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(1999-02-01) Vince ventures to Texas to provoke Stone Cold into hitting him; resulting in Steve Austin being fired. Shane's in charge, after sending TC backstage, he lowers the cage while ranting about X-Pac; but X-Pac is perched a top the cage and pummels Shane while DX attacks Team Corp backstage. Chyna comes to Shane's aid. Shamrock joins in for commentary during Venis vs BA Gunn, Shamrock nails Venis with a chair, Billy picks it up and Venis mistakenly attacks Gunn. D'Lo, with PMS, enter the ring. Terry calls out the Boss Man and he gets the win with an assist from PMS, Mark Henry comes in to help his partner. In the locker room, the doctor tells D'Lo that Terry was never pregnant. Droz defeats Kurgan, and the Oddities clear the ring when Droz continues the attack. The Ministry of Darkness members: Mideon (Dennis Knight), Viscera (Mable), and Undertaker vs Brood - Taker watches as his two disciples take on all three Brood members. Then the Acolytes attack ending the match. Mankind has been on a shopping spree with Rock's money and comes to the ring to celebrate, Rock walks on to the ramp and demands a rematch: a Last Man Standing match on (1999-02-14), Mankind accepts. Road Dogg and Snow vs Acolytes, hard core rules, Viscera attacks Snow outside allowing both Acolytes to defeat Road Dogg. Then the druids attack, later unmasking to reveal themselves as Brood! Road Dogg was upset with Snow. Vince finds Stone Cold, but the Rattlesnake refuses to strike - "not until we're in the cage and its all legal." Then Steve Austin exits after telling the other patrons to give Vince a welcome. Kane vs HHH in the cage: HHH nails Kane with a chair to no avail, he fails several times to get out the door, X-Pac slams the door in Kane's face then scales the cage wall to fight off the Big Red Machine allowing HHH to climb the other side, but Chyna comes in and gets kicked off the ropes, HHH wins the match.

(1999-02-07) Team Corp to the ring, announce HHH and X-Pac vs Chyna and partner at St. Valentine's Massacre. Also Mankind vs Stone Cold Steve Austin, non-title, on Saturday night RAW. Too Much defeat the Oddities with an assist from DOA. Godfather gets a win when Shamrock leaves the ring to attack Val Venis backstage. Sable joins for commentary. Luna defeats Jackie with an assist from D'Lo becoming the number one contender for the Womens Title - currently held by Sable. Triple Threat: HHH and X-Pac vs D'Lo and Henry vs Owen and Jarrett, X-Pac eliminates Henry, Chyna gives HHH a low blow and the win to Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett. Raw will not air tomorrow due to a dog show, it'll be on Saturday at 8.

(1999-02-13) Saturday Night Raw. Stone Cold, in the ring, announces that at the cage match there'll be blood...and it won't be his. Mick Foley comes out, "Tonight somebody's gonna get there ass kicked. Whether its you or me." Team Corp on the ramp, Vince says TC will not interfere during the cage match, and he's the referee for tonight's Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Mankind. Next D'Lo vs Jarrett, D'Lo brings out Ivory for Sexual Chocolate, D'Lo wins with an assist from Ivory. A cat fight ensues but is quickly stopped by the respective tag teams. Ken Shamrock attacks Venis, with Ryan Shamrock, during an interview the attacks numerous referees. Gillberg defeats Goldust but gets the shattered dreams, then lights out and Goldust gets covered in blue paint - courtesy of Bluedust, formerly the Blue Meanie. The head ref says, "if no one volunteers to officiate the Shamrock vs Venis match, Shamrock will forfeit to Venis." D-Generation X comes to the ring, do their thing, then BA Gunn says he feels left out (being the only one not in competition at Valentine's Massacre) so he volunteers to be the guest referee for Shamrock's IC title defense against Venis. Mankind vs Stone Cold, Vince makes it hard core rules, Austin tells Vince he's gonna get his a** kicked. "Its not me, and its not Mankind, he's (Socko) gonna do it!" TC storms the ring, the Rattlesnake and Mick clear the ring. Vince returns to the ring, Austin will run the Corp gauntlet tonight, and he must get a pin to win. Godfather vs Viscera ends when Mideon gets involved. X-Pac vs Kane ends when Chyna interferes, HHH gives the assist to X-Pac. Road Dogg is attacked and injured backstage. Snow comes to the ring and has a Hard Core match by himself, eventually ended. Rock defeats Steve Blackman. Stone Cold attempts the TC gauntlet: he's about to pin Shamrock when Test jumps in, DQ on Shamrock (but it doesn't matter), same with Test when Kane enters, then Chyna gives a low blow and gets a stunner! Next comes the Boss Man, and he gets the advantage when Vince tosses in the night stick, after pummeling Austin Vince tells Boss Man to get out and pins Austin himself. TC attacks and humiliates the Rattlesnake.

(1999-02-14) Shane introduces Vince McMahon, Vince gives Steve Austin one more chance to break his contract, promising him that otherwise the WWF will be very different. Road Dogg must vacate the Hard Core title, Bob Holly vs Snow for the title. Mankind has some personal trainers backstage, and the Rock attacks him. Test vs Viscera, Viscera has the upper hand when Boss Man attacks. Jerry Lawler interviews Debra, Debra calls out Ivory asking to make the tag title match a 6 'man' match, Ivory declines and warns that she'll rip off her clothes if Debbie gets involved. Another cat-fight ensues but is broken up. Gunn vs Singh ends when the ref gets knocked out and Venis comes in to make the count, followed by Shamrock. Vince calls out Austin, he gets Commissioner Michaels, then the Rattlesnake enters the ring. Vince spits on him, only angering the Texas Rattlesnake but not provoking him.

St. Valentine's Day Massacre

Goldust defeats Bluedust (Blue Meanie). Since Road Dogg was stripped of the Hard Core title, Al Snow met Bob Holly with the title on the line: Holly won after battling out of the arena and into the Mississippi River. Boss Man defeated Mideon, but the Ministry of Darkness surrounded the ring and pummeled Boss Man dragging him backstage. Hart and Jarrett retained the tag titles against Henry and D'Lo. Debra was nearly stripped by Ivory. Venis defeated Ken Shamrock for the IC title, with Billy Gunn as the referee - and an assist from Ryan Shamrock, afterward Gunn fought with both of them. HHH and X-Pac vs Kane and Chyna, Shane interferes, X-Pac gives chase, HHH gets choke slammed and pinned by an unconscious Chyna. Rock vs Mankind in a Last Man Standing match, for the WWF Championship, ended in a draw. Cage Match: Stone Cold Vs Vince McMahon, Stone Cold beat the snot out of his boss, Austin could've left the cage and one at any point but stayed. Then Paul Wight (WCW the Giant) came from beneath the ring, but Austin fell out of the cage for a win.

(1999-02-16) Commissioner HBK Shawn Michaels invites Stone Cold Steve Austin and the WWF Champ, Mankind, to the ring. A battered Vince steps out on to the ramp, wants to bury the hatchet with Stone Cold and asks for an apology. Steve Austin replies, "I'm sorry. Sorry I didn't kick your ass even more than I did." Then Vince tells HBK to give the people what they want, a Rock vs Mankind rematch - a ladder match. Mankind says he'll do it next week, then Rock enters and says tonight, Mankind agrees without HBK's influence. Also, Paul Wight (the Giant) will be the guest referee at Wrestle Mania. Jarrett and Debra vs D'Lo and Ivory, all four end up in the ring ending the match, but Debra nails Ivory with a guitar. DX members X-Pac and HHH come to the ring: they want a rematch vs Chyna and Kane, Shane gives Chyna the night off, X-Pac tells him to replace her, Shane agrees with the European title on the line. BA Gunn vs Venis for the IC title was a dynamic match but Billy's distracted when he inadvertently knocks Ryan Shamrock from the ring, giving Val the win. After the match Billy checks on her, Venis dumps her, then backstage Billy gets attacked by Ken Shamrock for talking to Ryan. The Ministry of Darkness enters the ring, Undertaker tells Vince he's going to own the Federation and he'll do what he wants. Boss Man replies with a 6 man tag match. X-Pac and HHH vs Kane and Shane, Shane wins the European title with an assist from Chyna. The Hard Core champ Bob Holly vs Blackman, Holly wins with an assist from Droz, then he issues an open challenge - Bart Gunn accepts. Sable comes out for an interview, and insults the fan that's been following her. TC vs Ministry, all 6 men end up in the ring, lights out Taker on ramp, the Ministry has Shane. They give him a message to deliver to Mr. McMahon. Ladder Match: Stone Cold on commentary, Mankind gives a mocking elbow, fight into the crowd, Mick Foley receives a rock bottom on the announcers table, both men end up on the ladder, Socko has the Rock ready to fall when the Giant choke slams the Champ. Rock is once again the WWF champ (for the third time). Rock gets a stunner after the match.

I don't think Rock makes a very good hard-core style wrestler, after the brutal matches with Mick Foley, he didn't appear to be in very rough shape. Admittedly Rock is younger and in better shape but he should look a little more bruised. Sable on the cover of April's Playboy, or more significantly within the covers...

(1999-02-21) Vince makes an Inferno Match: Undertaker vs Kane tomorrow. Too Much and DOA vs Oddities, Droz on commentary, Droz interferes ending the match. BA Gunn is hanging out with Ryan backstage. Shamrock vs Godfather, Bad Ass comes to the ring followed by Ryan - match ends with Ken leading Ryan Shamrock backstage. Shane retains the European title against Gillberg, Chyna gives Gillberg a pedigree following the win. X-Pac challenges Shane to a match at Wrestle Mania, but he has to beat Chyna first. Snow vs D'Lo, Debra knocks D'Lo out to the Tag Champs to pummel, Snow wins. Mankind came to the ring to discuss his plans after leaving the WWF. He asks Commissioner Michaels to make him the second guest referee for Rock vs Stone Cold, and passes a petition out to the fans to sign. Viscera vs Boss Man, TC storms the ring, *lights out - fire around the ring*, Taker, "If I burn in hell, so will McMahon."

(1999-02-22) Vince McMahon introduces Paul Wight (the Giant). Wight says he'll change the WWF and that he handed the belt to the Rock. Rock comes out and has an apparent ego conflict with Wight. Mankind suggests he be the referee for Wight vs Rock for the WWF title, they accept. Brood vs Public Enemy, DQ, blood bath. Venis joins in for commentary during Shamrock vs Billy Gunn, all 3 men end up fighting and Ken leads his sister out again. Sable interview: calls the fan, Tori, into the ring. Humiliates her and calls her pathetic, Luna enters to speak her mind, and both end up getting nailed with the Womens title belt. Backstage Vince is trying to calm Rock and Wight. D'Lo is defeated by Hart and Jarrett with an assist from PMS. Mankind enters the ring for Wight vs Rock, Vince at commentary, Paul Wight shoves Rock then kicks Mankind - Rock joins Wight to pummel Mick Foley. It was a Corporate prank! Droz attacks Blackman after being defeated. Undertaker says he has a surprise for Vince. Goldust defeats Venis with an assist from the Blue Meanie, non title. Hard Core Holly vs Bart Gunn: Bart Gunn looked to be doing well, among the weapons used were a watermelon, crate of bananas, and a sack of flour, someone in a mask (Dr. Death) attacks Bart giving the win to Holly. Chyna vs X-Pac: X-Pac chases Shane around the ring, HHH pedigrees Chyna, X-Pac while running thru the ring - stops to cover Chyna for the win. Inferno Match: (winner must set his opponent on fire) apparently taker threatened Vince personally, Paul Bearer delivers a package to Vince, taker and Kane battle back and forth, Vince opens the package and is profoundly troubled by a teddy bear. Undertaker wins when he unexpectedly shoves Kane's leg into the flames, then sets the teddy bear on fire, to leave Vince near tears on the ramp.

Sable's new attitude stinks, Shane with the belt is a joke, and Ken Shamrock needs to grow up. Though Vince has Rock and the Giant under control, there's still some animosity between these two stars. Stone Cold Steve Austin will be on Nash Bridges (Friday, February 26 at 10PM eastern on CBS).

(1999-02-28) Due to a satellite problem USA Network began the broadcast as audio only, then someone got the brilliant idea to run last week's episode. Anyhow here's the synopsis: Chyna attacks Gillberg on his way to the ring, then challenged HHH. Too Much defeated Tag Champs: Hart and Jarrett (non-title), then Ivory defeated Jackie. Undertaker demolished Kurgan. Apparently the Blue Meanie has been trying to flatter Goldust. Droz attacks Blackman during an interview, then later accepts a Kendo Stick Match. Public Enemy defeated Hardy Boyz, then Brood attacks PE. HHH vs Chyna, Kane appears and the Corporate members dominate.

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