, he brings Patterson with him and they manage to pin Crash for the victory. Triple Threat Match: Kane vs Rock vs Undertaker, Kane and Undertaker start out working together but soon all three men are going at it. Triple H assaults Undertaker. Taker clobbers Rock and rolls him in the ring before drilling Triple H. Hunter quickly grabs a chair and smacks Undertaker and then Kane with it. Rock hits a Rock Bottom for the victory. Hunter levels the Rock.

Godfather and Lt. Heavyweight Champion Malenko vs Eddie and Chyna, Latino Heat gets the win and Eddie is looking pretty impressive. KOR Qualifier: Hardcore Holly pulls off a win against Faarooq. Edge, Christian, and Angle defeat the Dudley Boyz and Jericho. Afterward, Jericho puts Angle in the Walls of Jericho followed by a 3D through a table courtesy of the Dudleys. Hardy Boyz defeat Boss Man and Bull after Boss Man accidentally collides with Bull. After the match Bull gets in Boss Man's face and gets leveled with the night stick. Backstage, Triple H tells the Faction not to get involved in his match. Then Stephanie announces that a Womens Battle Royal will be held on SmackDown to determine a contender for the WWF Womens Championship, and she will face the winner. WWF Championship Match: Rock vs Triple H, Rock dominates the opening of the match. A large part of the match took place outside the ring, but Earl Hebner allowed it. Triple H comes back and takes down the Rock he starts choking him in a corner and Earl pulls him off allowing Rock to mount some offense. Triple H gets a near fall, then the Rock gets a near win when Rock and Hebner start shoving eachother. The Faction surrounds the ring and when Hebner gets knocked down accidentally the flood the ring and clobber Rock. Undertaker and Kane enter and clear the ring, but Rock hits Taker with a chair accidentally and gets choke slammed. Triple H rolls over to cover Rock as Hebner recovers and awards him the victory.

(2000-06-08) SmackDown took off with a King of the Ring Qualifier between Chris Jericho and Test. It started out as a nice match with good ring work and several near falls for both men. Then Trish smacked Jericho with her boot but he kicked out and went for a cover moments later. However, the referee was distracted by Trish. Finally, Jericho shoved Test into Trish knocking her off the apron and took the victory. The McMahon Helmsley Faction heads to the ring to celebrate. Triple H thanks everyone then calls for a group hug. Rock steps on stage and says he wants some pay-back and doesn't care what kind of match. Triple H reminds Rock, "If you're looking for pay-back. You're looking in the wrong place." Then shows video clips of Undertaker costing Rock the WWF Title at Judgment Day and again last Monday. Undertaker rides out past Rock and circles the ring. He takes off his gear and looks like he's going after Rock but changes direction and clobbers the Faction instead. Rock just watches until Undertaker goes down, then he runs in and helps pummel the Faction. Undertaker swings a chair at X-Pac but misses and levels Rock. The Phenom chases the Faction up the ramp.

Rock recovers and goes looking for the Undertaker. He questions Kane and the two end up fighting until a group of officials break them up. Tag Team Title Match: Too Cool vs Godfather and Dean Malenko, Too Cool rather easily retain the titles with the poor team work from their opposition. Backstage, Road Dogg proposes a six man tag match between the three members of D-Generation X and Rock, Kane, and Undertaker. Triple H seems a little reluctant but Shane likes the idea. Intercontinental Title Match: Benoit vs Jeff Hardy, after Jeff misses a high risk move Benoit dominates most of the match. Jeff recovers somewhat and gets a near win but Benoit slaps on the Crippler Crossface for a victory. Afterward Benoit extends his hand to Jeff, who accepts it after a moment. But what seemed a sincere gesture of respect proved to be a farce when the Crippler smacked Hardy with the title belt and walked out laughing. Handicap Match: Dudley Boyz vs Edge, Christian, and Angle. Dudleys take a quick win during a match that never really got organized. Backstage, Undertaker questions Kane about why he stayed backstage when DX was stomping him. Kane replies that he enjoyed watching it.

As the Womens Battle Royal is about to start, the winner to be declared number one contender and face Stephanie, WWF Womens Champion Stephanie makes her way to ringside with special referee Tori. Kat, Jackie, Terri, Ivory, and Lita battle for the title shot. Terri surprisingly eliminates the Kat, but Lita shortly tosses her out of the ring. Jackie tries to knock Lita over the top rope but the agile Lita hangs on and pulls herself back in. Lita soon eliminates Jackie and gets the win via pinfall on Ivory. Lita is the number one contender. Tori attacks Lita from behind then Stephanie calls for the bell and the Womens Title Match is underway. Stephanie covers Lita for the win. Not exactly what I'd call a title defense. In an interview backstage Lita is upset over Stephanie making such a game out of the Womens Title. Another KOR Qualifier, Eddie Guerrero vs Matt Hardy. A nice match with many counter moves, including a series of roll ups and reversals leading to several near falls for each competitor in a matter of a minute. Eddie takes the victory rather suddenly with no help at all from Chyna. Rikishi vs Val Venis, by Trish Stratus' request. Val starts out good but Rikishi overpowers him. Rikishi is about to go for a stink face but Trish throws powder in his eyes, ending the match. Venis, however, pummels the temporarily blinded Rikishi in and out of the ring. Venis knocks one referee over the railing and smacks Rikishi with the ring steps cutting his head. After the bloody Phatu gets back in the ring Venis continues to work him over and nails him with the ring bell twice before the officials finally get them separated. Somehow Rikishi Phatu gets back up and goes after Venis on the ramp, he levels Val then knocks him off the stage. The big man then splashes him from the stage.

Six Man Tag Match: Rock, Undertaker, and Kane vs Road Dogg, X-Pac, and Triple H. All six men battle around the ring until Taker and Dogg end up alone in the ring and the rest take their places on the ring apron. Undertaker clobbers Road Dogg then tags in Kane who dominates the next few moments until Rock tags himself in. Rock ends up falling outside the ring, when Triple H pulls the ropes down, and gets pummeled. DX continue to pound Rock until he makes it near his corner and Undertaker tags himself in. Taker takes out all three DX members and sets up Pac for a tombstone piledriver. Triple H prevents it and goes for a Pedigree but Undertaker counters and chokeslams X-Pac. Rock Chases Triple H out of the ring allowing Undertaker to get the victory. Rock and Kane start up the ramp leaving Undertaker in the ring. DX attacks prompting Kane and Rock to return. Rock misses Shane with a chair and connects with Kane, then deliberately drills Undertaker with it and chases the McMahon Helmsley Faction from the ring.

(2000-06-12) Rock entered the ring as Raw came on the air. "Undertaker, bring your American bad ass out here. Kane bring your 7 foot body. Triple H bring your 3 foot nose...Just bring it!" Kane steps into the ring, "Consider it brought." Then Undertaker rides out and climbs into the ring as well. Before any fighting breaks out Linda McMahon makes her way to the ring and tells them they should unite to stand against the Faction. Vince and his Faction step on to the stage, after Vince argues with Linda for awhile she announces a Six-Man Tag match for King of the Ring: Rock, Kane, and Undertaker vs Triple H, Vince, and Shane. Not to be out done, Vince accepts. Linda continues stating that Triple H will defend the WWF Title tonight but does not name an opponent. Then she insists that Stephanie defend the Womens Championship against Lita. Further if there is any interference from the Faction Steph will be stripped of the title. Vince turns to leave but Linda isn't finished yet. She announces Vince and Shane vs the Dudley Boyz in a Table Match.

KOR Qualifier: X-Pac defeats Dean Malenko with an assist from Road Dogg. Stephanie retains her title against Lita with an assist from Kurt Angle. They hug and celebrate after the match. Backstage, the Faction assaults Kane and take a photo of him unmasked. With the blackmail material Vince announces Kane vs Rock in a no holds barred match. Tag Team Championship: Too Cool vs T and A, Val Venis attacks Too Cool at ringside ending the match. Together with Test and Albert he stomps Too Cool until Rikishi clears the ring and nearly gives Trish Stratus another stink face. Table Match: Dudleys vs Shane and Vince, D-Generation X comes in for the assist and get the McMahons the win. Tori delivers the finishing splash on Buh Buh driving him through a table. Backstage, Hunter talks Bull Buchanan into stealing Undertaker's bike. Taker tosses someone out of their car and gives chase. Crash Holly attacks the Stooges backstage. Gerald Brisco ends up in the ring, and Crash pins him to regain the Hardcore Title.

WWF Championship: Triple H vs Chris Jericho. Good match, these two work well together. Triple H retains the title with a distraction from Stephanie. Intercontinental Title: Benoit vs Matt Hardy, the match was fast paced with a lot of action. A Crippler Crossface retains the title for Benoit. When Benoit refuses to break the hold, Jeff runs in but gets smacked with the belt. KOR Qualifier: Christian meets Jeff in the ring, surprisingly Jeff takes the victory. No Holds Barred: Rock vs Kane, part way into the match GTV reveals that the Stooges messed up the photo of Kane. Rock and Kane stop fighting and start out after the Faction. Undertaker returns and heads down to the ring cutting off the Faction's retreat. The Dudleys join in to clobber the Faction. Undertaker and Kane double chokeslam Hunter through a table as Raw comes to a close.

(2000-06-15) SmackDown started off with a KOR Qualifier: Grand Master Sexay vs Edge. Edge took the victory when Shane nailed Grand Master with a chair. The Faction arrived in the ring and Shane revealed that he assisted Edge so that Edge and Christian would repay the dept by taking on the Dudley Boyz. Then Triple H stated that whoever pins him, if anyone does, in the Six-Man Tag match at King of the Ring will be the number one contender. Hunter continued, "In the likely event that my team is victorious I will defend the title at Summer Slam against the winner of the KOR Tournament." Vince then announced that he had some surprises in store for the evening.

Brisco and Patterson followed Crash Holly to New York City trying to get back the Hardcore Title. Crash is looking for someone to protect him. Back in the arena, T and A vs Hardy Boyz ends with a win for T and A with a big assist from Trish. Lita comes after Trish and gets slammed by Test. Hardys recover and clear the ring. Backstage, Undertaker arrives and Vince has him arrested for the car-jacking on Monday. A short time later Vince departs and leaves Shane in charge for the rest of the evening. KOR Qualifier: Scotty Too Hotty defeats D'Lo Brown. Chris Benoit vs Kane, Benoit can not compete with the brute force of Kane. He finally smacks Kane with the IC Title belt a couple times ending the match in a DQ. Then hurrying from the ring as Kane stands right back up. Edge and Christian vs Dudleys, all four men end up fighting up the ramp ending the match in a count out. DX joins Edge and Christian to stuff the Dudleys in a dumpster and shove them off the stage. Stephanie joins commentary for the next KOR Qualifier: Jericho vs Bull Buchanan, during the match Chris spits water in Stephanie's face. She returns the favor by throwing water in his face and costing him the match. Afterward, Triple H stomps Jericho until officials pull him away. Val Venis calls out Rikishi, who wastes no time in responding. The two battle around the ring clobbering eachother, an official match never got started, but Val walked away after leveling Rikishi with multiple shots with a video monitor.

Back in the City, Crash finds John Shaft (Samuel L. Jackson from the movie Shaft) and hires him as protection. Soon the Stooges arrive and Shaft knocks them both out. Rock vs Kurt Angle, Stephanie convinces Triple H to go ringside and aid Angle. He and Stephanie both get involved in the match. Shane and Bull jump on the apron but are quickly knocked aside. Then Rock lands the People's Elbow and gets a near win before Triple H interrupts the count ending the match. Kane comes in to help Rock, followed by Benoit. Rock and Kane begin to get the upperhand after Kane chokeslams Benoit. However, DX brings weapons and Rock and Kane get destroyed.

(2000-06-19) Raw started off with a KOR second round match: Kurt Angle vs Buh Buh Dudley. Buh Buh got several near falls but Angle got the victory and advances in the tournament. The McMahon Helmsley Faction heads to the ring. Vince receives a fax from Linda on his way out. triple H speaks about King of the Ring after scolding the Stooges for screwing up the photo of Kane unmasked. Shane speaks briefly then Vince gets the mic and relates what was in the fax. Linda proposed that the WWF Championship be on the line during the six-man tag match at King of the Ring in the interest of fairness. Vince agrees and, to prove a point says, "If anyone of Shane, Triple H, or I are pinned the Championship will change hands." Triple H is pissed. Vince continues by stating that first Rock, Kane, and Undertaker must all win their respective matches tonight. And there will be no interference at all. Triple H continues to argue with Vince backstage.

KOR second round: X-Pac vs Chris Benoit, Benoit misses his flying head butt but still gets the win when the Dudleys arrive at ringside distracting X-Pac. They stomp Pac until road Dogg runs in and DX takes out the Dudley Boyz. Backstage, X-Pac and Road Dogg ask Vince for the Dudleys at King of the Ring. He agrees then, in the interest of fairness, makes it a Handicap (with Tori) Table Dumpster Match. Not quite what DX had in mind. KOR second round: Chyna vs Eddie, he still gives her flowers but she insists he be serious. A couple times during the match he refrains from punching her. When she stops herself from delivering a low blow, Eddie rolls her up for the victory. Afterward, Chyna is sad and Eddie continues to beg forgiveness in the locker room. Finally presenting her with a puppy. KOR second round: Jericho defeats Edge with the Walls of Jericho. Backstage, Triple H warns Boss Man and Bull to get the job done in their Handicap Match against Undertaker. Taker rides out to the ring and takes the win when his opponents can not work together very well.

KOR second round: Rikishi defeats Scotty with a butt drop. He's about to help him back up when Val Venis attacks. Grand Master Sexay runs in but gets leveled as Venis leaves the ring. Undertaker gives Kane a bit of advice before his Handicap Match against the Hardy Boyz. Kane dominates most of the match until a fast aerial assault gets him off balance. However, Kane keeps coming back and takes the win after a chokeslam. KOR second round: Crash vs Hardcore Holly, decent match until Brisco and Patterson make their way to ringside and Brisco nails Crash with a 2x4. Crash advances by DQ, but loses the Hardcore Championship to Brisco. Backstage, Patterson knocks out Brisco to become the new Hardcore Champ. Stephanie and Triple H talk to T and A briefly, Test blows off Steph and Hunter slaps him. T and A vs Rock, Trish gets involved several times. While the referee is distracted she chokes Rock and later tries to trip him. This time Rock grabs her by the hair but Test nails him. Trish distracts the referee again while Rock goes for a cover. Albert smacks Rock with the ring bell and Test rolls over to pin Rock. Surprisingly, Rock kicks out and delivers a Rock Bottom to Test. Albert gets back in and Rock fights them both off. Finally, he lands the People's Elbow on Test for the win. Undertaker, Kane, and Rock each won so the WWF Championship will be on the line at King of the Ring.

Saturday 2000-06-17 Jesse Ventura was at a WWF show and later during an interview said he'd pick Chyna as a running mate, out of the WWF superstars, if he were to run for President.

(2000-06-22) The Faction filled the ring as SmackDown kicked off. Triple H voiced his disgust concerning his match at King of the Ring but remains confident. Vince talks about the importance of family and the need to challenge ones children out of love. Then announces that he, Shane, and Triple H are going to take on Rock, Kane, and Undertaker tonight. Shane and Triple H are infuriated - Shane nearly leaves the arena until Hunter talks him into staying.

Hardy Boyz and Lita vs T and A and Trish, Trish gets in a couple cheap shots on Lita during the chaotic opening. Then the Hardys take control and Lita finally gets her hands on Trish. Lita delivers the Twist of Fate but Albert interrupts the count. Lita hits a moonsault on Trish but the referee is out of position and Albert is able to slam her and roll Trish on top for the victory. Backstage, Brisco is looking for the Hardcore Champ Pat Patterson. Near the end of the show he finds him dressed as a woman and hiding in the women's locker room. Brisco sneaks in, also in a dress, when Vince catches them fighting he orders a Hardcore Evening Gown Match for KOR.

Edge and Christian enter the ring dressed as a couple overweight Elvis Presley's. They take on Too Cool for the Tag Team Championship but Too Cool retains the titles. Backstage, Terri talks Dean Malenko into being her partner for a mixed gender match against Kat. European Title Match: Eddie Guerrero vs Boss Man, Chyna gets involved then Val Venis smacks Eddie with the nightstick. Chyna manages to interrupt the count and save the title. Intercontinental Title Match: Rikishi vs Chris Benoit, Rikishi takes the win with a butt drop after Benoit misses his flying head butt. However, he got his shoulder worked over pretty good by the Crippler. Too Cool joins the new IC Champ Rikishi to celebrate but Benoit levels everyone with a chair. Hardcore Holly vs Jericho, Holly dominates most of the match. Stephanie comes to ringside and hits Y2J with her title belt. However, Jericho kicks out and gets the victory.

Kat gets Taka to be her partner vs Terri and Malenko, but Malenko eliminates Taka before the match can start. Terri and Kat start off the match but when Dean steps in, Jerry The King Lawler can't take it anymore. He leaves the announce table and jumps in the ring to a huge ovation in his hometown of Memphis. Lawler throws Dean around the ring till he tags in Terri, King pulls her in and Kat rolls her up for the win. Afterward, Dean attacks The King then pins Kat in a corner while Terri delivers a Bronco Buster to Jerry (which he enjoyed). Kat low blows Dean and throws Terri out of the ring. DX defeats the Dudleys. Then an angry Buh Buh puts the ring announcer through a table (not Lilian). Triple H, Shane, and Vince stand at ringside as Undertaker, Rock, and Kane fill the ring. Vince declares it a no-DQ Handicap Match and introduces the first series of opponents. X-Pac, Road Dogg, and Bull run in but are quickly tossed back out. Edge, Christian, and Angle enter and are joined by the original three but Taker, Kane, and Rock battle the odds and soon clear the ring again. Test, Albert, and Venis enter. With everyone else joining in, 12 on 3 was simply too much. Undertaker and Kane are destroyed outside the ring while Rock is humiliated inside when Vince mocks the People's Elbow and takes the victory.

King of the Ring

(2000-06-25) KOR Quarterfinals. Rikishi vs Benoit, Rikishi advances via disqualification when Benoit nails him with a chair. Benoit continues to hammer Rikishi until officials finally pull him off. Val Venis w/ Trish vs Eddie Guerrero w/ Chyna, Val took the win despite interference from both ladies. Crash Holly vs Bull Buchanan, surprisingly Crash advances after capitalizing on a missed scissors kick by Bull. Backstage, Vince assure Linda that he did not intend to cheat in the six-man match. Kurt Angle vs Chris Jericho, Stephanie ran to the ring distracting referee Teddy Long just as Angle started tapping out in the Walls of Jericho. Chris released the hold and went after Steph but Angle knocked him into the referee, knocking the referee out. Then Stephanie swung her title at Jericho but connected with Angle. Jericho kissed Stephanie, during the distraction he got slammed and Kurt goes to the semifinals.

Tag Team Championship Fatal Four Way Elimination Match: Hardys, T and A, Too Cool, and Edge and Christian battle for the Tag Team gold. Jeff Hardy eliminates T and A. Christian eliminated the Hardys. Christian leveled Grand Master Sexay with one of the title belts while the referee had his back turned. Edge and Christian are two time Tag Team Champions.

KOR semifinals. Rikishi defeated Val Venis, then Trish jumped on his back and nearly fell victim to a splash. Val assaulted Rikishi further injuring his shoulder. Angle got a victory over Crash Holly with another Olympic slam. Hardcore Evening Gown Match: Pat Patterson vs Gerald Brisco, the match was interrupted by another match and Pat was defeated by Crash, regaining the Hardcore Championship. Handicap Table / Dumpster Match: X-Pac, Road Dogg, and Tori vs Dudley Boyz. For DX to win they must shove both Dudleys into a dumpster and close the lid. The Dudleys will win if they put all three opponents through tables. DX indeed managed to put the Dudleys in the dumpster but the referee was distracted by Tori allowing the Dudleys to get back out. They regrouped and slammed Road Dogg through two tables, then tabled Pac as well. Tori tried to hide in the dumpster, the Dudleys followed her. Dogg and Pac quickly clobbered them with chairs and closed the lid for the win. But the Dudleys got back out and took out Pac and Dogg with a couple 3Ds and finally put Tori through a table. King of the Ring Final: Kurt Angle vs Rikishi Phatu, both men came close to winning in a hard fought match. Ultimately Angle pinned Rikishi after a suplex from the top rope. Kurt Angle is King of the Ring.

WWF Championship Six-Man Match: Undertaker, Kane, and Rock vs Shane, Vince, and Triple H. The match stipulated that whoever pinned a member of Triple H's team, if any, would win the WWF Championship. So in addition to fighting the Faction - Rock, Undertaker, and Kane had to prevent eachother from getting a pinfall. When Rock went for the People's Elbow on Triple H, Kane countered with a choke slam. A short time later Kane tombstoned Triple H, but Undertaker prevented Kane from scoring a win. Undertaker sent Shane sailing out of the ring and through a table. Rock was just recovering from the chokeslam when Vince tried to land the People's Elbow. Rock sprang to his feet and hit the Rock Bottom for the win. Rock is once again the WWF Champion, and still the People's Champion. A furious Triple H stalked to the locker room.

(2000-06-26) The new WWF Champion The Rock entered the ring as RAW came on the air and calls out Vince, the man he defeated for the title last night. Vince walks to the ring and congratulates Rock and after alot of talk announces that he's going to spend more time with Linda - "Gonna go make a baby." Vince offers his hand to Rock, he accepts then delivers a Rock Bottom. Parking area, Shawn Michaels arrives. Vince runs into Stephanie on his way out, "Tell Triple H I'm sorry."

IC Title Match: Rikishi vs Benoit, ends quickly when Tazz smacks Rikishi with a chair. X-Pac vs Jericho, Y2J addresses why he kissed Stephanie McMahon last night - comparing it to the uncontrollable urge to examine road kill. Pac gets the win with an assist from Road Dogg. Then they hold up Jericho for Stephanie to slap and then kick in the groin. European Title Match: Guerrero vs Val Venis, Chyna makes the save after Trish interferes causing a DQ. Chyna power bombs Trish after a double DDT on Venis.

Commisioner Foley WWF Spokesperson Shawn Michaels walks on stage and kicks the throne, intended for King Angle's coronation, off the edge breaking it. Then gets in the ring and states he has a major announcement concerning the number one contender for the Federation Title. Triple H wastes no time getting in the ring and demanding hist title shot, stating that he was never actually defeated. HBK agrees that he deserves a shot but, "I resigned as Commissioner...here's the man who can make those decisions. The new WWF Commissioner Mick Foley!" Hunter gets in Mick's face but doesn't phase him, Mick mocks Triple H then admits that he does deserve consideration as the number one contender. King Kurt Angle enters the ring, and rightly demands his title shot. Foley agrees that he does deserve a title shot. The Commissioner announces a Number One Contender Triple Threat match, "Which ever of you win will be the number one contender." Then states the third opponent will be The Rock, "and if Rock wins he doesn't have to dignify either of you as number one contender."

Over The Top Off With The Top match: Jerry Lawler representing Kat vs Malenko representing Terri, each time a competitor goes over the top rope their lady must remove an article of clothing. Each lady goes down to their bra and panties, Kat not leaving much to the imagination. Then Dean gets tossed over the ropes and Terri reluctantly starts to take off her bra. Just as it comes off though - Stevie Richards quickly puts a big censored sign in front of her and escorts her off stage. Backstage, the Tag Champs Edge and Christian tell Commissioner Foley they want their own dressing room. Mick hooks them up, then informs them they're facing Undertaker and Kane non-title tonight. They refuse but Mick insists, or they will be stripped of the titles. Tag Team Battle Royal: T and A, Acolytes, Hardys, Kaentai, Saturn and D'Lo, Too Cool, and Dudleys all battle for the number one contender spot. The Acolytes come out victorious despite being double and triple teamed. Undertaker and Kane quickly destroy Edge and Christian, finishing them both off with simultaneous chokeslams. Number One Contender Triple Threat Match: Angle, Triple H, and Rock. Angle and Hunter work together at the beginning but end up fighting eachother. Rock gets the win with an assist from Chris Jericho.

(2000-06-29) Triple H visits Commissioner Foley in his 'office' backstage as SmackDown kicks off. Hunter demands a match with Chris Jericho. Mick replies that he will do the right thing. IC Champ Rikishi and European Champ Eddie Guerrero team up to take on Val Venis and Chris Benoit. T and A arrive at ring side and assault Chyna. Too Cool hits the ring ending the match and allowing Eddie to finally assist Chyna in taking out Test and Albert. Rikishi, Too Cool, Eddie, and Chyna celebrate with a dance.

Kurt Angle vs Hardcore Holly, a nice show by these two competitors ends with a victory for Angle. During the match Angle landed hard on Holly's lower arm, Hardcore continued in the match despite having a broken bone in his lower arm. Edge and Christian go to see the Commissioner asking him to let them out of their match with the Acolytes since they're still sore from their match against Undertaker and Kane on Monday. He agrees and tells them they will be in singles competition, against Undertaker and Kane. Stephanie enters the ring and calls out Foley, demanding to know if Triple H will get his match with Jericho. Foley obliges her and informs her that he will screw around with Triple H's career all he wants. Further stating that its Hunter's own fault. "If Triple H had not retired me, Linda would never have named me Commissioner." Then states that Triple H and Jericho will compete tonight...as part of a Six-Man Tag Match: DX vs Jericho and the Dudley Boyz.

Godfather vs Bull, Steven Richards censors Godfather's promo insisting the he will be raising the moral standards in the WWF since the Network and producers won't. Bull defeats Godfather. Christina gets a victory over Kane with an assist from Edge and an unexpected assist from Tazz. Undertaker vs Edge, Christian gets involved from the beginning. Kane steps into the ring and, together with the Phenom, destroy the Tag Champions. Foley meets Al Snow backstage and gives him a Hardcore Title shot. Snow and Crash clobber eachother, then Crash tries to grab his belt and take off. However, Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman assaults Crash with a nunchaku and defeats him. Blackman is the new Hardcore Champion. As Blackman is leaving the arena, the Meanstreet Posse attacks. Lethal Weapon makes short work of them. DX vs Dudleys and Jericho was a good show, D-Generation X takes the victory. But Jericho and Dudleys clear the ring afterward.

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