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(2000-08-03) Prior to SmackDown, Triple H runs into Trish in the parking area while he's waiting for Stephanie to arrive. She tries to apologize for the awkward position they ended up in on RAW, but he blames her and tells her to get away. A short time later Stephanie arrives but pushes Hunter away, "I need space." He finally walks away. On the way to her dressing room Kurt Angle tells her, "If you need to talk, I'm here." Then Stephanie tracks down Trish and warns her to stay away from Triple H. As she leaves the room Test remarks, "Thank God I didn't marry that woman."

In the opening match X-Pac gets a victory over Scotty Too Hotty. Big Show, Shane, and Chris Benoit fill the ring and speak about their accomplishments in putting Undertaker and Jericho on the injured list. They applaud Edge and Christian as well. Backstage, Triple H tries talking to Stephanie again but she's not ready. A messenger tells them to report to the Commissioner's office. Mick fines Stephanie for walking out on a match, "Do it again. And I'll strip you...of the Women's Title." Then Angle enters the office and Hunter starts to get upset. However, Foley announces a Six-Person Tag, no-DQ: Triple H, Angle, Stephanie vs Dudleys and Lita. Eddie Guerrero and Rikishi Phatu vs Val Venis and Tazz, Val and Rikishi still have their ribs bandaged from Fully Loaded. Eddie takes the victory with a frog splash (first time he's performed it in months). Matt Hardy vs Edge, prior to the match Matt tells Lita to keep Jeff backstage so he doesn't get hurt (he's still suffering from a concussion). Christian gets involved in the match several times. Then Jeff makes his way to ringside and takes down Christian with a ladder. Jeff climbs up but loses his balance at the top and falls into the ring. Edge seizes the opportunity to smack Matt with a chair ending the match.

Kevin Kelly interviews the Rock backstage. He speaks about his tag match later tonight. Then goes on to say, "Anyone can be Benoit, even Kevin Kelly." Rock blocks the camera for a minute then reveals Kelly with a set of fake teeth, with one missing. Rock and Kane vs Benoit and Big Show, the match starts before Rock makes it to the ring. But he and Kane clear the ring. Kane gets isolated for awhile. Benoit and Rock tag in at the same time and the action explodes again. Rock locks Benoit in a sharpshooter, but Show and Shane distract the referee. Rock blocks the Crossface, the Show prevents a Rock Bottom on Benoit. Kane steps in and stops Show from choke slamming Rock and knocks Show out of the ring. Rock hits Benoit with a spinebuster and sets up for the People's Elbow. Shane slams Rock with a chair to prevent it and rolls Benoit on top for the win. Kane stalks Shane up the ramp to the stage, Show removes a steel grate from the stage and chokeslams Kane to the floor below. Kane shoves the EMTs aside. Backstage, Steven Richards and his Right to Censor boys clear out the APA's office. The Acolytes return a short time later, and are not happy. Stephanie tells Triple H she wants to change alone, so he has to go to the men's locker room. While he and Angle are there, Shane stops in and warns them both not to let anything happen to his sister.

Hardcore Championship: Blackman retains against European Champ Saturn, with an assist from Al Snow and Head. Goodfather and Bull vs Acolytes, the APA interrupts Steven's speech and assault Goodfather and Bull. The Acolytes are doing well when Richards throws a 2x4 to Goodfather who breaks it across Faarooq's back for the win. Road Dogg vs Grand Master Sexay, Scotty and Pac both get involved but Dogg comes out with the win. They assault Too Cool after the match but Rikishi comes in for the assist.

Six-Person Tag Match (no-DQ). When Buh Buh goes down Angle actually tags in Stephanie. She gets in a couple kicks before Triple H tags himself in. Dudleys low blow Hunter and Kurt and go for the tables. They start toward Stephanie but Triple H recovers and attacks. Lita assaults Stephanie while the guys are outside the ring. However, she misses the moonsault after Triple H pulls Steph out of the way. A Pedigree on Lita, then slides Stephanie on top. Buh Buh returns to the ring and grabs Steph but Angle saves her from a table shot. While D-Von and Triple H battle on the stage, Stephanie covers Lita while she's still down and gets the win. Stephanie and Angle embrace in celebration. Triple H watches from the stage and is pissed.

(2000-08-07) The Rock enters the ring as RAW comes on the air. He speaks about Shane and Benoit's attack on Thursday then challenges Benoit to a title match tonight. Benoit and Shane step on stage and Shane requests the match be no-DQ, Rock accepts. Backstage, King Kurt tells Commissioner Foley that he should be the number one contender. Mick takes it under advisement. Stephanie meets Triple H as he arrives. He tells her, "I need some space." Then finds Mick Foley and tells insists that he should be number one contender. Mick informs him that Angle already made the same request, trying to provoke more hostile feelings between them. And takes Hunter's request under advisement. Triple H goes to his dressing room and warns Steph that he's going to kick Angle's ass when he sees him.

X-Pac vs Rikishi, backstage Road Dogg laughs when Pac gets a stink face. Then Dogg interrupts the match ending it in a DQ. Pac and Road Dogg assault Rikishi. Right to Censor arrives in the ring and Steven Richards reiterates their mission statement. Dudley Boyz vs Bull and Goodfather, Steven ends the match in a disqualification but gets a low-blow. Dudleys setup the tables but Goodfather prevents them from putting Richards through a table. Goodfather ends up putting a ho thru the table. Backstage, Kurt tells Stephanie that Triple H needs to be more sensitive while they're talking in the locker room. Eddie with Chyna and Too Cool vs Test, Albert, and Val with Trish. Prior to the match Venis pulls Eddie out of the ring and piledrives him taking him out of the match. With Guerrero still down Chyna tags in when Scotty makes it back to the empty corner. She slams Val then bounces Test on the top rope as he tries to step over. But Venis flattens her and she gets clobbered. Val goes up for his Money Shot splash but Grand Master knocks him down, then Scotty pulls Test off the ring apron. Albert and Grand Master fight on the opposite side of the ring. Venis goes for a cover but the referee is outside the ring. Guerrero hits the Frog Splash and rolls out of the ring. Chyna takes the victory. Backstage, Joe continues to instigate a fight between Triple H and Angle by telling the both lies.

Stephanie makes her way to the ring to apologize to Triple H telling him that she and Kurt Angle are only friends. After a moment they embrace, then Steph calls Angle in to the ring and tries to make peace between them. Angle starts to offer an explanation. Triple H just replies, "I know you're full of it!" Stephanie has to keep them separated. "If you really love me, shake his hand." Commissioner Foley makes his way to the ring and plays the video of Angle hugging Stephanie after their match last Thursday. Then announces a Number One Contender Match: Angle vs Triple H.

No Disqualification WWF Championship Match: Rock vs Chris Benoit, Shane gets involved numerous times preventing the Rock from a win. Finally, Benoit locks in the Crossface and Shane starts kicking Rock. Y2J storms the ring and pummels Benoit then chases Shane from the ring. Rock delivers a Rock Bottom and retains the title. A short time later, Benoit and Shane complain about Y2J's interference to the Commissioner. They insist he be punished. Mick says he agrees then puts Jericho in the Number One Contender Match; no punishment at all. Tazz cuts a promo then gets in Jim Ross' face for some comments he's made in the past. He insults Ross and when J.R. stands up Tazz continues to provoke him, then knocks his hat off and makes fun of his Bell's Palsy. Finally J.R. slaps him. Tazz dares him to do it again, and keeps pushing him. Jerry the King Lawler, steps in front of J.R. and drills Tazz. Officials pull them apart. After a commercial Jim Ross starts to apologize for his unprofessional behavior. King seems to be taking it rather personally. "Let him punk me out...never did like the guy."

Edge and Christian and Big Show vs Matt Hardy and Acolytes, match ends when Big Show and the Tag Champs triple team their opponents. Undertaker rides in. Her assaults Show then chases Shane McMahon up the ramp. Shane leaps over to a support for on of the Titan Tron screens out of Taker's reach. Big Show follows Undertaker to the stage. The Phenom clobbers him then throws him off the stage. Backstage, Jericho assaults Triple H in his dressing room until officials pull them apart. Number One Contender Match: Angle vs Triple H vs Jericho, Rock makes his way to commentary. The three competitors put on a good show. Jericho hits both men with a Lionsault and goes for a double cover but can't pull it off. However, Angle and Hunter hit him with a double-suplex then both men cover him and are counted as co-victors. Prior to the match, Commissioner Foley stated whoever had their hand raised at the end was the number one contender, but this left it in up in the air. Rock leaves the announce table and levels Triple H and Angle with Rock Bottoms. When Stephanie slaps him she gets a Rock Bottom as well.

(2000-08-10) Commissioner Foley enters the ring to announce his decision concerning the number one contender for the Federation Championship. Shane and King Angle interrupt him. Angle knows he should be number one contender but is upset about Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley getting a Rock Bottom. Triple H heads to the ring next with Stephanie following and apparently sore from the bump she took on Monday. "Angle is not deserving." Triple H declares he should be the number one contender. Once again he tells Angle to stay away from Stephanie. Shane has to separate them. "We all care about Steph, and we're going to get pay back." Stephanie speaks about her suffering and dedication to defend the Women's Title as soon as she can. Then Mick asks Stephanie, "How does your back feel?" She opens her mouth to answer. "It doesn't matter how your back feels!" After he calms down Triple H, the Commissioner continues, "What does matter is who the number one contender is." Mick announce that they both had their hands raised at the end of the match so it will be a Triple Threat Championship Match at Summer Slam: Kurt Angle vs Triple H vs Rock.

Backstage, Edge and Christian are talking about Edge's role on Highlander: End Game. When several of the cast members arrive: Adrian Paul (Duncan MacLeod), Christopher Lambert (Connor MacLeod), and Lisa Barbuscia. The cast members quickly leave to get some water, seemingly trying to avoid the Tag Champs. Later they ask to meet the Rock and end up leaving with Gangrel who they find more interesting. Lisa produces Gangrel's book for an autograph.

Eddie and Val Venis start fighting backstage and officials must separate them. Val Venis and Benoit vs Eddie Guerrero and Y2J, a rather chaotic match with frequent fights breaking out ends when Eddie hits Val with the Frog Splash but the legal man, Benoit, hits Eddie with a headbutt off the top rope for the win. Afterward, Jericho puts Benoit in the Walls of Jericho and Chyna knocks Val off the top rope. Shane gets in the ring and finds himself in the Walls next. Albert rushes in and flattens Eddie then Jericho gets lock in the Crippler Crossface before officials finally restore order. X-Pac vs Rikishi, Pac almost suffers another stink face but counters with a low blow. Rikishi still takes the victory with a big butt drop from the second rope. Al Snow and The Kat vs Terri and Saturn, Kat tries to toss Head to Al but Saturn catches it instead. Al avoids getting hit and flattens Saturn but Terri picks up Head and smack him with it. Perry Saturn gets the victory. Kat assaults Terri and Perry pulls her off and starts to choker her, but Al quickly nails Saturn sending him out of the ring. Tag Team Title Championship: Edge and Christian retain the titles against the Dudley Boyz after a deliberate disqualification. The Hardys toss the Tag Champs back in the ring. Then they pull out tables and chairs and the Tag Champs get destroyed.

Tazz vs Crash Holly, never really starts. Prior to the match Tazz gets in Jerry Lawler's face and smack him with a water pitcher. A bloody Lawler assaults Tazz as officials try to keep them apart. King knocks Tazz outside and Crash rolls him right back in with a big smile. King Lawler continues to hammer on Tazz until officials finally get them apart. Right To Censor, Bull and Goodfather, defeat Too Cool. Backstage, Joe fuels the fire between Triple H and Kurt Angle. King makes his way back to the broadcast position. "Tazz wants to punk me out let him...I can talk a good fight and I can fight a good fight." Hardcore Championship: Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman retains the title against Albert. However, Venis blindsides him after the match and Blackman gets pummeled. Backstage, Jericho demands Benoit from Commissioner Foley while tearing up Mick's office. Mick tells him he can have Benoit at Summer Slam. "Then I guess I'll try not to snap until then." Coachman interviews the protesting ho that got slammed through a table last Monday. She says they're not going to stop and she's going to sue Richards.

Shane and Stephanie tell Hunter and Kurt to work together, and they're not going to be at ringside. Triple H and Angle vs Undertaker and Rock, Taker and Rock work pretty well together. Steph makes her way to the ring area and when she tries to trip Rock he grabs her by the hair but Triple H nails him from behind. Later, Rock gets a near fall but Angle interrupts the count. However, he elbows Triple H in the process. The Game, tags Angle in and walks up the ramp for the locker room. Steph goes after him trying to talk him back into the ring. Undertaker sends Angle on the Last Ride for a victory. Stephanie climbs in the ring to check on Angle, Undertaker shoves her over to Rock. Luckily, Triple H runs back in to prevent another Rock Bottom. However, Triple H gets chokeslammed by Undertaker then Rock lands the People's Elbow.

(2000-08-14) Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring as RAW opens. He calls Triple H a coward for walking out on their match last on SmackDown. He continues to rant for several minutes ultimately calling The Game a loser. An irate Triple heads to the ring but Shane McMahon keeps them separated. Kurt continues to wear a smirk on his face at Triple H's anger. Shane blames them both for Steph getting Rock Bottomed and admonishes them for it. He tells Angle that, "Stephanie would never marry a loser." Then reminds them that they need to focus on the Rock. Commissioner Foley joins them in the ring and agrees that Triple H and Angle should be joining forces against the Rock. He announces Triple and Kurt vs Dudley Boyz and Rock. Shane blurts, "That's not fair." Mick retorts with, "There's only one man strong enough to keep this team together...you, Shane. We're going to have ourselves a Six-Man Match." Then adds that if either Triple H or Angle walk out they lose their number one contender status and their match at Summer Slam.

Backstage, Jericho assaults Benoit as he arrives. Shane tries to calm Chris Benoit down after the attack. Kaientai apologize to the Acolytes for their bad check on Heat, then all four go out to a bar with Taka and Funaki paying the way. The Acolytes end up pummeling them before the evening is over. Eddie Guerrero and Blackman vs Test and Albert, Eddie gets pummeled during the opening minutes of the match. Albert smacks Blackman with a stick from under the ring and Test gets the victory. Angle meets Stephanie as she arrives and Triple H watches the encounter on a monitor as Kurt kisses her on the cheek. Hunter is furious and confronts Steph about being more than a friend to Kurt. She replies, "Maybe I should just leave." "Maybe you should." She takes off and Shane tries to talk her into staying but she refuses.

Right To Censor members Bull Buchanan and Goodfather vs Hardys and Lita. When both the Boyz are dazed Lita tags herself in. She takes down Goodfather with a moonsault then leaps from the top rope to level Bull outside the ring. However, she gets hit with a Stevie kick and GF rolls her up for the win. Edge and Christian run in and try to smash Lita between chairs, luckily Matt saves her. But he gets clobbered instead. After a break, the Tag Champs return to the ring and stage a sit down strike for their unfair treatment. Mick steps on stage and announce a Summer Slam match where the Dudleys and Hardys can't interfere with ladders or tables. Edge and Christian are celebrating when Mick adds, "They can't interfere with them because they're part of the match." Hardys vs Dudleys vs the Tag Champs for the titles in a TLC Match. Mick gets the crowd chanting with him, "Tables and Ladders and Chairs. Oh my!" Backstage, Shane tries to calm down Hunter and Angle, warning Angle not to interfere in their marriage. Joe visits Triple H and Angle, telling each of them that someone wants to meet them in the parking lot later.

Undertaker vs Benoit ends when Shane slams Taker with a chair, and the two pummel the Phenom. Kane arrives and chases them off. Then helps Undertaker to his feet only to chokeslam him, twice, the second sending Undertaker through the mat. Then Kane rides out on Undertaker's bike. Mick calls Lawler backstage during Tazz's match. Tazz defeats Crash with the Tazzmission choke hold. Then insults J.R. once again and takes his hat. The King charges from the back and assaults Tazz, but officials quickly get the apart. Handicap Match: Rikishi vs D-Generation X members Road Dogg and X-Pac, during the match Pac laughs hysterically at ringside as Road Dogg suffers a stinky face. But DX pulls together to get the victory. When they continue to stomp Rikishi, Too Cool clears the ring. The three men celebrate with a dance. IC Title Match: Jericho vs Val Venis, Jericho is doing well when Benoit interrupts the match. Y2J ends up in a modified Crossface until officials pull Benoit off of him. Later outside. Both Angle and Hunter end up out there at the same time and start arguing about who set it up. A limo rolls in nearly hitting them. The both get inside.

After a break, we see Triple H and Kurt step out of the limo with somber expressions then Vince McMahon steps out, "Do I make myself clear? Neither of you will ever again traumatize my daughter...look out for Shane as well." Then climbs back and departs. Triple H, Angle, and Shane vs Dudley Boyz and Rock. When the referee goes down inadvertently the Dudleys set up a table at ringside. Rock throws Shane out to the Dudleys but Edge and Christian attack preventing the table shot. Rock goes after them, then ends up back in the ring with Shane where he sets him up for a Rock Bottom. Triple H prevents it. Rock gets hit with an Olympic Slam and the Pedigree and is left destroyed as the three men stomp him.

(2000-08-17) Triple H, Kurt Angle, Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley made their way into the ring as SmackDown kicked off. Shane spoke about the importance of family and how Angle and Triple H united against Rock on Monday. Stephanie praises the men then talks Hunter and Kurt into shaking hands, though Triple H insults Angle in his apology. They share a group hug as Commissioner Foley steps on stage. Mick shows the video from last Monday of Kurt giving Stephanie a kiss on the cheek upsetting Triple H again. Then Foley read a message from the Rock, "I don't care how you do it. The Rock will lay the smack down on all their candy asses." But Mick states, "That wouldn't be fair." Then leaves it up to the McMahon extended family to decide who faces the Rock.

Backstage, Kat and Terri got into a scuffle prior to their match. Kat and Rikishi vs Terri and Saturn, Terri managed the win after Saturn clotheslined Kat. But after the match Rikishi took out Perry and Kat set Terri up in a corner for a stink face. IC Title Match: Eddie Guerrero with Chyna vs Val Venis with Trish, started out as a nice match. Then Chyna power bombed Venis from the ring apron and rolls him back in but Val kicks out. Trish busts a water pitcher over Chyna's head. In the ring Val rolls Eddie up for the victory and retains the title. Backstage, the McMahons were still discussing who would take on Rock. Stephanie stated she had a plan to make it champion vs champion. Finally, the all gather back in the dressing room and tell Stephanie that they won't let her face the Rock. Shane informs everyone that Triple H will take on the Rock since Angle was the last to face him. Angle gets up to leave saying he doesn't feel wanted. Chyna and Eddie storm into the Commissioner's office and Chyna demands Trish tonight. Mick agrees to set up a Summer Slam match: Eddie and Chyna vs Venis and Trish.

Acolytes and Crash Holly vs Kaientai with Boss Man, the Acolytes dominate most of the match and Boss Man walks out after Taka tags himself in. Kaientai gets a near win over Crash but Bradshaw and Faarooq step in and destroy them. Crash makes a cover for the win. Chris Jericho makes his way to commentary for a Hardcore Championship Match: Benoit vs Blackman. After Shane nails Blackman with a stick from behind Jericho chases Shane from the ring and levels Benoit giving the win to Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman. Benoit applies the Crippler Crossface to Blackman several times before officials finally pull him away. Backstage, Stephanie tries to keep Angle from leaving but he won't stay. Back in he ring Edge and Christian take on D-Von and Jeff Hardy, their respective partners at ringside. Edge and Christian get the victory after Jeff accidentally swantons D-Von. After the math D-Von and Jeff start arguing and Lita tries to keep them separated. Buh Buh starts eyeing her up for a table shot which brings Matt Hardy into the ring. A fight breaks out as the Tag Champs look on. Right To Censor hits the ring to speak about their mission. Backstage, Kane impatiently awaits the Undertaker's arrival. Tazz attacks Lawler at the announce position with a Tazzmission. D-Generation X takes on Too Cool, midway through the match Road Dogg and X-Pac have a disagreement and start shoving eachother around. Kane enters and flattens them both then states he attacked Undertaker because he realized he's a monster. Undertaker arrives and makes his way to the ring with a limp. The Phenom gets in Kane's face demanding answers but gets clobbered instead.

Triple H vs Rock. As Hunter, Shane, and Stephanie make their way to the ring Commissioner Foley steps on stage and makes Shane and Stephanie go backstage after announcing two matches for the next RAW. Stephanie will defend the Women's Championship against Lita and Shane will take on Blackman for the Hardcore Title. The WWF Champion, The Rock, enters and collides with The Game once again. A pretty even match with both men getting near falls. When Triple H uncharacteristically climbs the ropes Rock knocks him off and hits a DDT for another near fall. The referee gets knocked out inadvertently. Rock lines up the People's Elbow but Kurt Angle runs in. Rock fights him off but Triple H catches him with a low blow from behind then Angle levels him with a chairshot. Triple H sets up Rock for a Pedigree as Angle revives the referee and Hunter gets the victory.

(2000-08-21) Jim Ross kicks off Raw reporting that Jerry Lawler is late for some reason. Rock enters the ring to speak about last Thursday's SmackDown. Commissioner Foley joins him in the ring and cautions the Rock not to make rash decisions. Foley then gives Rock the night off for his own good though the crowd disapproves. King Kurt and Shane step on stage and Angle states that he remained loyal to his friends then invites Hunter and Stephanie out. Triple H taunts the Rock but Mick interrupts, "I gave Rock the night off." Then Foley announces Triple H and Angle vs Acolytes plus he appoints a special referee for Lita vs Stephanie so it doesn't get out of hand. "It must be a man who harbors no ill will toward the McMahon-Helmsley family...The Rock." Tazz arrives at the arena and assaults a security guy on his way in. Moments later King Lawler knocks a stack of boxes on him and attacks him. Officials manage to separate them. Then King makes his entrance to the announcer's table. J.R. reports that Foley ordered Tazz to leave the arena. Then a video clip plays of Stephanie attacking Lita on HEAT.

Hardys vs Dudleys, Edge and Christian make their way to ringside distracting both teams somewhat. Edge tries to spear Buh Buh however he hits Matt instead. Jeff misses the swanton bomb and gets nailed with a 3D. Edge cracks Buh Buh with a chair and Jeff rolls over to take the win. Backstage, Bal informs Trish that she's going to school tonight during their match. The McMahon extended family starts discussing their strategy. Venis and Trish vs Crash and Ivory, Eddie and Chyna watch backstage. Crash walks Trish through a bulldog on him. Then both ladies end up tagged in and Ivory slams Trish but Venis comes in and power bombs Ivory and Trish takes the win. Chyna heads for the ring and knocks Val out of the way before going after Trish. However, Venis prevents Chyna from hurting Trish and stomps her until Eddie clears the ring. Eddie and Chyna demand a match with Trish tonight. Mick satisfies them by making their Summer Slam match for the Intercontinental Title. If Eddie or Chyna pin either Trish or Venis, they will become the IC Champion. Rikishi vs Kane ends when Kane slams Rikishi with a chair three times before he stays down. Too Cool heads for the ring but Right To Censor assaults them. Too Cool makes it into the ring but Kane makes short work of them, then RTC stomps them while they're down. Acolytes vs Triple H and Angle, Rock and Mick watch from backstage. Acolytes dominate the match until Angle and Triple H start to work on Bradshaw's knee and gain the advantage. Faarooq steps in and takes them both down and gets a near fall. Triple H gets the win with a Pedigree. Afterward, Angle spends too much time celebrating in the ring and the Acolytes destroy him while Hunter walks away. Later, Angle confronts Triple H about leaving the ring. But Hunter counters with, "Don't be selfish...Let's focus on Stephanie's match."

RTC delivers their mission statement then Steven talks about Rikishi's stink face. Commissioner Foley steps on stage and tells RTC that they make the WWF less fun. And announces a Summer Slam match: Bull and Goodfather vs Rikishi and Too Cool. "Oh I know that's 3 on 2..." so he adds Richards to the match. Shane meets with the Mean Street Posse backstage and has them attack Blackman prior to his match with him. Blackman easily defeats the Posse and chases Shane out of the locker room. Angle tries to leave but Stephanie talks him into staying by saying that she needs him. European Championship: Jericho vs Saturn starts out as a good match but Benoit runs in ending it. Saturn just walks away as a herd of officials pull the other two apart. Backstage, Shane asks Trish to speak privately. In their dressing room, Triple H is showing Stephanie some moves when Angle thinks he can do better and Stephanie talks Hunter into letting Kurt try.

As Blackman heads toward the ring Test assaults him. They fight out to the ring area where Blackman recovers and pummels Test. Then Albert joins Test to take on Blackman. Test grabs a fire extinguisher but sprays Albert accidentally. Blackman dropkicks Test then grabs his kendo sticks and goes to work on T and A. Edge and Christian enter the ring and Blackman starts to fight them off but Shane smacks him with a broom stick and takes the victory. Shane McMahon is the Hardcore Champion. After Shane returns backstage, Mick congratulates him then informs him that Blackman will get a rematch at Summer Slam. Shane hits the floor, "Someone cover me. Get a referee." Edge and Christian start playing Rock, Scissors, Paper to decide who should do it. Mick tells them not to bother, "You can both cover him. I'll make the count and you can be co-Hardcore Champs." However, he only counts to two then informs Shane that he's waiving the 24/7 defense rule until after Summer Slam. Then announce Edge and Christian vs DX tonight. Triple H interrupts Stephanie and Kurt's training session and is not very pleased.

New Champ WWF New York, Terri assaults Kat giving her a stink face. Tag Title Match: DX vs Edge and Christian, DX starts arguing again. X-Pac gets speared. Dudleys arrive with a table and chase Edge and Christian ending the match. Pac accidentally knocks Road Dogg off the ring apron and through a table. Women's Championship Match: Lita vs Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, Lita takes it to Steph early in the match and gets a near fall. Angle distracts the special referee, The Rock, while Triple H trips Lita. Hardys attack Triple H then keep Hunter and Angle from interfering so much. Stephanie shows some more moves and gets a near fall. Then she gets in Rock's face about a slow count. Lita recovers and takes charge of the match once again getting another near fall. Lita climbs the rope for a moonsault but Angle knocks her down. The Hardys, Angle, and Triple H start fighting outside the ring. Angle gets on the ring apron trying to hand Stephanie the title belt. Rock yanks him in the ring and pummels him. Triple H assaults Rock then Angle accidentally hits Triple H with the title belt. Angle gets Rock Bottomed. Stephanie runs at the Rock and gets a Rock Bottom as well. Then Rock tells Lita to do her moonsault. Lita hits it and gets the victory. Lita is the new Women's Champion. The Hardys escort her out.

(2000-08-24) Stephanie enters the ring as SmackDown begins and speaks about how she was robbed of the Women's Championship. She blames Commissioner Foley and demands a rematch tonight. Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring to support Stephanie. He insults the Rock and says Mick should've known better than to have Rock be the special referee. However, Angle also blames Triple H for being to hot-headed. A furious Triple H runs to the ring and knocks Angle through the ropes. Commissioner Foley steps on stage before the two can start fighting, "You two knock it off." Mick is wearing his paint-stripped referee shirt. He admits that maybe Rock wasn't completely unbiased. Then Mick tells Stephanie, "I want your respect. Deep down, I want you to like me." Then he pulls some gold medals out from under his shirt. "I know you're attracted to men who wear gold medals." Foley starts to grant Stephanie a rematch but, "Triple H and King Angle both want a piece of the Rock. So..." Foley announces that it will be a Mixed Tag Team Match: Rock and Lita vs Triple H, Angle, and Stephanie. "No. No, that's 3 on 2. So you, Stephanie, must decide who you want as your partner." Backstage, Steph convinces Triple H to let her talk strategy with Angle. He reluctantly agrees. Angle comes to her dressing room and they talk about recent events and Angle points to Hunter's anger and hot-headed behavior as the reason he makes mistakes.

Right To Censor enters the ring. Rikishi steps on stage with a mic and has some words for RTC. He informs RTC that he's not coming to the ring alone and tells Goodfather, "You know my partners very well." Then Godfather's old music plays and two hos join Rikishi as Goodfather vs Rikishi starts. Richards and Bull Buchanan stalk the ladies but Too Cool runs to ringside to prevent any censoring. Rikishi takes the victory with a butt drop. Too Cool assault Bull outside the ring when he tries to get involved then Richards jumps on Rikishi's back but is quickly tossed aside and nearly gets a stink face. The ladies joining Too Cool and Rikishi in a celebration dance. Backstage, Guerrero and Chyna share some serious words about not being jealous of eachother if they become the IC Champ. Test, Albert, and Venis with Trish vs Blackman, Chyna, and Eddie. Shane is watching the match backstage when Mick Foley enters and warns him if he interferes in any matches tonight, then Steve Blackman gets his Hardcore rematch tonight. The match is rather chaotic with fighting all around the ring. Blackman pins Edge for the win. Outside the arena Tazz seemingly has someone trapped in a car. He's painting graffiti on it and hollering at the person inside. Lawler recognizes it as his rental car and laughs about it. Then we see Jim Ross is the one trapped in the car. When J.R. locks the door and refuses to get out Tazz smashes the side window out of the car spraying glass in J.R.'s face. Jerry runs for the parking area. As King Lawler approaches the area Tazz walks away only to return and attacks King from behind. Officials drag him away as EMTs tend to J.R. who may have glass in his eye.

Jericho enters the ring and addresses Benoit. Then shows several cut-and-paste photos of Benoit in funny scenes while reciting a Dr. Seuss® style rhyme. Benoit steps on stage and shows a photo of Jericho in the Crossface. In a corridor backstage, DX is still trying to talk through their differences when Undertaker rides down the hall nearly hitting them. A couple scenes from WWF New York show Kaientai and then Bradshaw doing karaoke. Lawler return to the announce position and warns Tazz that "If J.R.'s eye is damaged, I'll knock your eyes out of your head." Handicap Match: Undertaker vs X-Pac and Road Dogg, Taker dominates most of the match. Road Dogg ends up walking away from the ring as X-Pac gets chokeslammed then goes for the Last Ride. Undertaker gets the victory. Backstage, Stephanie tells Triple H that she's considering Kurt as her partner. Hunter goes to the locker room and has some words with Angle. He tells Angle that Stephanie doesn't make the decisions. But Steph walks in and says, "Yes I do." She tells them to stop fighting, and after a couple moments of indecision states she's going to flip a coin to decide. Both men are stunned. Stephanie flips tails, Angle is her partner. Hunter walks away.

European Championship Match: Saturn vs Al Snow, Terri tries to hit Al with Head but Al tosses her out of the ring. However, Saturn ties him up in the Rings of Saturn submission for the victory and retains the title. Edge, Christian, and Benoit vs Hardys and Jericho, Y2J gets a rather quick win over Edge. But the fight continues. Jericho and Benoit fight in front of the announce table as Matt gets out a ladder. The Tag Champs grab some chairs, then the Dudley Boyz storm the ring and attack the Tag Champs. Buh Buh and D-Von set up a table in the ring but Edge and Christian knock them back outside. Matt Hardy recovers and sets the ladder up near the ropes and dives outside flattening Buh Buh. Benoit and Jericho fight back into the ring and both men crash through the table together. Jericho appears to hurt his arm.

WWF Champion Rock and the Women's Champ Lita vs Stephanie and King Kurt. Triple H watches backstage. Lita and Rock attack before their opponents make it to the ring. As the action return to the ring Lita and Rock each get a near fall. Rock puts Angle in a sharpshooter but Stephanie slaps him in the face causing him to break the hold. Angle hits him from behind. A short time later Rock sends Angle into the corner colliding with Stephanie and knocking her off the ring apron. She bounces her head of the ring steps and collapses. A concerned Triple H runs out to the ring area. Angle continues the match but keeps looking back toward Steph. Triple H carries Stephanie backstage and waits till EMTs arrive before heading out to help Angle. Rock and Kurt fight up the ramp to the stage where Triple H assaults Rock and shoves him back into the ring. Referee Earl Hebner has allowed the match to continue thus far, but when Hunter knocks him out of the way he calls for the DQ. Lita stands by helpless as Hunter and Angle pummel the Rock. Then Triple H yanks Lita in the ring. Luckily the Hardy Boyz come to her aid. Rock recovers and takes out Triple H and Angle with help from the Hardys. Lita joins in stomping Triple H. Angle is reluctant to get back in the ring. Rock tells him to, "Just bring it." but Angle heads backstage. Triple H gets hit with a Rock Bottom and the People's Elbow.

Kurt Angle finds Stephanie in her dressing room. He apologizes and keeps saying, "You have no idea how much I care about you." He hugs her. Then kisses her. After a bit of reluctance she seems to enjoy it as Angle backs away with a smile.

Summer Slam

(2000-08-27) Right to Censor pulled off a win over Rikishi and Too Cool when the match got out of control. X-Pac and Road Dogg faced off to settle their differences of who the best singles competitor is. It started out as a nice match but when Road Dogg went for the pumphandle slam, Pac countered and hit him with the X-Factor for the win. Afterward, X-Pac wanted to go back to being a tag team and offered his hand to Dogg but Road Dogg slammed him and walked out.

Mixed Tag Match, with the Intercontinental Title on the line: Val Venis and Trish Stratus vs Chyna and Eddie Guerrero. Commissioner Foley added the stipulation that if either Val or Trish gets pinned then the IC Title will go to the person who got the victory. Eventually Chyna got Trish in the ring alone while Eddie and Val fought outside. Trish tried to clothesline Chyna but fell down after colliding with the Ninth Wonder of the World. Chyna pressed Trish over her head before slamming her for the win, and Chyna is two-time Intercontinental Champion. Venis was not too happy with Stratus. Jerry the King Lawler vs Tazz, Tazz mocked J.R. in his entrance. During the match Tazz yelled at Jim Ross several times. Then King hit him with a piledriver but Tazz stood back up and threw Lawler into the referee knocking them both down. While they were down Tazz got in J.R.'s face again then returned to the ring and locked Jerry in the Tazzmission. However, Jim Ross jumped in the ring and smashed a glass candy jar over Tazz's head and Lawler got the victory.

Hardcore Championship: Steve Blackman vs Shane McMahon. Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman clobbered Shane in and out of the ring with a variety of weapons. Test and Albert came to Shane's aid but Albert accidentally hit Test and Blackman was back in control. Finally, Blackman chased Shane up the Titan Tron and knocked him off then made the cover to regain the Hardcore Title. Best Two out of Three Falls: Benoit vs Jericho, Benoit took the first fall with a Crippler Crossface early in the match. Then Benoit worked on Jericho's injured shoulder until Jericho retaliated and locked in the Walls of Jericho forcing Benoit to tap out. Then they traded several power moves trying to get the final fall but neither could pull it off. Jericho landed the Lionsault but couldn't make the cover. Ultimately Benoit reversed a rollup on Jericho and hung on to the ropes for leverage and took the victory.

Tag Team Championship Match, Tables and Ladders and Chairs: Edge and Christian vs Dudley Boyz vs Hardy Boyz. Another spectacular performance from these young athletes. The tables, ladders, and chairs were put to good use as the three teams battled to grab the tag titles that were suspended above the ring. Lita came to ringside to aid the Hardys but Edge and Christian pulled off the victory and retained the Tag Titles.

Stink Face Thong Match: Kat vs Terri with Al Snow and Perry Saturn at ringside. When the official went down temporarily Al tossed Head to Kat and Terri got nailed. Then Al nailed Saturn with Head outside the ring. Meanwhile Kat rolled Terri into the corner and delivered a stink face for the win. Al raised Kat on his shoulders afterward in celebration. Undertaker vs Kane, never officially started. These two giants hammered eachother in and out of the ring as Undertaker tried to pull off Kane's mask. He finally succeeded and Kane headed backstage ending the confrontation.

Triple Threat WWF Championship Match: Rock vs Triple H vs Kurt Angle. This match has been stipulated as No-DQ and No Count Out. Angle entered the ring first and apologized for not kissing Stephanie sooner. Triple H told Stephanie to stay backstage then hit the ring and drug Angle outside and delivered a Pedigree on the Spanish announce table. The match started as Rock made his way to the ring and Hunter picked up a sledge hammer. EMTs arrived at ringside and tried to take Kurt backstage but Triple H pulled Angle back toward the ring hammering on him along the way. Rock attacked Triple H allowing the EMTs to take Angle away. Stephanie checked on Angle then headed to the ring where she accidentally hit Hunter with the title belt when Rock ducked. Rock tried to go after Stephanie but Hunter caught him with a low blow. Hunter then sent Stephanie back to the locker room. A short time later Stephanie is shown backstage talking Kurt into helping Triple H. The two made their way to ringside and Angle tripped Rock allowing Triple H to hit the Pedigree. However, when The Game went for a cover Kurt yanked him out of the ring and slammed him into the ring steps. Stephanie stood by shocked. Later Stephanie tossed Triple H the sledge hammer but Angle got it. Stephanie stepped into the ring and Hunter accidentally punched her. Angle clobbered The Game with the sledge hammer as he checked on Steph, then tried to pin him but Rock interrupted it. The Rock tossed Angle outside the ring, landed the People's Elbow on Triple H, and retained the WWF Championship. Afterward as Triple H and Stephanie both lay in the ring, Angle picked up Stephanie and carried her away.

(2000-08-28) As RAW came on the air, Mick announced some matches for the night. Out in the parking area, Triple H waited for Stephanie to arrive; reportedly he had not seen her since Summer Slam ended. The Acolytes and Chris Jericho vs T and A and Chris Benoit, Jericho attacked Benoit on the ramp. These six men had a nice match with several near falls. Jericho took the win after Bradshaw delivered a big boot to Albert's face. X-Pac and Road Dogg stopped by to try joking around with Hunter outside but The Game was not in the mood for it. Then King Kurt's music plays in the arena and Hunter heads inside.

Kurt claims he has some memory loss from the concussion he sustained at Triple H's hands last night and he's angry at Triple H for hitting Stephanie. Then Angle continues to insult Hunter until he enters the ring. Triple H gets right in Angle's face, "Where's my wife?" Kurt smiles but says he doesn't know. The two argue the about the events at Summer Slam for awhile until Triple H knocks Angle out of the ring and officials keep them apart. Backstage, Eddie and Chyna are watching the proceedings in the ring and Chyna remarks that she feels bad for Hunter. But Eddie encourages her to concentrate on her match. Intercontinental Championship Match: Chyna vs Val Venis, Chyna retains the title with some distraction from Eddie and Trish. Michael Cole interviews Angle in the locker room and Angle implies that he and Stephanie were at a hotel room together.

Right To Censor speaks the Rikishi, Too Cool, and two of Godfather's old hos head to the ring. Rikishi flattens Steven, the levels Bull and Goodfather, but Bull saves Steven from a stink face. Then Rikishi and company celebrate with a dance. Backstage, Chyna talks to Hunter giving him some advice about relationships. The old friends share a hug as Eddie walks in and gets upset. Later Angle talks Eddie into challenging Hunter and The Game accepts. Edge and Christian enter the ring and insult the Hardys and Dudleys by having some minis impersonate them. The Tag Champs gave their promised 37 second pose but then the real Hardys stormed the ring. Hardcore Championship: Blackman defeats Tazz to retain the title with an assist from Jerry Lawler and J.R. Women's Championship: Jackie vs Lita, these two ladies put on a nice match with alot of action. Lita retains the title after moonsault. Edge and Christina head to the ring as Jackie drags Lita back inside. The Hardys come to Lita's aid but not before Edge spears Lita once again. Triple H vs Eddie Guerrero, Chyna stays backstage at Eddie's request. The competitive match came to an abrupt end when Angle leveled both men with a chair. Chyna ran out from the back with chair in hand to chase off Angle. She then tended to both Eddie and Hunter till they recovered.

Kat and Al Snow vs Terri and Perry Saturn, when Kat gets Terri down Saturn knocks her across the ring. Al tags himself in and hammers Saturn. Suddenly a streaker ran into the ring, danced momentarily, then ran back out. (It was Mideon, Dennis Knight, nearly naked). Al looked positively disgusted by the spectacle but managed to get a near fall on Saturn. However, Saturn shoved Snow into Kat causing her to fall into the ring and he quickly applied the Rings of Saturn for the submission win.

WWF Championship: Kane vs Rock, they both get near falls. Then the referee gets knocked down. Rock hits a Rock Bottom and drops the People's Elbow but the referee is still out. Kane catches Rock with a chokeslam but the People's Champ kicks out. Another Rock Bottom still can't keep Kane down. Kane and Rock fight into the audience as Undertaker rides in. Kane goes to confront the American Badass but gets chokeslammed. Undertaker sits and watches from his bike as Rock and the referee return to the ring and Rock covers Kane. However, Kane still kicks out. Finally, a third Rock Bottom puts Kane away for the victory and Rock retains the title.

(2000-08-31) Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley made her way to the ring as SmackDown began. She announced that she was with Shane in the hospital after Summer Slam and reports that her marriage is just fine. Angle enters the ring and shows the video of Triple H accidentally hitting Stephanie at Summer Slam, then a clip of Chyna and Hunter hugging which upsets Stephanie. Finally he shows a video clip of Chyna tending to Hunter after Kurt nailed him with a chair on RAW. Chyna steps on stage, "Nothing happened between Hunter and I. This idiot is trying to manipulate you." Then the Ninth Wonder of the World heads to the ring. As Stephanie confronts her, Angle sneaks up from behind and executes his Olympic Slam. Eddie comes to Chyna's aid as Steph and Angle head backstage. Triple H arrives to fine Kurt with Stephanie, he kicks Angle out then Stephanie slaps him for not telling her about Chyna. Hunter leaves the room to cool off.

Road Dogg challenges Right To Censor and pulls off a win over Bull Buchanan. Chyna fins Commissioner Foley and demands a match with Angle. However, Mick has a different idea, a Triple Threat: Eddie vs Triple H vs Angle. Edge, Christian, and Jackie vs Hardy Boyz and Lita, the Hardys actually got some mic time. Then they got the victory in front of their home state crowd. Angle approaches Stephanie backstage but she informs him that she needs space. European Championship Match: Saturn with Terri vs Al Snow, Terri gets involved several times during the match. Al throws her off the ring apron then nails Saturn with Heard and goes for the cover. However, the referee spots Head and doesn't finish the count. The match continues and Saturn tries to use Head on Snow but misses. Al avoids the Rings of Saturn and gets the victory with a Dragon Sleeper submission. Al Snow is the European Champion.

Backstage, Hunter starts to explain and make up with Stephanie but gets angry when he starts talking about Angle and begins throwing things and screaming. Stephanie screams back and Joe overhears outside their door. He tells Kurt Angle that he thinks they're fighting. A short time later, Angle meets Stephanie in a hallway and she tells him she's fine and Hunter did not hit her. Number One Contender Match, for the WWF Championship: Undertaker vs Benoit. Undertaker has the advantage but Kane arrives and ends the match. All three men start fighting, then Rock runs in and tosses Benoit out of the ring while Undertaker fights off Kane. Tazz enters the ring and starts insulting Jerry the King Lawler, but Jericho interrupts him and infuriates him with a barrage of Y2J-insults. During the match Tazz takes a cheap shot at Lawler. Jericho gets the victory then officials have to drag Tazz backstage.

Kaientai pull off a win over the Dudley Boyz with an assist from the Acolyte Protection Agency. Afterward, the APA walks away as the Dudleys destroy Taka and Funaki driving them both through a table. Backstage, Val leaves Trish Stratus' stable. Then Val enters the ring to take on an old rival in Rikishi Phatu. RTC tries to interfere but Rikishi fights them off, then Too Cool runs interference to keep Goodfather and Bull away but Steven smacks Rikishi with the ring bell and Val takes the win. Backstage in their dressing room, Hunter and Stephanie apologize to eachother and embrace as the police enter. They take Hunter to the station to investigate a spousal abuse report. Hunter accuses Steph, but she denies it and follows him to the car but has to return to the ring under Mick Foley's insistence that she now accompany King Angle to the ring. Eddie with Chyna vs Angle with Stephanie, both ladies get involved during the match. Angle takes the win after smacking Guerrero with the IC belt that ended up in the ring. Afterward Chyna clobbers Angle the DDTs Stephanie. Angle helps Stephanie to make her way backstage.

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