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(2000-07-03) As RAW comes on the air, Triple H is questioning Stephanie about why she let Jericho kiss her at KOR. She insists she was forced. Hunter finds Commissioner Foley and demands a match with Jericho and a title shot. Mick tells him that he and Jericho will have to wait for Fully Loaded. Then gives him an Intercontinental Title shot against Rikishi. European Championship Match: Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit, these two competitors showed alot of nice moves. Eddie performed several scissors-style take downs. Eventually Benoit appeared to get frustrated and picked up the title belt to smack Eddie. Chyna stepped in the ring to prevent it. However, Eddie drop-kicked Benoit causing him to collide with Chyna. Benoit recovered and leveled Eddie with the belt and put the Crippler Crossface submission on Chyna until officials finally pull him off.

Foley enters the ring to speak about his accomplishments thus far. Then announces that he is banning the Worm (Scotty Too Hotty's move); the audience is stunned. "Just kidding!" Then Foley continues to discuss the number one contender situation. Rock makes his way to the ring, "Welcome back." Foley congratulates Rock on becoming a five-time WWF Champion and asks Rock how it feels to be among the greatest of WWF legends. Rock begins to reply - "It doesn't matter how you feel!" Mick celebrates finally beating the Rock with his own line. The Rock can't help but smile as Mick parades around the ring. Rock tells Mick to make a number one contender. Shane McMahon steps on stage, having been out with injuries since King of the Ring when Undertaker chokeslammed him thru the announce table from the ring apron. He goes on about his endurance and accomplishments then declares he's making a stand and that he should name the number one contender. Mick replies, "So you want to be the number one contender? Rock, is that what you heard?" "It sounds like Shane wants to be the number one contender.", agrees Rock. Shane frantically tries to talk Foley out of the decision but Mick stands by it.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Triple H vs Rikishi Phatu, they battle in and out of the ring. Triple H can't hit the Pedigree, in his first attempt. The two end up outside the ring and the referee counts them both out. Jericho comes to ringside and shoves Triple H in the ring with Rikishi, and The Game gets a stink face. Too Cool join Rikishi to dance. A furious Triple H goes after Mick backstage and Foley quickly soothes The Game by telling him Y2J will take on Road Dogg and X-Pac in a handicap match. "But if you interfere you don't get Jericho at Fully Loaded." Jeff Hardy vs Val Venis, Trish distracts the referee and gets attacked by Lita. Tazz slips in the ring and chokes out Jeff allowing Val to take the victory. Road Dogg and X-Pac await Jericho in the ring, as Y2J enters Commissioner Foley steps on stage once again. "I promised a handicap match. But its not one on two, its three on two. Y2J's partners are...the Acolytes!" DX quickly attacks Jericho before Bradshaw and Faarooq enter the ring. At one point in the match Jericho tags himself in, surprising the Faarooq. Y2J and the Acolytes take the win rather easily. Triple H and Stephanie leave the arena in apparent disgust. Tag Title Match: Undertaker and Kane vs Edge and Christian, prior to the match Edge and Christian try kissing up. Taker and Kane dominate the match but King Kurt interferes ending it. Light Heavyweight Title Match: Dean Malenko makes an open challenge and Crash answers. Crash shows some more moves than his hardcore style allowed. But Malenko retains the title. Afterward, Jackie and Ivory assault Dean for his antics on Heat where Dean made an open challenge that was answered by Jackie, and she nearly defeated him after he insulted her.

King Kurt enters the ring and demands a suitable opponent. He gets the Brooklyn Brawler (classic jobber who has never won). Angle starts to protest and Foley informs him, "He's not your competition. He's your tag partner against the Dudley Boyz." Angle does alright, but the Brawler can't hold up his end of the team. Eventually the Dudleys allow Brawler to go for a tag but Angle refuses and walks away. Dudleys take the easy win after a 3D, the Brawler gets tabled. Test defeats Godfather when GF gets distracted by Steven Richards putting sacks over the ladies to censor them. Backstage, Snow congratulates Blackman on his HC Title win then starts reading him a poem. As Snow continues to read, the Lethal Weapon fights off the Meanstreet Posse and Kaentai. Al Snow says they should go their separate ways.

WWF Championship Match: Shane vs Rock. Shane is visibly sore from his match at KOR and tries to talk Rock into being his ally. Rock steps down from the ropes and levels him. Benoit appears and clobbers Rock with a chair ending the match. Benoit locks on the Crippler Crossface while Shane kicks at the incapacitated Rock. Shane tosses official aside allowing Benoit to keep the pressure on Rock. Finally, Foley heads to the ring and Benoit breaks the hold and retreats with Shane. Mick doesn't look happy, and Rock looks positively pissed.

(2000-07-06) Kurt Angle vs Chris Jericho, before the match Angle offers his apologies to the Undertaker for interfering in his match last Monday. Stephanie comes to ringside and aids Angle to a victory. Backstage, Angle is celebrating and makes a mess of the Undertaker's bike. Commissioner Foley enters the ring and calls out Benoit to answer for his actions last Monday when he put both Chyna and The Rock in the Crippler Crossface. Benoit states his intentions of winning the Federation Title and wants a title shot tonight against the Rock. Mick says he'll think about it as Edge and Christian make their way to the ring to support Benoit. Foley announces Edge, Christian, and Benoit vs Eddie, Chyna, and Rock.

Dudley Boyz vs Chaz and D'Lo Brown, this new team showed some good work but the Dudleys take the win. During the match Steven Richards ran off with the table that D-Von had set up. Triple confronts Mick backstage and demands a match with Jericho or he'll have Stephanie make it anyhow. Foley informs him, "Linda has given me her authority, so I make the matches not you." Triple H threatens Mick but the Commissioner responds, "As much as I want you, I don't need you." Then tells Triple H he'll book him in side shows and gymnasiums. Mick agrees to give Hunter a match with Jericho on RAW if he wins his handicap match tonight. Jackie and Ivory defeat Dean Malenko with an assist from Crash Holly. Intercontinental Title Match: Rikishi vs Val Venis, the referee goes down and T and A storm the ring assaulting Rikishi. Despite the interference Rikishi recovers and goes for a cover but the referee is still out. Tazz levels Rikishi with a video camera allowing Venis to become the new Intercontinental Champion.

Hardcore Title Match: Boss Man vs Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman, Blackman retains the title with an assist from Snow. Kane and Undertaker vs Test and Albert, Kane takes the win with a chokeslam. Then Test goes for the Last Ride (Taker's viscous powerbomb-like finisher). Afterward, Venis prevents Kane from slamming Trish. Handicap Match: Triple H vs Kaientai and Brooklyn Brawler, The Game eliminates both Taka and Funaki. But after he knocks referee Earl Hebner down, Jericho flattens him and Brawler gets the win (his first?) with a quick count. The humiliated Triple H destroys his three opponents after the match. Backstage, Jericho borrows Hunter's limo.

Six-Man Tag Match: Chyna, Eddie, and Rock vs Benoit, Edge, and Christian. Eddie starts off for his team and is isolated for most of the match. Finally, Rock tags in and levels the opposition. He lines up for the People's Elbow but tags Chyna in instead. Chyna takes the victory after a powerbomb on Christian. Shane runs in and smacks Rock, the Champ chases Shane from ringside. Chyna and Eddie get pummeled, Benoit puts Chyna in the Crippler Crossface again. Rock chases Shane back to the ring and Benoit finally releases Chyna to escape.

(2000-07-10) As RAW comes on the air Benoit and Shane McMahon enter the ring to discuss their new relationship. Benoit challenges Rock to a non-title match tonight. Rock steps on stage to accept the match. Latino Heat chases Shane and Benoit from the ring area with chairs. Last night on HEAT Trish Status assaulted Lita prompting a Women's Street Fight tonight where the winner must disrobe her opponent.

Tag Elimination Match: T and A vs Too Cool vs Hardys, Test and Albert are continuing to look more impressive. The Hardys get eliminated during some confusion when Lita attacks Trish. Hardys level Albert when he goes after Lita. Tazz takes out Scotty giving the win to T and A. Road Dogg vs Jericho, any interference from D-Generation X and Triple H loses his match with Jericho at Fully Loaded. Prior to the match Hunter warns Dogg to get the job done. Y2J defeats Road Dogg infuriating Hunter. Undertaker, the American Badass, rides in and calls out King Angle. Kurt insults Taker by riding a scooter around the ring. After witnessing the little act Taker replies, "I'm gonna kick your teeth so far down your throat, you can chew your own ass out for pissing me off." Undertaker chases him backstage. Intercontinental Championship Match: Rikishi vs Val Venis vs Kane, a nice match ends when Venis smacks Rikishi with the title belt ending the match. Kane returns to the ring and chokeslams Val anyhow. Backstage, Triple H tells Stephanie he has an idea.

Stephanie enters the ring and tells Jericho she enjoyed the kiss at King of the Ring, then invites him to the ring to make up. Chris Jericho appears on the Titantron and professes who ecstatic he is to hear this and that he will be right out and walks toward the ring. His music plays and when the lights come back up DX is standing on the stage waiting to ambush Jericho. Chris walks back on the Titantron and insults DX for such a pathetic attempt. "You're still The Game, but I have become the Hunter." Triple H is enraged. Edge and Christian were booked to defend the Tag Titles against the Acolytes but Christian pretends to be sick so Edge vs Bradshaw. Edge gets the victory after a shot from the ring bell to Bradshaw. Backstage, an argument among the DX members erupts and Triple H ends up challenging X-Pac. Road Dogg tries to talk them out of it but ends up leaving the arena in disgust. Women's Street Fight: Lita vs Trish, prior to the match Trish's boys give her a pep talk. As she walks from the room Edge and Val share their thoughts, "No chance in hell." Lita dominates the match soon pulling off Trish's top, but when she goes for the shorts, Steven Richards censors the match and escorts Ms. Stratus from the ring.

Triple H vs X-Pac, surprisingly they go at eachother with vengeance appearing to mark the end of DX. Jericho attacks Hunter at ringside. Pac gets Y2J's attention and points up the ramp to an approaching Road Dogg, with sledge hammer in hand. Another DX ruse. Jericho gets pummeled. Officials try to intervene but get shoved aside. They finally leave a bloody Jericho laying in the ring, shortly he is carried off on a stretcher and taken away by ambulance. Chris Benoit vs The Rock, non-title, was a nice competitive match until Shane yanks Hebner from the ring and takes over officiating. While Rock is distracted, Benoit slaps on the Crippler Crossface. Rock works his way toward the ropes and tries to grab hold, when his hand hits the mat Shane calls for the bell saying Rock tapped out. However, as Shane and Benoit reach the stage Lillian announces that Hebner has reversed the decision due to outside interference. Benoit and Shane return to the ring, Rock makes it to his feet and takes them down. Officials fill the ring, one of them gets a Rock Bottom when he gets in the way of the hurt and angry Rock.

(2000-07-13) SmackDown started off with a Six-Man Tag Match: Too Cool and Rikishi vs Venis and T and A, when Trish distracts the referee Lita runs out and assaults her. T and A go out to assist Trish, Venis goes down giving the win to Rikishi and Too Cool. The Hardy Boyz and Lita join Too Cool for a victory dance and got a tremendous applause. Triple H enters the ring with Steph and a sledge hammer. He speaks about Mick signing him in a no-DQ against Undertaker and the DX ruse last Monday. Backstage, Road Dogg has some words with Lita and gets slapped. Hardy Boyz vs Road Dogg and X-Pac, Hardys get a near win but Dogg interrupts the count. Test and Albert arrive at ringside and Trish attacks Lita, Pac takes the victory. Lt. Heavyweight Champion Dean Malenko vs Al Snow, Al mocks Dean by bringing a couple inflatable dolls to ringside. Steven Richards censors the dolls and the Dean's women. Malenko takes the win.

Chyna and Eddie vs Benoit, by the Commissioner's order. In the early part of the match, Eddie sends Benoit outside the ring and Chyna throws him against the steps a couple times before rolling him back in. These two guys executed many nice moves during the match. Eddie, exhausted, finally tags in Chyna. However, Shane arrives at ringside and distracts Hebner from seeing the tag. Eddie has to come back in. Then Shane sneaks behind Chyna and pulls her off the ring apron. Eddie spots Shane and dropkicks him on to the announce table. Benoit gets Guerrero in the Crippler Crossface, but when Eddie gets the rope Benoit refuses to break and the referee calls for the bell disqualifying Benoit. Chyna tries to help Eddie, but Shane smacks her. Benoit locks Hebner in the Crossface. Rock runs to the ring and clobbers Shane. Benoit quickly scurries out of the ring as Edge and Christian enter. The Tag Champs get flattened with a set of Rock Bottoms. A short time later in an interview backstage, Rock calls Benoit a chicken-s_it. But Rock gets attacked by Shane and Benoit, and falls victim to the Crossface once again. Luckily officials soon pull Benoit off. Shane and Chris leave the arena shortly after.

The Tag Champs once again get out of defending their titles by claiming that Edge was injured during his confrontation with the Rock. Faarooq defeats Christian but the Acolytes get clobbered after the match when Edge and Christian use the ring bell. Kane vs Kurt Angle, prior to the match Angle asks Stephanie for a hug. The abruptly embraces her, she seems to be enjoying it when Hunter walks out of another room. Angle quickly heads to the ring while looking over his shoulder. Stephanie tells Hunter he forced her, and The Game heads out to the ring as well. Kane dominates the match. At one point he presses Kurt over his head several times before slamming him. Eventually, Kurt gets Kane down by attacking his legs. However, The Game arrives at ringside and attacks Angle throwing him against the steps before rolling him back in the ring. A chokeslam later and Kane takes the victory. Hardcore Championship Match: Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman defeats Crash Holly after a rather brutal match to retain the title. Undertaker vs Triple H, no-DQ. The two end up outside the ring rather quickly. When Taker chokes Triple H on the announce table, Stephanie pulls him off by the hair and nearly feels his wrath. However, as Taker stalks Steph around the ring Triple H nails him with a chair several times. Back in the ring, Hunter tries a Pedigree but can't pull it off. Angle comes to ringside with a sledge hammer and tries to hit Triple H but connects with Taker instead. Triple H takes the victory and Angle heads out.

(2000-07-17) Commissioner Foley enters the ring, just back from a public relations tour in South East Asia. States that he's glad to be back and discusses the previous weeks events while going for a couple cheap pops. Announces Triple H vs Jericho at Fully Loaded. Undertaker rides in and demands a match with Angle or he's going to find him and hurt him. Mick begins, "If you're trying to intimidate me, it worked..." when Kane headed for the ring and insisted that Foley give his brother the match. Mick start to say he has an idea but Kurt Angle appears on the Titantron trying to apologize to Undertaker. Mick announces Kane and Undertaker vs Angle and Triple H. Which brings Hunter on a split screen of the Titantron and begs Foley to do anything but make him tag with Angle. Meanwhile, Kane and Undertaker make their way out of the ring. After Kurt insults Triple H once again, The Game reluctantly agrees to the match. Rock enters the ring and demands Benoit in a title match tonight. Commissioner Foley is reluctant to agree when Shane, Edge, Christian, and Benoit step on stage. Benoit speaks, then Shane begins to mock the Rock. Mick stops him, "I'm the only one allowed to steal the Rock's catch phrases. I make the matches not you." Edge and Christian say they're not ready to defend the titles and Foley accuses them of lacking testicles. So Mick creates Edge, Christian, and Benoit vs Rock and Acolytes. Then Rock walks up the ramp after Benoit but gets triple-teamed until officials break it up.

Dudley Boyz vs Hardys with Lita, Dudleys get the upperhand and grab a couple tables. Steven Richards runs out and takes one of the tables, D-Von gives chase. While Buh Buh is distracted the Hardys pull out a ladder and set it up in the ring. D-Von returns in time for Jeff to leap from the ladder outside the ring taking all three men down. T and A arrive ringside as the referee ends the match. Trish climbs the ladder preparing to splash Lita on a table. Lita climbs the ladder as well but get knocked off and crashes through the table. EMTs try to take her to the hospital but she refuses to leave. Godfather enters the ring expecting a Hard Core match with Blackman. However, Steven Richards steps on stage to inform GF that he will continue to censor him. GF heads up the ramp after Steven, but Bull Buchanan (dressed like Richards) attacks him. D-Generation X defeat Too Cool in a fast paced match with numerous pinfall interruptions.

Six-Man Tag Match: Rock and Acolytes vs Tag Champs and Benoit, the opening moments are chaotic. Bradshaw takes alot of punishment for most of the match. Finally, Faarooq tags back in and takes down Edge and Christian then goes for a cover. Benoit interrupts the count and Rock goes after him outside the ring. With an assist from Shane, Benoit smacks Rock with a chair then nails Faarooq as well giving the win to his team. (Looked like Benoit's chair shot on the Rock connected with the legs rather than the standard way. Not sure if this was intentional, but I'd say that is going to hurt more.) Backstage. Rock searches for Benoit with a chair in hand. He finds his locker room and drills Chris with the chair. While the Rock takes care of Edge and Christian, Shane helps Benoit out of the room. Rock attacks Benoit again, throwing him against lockers and walls as officials try to stop him. Rock returns to the locker room and gets the chair. Following Benoit outside he cracks him again on his already bloody head. Then a Rock Bottom on the hood of the limo. Shane finally gets Benoit in the car and they drive away as a furious Rock glares after them.

Light Heavyweight Champion Dean Malenko challenges Ivory and Jackie to a title shot. Chyna steps on stage, "You know they're not here tonight...but I'm not doing anything else right now." Former IC Champ Chyna holds her won even attempting to put Dean in his own submission hold, the Texas Clover Leaf. Saturn attacks Eddie outside the ring and Chyna gets counted out when she goes to assist her man. Tazz enters the ring and refuses to say why he's been acting as he has the past few weeks. Mick makes his way to the ring and informs Tazz he will have a match at Fully Loaded. Al Snow lobbies for the match, after Tazz chokes Snow out, Mick agrees to sign the match. Rikishi defeats Test, but gets attacked by the rest of Trish's stable. Too Cool runs in to help. Scotty ends up getting tossed off the stage by Val, Rikishi doesn't look happy.

Undertaker and Kane vs Angle and Triple H, Angle is reluctant to get in the ring and tags Triple H several times against his choice. When Triple H can't suplex Kane, Angle comes in to assist but Kane manages a double-suplex. Later in the match, Kurt interrupts a couple counts keeping his team in play. Undertaker finally gets tired of waiting and chases Angle from ringside. Kane takes the victory as Jericho breaks out of a group of officials and attacks Triple H.

(2000-07-20) Mick Foley entered the ring and spoke about Rock's actions Monday, then announced that in the WWF Championship Match at Fully Loaded the title will change hands on a disqualification. With his ribs still taped, Chris Jericho asked the Commissioner for a match with Triple H. Benoit and Shane entered the ring to demand a title shot against the Rock. Stephanie and Triple H headed to the ring, as Benoit attacked Jericho and put him in the Crippler Crossface. When Triple H attacked Jericho, Rock ran to the ring to aid Y2J. Foley announced a tag match for the evening: Rock and Jericho vs Benoit and Triple H.

European Championship Triple Threat Match: Guerrero vs Saturn vs Malenko, Eddie retained the title defeating Malenko. However, Saturn and Terri attacked he and Chyna after the match. At a local pub, Edge and Christian awaited the Acolytes. At the arena, some guy named Joe was trying to tell the Acolytes that the tag champs where waiting on them. King Angle challenged Kane, Angle lost by DQ after he nailed the referee and attacked Kane with a chair. Hardcore Championship: Blackman vs Al Snow, Crash tried to regain the title but got knocked out. Then Tazz choked out Snow giving the win to Blackman. Test, Albert, and Venis vs Hardys and Rikishi. Matt Hardy scored the victory after a Swanton Bomb by Jeff. Afterward, T and A assaulted the Hardys bringing Lita to the ring. But T and A assaulted her and allowed Trish to whip her already bruised back with a belt.

Backstage, Triple H and Benoit trick the Rock and Benoit locks him in the Crippler Crossface once again. Steven Richards and Bull made an appearance to continue their battle to censor the WWF, insisting they know what is good for us. Godfather vs Bull, Steven kicks Godfather in the face allowing Bull to take the win. The APA finally listen to Joe concerning the Tag Champs, when they realize they're low on beer they head to the pub. They don't find the Champs inside, but get ambushed as they're returning to the arena. Undertaker vs Boss Man, during the match Angle pours a bucket of something over Taker's bike. The infuriated Undertaker chased after Angle, getting counted out in the process. Undertaker followed him backstage where Angle assaulted him with a wrench. Kane came in for the assist.

Triple H and Benoit vs Rock and Jericho, Shane and Stephanie accompanied their men to ringside. Jericho was isolated for most of the match. Finally, The Rock jumped into the ring and took out both men as well as the referee. Rock got disqualified ending the match. Afterward, Jericho slapped the Walls of Jericho on Triple H and the angry Rock locked Benoit in his own Crippler Crossface. Rock pulled back on Benoit's head with vengeance until officials finally broke up torture session.

Fully Loaded

(2000-07-23) Six-Person Tag: Hardy Boyz and Lita vs T and A and Trish Stratus, the Hardys speed met with the power of Test and Albert. Trish avoided Lita through out the match. Lita executed several moves against Test, but Test slammed her and let Trish in the ring. Trish go the upperhand momentarily but Lita soon recovered and got a near fall. The boys battled outside the ring while Lita finished off Trish with a moonsault for the win. However, after the match T and A clobbered the Hardys and Trish whipped Lita with a leather belt. Tazz vs Al Snow, Al started out good but Tazz kicked out. When Snow grabbed head Tazz avoided her and locked on the Tazzmission for the win. In another attempt to avoid defending the tag titles, Christian convinced an EMT he had food poisoning but the ploy was later found out and Commissioner Foley declared the match was back on. Backstage, Stephanie had several bouquets of flowers delivered to her, the card was signed Kurt Angle, and Triple H went looking for him.

European Title Match: Saturn vs Eddie, with Terri and Chyna at ringside. Prior to the match Chyna attacked Saturn leveling him with several forearm shots. Then Chyna chased Terri backstage. During the match Chyna continued to interfere on Eddie's behalf. Both men toppled out of the ring after Guerrero connected with a dropkick. Terri appeared and low-blowed Eddie, allowing Perry Saturn to become the European Champion. Backstage, after seeing Angle on a monitor trying out his motorcycle, Undertaker went after King Kurt. However, Angle once again attacked him with a wrench. Tag Team Championship Match: Edge and Christian vs Acolytes, Faarooq and Bradshaw dominated the match but Edge smacked Faarooq with the title belt right in front of the referee. Acolytes won by disqualification but Edge and Christian retain the titles. The Acolytes continued to hammer the champs back to the locker room.

Intercontinental Title Steel Cage Match: Rikishi vs Val Venis, Rikishi was the first to try exiting the cage but Val stopped him. Eventually Val got cut above his eye, but kept going. Rikishi leveled Val and try to leave the cage again but Trish slammed the door on him. This brought Lita to ringside who whipped Trish back to the locker room. While referee Teddy Long was knocked out, Val and Rikishi both tried to climb out. However, Rikishi bounced Val's head off the cage sending him to the mat. Rikishi looked back at Val from the top rope, then climbed to the top of the cage wall and splashed Val. Both men were hurt after the collision. Rikishi headed for the door but Tazz entered the cage and nailed him with a TV camera allowing Venis to retain the title. Backstage, Triple H found the flower delivery man and demanded to be taken to the man who sent the flowers. Triple H stormed into the room. Chris Jericho stepped out and Triple H was laying on his back. Shane entered the ring and called out the Rock who headed for the ring, but Benoit appeared on the Titan Tron ripping up the Rock's $500 shirts. Rock headed backstage. Undertaker dominated his match with Angle for the victory.

Last Man Standing Match: Triple H vs Chris Jericho, Y2J started off good but The Game soon took over. Triple H ripped the bandages from Jericho's and punished his already injured ribs, eventually applying an abdominal stretch for several minutes. Jericho got out of the hold but was shortly flattened by a DDT. He made it back up before a 10 count but Triple H locked in a sleeper hold. Jericho got back up and mocked Hunter with a crotch-chop. After a Pedigree, Y2J stood up once again infuriating The Game. Triple H smacked Jericho twice with a chair then prepared to deliver a Pedigree on top of the chair. The referee prevented it and Jericho managed to counter with a low blow. Jericho clobbered Triple H with the chair causing Hunter to bleed profusely. Y2J continued on the offensive, and the two men fought in and out of the ring. They each grabbed a monitor from the announcer's table and simultaneously hit eachother. Both men made it back up by 9 and entered the ring again where Triple H tried another Pedigree. This time Jericho countered and slapped on the Walls of Jericho. Hunter made his way to the ropes but Jericho did not have to break since the match was no-DQ. Stephanie got in the ring so Jericho put her in the Walls, this allowed Hunter to recover and nail Jericho from behind. Triple H found a sledge hammer but missed Chris, Jericho got the hammer and smacked Hunter in the ribs. Jericho climbed on top of a table for an apparent Lionsault attempt but Triple H superplexed him through the Spanish announce table. Both men were down but The Game made it up by 9 for the win.

WWF Championship Match: Rock vs Chris Benoit, early in the week Commissioner Foley announced that the title would change hands if Rock was disqualified in addition to the normal pinfall or submission. Benoit tried the Crossface early in the match but Rock countered and went for the Crossface himself. Benoit made it out of the ring and distracted the Earl Hebner while Shane elbowed Rock. Later, Shane distracted the ref allowing Benoit to smack Rock with the title belt. Rock kicked out. Moments later Benoit locked on a Sharpshooter but Rock made his way to the ropes. Later, back in the ring Rock went for a figure-four leglock but had to break the hold. Shane continued to interfere in the match. Benoit delivered his flying headbutt but couldn't make the cover. Rock hit a spinebuster and the People's Elbow but Shane distracted Earl from making the count. Benoit hit a superplex and got a near fall then grabbed a chair but the referee took it away. Shane clobbered Earl from behind with a chair, Rock took the chair and chased Shane from the ring. Earl turned around and saw the chair in Rock's hand. Rock locked Benoit in the Crippler Crossface again but Earl ended the match disqualifying the Rock. Benoit is the WWF Champion. Shane entered the ring again and smacked Rock with a chair before Benoit and Shane headed for the locker room. Commissioner Foley stepped out on stage before they made it all the way back the ramp. Foley explained their was no reason Rock should be disqualified and ordered Earl Hebner to restart the match. Benoit took the advantage while Rock was still recovering from Shane's chairshot. Benoit put Rock in the Crossface yet again but Rock crawled to the ropes once more. After a Rock Bottom, The Rock is still the WWF Champion.

(2000-07-24) Commissioner Foley enters the ring as RAW comes on the air. He speaks about Fully Loaded, last night admiring Rikishi's splash from the top of the cage in particular. Then announces that King Kurt demanded a shot at the Undertaker tonight - and he's got it. Mick starts to discuss the controversial ending to the WWF Championship match bring Benoit and Shane to the ring. Shane remarks that, "Even when Stone Cold, for a short time, was running things the referee's decision was final." Shane shows the video of last night and Benoit being awarded the Championship via special DQ stipulation. Foley replies, "Things change." Chris Benoit demands a rematch tonight, and the Commissioner takes it under advisement. As Benoit is about to assault Foley, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley enters the ring demanding that the rules her family has followed be upheld, and demanding a rematch between Rock and Benoit. When Mick insults her she slaps him, infuriating him. Foley announces a brother-sister tag match, Shane and Stephanie vs two opponents. Then continues, "If Triple H or Benoit get involved, I'll fire the whole damn bunch of you."

Hardcore Championship Match: Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman retains the title against Road Dogg. Backstage, Stephanie tells Triple H what happened annoying him. Then he notices the bouquet of flowers on the table and assumes they're from Angle or Jericho again. Steph tells him to read the card, but he just throws them against the wall. Stephanie tells Hunter she got them for him and storms from the room in tears. Stephanie and Shane enter the ring for their match. Lita makes her way to the ring followed by a returning Big Show, Shane immediately takes off trying to run away and Show follows. Lita tosses Stephanie around the ring. Then Trish Stratus attacks Lita with a leather belt ending the match, but Lita takes a beating. Big Show continues to chase Shane around the arena. Godfather vs Bull Buchanan, with pimping on the line. Bull takes the win with an assist from Steven Richards. There will be no more hos. Undertaker vs Angle, just as the match gets underway Shane and Show run through the ring. Taker grabs Shane for a chokeslam but Show asks to do it. Undertaker obliges and turns his attention back to Angle. However, as soon as Taker turns his back Big Show releases Shane who runs in front of Undertaker taunting him and telling him to turn around. Big Show levels the Phenom. Shane, Show, and Angle assault Undertaker. After they head backstage, Undertaker shoves the EMTs away as he struggles to his feet and backstage. Shane and his boys attack Undertaker again backstage, apparently injuring his knee.

Jericho enters the ring and calls out Triple H for some more. Hunter appears on the Titan Tron, "I have nothing to prove." Jericho heads for Triple H's locker room where the two collide but are soon separated by officials. Big Show and Shane are seen leaving the arena. Kane arrives in the parking area. Scotty Too Hotty is defeated by Tazz. Afterward, Rikishi attacks Tazz clobbering him. Backstage, Mick is joking around with Edge and Christian when he informs them they're in a Triple Threat Tag Title match tonight. Kane bursts in and demands that Foley give him Shane, Big Show, and Angle. Mick promises to make something that Kane will like. A short time later he stops Angle from leaving the arena and tells him his teaming with Benoit to take on Kane and the Rock. Tag Title Match: Edge and Christian retain the titles against the Dudleys and Hardys. Backstage, Trish makes some remarks about suing Foley for sexual harassment. Strap Match: Lita vs Trish, Lita dominates the match until Stephanie interferes and gives the victory to Trish Stratus. Rock and Kane vs Benoit and Angle, the match starts out nice as these for clash. Rock gets Benoit in the Crippler Crossface as Kane fights Angle up the ramp. Big Show and Shane appear and take out Kane then Shane interrupts the match. Rock chases Shane up the ramp but gets assaulted by Angle, Benoit, Show, and Shane.

(2000-07-27) SmackDown started off with a Hardcore Championship Match: Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman vs X-Pac, during the match Blackman tosses Pac a nunchaku. X-Pac knows how to use it, but Blackman quickly takes him out with his kendo sticks and gets the victory. Afterward, Road Dogg joins X-Pac to pummel Blackman. Commissioner Foley enters the ring to discuss Monday night, Big Show's actions in particular. Then announces Rock vs Angle, Trish and Triple H vs Lita and Y2J, and a Table Match: Edge, Christian, and Big Show vs Dudleys and Kane. Big Show enters the ring and states that he has sided with Shane because he realized Shane was really the one trying to help him. Backstage, Stephanie and Hunter enter their dressing room to find a large bouquet of yellow roses. Stephanie claims she doesn't know how they got there. Triple H seems angry and tells her to read the card, they're from him. They embrace as the camera cuts away.

Hardy Boyz vs Lo Down (D'Lo and Chaz), alot of action from these two teams ended with a victory for the Hardys. However, Lo Down clobbered them after the match. Backstage, Triple H is annoyed with being teamed with Trish Stratus and makes a remark about the women, including Steph, not knowing anything about wrestling. Stephanie storms out of the room. While she's out, Trish stops by to have Hunter show here some holds. Stephanie returns to find Triple H in a compromising position with Trish. A furious Stephanie storms back out of the room. Triple H leaves the arena in frustration. Grand Master Sexay vs Tazz, when the Tazzmission gets locked on Scotty runs in for the assist ending the match. But when Scotty turns his back on Tazz he finds himself in a Tazzmission. Too Cool recovers and stomps Tazz.

Six-Man Table Match: Edge and Christian and Show vs Kane and Dudley Boyz. Dudleys put Edge thru a table for the win in this chaotic match. Afterward, Kane is about to chokeslam Big Show thru a table when Shane assaults him. Big Show slams Kane through the table instead. Steven Richards and Bull enter the ring and introduce the Goodfather, a reformed Godfather. Goodfather speaks to the crowd, "Once the women are gone, so is the love huh?" Trish tries to talk Mick out of the match, but he insists and gives her Benoit as a partner. European Championship: Saturn retains against Crash Holly with a distraction from Terri. Afterward, Chyna and Eddie assault Perry Saturn. Jericho and Lita vs Benoit and Trish, Shane assaults Jericho during the match but Jericho still gets Benoit in the Walls of Jericho. Trish comes in for the assist and soon finds herself locked in the Walls, but Benoit soon nails Jericho from behind releasing her. But as Benoit turns around, Lita comes off the top rope with a huricanrana then dives over the ropes Hardy-style taking down Trish. Jericho takes the victory with a lionsault. A short time later, Benoit attacks Jericho during a backstage interview. He pins him under a large steel door and slams him in the face with a chair. (APPENDED: Jericho will be out for some time recovering from injuries.)

WWF Championship Match: Rock vs Kurt Angle, started out non-title but Rock demanded it be for the title. Shane and Benoit make their way to ringside and get involved several times during the match. At one point Rock slaps the sharpshooter on Angle but Shane distracts the referee and Benoit nails Rock. Finally, Rock tosses Benoit in the ring and grabs a chair. He nails Benoit then Angle, losing by DQ but retaining the title. Rock chases Shane up the ramp with Benoit following, Benoit gets slammed on the ramp, then Rock realizes Angle is celebrating in the ring with his belt. Rock returns to the ring and flattens Angle.

(2000-07-31) Triple H and Stephanie arrive separately as Raw comes on the air. Hardcore Tag Match: Road Dogg and X-Pac vs Snow and Blackman, during the match Blackman and Pac have a weapons match. Snow accidentally hits Blackman giving the win to X-Pac. Triple H makes his way to the ring and apologizes to Stephanie for the incident with Trish Stratus on Thursday. Stephanie enters the ring and after some more discussion accepts Hunter's apology. Foley interrupts their embrace mocking them with fake tears, then fines Triple H $5,000 for walking out on a match. Further he warns him if he does it again he's fired. Then the Commissioner announces Stephanie and Triple H vs Lita and Rock.

Tag Title Match: Edge and Christian vs Hardy Boyz, the champs retain their titles with a chairshot. Angle and Benoit vs Dudleys, good match among theses competitors. Shane comes in for the assist but Buh Buh kicks out on 2. Angle pulls the referee in front of himself causing Buh Buh to take out the referee. Benoit gets nailed with a 3D but the referee is still out so they go for a table. Big Show takes them out and rolls Benoit on top, the referee recovers and awards the match to Benoit and Angle. Backstage, Stephanie asks Triple H to show her some moves. He's reluctant but begins to instruct her. However, he accidentally calls her Trish at one point causing Steph to storm out and leave the arena. Steven Richards and his boys enter the ring to restate their mission while some hos protest at ringside. (Incidentally, a fan made it in the ring during this time but was quickly removed.) Acolytes vs Bull and Goodfather, Faarooq catches Bull with a powerslam for the victory but the APA gets pummeled afterward. Rikishi vs Tazz, a low blow prevents the first stink face but Tazz becomes another victim on a second attempt. Later, Tazz uncovers a turnbuckle and bounces Rikishi's head off of it but Phatu kicks out. Rikishi counters the Tazzmission with a Samoan drop for the win. Too Cool enter the ring to celebrate and cause Tazz to back off. Backstage, Triple H goes to see Foley about cancelling the match. Then offers to take them on alone, but Mick insists that Trish be his partner. Later, Trish shows up at Hunter's locker room asking him to show her some more moves. He kicks her out.

Eddie and Chyna vs Saturn and Val Venis with Terri, Chyna gets double teamed but kicks out. Later, Saturn collides with Val and Eddie gets a near fall. A short time later Eddie gets the victory over Saturn. Big Show vs Kane never really starts. Shane, Angle, and Benoit all storm the ring. Kane fights them off and the Dudleys come in to clear the ring. Rock and Lita vs Triple H and Trish Stratus, when Trish gets in the ring Rock tags in Lita. Lita clobbers Trish then Triple H tries to hold her for Trish but Rock knocks him off the ring apron. Hunter gets back in the ring and clotheslines Lita, then Trish tags him in and he prepares for a Pedigree but Rock prevents it. The Game tags Trish back in but Lita takes her down. Both men get tagged in and the match explodes, they each get near falls. Trish attacks Rock when he's about to land the People's Elbow. Then Rock counters a Pedigree and catapults Triple H into Trish. Hunter falls out of the ring and Rock hits Trish with a spine buster before tagging in Lita. A moonsault takes the win. Afterward, Rock smacks Triple H with a chair from behind and The Game falls on top of Trish. Rock celebrates for a moment then pauses to laugh at his handiwork when he notices Hunter's head landed between Trish's thighs.

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