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(2001-01-01) Stone Cold Steve Austin arrives to the arena and Earl Hebner informs him that Stephanie has demanded he report to her. When Austin meets with Stephanie she informs him that he will be selling beer and hotdogs tonight and if he doesn't sell it all he'll never get a title match. Stone Cold knocks out the vendor in disgust. Undertaker vs Rikishi, Taker has the upperhand through most of the match. He tries to send Rikishi on the Last Ride but can't pull it off. Undertaker gets the win with a DDT. The Acolytes and Billy Gunn with Jackie vs Right To Censor. Gunn takes the victory over Venis then sets him up for a pile driver but RTC prevents him from executing it. Stephanie confronts Austin backstage with his hotdog tray and he squirts mustard all over her. A couple minutes later the cameras find Austin sampling the beer. Stephanie has Vince on the speaker phone as Trish Stratus walks in. Vince informs Steph of an IC Title match between Benoit and Test. Stephanie kicks Trish out of the room stating that there's only one dominate female in the McMahon family.

Hardcore Championship: Raven vs Tazz. The match soon ends up backstage where Tazz gives Raven a swirly. The Hollys and Steve Blackman join the brawl, Molly even tries for a pin. Raven pins Crash and rushes from the arena with the title. Stone Cold makes his way to the ring with the empty vendor tray and demands Stephanie come out to the ring. She doesn't believe he sold everything so Austin directs her attention to the Titan Tron and replies, "I found a couple thirsty sumbitches in the back." The APA bought all Austin's beer. Stone Cold hangs the vendor tray around Stephanie's neck warning her that its a little sticky. Steph struggles to hold up the tray while she continues to argue with Austin. However, she states that since he did do his job he'll face Regal and the winner will meet the winner of the Rock vs Kane match and Undertaker on SmackDown. Steve Austin finally agrees to help Stephanie with the tray. He pulls it off along with her blouse. Stephanie McMahon Helmsley rushes backstage in her bra trying to cover herself.

Tag Team Table Match: Dudley Boys and Jericho vs Edge, Christian, and Kurt Angle. The Dudleys 3D Edge through a table for the win. IC Title Match: Benoit vs Test. Test does surprisingly well until Albert shows up at ringside and he goes out after him. Test returns to the ring and climbs up for the elbow drop but Trish shoves him off the top rope allowing Benoit to roll him up and retain the title. Albert and a furious Test pummel eachother until officials manage to keep them apart. Backstage, William Regal informs Debra that Stephanie has appointed a surprise referee for his match with Steve Austin. The Radicals join commentary for Hardy Boyz vs Kaientai. The Hardys take the victory then assault the Radicals before heading backstage. Kane vs Rock, Rock gets pummeled but won't stay down. Angle makes his way to ringside and receives a Rock Bottom. Rock returns to the ring and attempts the People's Elbow but Kane blocks it. Angle smacks Rock in the head with his title belt then Kane chokeslams Rock for the victory. Regal vs Stone Cold Steve Austin, Stephanie is the special referee. Austin ignores Steph and pummels Regal in and out of the ring; pushing the rules as far as possible. Austin finally goes for a cover after a series of suplexes but Stephanie gets something in her eye and stops counting at two. Stone Cold pushes her out of the ring and goes back to clobbering Regal. Earl Hebner runs in. Regal catches Austin with a low blow and knocks Hebner out of the ring before helping Stephanie back in. Regal takes the win after a lightening fast count from Stephanie. The Rattlesnake is livid. Undertaker vs Regal vs Kane for the number one contendership.

(2001-01-04) Stone Cold is waiting outside the arena for Stephanie to show up. IC Title Match: Jericho vs Benoit, as Y2J gets Benoit in the Walls of Jericho, Saturn runs in ending the match. The Hardys run in to aid Jericho. Outside, a limo arrives and Regal steps out. He informs Steph on his cell phone that Stone Cold is nowhere in sight. Just as he hangs up, the Texas Rattlesnake strikes. Stone Cold bounces Regal's head off the hood of the car repeatedly then drives the limo back into the parking area with Regal on the hood. Austin drives the car into a wall of crates sending Regal tumbling off the hood then jumps out and clobbers him with a pipe until officials and security finally keep him away from his bloody victim.

Edge and Christian take a place at commentary as Right To Censor takes on the Dudley Boys. They prevent a 3D on Goodfather but Steven Richards starts arguing with them. In the confusion Bull gets a 3D and the Dudleys take the win and get a Tag Title shot at Royal Rumble. Debra steps outside to try calming Austin down but doesn't seem to have much effect. Angle vs Rock, non-title at Rock's request. The Brahma Bull lays the smack down in the opening minutes then sets up Angle for a Rock Bottom on the announce table but Angle blocks it and the table collapses under them. Angle hits Rock with the Olympic Slam while they're still outside the ring but surprisingly Rock starts to get back to his feet before he's counted out. Angle goes back out breaking the count. Back in the ring, Rock kicks the Champ between the legs and follows it with a spine buster. He is about to hit the People's Elbow but gets another idea and grabs a steel chair. The referee takes it away as Kurt tries to blind side Rock. However, Rock hits the Rock Bottom and picks up the chair again. When the referee takes it away a second time; the referee gets a Rock Bottom. A second referee runs in and goes down with yet another Rock Bottom. Angle finally gets back to his feet only to get flattened with a chair shot. Rock picks up the WWF Championship belt and raises it overhead then drops it on Angle's chest as he leaves the ring.

Stone Cold meets Stephanie's limo as it arrives and stalks her through the backstage area. Some security guy gets in his way, momentarily, until Austin knocks him aside. Stephanie finds herself scurrying down the entrance ramp to the ring and Stone Cold follows her out and tosses her in the ring. A terrified Stephanie remains on her knees as the furious Rattlesnake looms over her. "I warned you...I'm not gonna play your little games." he growls. Vince McMahon arrives interrupting the confrontation. Stephanie finally makes it to her feet and stands behind her father. After calling him a lunatic Vince remarks, "You won't hurt her because I can give you what you want; the WWF title shot." Vince states that since he can change the record book. Regal was DQed Monday night so Austin advances to the Triple Threat Contender match tonight. Austin accepts the offer, "I won't harm 'Daddy's little girl'. But you never said anything about Daddy." then stuns McMahon. A few minutes later backstage, Vince informs Steph that he's going to be an enforcer at ringside for the Triple Threat.

Matt Hardy and Lita vs Saturn and Terri turns into a chaotic match. Dean pulls Lita out of the ring for another kiss and gets slapped. Lita hits Terri with a moonsault but Dean Malenko DDTs her and Terri rolls on top for the victory. Val Venis vs The One Billy Gunn, Billy hammers Val and goes for a cover but Ivory has the referee distracted. Richards smacks Gunn with a Stevie kick and Venis steals the win. However, Gunn yanks Ivory into the ring and sets her up for a pile driver. Richards prevents it. Stephanie returns to Vince's dressing room to find Trish oiling him up. Vince remarks that his holidays were a lot like Trish's. Stephanie kicks her out. As she leaves Trish thanks Vince for the favor. Test vs Albert, prior to the match Trish Stratus informs Test that his opponent is Rikishi instead. Test does fairly well but is distracted through out the match. Rikishi clobbers him for the win then hits him with a couple of banzai drops at Albert's request.

Triple Threat Number One Contender Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Undertaker vs Kane. There's no alliances in this one. Austin takes Kane down with a stunner but Hebner is down. A second referee runs down but Vince pulls him out and tells him to check on Earl Hebner. Finally, Vince steps in the ring to administer a count but only gets two. Stone Cold gets in Vince's face but Undertaker attacks from behind. The Phenom has some words with Vince then chokeslams Austin and Kane. Before he can pin Austin, Rikishi enters the ring but suffers a chokeslam as well. Undertaker walks into a stunner and, surprisingly, Vince registers the three count. Stone Cold gets his title shot next RAW.

(2001-01-08) Vince enters the ring as RAW comes on the air and speaks about respecting authority. Then announces a match that Stephanie suggested, Rikishi and Kane vs Rock and two referees. Then starts to elaborate why he counted Austin to victory last week. Stone Cold Steve Austin heads to the ring. Austin doesn't believe Vince has changed and states that he'll still hold to DTA, "Don't Trust Anybody". Stone Cold announces his intentions to beat Kurt Angle for the title tonight. The WWF Champion makes his way to the ring. Angle points out that he's been in several title matches with Austin recently and has retained the title. Angle smacks Austin in the head with the title belt but only makes the Rattlesnake madder.

Chris Jericho and the Hardys take a win over the Radicals. Lita assaults Dean but gets splattered with nacho cheese. As she's showering backstage, Dean Malenko sneaks into the room to help dry her. The Hardy Boyz return and pummel him, slamming his leg in a chair. Officials finally pull them off of Dean. A recorded interview, Chyna says she's undergoing therapy to hopefully avoid surgery. She wants to return, but its questionable and the Doctors don't want her to. Lumberjack Match: Billy Gunn vs Val Venis, Gunn throws Venis out to the wolves several times. Val gets clobbered in and out of the ring. At one point the APA rolls Ivory in the ring but she scampers out before Billy can get to her. The One Billy Gunn takes the victory. Right To Censor storms the ring but the rest of the lumberjacks clear the ring. Handicap Match: Rock and two referees vs Rikishi and Kane. Teddy Long is forced to start the match by Stephanie but he manages to quickly tag in Rock after a stink face. Rock gets double teamed through out the match. Then Kane brings in a chair ending the match, the Rock and his team are assaulted until the Undertaker aids Rock. Hardcore Championship: Raven vs Blackman, Hardcore Holly brings a referee to the ring. Raven pins Hardcore and tries to leave but Blackman and Holly chase him up the ramp where Hardcore gets a near fall. However, Raven retains his title as he runs to a waiting car and leaves the arena.

The Tag Team Champions, Edge and Christian, bring a couple imposters to the ring and claim they're the Dudley parents. The Dudley Boys show up and the Tag Champs split leaving the imposters to get clobbered. Backstage, Vince sends Stephanie to make him some coffee. When she returns Trish Stratus comes out of the restroom. Stephanie decides to put her and Albert in a match against Test. Vince assures Trish it'll be okay then goes looking for someone backstage. Handicap Match: Trish and Albert vs Test, Regal interferes giving the match to Trish and Albert. Stephanie accuses Vince of sending Steven Regal out to the ring.

WWF Championship: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Kurt Angle. Stone Cold dominates the beginning of the match getting several near falls. Kurt recovers and gets a couple near falls. Then Austin takes it outside the ring and hammers the Champ. Regal comes out with a pipe in hand but Austin disarms and clobbers him. Steve Austin goes to work on Angle again but the Olympic Hero won't stay down. Angle comes back with a series of suplexes but Stone Cold kicks out. Another round of suplexes and Austin still kicks out. Stone Cold attempts a stunner but Kurt counters, counters again, but goes down on the third attempt. Hebner counts two but gets pulled out of the ring. Triple H, The Game, has returned. Triple H gets Stone Cold's attention then knocks Earl Hebner out. The Texas Rattlesnake is livid, he tosses Angle out of the ring and calls out The Game. Hunter gets in the ring and these two gladiators collide. Triple H bloodies Austin with the pipe that was left at ringside. However, Stone Cold comes up fighting. But two more shots from the pipe put him down.

(2001-01-11) Vince makes his way to the ring as SmackDown gets underway. He states that he didn't know Triple H was going to interfere last Monday. Further he has asked Triple H and Stone Cold to take the night off and cool down. Then Vince McMahon announces that Triple H is now the number one contender and will face Kurt Angle at the Royal Rumble. Triple H joins via satellite. Hunter tells Austin that it will end when Austin is finished. Then tells Angle that the only reason he is still WWF Champion is because he allowed it.

Dean Malenko is out with an injured knee after being attacked by the Hardys on Monday. Billy Gunn and Hardy Boyz take on Right To Censor, RTC steals the win after a Stevie Kick. Test vs K-Kwik is a nice match but Kwik is overpowered by Test. After some acrobatics he gets caught with a big foot and Test picks up the victory. Afterward, K-Kwik offers his hand. Test raises his high into the air and Kwik jumps up for a high-five. Regal levels Test with his European Title as Test makes his way up the ramp. Backstage, Angle states he doesn't like his odds against the McMahon-Helmsleys at the Rumble. Then reveals his new manager, Trish Stratus.

The Dudley Boys and Jericho vs Edge and Christian and Chris Benoit, the match is mostly a six man brawl. However, a couple minutes into the match *GLASS BREAK* Stone Cold Steve Austin storms the ring with chair in hand. He levels both Dudleys and Edge as everyone scatters. The Rattlesnake orders Vince to come to out. Vince heads for the ring in a hurry but Stone Cold stops him on the ramp and warns him to stand right where he is. Austin just has one question, "Is Stone Cold Steve Austin in the Royal Rumble?" Vince hesitates, then reluctantly states, "You're in." "Now you go back and tell 29 other WWF Superstars that Stone Cold Steve Austin is highly pissed off!" Stone Cold promises to raise hell at the Rumble. Then Austin addresses Triple H, stating he'll settle the score after the Rumble. Vince returns backstage to find Trish in his room. He begins to reprimand her for aligning herself with the WWF Champion. She agrees that she has been a bad girl, so bad she deserves a spanking -- and swings the door shut. Fatal Fourway, the winner gets number 30 in the Royal Rumble. Undertaker, Rock, Kane, and Rikishi collide. A brutal match with numerous power moves from all the players. Rikishi takes the victory and the number 30 slot in the Rumble. However, Kane hands out a round of chokeslams before leaving the ring.

(2001-01-15) On HEAT Ivory challenged Chyna to her Women's Title at the Royal Rumble knowing full well that Chyna is still less than 100%. Steven Richards, Val Venis, and Ivory vs Lita and the Hardy Boyz. During the match Chyna makes her way to ring side and throws Ivory back to Lita allowing Lita to take the victory. As RTC retreats up the ramp, Chyna informs Ivory that she will meet her at the Royal Rumble.

Triple H and Stephanie enter the ring and Hunter speaks about his feud with Austin. Vince joins via satellite and states that if Triple H or Austin physically provoke eachother tonight they're out of their respective matches at the Rumble. Then he announces Austin and the Dudleys vs Edge, Christian, and Kurt Angle. Triple H states his intentions to reclaim the WWF Championship bringing the Champ out on stage. Angle tells Stephanie that she blew her chance to be with a champion then brings Trish out. Miss Stratus appears in a fur coat and diamond ear rings. As to why she became Angle's manager, Trish says she just loves a man on top. Stephanie responds by putting Trish in a Spanking Match with Jackie.

Hardcore Championship: Raven vs Test, Blackman and Hardcore Holly soon arrive with their own referees. Raven and Test fight backstage as Bob Holly and Blackman continue their fight on the stage. Regal assaults Test allowing Raven to make the cover and retain his title. Raven makes a quick getaway while officials have to separate Steve Blackman and Holly. The two end up agreeing to a match later in the evening. Backstage, Rock cuts an 'I have a dream.' promo and remarks that he doesn't like the idea of teaming with the Undertaker tonight. Hunter and Stephanie call Vince and after hearing what the Rock said, changes the teams to Kane and Rock vs Undertaker and Rikishi. Neither team works very well together. Kane ends up choke slamming Rock. Taker sends him on the Last Ride and takes the victory. Undertaker and Kane share a look that smells of a conspiracy. Chris Benoit brings a ladder to the ring and shows a video of himself pummeling Jericho. Y2J comes out of the audience and knocks Benoit out of the ring with the ladder. Backstage, Edge and Christian clobber the Dudley Boys on their way to the ring delaying the match to see if Stone Cold can find new partners. Stephanie calls Vince again and says if Austin can't find any partners he'll have to go it alone. Hardcore Holly vs Blackman, after the referee is knocked out of the way twice he simply walks up the ramp and watches the fight. They take it hardcore and when Blackman calls for a referee to register the count Holly flattens him with a street sign and walks out. Spanking Match: Trish vs Jackie, the two ladies bring their leather belts with them and put them to good use. Shortly into the match, Kurt Angle pulls Trish out of the ring ending the match. K-Kwik and Too Cool are surprisingly defeated by Tazz and Kaientai when Tazz locks on the Tazzmission.

Stone Cold Steve Austin enters the ring alone and watches the three champions approach with a big grin on his face. As they enter the ring we all find out why -- the Acolytes storm the ring and join Austin. Both teams work well together, however, midway into the match the APA and Edge and Christian fight their way backstage. Austin and Angle continue their battle with both men getting several near falls. Kurt seems to have it won when Triple H steps on stage and distracts the referee allowing Angle to nail Austin with a low blow. But Stone Cold recovers and eventually takes the victory with a stunner. Triple H enters the ring and trash talks Austin getting right in his face. Stone Cold gets a chair and appears ready to level The Game but Austin tosses it aside gives Triple H the finger and walks out. As Stone Cold reaches the stage, Hunter finally gets to him and Stone Cold stalks right back to the ring. Surprisingly, Angle sneaks in with the Olympic Slam before Austin can get to Triple H. Stone Cold hits Angle with another stunner before leaving the ring area.

(2001-01-18) Chris Jericho enters the ring with a ladder and calls out Benoit. Saturn steps on stage and tells Jericho that Benoit is under doctor's care but he'll accept the challenge. Saturn enters the ring and clashes with Y2J. Benoit appears and Jericho gets pummeled and locked in the Crippler Crossface until officials finally pull Benoit off. Buh Buh Ray Dudley defeats Edge but gets slammed through a table after the match. Six-Person Tag Match: Hardy Boyz and Lita vs Acolytes and Jackie. Lita hits a moonsault but Faarooq pulls her off. Bradshaw takes the win over Jeff.

Backstage, Trish Stratus enters Stephanie's dressing room hot over being humiliated on Monday. Stephanie throws veggie dip on her chest. Vince walks in and tells them both to act their age. Then tries to make peace, as he leaves with Trish, saying, "Why can't we be one big happy family?" Which only serves to make Steph more angry. Moments later, Vince enters Trish's dressing room to find her in only a bra. He offers his coat to keep her warm. She tells Vince how much she enjoys working with him and gives him a 'hug'. As Stephanie sees this on the monitor she storms out of her room. Earl Hebner barges in on Vince to inform him that a guest has arrived in the parking lot. Vince admonishes Earl for barging in then joins his visitor in the limo. Stephanie makes her way to the ring and calls out Trish. Stratus makes her way to the ring, "Me and you dad, are just friends." As the cats are about to clash, The Game arrives and tells them to cool it. Triple H starts to trash talk Trish but Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring. The Game assaults Angle and Stephanie attacks Ms. Stratus. After Triple H throws Angle out of the ring he grabs Trish by the hair but Kurt pulls her to safety. After Trish makes it back to her dressing room, Vince returns and tells her to take the night off and he's coming with her.

William Regal joins commentary for Test vs Val Venis. As Test nears the ring he attacks Regal but Val blindsides him. Regal repays the favor by nailing Test with a chair and allowing Venis to pick up the win. Jerry the King Lawler announces his surprise, the Chicago Enforcers cheerleaders. Right To Censor members Steven Richards and Ivory crash the party. However, Lawler has a second surprise -- Chyna! The Ninth Wonder of the World makes her way to the ring and power bombs Ivory with authority. Hardcore Match: Steve Blackman vs Hardcore Bob Holly, Raven knocks them both out and Blackman happens to fall on top to take the victory.

Six-Man Match, with special referee Triple H. Undertaker, Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Kane, Rikishi, and Kurt Angle. Triple H antagonizes Austin during the match. He restrains Austin early in the match after too many closed fists trying to provoke Austin into hitting him. Then gives him a slow count. Undertaker tags in and gets a near fall then refuses to tag Rock. Stone Cold hammers on Rikishi awhile then finally tags Rock in. When Rock has to face Kane he slaps Undertaker tagging him in. However, Kane shortly tags Rikishi in a similar fashion. Then Austin is back in against Angle and Triple H once again physically restrains him. While Triple H is in Stone Cold's face Angle shoves him from behind knocking both men down. The Game snaps up and Pedigrees Angle. However, since Austin was physically provoked its open season on Triple H and Austin takes advantage of it. Rikishi kicks Austin knocking him down near his corner and Rock leans over the ropes to tag himself in. A Rock Bottom and Triple H counts the victory. Stone Cold hits Triple H with a stunner then stares down the Rock. Kane and Undertaker chokeslam Austin and Rock simultaneously.

Royal Rumble

(2001-01-21) APPENDED: 2002-10-05 I guess I never did insert the Rumble review here. Oops.

(2001-01-22) Stephanie and Triple H enter the ring. The Game brings a sledge hammer with him and states his intentions of finishing off Austin for costing him the WWF Championship last night. Kurt Angle steps on stage and ends up accepting a challenge for the WWF Championship tonight. Then Trish joins him and challenges Steph to a match as well. When Vince McMahon arrives he tells Michael Cole, backstage, that the matches may happen or they may not.

European Championship: Test vs Steven Regal, Test dominates the match. A big boot and an elbow from the top rope end the match with Test as the new European Champ. Acolytes with Jackie defeat the Hardy Boyz with Lita in a confusing match. Benoit and Big Show vs Chris Jericho and Rock. Jericho gets chokeslammed outside the ring and taken backstage for medical attention. Rock continues the fight alone. He gets a near win over Benoit but Big Show pulls him out of the ring. Rock grabs the ring bell and levels Show. Benoit locks on the Crossface but Rock makes it to the rope. Jericho returns from backstage just as Benoit falls outside the ring. Y2J slams him into the ring steps then rolls him back in for a Rock Bottom and the win. Big Show recovers and chokeslams Jericho and Rock, then Benoit when the Crippler gets in his face.

RTC members Steven Richards and Ivory enter the ring and address the audience prior to a Women's Championship match against Molly Holly. Richards knocks Molly off the top rope and Ivory makes the cover to retain her title. Rikishi vs Kane, Haku enters the ring to aid Rikishi. Undertaker runs in and helps Kane clear the ring. Tag Title Match: Dudley Boys vs Lo Down, D'Lo tries to hit Buh Buh Ray with the title belt. Buh Buh avoids the blow and smacks D'Lo with the belt ending the match. Tiger Ali Singh jumps in the ring and gets driven through a table. Hardcore Title: Raven vs Al Snow, the brutal fight ends up outside where Al clobbers Raven with a pipe. Snow makes the cover for the win. However, Raven's driver -- some woman dressed like a ninja -- knocks Snow out and Raven regains his title moments later and makes a quick departure.

After a 'meeting' with Trish, Vince decides that the two matches made at the beginning of the show will not occur. Instead he announces Triple H and Stephanie vs Angle and Trish in a mixed tag match. Triple H and Steph have the upperhand at the beginning of the match. But soon things get out of control. The girls fight inside the ring while Hunter and Kurt Angle battle outside. Then The Game returns to the ring to Pedigree Trish and Stephanie covers her for the victory. Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out of the audience and assaults Triple H then stuns him and celebrates with some Steveweisers. Stephanie just looks on in fear.

(2001-01-25) Undertaker vs Rikishi is the opening round of SmackDown. Haku runs in ending the match and Taker gets clobbered. Kane arrives to aid his brother. Undertaker makes it back to his feet and the brothers clear the ring. Undertaker and Kane raise their hands together finally signalling their alliance. Outside, Vince arrives and fires the driver for being 20 minutes late. Mr. McMahon makes his way to the ring and speaks about the mixed tag match from Monday. Steph was man-handled and Trish got Pedigreed. And Stone Cold got involved. So he's given Triple H and Stone Cold the night off. Vince announces that they will meet at No Way Out. Then calls Kurt Angle to the ring. Angle insures Vince that his contact with Stephanie was accidental. Vince replies that an apology isn't going to cut it. "In the interest of fairness." Kurt will defend the title against Kane.

Bradshaw and Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy and Faarooq, a match made in the interest of fairness. Both teams take it to eachother. However, the Hardys team up and Matt takes the win over Bradshaw. Backstage, Vince is on the phone, apparently with Linda, when he sees Triple H arrive on a monitor. The Game bursts into Vince's room and blames Vince for the mess that happened last week. Vince tells him to leave. The Game turns slowly and walks out. The Rock joins commentary for the Intercontinental Championship Match: Big Show vs Chris Jericho. Benoit attacks Show before he can go for a cover. During the confusion, Rock assaults Show and nails him with the title belt and a Rock Bottom. Jericho retains the title. Austin is backstage drinking coffee. Triple H sees him on a monitor and goes hunting for him.

Tazz vs K-Kwik, Kwik shows off a bit too much and goes down after a distraction from Kaientai. The camera finds Steve Austin in the parking lot next and Triple H continues the hunt. European Title Match: Test vs Christian, the referee goes down and misses a cover. Christian nails Test with the title and gets a near fall. Then Test misses the flying elbow but takes the victory after a big boot and retains the title. Triple H tracks Austin to the locker room and hammers Kaientai when he can't find Stone Cold. RTC enters the ring. Goodfather and Bull Buchanan vs Crash and Hardcore Bob Holly, Hollys take the victory after Ivory accidentally hits Bull with her title. Backstage, Harvey tells Triple H to report to Vince. When Hunter enters the office he finds that Vince didn't send for him. They suspect that Austin is laying a trap and both enter the room trying to surprise Stone Cold. However, the Rattlesnake steps out of the shadows behind the door they entered through. Triple H finally realizes he's there but hits Vince accidentally. Stone Cold pummels The Game and smashes a lamp over him before walking out.

WWF Championship Match: Kane vs Angle, Undertaker is watching the match from backstage when Haku and Rikishi assault him. Kane dominates the beginning of the match but Kurt finally mounts some offense. Kane keeps getting back up. Angle grabs a chair but gets it kicked into his face. Haku and Rikishi make their way to ringside. Kane levels Rikishi but takes several chairshots from Haku. Angle makes a cover and retains his title. Rikishi and Haku continue to stomp Kane. Undertaker makes it out to the ring but goes down as well.

(2001-01-29)As RAW comes on the air, Kurt Angle enters the ring and rolls a video from last year where he claimed to be the hometown hero in Pittsburgh, PA. Then speaks about his upcoming match on SmackDown. Rock steps on stage to talk some trash then shows an old commercial Angle did for Pizza Outlet where he gets teary-eyed over the pizza. Rock states his intentions of winning the Fatal Fourway tonight. Big Show blind sides the People's Champ and leaves him grimacing in pain.

Tag Team Championship Match: Dudley Boys vs Edge and Christian, but Edge has food poisoning so Kaientai enters the ring instead. The Dudleys control the match until Edge spears D-Von and Funaki gets a near fall. A 3D gets the Dudleys the win. Backstage, Triple H barges in on Vince with his lawyer looking for Austin. Vince tells him to cool down. Val Venis vs Steve Blackman, ample participation from the other RTC members gets Val the win. But as they try to assault Blackman after the match, Hardcore Holly storms the ring to aid Blackman. Backstage, Vince is on the phone with Trish, apparently, when Regal offers him a cup of tea. Then Vince makes his way to the ring for the public contract signing between Stone Cold and Triple H. Before they sign Vince announces that a stipulation in the contract is that there can be no physical aggression between them prior to the match at No Way Out. Regardless of who starts it, Triple H will be suspended for six months and Steve Austin loses his title shot at WrestleMania. Austin signs the contract without much of a look. However, Triple H has his lawyer look it over again. He sees something he likes then apparently signs it. As Stone Cold turns his back, The Game slams him in the head with a brief case and stomps him before a Pedigree. Vince informs Triple H that he just got suspended but Hunter reveals that he didn't sign the contract yet, and finally does so. Then tells Austin, "Pal, you can't touch me." Triple H and Stephanie quickly leave the arena. Acolytes with Jackie vs Hardy Boyz with Lita vs RTC. Jackie and Lita start fighting on the ramp and are sent back to the locker room. The Hardys take a quick win over RTC. Crash with Molly vs Raven for the Hardcore Title. They end up outside where Molly aids Crash to get a near win before Raven's driver assaults them and rolls Raven on top to retain his title. Undertaker with Kane vs Haku with Rikishi, Undertaker gets the win but Haku and Rikishi leave him bloodied. A short time later, Undertaker challenges them to a First Blood Match against himself and Kane. Lita vs Jackie, the winner to face Ivory for the Women's Title. Ivory interferes ending the match. Angle joins commentary for the Fatal Fourway. Jericho vs Benoit vs Big Show vs Rock. Show dominates the early part of the match but Rock takes the win over Chris Jericho.

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