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(1999-01-03) Heat opens with the New Age Outlaws in the ring, BA Gunn tells Shamrock that he will hound him until he gets the IC Title, later Gunn attacks Shamrock backstage. Road Dogg calls out the Rock, for interfering last week, challenging him to a Hard Core title match. The Rock, Shamrock, and Test come out. They both refuse and Rock says Road Dogg must pass the Test first. George 'The Animal' Steel accompanies the Oddities to the ring and challenges Mosh - the Animal wins with a foreign object. Interview at San Antonio with HBK: says he'll be at Raw. HHH vs Sexual Chocolate, Chyna is not at ring side. She later comes out with some woman, distracting Henry and giving HHH the win. Christian loses to Val Venis and the Brood provides a blood bath. Owen and Jarrett defeat Team Corp, non-title, with an assist from Debra. Mankind joins Kevin Kelly for commentary, Shane leaves, Road Dogg enters the ring to face Test. He calls in Mankind to play the part of Billy Gunn, says he will give him a rematch when he can. The Rock jumps in the ring followed by Mankind.

Mankind did a nice job at commentary - much less biased than Shane McMahon.

(1999-01-04) Raw opens with a look back at the history of HBK. Vince interrupts, then HBK arrives: "The sheriff is back in town, and brought the cavalry." D-Generation X is apparently back with HBK. The only way he leaves is to resign. As commissioner he moves Vince to the number two slot in the Royal Rumble. Then Shawn Michaels promises a 'stone cold surprise' later. Shamrock vs Blackman, non-title, Blackman wins with an assist from Dan Severn and BA Gunn. Mankind declares he wants a title shot at the Rumble and Vince denies him, but if he beats HHH he can get in the Rumble. Sexual Chocolate vs Goldust, shattered dreams leads to a DQ. Chyna and friend, Sammy, help Henry out of the ring and promise him something to ease his pain. Godfather vs Test, the match ends and Val attacks Test. HHH vs Mankind, with guest referee Shane, HHH wins by a quick count from Shane. HHH tells Mankind it was just business, then gives him a New Year's present: A pedigree on Shane. Mankind threatens to break Shane's shoulder and Vince grants him a no-DQ title match tonight. Edge vs D'Lo, PMS comes to ring side and Terry falls off the steps - match ends she's hurt. Kane accompanies Shane to the ring, and announces a handicap match Kane vs the Stooges (Patterson and Brisco). Kane destroys them then grabs Shane - but releases him. Al Snow vs Road Dogg for the Hard Core title, Snow ambushes RD on his way in - they fight thru the arena and outside. Road Dogg wins and runs back into the arena to celebrate, setting foot in the ring for the first time in the match. DX locks HBK outside, Team Corp attack him - leaving a battered and bloody HBK. WWF title match: Mankind vs Rock, no-DQ. DX and TC are at ring side. Mankind gets a rock-bottom on the announcers table and smacked with the belt, then Shamrock nails him with a chair. BA Gunn attacks Shamrock and TC and DX brawl. *GLASS BREAKING SOUND* Stone Cold Steve Austin storms to the ring, knocks out Rock and rolls Mankind on top. We have a NEW WWF CHAMPION (actually taped on Tuesday): Mick Foley, (Mankind, Dude Love, Cactus Jack).

Some weird Acolytes/Dennis Knight video played. Apparently DX was not aware that HBK was attacked, or maybe they were. Stone Cold's assist to Mankind was unexpected, while I could see Stone Cold fighting thru the Rumble, and beating the Rock, against all odds - now it's not necessary. The Texas Rattlesnake returns with a nasty bite. Its about time that man got the WWF title. Also check out Vince's reply to a letter in USA Today. On a serious note I agree with Vince's reply, while I admit children view the show; it is on late and censored as USA Network sees fit. Furthermore, I believe Southpark is a stronger influence on young children; and probably viewed by more of them.

(1999-01-10) Vince, Shane , and Stooges to ring; actions will be taken against the WWF Champ Mankind and HHH vs Boss Man. Shawn Michael's mentor was called into the ring and the Stooges beat him. Christian vs Snow, Goldust takes Head, Christian wins. Sable will defend the Womens Title against Luna at the Royal Rumble. Lion's Den Match(submission match in a steel pit): Steve Blackman vs Owen Hart, Severn as referee. The match ends when Severn attacks Blackman; Blackman later chases him out of the arena. Headbangers vs Oddities, for the 'mythical' tag team championship of the universe, Oddities win. A Mick Foley video, then HHH vs Boss Man ends up in the Lion's Den. Shane brings Boss Man his baton and they attack HHH; DX and TC fight outside of the pit then inside when Shane retreats.

(1999-01-11) D-Generation X introduces Mankind. Mick Foley (Mankind) thanks Jim Ross for getting him into the business, acknowledges DX and Stone Cold for the assist, finally has new entrance music, and wants to face Steve Austin at Royal Rumble. Rock and McMahons, among insults to Stone Cold and Mankind, announce a Corporate Rumble DX vs TC - meaning DX are competing twice - and winner is number 30 in the Royal Rumble. The Rock wants a title shot and after debating with Mankind he gets, essentially, a hard core/submission match. Then Vince announces Kane vs Mankind for the WWF Championship. Owen and Jarrett defeat New Age Outlaws with an assist from Debra. Gillberg, Duane Gill, debuts and loses to Luna. Venis gyrates for a fan, Shamrock's sister, and Shamrock attacks him. Then Bad Ass Billy Gunn moons her and ends up getting his IC title shot at the Rumble. X-Pac retains the European title against Snow with an assist from Goldust. Kane vs Mankind, looked a lot like a hard core match. Rock pulls Kane off before the count, then knocks them both down, Stone Cold hits the ring, Mankind grabs the chair from Rock and Rock retreats - Stone Cold strikes again stunning Kane and Mankind. Triple-H defeats Edge, Brood strikes and DX comes out, Road Dogg gets a blood bath. Acolytes/Dennis Knight scene with druids: the Undertaker returns with a vampiresque christening of Knight. D'Lo and PMS arrive, Terry lost her baby and wants D'Lo to fight Henry. PMS attack Henry then Chyna and Sammy aid Sexual Chocolate. Corporate Rumble, over the top elimination: Shamrock leaps the rope (eliminating himself) and attacks Gunn until Boss Man arrives. Then Test followed by X-Pac, Test eliminates Gunn. Road Dogg comes out and gets eliminated by Kane. HHH enters, a mistake gets Test eliminated by Kane, Kane and X-Pac topple out together leaving Boss Man and HHH. Vince distracts and shoves them both over. Chyna wants in and knocks out the Stooges. Then Stone Cold Steve Austin comes to ring side. Chyna tosses Vince out during the distraction. Chyna is number 30 in the Royal Rumble.

A Sable fan attacks Luna after her match and is escorted out. I loved the Goldberg parody. The whole darkside/rising from the dead is getting too far-fetched.

(1999-01-17) I missed the beginning. Ali Singh defeats Gillberg. Scorpio defeats Mark Henry, when Chyna distracts him giving a 24 hour deadline. Jarrett and Owen vs Brood (Gangrel and Edge) Road Dogg attacks Gangrel, and Jarrett gets the win during the confusion. Godfather vs Goldust, Al Snow tries to get Head, Godfather wins, Goldust gets Head back. Vince McMahon to arm wrestle Chyna, Shane substitutes Luna - but Sable attacks her on the ramp - Chyna wins after the bickering Stooges shove Vince. Both Stooges challenge Chyna to a wrestling match on Raw, she agrees to take them both on.

(1999-01-18)Stone Cold Steve Austin enters the ring, acknowledges Mankind as a deserving and respected champion but, "bad news is you still have to face me." Then the Rattlesnake reassures Vince what Austin 3:16 means. Road Dogg defeats Gangrel in a hard core match. Billy Gunn vs Team Corp member Test, Shamrock storms the ring ending the match. Then injuries Billy Gunn's leg. Boss Man and Shamrock attack Jarrett and Owen during an interview backstage. A Vince in training video. Boss Man attacks Mankind backstage; they are scheduled for a hard core match later. Severn vs Blackman, DQ on Severn. Mankind and Boss Man, briefly separated, continue fighting to the ring - match ends when Rock hits the WWF champ with a chair. Stone Cold is waiting for something...Vince tries to convince Kane to follow orders in Kane vs Rock by order of Commissioner HBK. Chyna forces Henry to tell the truth about his relationship with her, his mom is ringside: nothing happened, but Chyna shows an intimate video of Sexual Chocolate and Sammy - Sammy was a man. Snow vs Goldust, winner gets Head, Snow prevails but gets shattered dreams and Goldust leaves with Head. Another Ministry of Darkness (Undertaker) segment. Handicap match: Chyna vs Stooges, Brisco and Patterson argue the whole time, Pat tries a low-blow?! Chyna gets two handfuls, then takes a seat on the top rope, but gets knocked off. Sable, apparently came to assist but Luna attacks her on the ramp. Brisco throws powder in Chyna's eyes, they both fondle her, the Ninth Wonder of the World gets pissed; pummels them both then sits on top of them for the pin. Kane vs Rock: TC attack Kane after he slaps Vince, Rock sends TC out, Corp elbow's no good, Rock gets choke-slammed followed by Test. Then TC attack Kane again. Mankind nails several TC members with a chair then follows the Rock up the ramp. Stone Cold steps from behind the curtain, Rock realizes it just as Mick nails him with the chair.

The Henry/Sammy video was not appropriate in my opinion. I don't care for mixed gender matches in general, and Brisco's actions were uncalled for. On the other hand Sable on the cover of April's Playboy...

Royal Rumble 1999

A bloody Mick Foley (1999-01-24) Boss Man defeats Road Dogg in a non-title match, Ken Shamrock prevailed when Gunn's knee gave out, and X-Pac defeats Gangrel with the European title on the line. Shane demanded the injured Sable forfeit the Womens title to Luna, but Sable entered the ring and said, "ring the bell." It was a 4-corners strap match, Luna promptly drug Sable around touching 3 corners - but Sable touched them also. At the last corner, the 'Sable fan' nailed Luna and Sable got the win. The I quit title match: Rock vs Mankind. The deranged one refused repeatedly, but apparently gave in after being hand cuffed and severely beaten. Rock is once again the WWF Champ. Austin pummeled Vince till Golga entered, rather than throw Vince out the Rattlesnake let him stay. Then Stone Cold chased Vince into a Womens room and into a Corporate trap - knocked out, Stone Cold was taken away in an ambulance. The Ministry of Darkness abducts Mable from the ring. Kane entered 18th and cleared the ring but eliminated himself chasing the orderlies. Stone Cold returns driving the ambulance. Chyna tossed Henry out then Austin eliminated her. Stone Cold eliminated Boss Man then turned to the last competitor, Vince, at ringside. He drug him back in the ring and after a stunner prepared to toss him out, but the Rock distracted the Rattlesnake allowing Vince to win.

(1999-01-25) Raw, Team Corp introduces the Royal Rumble winner Vince. Vince says he'll give the bounty to Rock. Vince waived his right to a title match at WrestleMania saying he'd name a contender. Stone Cold appears on the Titan Tron, from Texas, and states he is going to WrestleMania to face the WWF Champ. Vince begins to argue, then Steve Austin introduces the man standing beside him - HBK. Shawn Michaels says, "Even though ol' Stone Cold doesn't need it. I'm going to protect him from himself. The WWF rule book declares if the Royal Rumble winner waives his right then the runner up, Stone Cold, gets the title shot." The Rattlesnake challenges Vince to a cage match, putting his title shot on the line. Vince accepts. Goldust vs BA Gunn, Blue Meanie (impersonating Goldust) takes Head, Gunn wins during the distraction. HHH challenges Rock to an I Quit title match tonight - Rock agrees. Mankind arrives backstage and attacks the armored car guards, taking the Rock's bounty and heading ringside. Mick Foley hands out money, rolls a video showing how Shane recorded him saying, "I quit!" during Heat then replayed it for the match, then demands a rematch on Half Time Heat - Rock accepts. Droz defeats George the Animal. Boss Man and Shamrock vs Owen and Jarrett for the Tag Titles, Debra takes off her shirt to no avail, another Blue Blazer nails Shamrock - the NEW Tag Champs: Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart. Shane calls Kane to the ring and proceeds to humiliate him, X-Pac has enough and invites Kane to join DX, he gets a choke-slam for his effort. D'Lo buys Kotex for PMS. Val Venis show a video starring Shamrock's sister. Test defeats Venis with an assist from Shamrock, Billy Gunn helps Venis but gets attacked by an unknowing Venis. Hard Core tag match: Snow and Road Dogg vs Brood. Road Dogg makes a cover for the win, gives Snow another HC title shot, then they get attacked by the Ministry of Darkness. HHH vs Rock for the WWF Title, HHH has the advantage when TC takes Chyna hostage, he 'quits' to save her. When he goes to check on her, he gets a low-blow - Chyna is Corporate!

Hopefully Chyna's move to TC is a DX prank. Stone Cold and HBK together?! Neither character is much of a team player, but everyone in the Federation seems to be aligning themselves with somebody. Steve Austin will be appearing in an upcoming episode of Nash Bridges.

(1999-01-31) Heat, during the Super Bowl, Team Corp brings out the newest member: Chyna. Chyna insults DX, then D-Generation X comes out to return the favor. Jarrett is defeated by Boss Man and Ken Shamrock defeats Owen Hart. Half Time Heat: Mankind vs WWF Champ Rock, for the title, in a falls count anywhere match in an empty arena. Vince is the guest commentator and distracts Mankind long enough for the Rock to get the upper hand for a time. They fight thru most of the area and end up on a loading dock. Mankind hijacks a fork lift and pins Rock under a heavy palette; getting the win for his second reign as WWF Champion.

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