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(2001-02-01) SmackDown Extreme kicks off with a Tag Title Table Match: Dudley Boys retain their title in a hard fought match. The camera finds Stone Cold Steve Austin drinking beer backstage. Women's Title: Ivory vs Jackie vs Lita, Jackie and Lita work together at first then its every lady for herself. Ivory gets knocked out of the ring. Lita pulls off her top, Hardy-style, then hits a moonsault on Jackie and gets a near fall. Ivory throws her out of the ring and covers Jackie to retain her title.

Triple H and Stephanie enter their dressing room to discover a pile of beer cans. Austin walks out of the restroom, acts like Hunter's best friend, and says he stopped in to use the facilities. Triple H is mad. Edge and Christian make their way to the ring expecting to face Kaientai, but the Acolytes enter in their place. During the match, Funaki saves Faarooq from a double chair shot. Faarooq takes the win. Steven Regal interrupts Vince in a meeting to take a personal call. Its Trish from a hotel room, taking a bubble bath. Backstage, Bill Gunn is speaking about Chyna with Coachmen when Big Show interrupts knocking Gunn aside and asking where his interview time is. Stephanie goes to take to Vince and finds him trying to leave the arena in a hurry. She asks him to put Triple H in the title match and gets it. Vince climbs in the driver's seat when a driver doesn't show up in time and takes off.

Jericho issues an open challenge for the Intercontinental Title. Tazz accepts the challenge and gets several near falls but Y2J retains the title. The Kat walks on stage and says theirs more than one way to get extreme, "I'm going to give everyone what they want...full frontal nudity." She wiggles out of her pants, as Lawler nearly hyperventilates, and starts to take off her top. Right To Censor hide her and take her backstage. Austin is drinking more beer backstage when he seemingly gets an idea and walks out shaking a couple cans. By Billy's request he gets a match with Big Show. The One puts up a good fight and won't stay down but gets overpowered and Show takes the victory with a chokeslam. Backstage, Austin offers Triple H a can and when he doesn't accept it Stone Cold opens it for himself spraying The Game with beer. Austin leaves Triple H in a foul mood. First Blood Match: Rikishi and Haku vs Kane and Undertaker, a rather brutal match gives Taker and Kane the win. But a bloody Haku and Rikishi back away from the ring with a smile.

WWF Championship Triple Threat: Kurt Angle vs Triple H vs Rock. Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way to ringside with cooler in hand. His arrival distracts Triple H nearly costing him the match. The Game is repeatedly distracted by Austin's presence. At one point when Triple H gets tossed outside the ring, Stone Cold walks over and sets a beer down beside him. Hunter bats it away. Rock gets a near win with a sharpshooter but Triple H breaks up the hold. Then Rock hits Angle with a Rock Bottom but Stephanie has the referee distracted. Angle makes a cover but Earl Hebner is distracted once again and starts counting late. Then the referee gets knocked out accidentally. Triple H sets up Angle for a Pedigree but starts taunting Austin and Angle catches him with a low blow. Angle rolls up The Game but Earl is still down. Stone Cold runs in the ring, beer still in hand, slaps Hebner's hand on the mat for a quick three count and Kurt Angle retains the title. A furious Triple H glares at Austin as he walks up the ramp.

(2001-02-05) Raw kicks off with an Intercontinental Championship Match: Matt Hardy with Lita vs Chris Jericho. Dean Malenko watches on from the ramp. Its a nice match. Lita hits a huricanrana on Jericho but he kicks out. Dean slams Matt against the ring post and rolls him into Jericho he quickly secures the victory, unaware of the interference. Afterward, a returning Eddie Guerrero assaults Jericho in the ring and the other Radicals join in to pummel Y2J.

Backstage, The Rock arrives and heads straight to the ring. Stone Cold inadvertently screwed the Rock last week but Rock is angry at Triple H. Stone Cold wouldn't have been involved if Triple H hadn't gotten himself in the match. The Brahma Bull calls out The Game. Stephanie steps on stage but Rock shuts her up rather quickly. Triple H joins his wife on stage and makes his way to the ring talking trash. "Since I can't kick Austin's ass, I'm more than happy to kick yours. Its time to play the game." Kurt Angle steps on stage saying neither the Rock or Triple H could beat him anyhow. Then Vince McMahon makes his way out and announces Rock and Angle vs Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Then Vince just walks backstage with three angry men glaring at him.

Edge and Christian mock Kaientai prior to their match, then take the win. Backstage, Stephanie has an ear ring she found in her father's hotel room that she thinks is Trish's. When she confronts Vince about it, Regal walks in and thanks Vince for loaning him the hotel room and says he'll return the ear ring to its owner. Stone Cold arrives at the arena and hears about his match, the Rattlesnake doesn't look to happy. The Kat hires the APA to aid her in the Right To Nudity. Outside, Molly Holly waits for her assailant from SmackDown to arrive. Tag Team Championship: Undertaker and Kane vs Dudley Boys. Taker chokeslams Buh Buh Ray. However, Edge and Christian hit the ring with chairs but miss Undertaker. The Phenom throws them out of the ring then picks up the chair and tosses it away. The referee turns around to see him holding it and calls for the disqualification thinking he used it on Buh Buh. Backstage, Stone Cold walks in on Trish and Vince. Vince is immediately worried that he angered the Rattlesnake. Austin says he loves the match, "Screw me? Pretty obvious your trying to screw somebody else."

Kat and the APA make their way to the ring. The Kat speaks about her Right To Nudity and starts to disrobe. Right To Censor rushes the ring and Richards gets in The Kat's face. She kisses him forcibly, he staggers away and gets flattened by Bradshaw. Ivory nails Kat and The Kat chases her backstage. Outside, Raven hits on Molly while she's waiting. When her assailant does arrive, Molly attacks her. But Raven gets involved and Molly is left lying. Backstage, Vince is showing Trish a little about football; she's the Center and his the Quarterback. Snow comes in and wants to talk about Mick Foley being fired. He ends up with a match and rushes out to get ready. Too Cool vs Rikishi and Haku, Too Cool nearly takes a win but continued double teaming from Haku is too much. Angle finds Rock in his dressing room to talk about their match tonight. Rock agrees to stay focused but promises Kurt he's going to take his title at No Way Out. Al Snow vs Chris Benoit, Snow does surprisingly well hitting two moonsaults in a row but falls victim to the Crippler Crossface. Chyna checks in from WWF New York. Reports that she is doing well and has a lot of talk show appearances. Austin stops in to offer a handshake to Triple H and even compliments Stephanie.

Rock and Angle vs Stone Cold and Triple H. Austin slaps Triple H to tag him in. When Triple H steps in the ring he continues to argue with Stone Cold. Rock tags himself in and surprises Triple H. Later, Rock is poised for the Rock Bottom when Angle leans over the ropes and tags in. Rock drills Angle before stepping out. Triple H tags in Austin who hammers Angle then tosses him outside the ring. Rock attacks Hunter but Angle gets back in and rolls Rock out to an approaching Big Show. Show clobbers the Rock taking him out of the match. Stone Cold and Triple H take turns bouncing Kurt's head off the announce table. After they get back in the ring, Austin happens to lean on the rope causing The Game to tumble over. Austin tries to apologize. Then Stone Cold walks to the wrong corner when Triple H is looking for a tag. Angle grabs a chair but walks into a Pedigree. Austin distracts the referee from making the count. Triple H gets in his face and takes a swing but misses. Stone Cold just gives him the finger and steps back out. Angle catches him with a low blow and chair shot for the win. Stone Cold takes down the Champ with a stunner.

(2001-02-08) As SmackDown begins Vince has Trish and William Regal assist him in drawing two names from a tumbler. Billy Gunn will represent Stone Cold and Jericho will represent Triple H in a match. The winner of the match will decide who gets to name the stipulations for the Austin vs Triple H match at No Way Out. While they're in the ring, Regal implies that he and Trish have a relationship.

Hardy Boyz vs Perry Saturn and Chris Benoit, Dean watches Lita from the ramp again. Terri tries to get in the ring but Lita pulls her back out and nails her. Malenko starts to carry Lita away from the ring but Matt stops him. Malenko throws Jeff into the ring post and rolls him into a Crossface and a win for the Radicals. Backstage, Stephanie has a private talk with Regal. Snow tries to talk to Vince about Foley again and ends up rushing off to a match. After sending Al to the ring, Vince sends out Rikishi who takes a quick win. Triple H asks Gunn to take a dive but The One refuses. Triple H levels him with a fire extinguisher to the head. After hearing what happened, Vince puts Triple H in the match against Jericho. And later announces that the stipulation match will be on Monday with Rikishi representing Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock representing Triple H.

Tag Team Championship: Edge and Christian vs Dudleys in a high impact match. Kane and Undertaker interrupt ending the match. Dudleys get in Undertaker's face but get chokeslammed. Hardcore Title: Raven vs Hardcore Bob Holly, Raven's ninja shows up but Molly detains her at ringside allowing Holly to win the Hardcore Title. However, the ninja knocks out Bob Holly with a 2x4 and Raven regains the title. As she leaves, the ninja tries to hit Molly again but Raven stops her. The Acolytes, Jackie, and The Kat vs RTC. Ivory pins Kat using the ropes for leverage. Jericho vs Triple H, Jericho gets some near wins but Triple H takes the victory after a distraction from Eddie Guerrero. Stone Cold makes his way to the ring and offers Hunter a beer. Triple H turns him down but Eddie wants it. Eddie gets a stunner instead. While Triple H is occupied with Stone Cold, Jericho sneaks and locks in the Walls of Jericho. Stone Cold dumps beer on The Game before leaving the ring area.

Rock vs Big Show, Angle joins commentary for the match to decide his number one contender. Show controls most of the match but when he goes out to assault Angle, Rock mounts an offense and knocks Big Show through the announce table. Back in the ring, he lands the People's Elbow but the Big Show kicks out. Rock gets chokeslammed but the referee was accidentally knocked out. Kurt Angle smacks Show with a chair twice then misses the Rock. Show gets Rock Bottomed on the chair and Rock takes the win and meets Angle at No Way Out. Big Show recovers and chokeslams Angle and Rock.

(2001-02-12) The Game and Stephanie make their way to the ring. Triple H talks about his upcoming match at No Way Out and tonight's Stipulation Match. He warns Rock not to do anything stupid. Rock steps on stage and talks some trash. Rock guarantees he'll win the title at No Way Out and go on to WrestleMania. Then Rock heads to the ring. Rikishi enters the ring as well and jokes about running down Austin. Stone Cold makes his way to the ring, "Normally, I'd want to see you get your ass whipped..." But tells Rikishi he better get the job done and promises a stunner after the match. Triple H tells Rock to know his role and Rock attacks him. Rikishi and Triple H clobber the Rock then Rikishi knocks down Stone Cold from behind.

IC Title Match: Jericho vs Eddie Guerrero was a nice match. Just as Jericho gets Eddie in the Walls of Jericho. X-Pac returns and attacks Jericho. Backstage, Vince arrives with Trish Stratus and Regal. Essa Rios challenges Angle to a match, after having been defeated on HEAT. Angle tells him to find a tag partner. Triple H asks Rikishi to lay down for the Rock, Rikishi refuses, and just as Triple H is about to take him out Haku walks in. Triple H just walks out.

Hardy Boyz and Lita vs Saturn, Benoit, and Terri. Lita takes the win over Terri. Dean levels Lita after the match. Undertaker and Kane vs Edge and Christian in a number one contender match. The Dudley Boys join commentary for the match. It doesn't take long till all three teams are battling outside the ring ending the match. Later, Vince announces that their will be a Triple Threat Tag Match at No Way Out. X-Pac vs Scotty Too Hotty, during the match Scotty gets injured and Grand Master Sexay takes his place. X-Pac takes the win. Jericho attacks Pac but Justin Credible (from ECW) joins Pac to hammer Y2J. The One Billy Gunn takes on Triple H, Gunn is impressive but Hunter gets the victory. Al Snow puts on a Mankind mask and enters the ring in protest, demanding that Vince hear him. Vince comes to the ring and Regal follows shortly after. Regal pummels Al Snow. Kurt Angle and Raven vs Essa Rios and Big Show, Raven pins Essa for the win then calls in his ninja assistant. Angle and Raven use the weapons to knock Big Show down, but he stands right back up. Raven gets chokeslammed as Angle narrowly escapes.

Stipulation Match: Rock vs Rikishi, Rock takes the win after some involvement from both Austin and Triple H. Rikishi gets a stunner. Triple H will name the stipulations.

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