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(1999-03-01) Team Corporate makes its way to the ring, addresses the teddy bear incident as personal and that he won't discuss it, and he has a surprise for Undertaker. Vince fires Kane, Chyna and Kane destroy the orderlies, then Chyna asks Vince to give Kane another chance - defeat Stone Cold he stays, loses Chyna and Kane are fired. Then Mankind comes out on the ramp and asks to be the referee for Austin vs Kane, Vince says, "No, but if you defeat Undertaker tonight you'll get your chance to referee the Rock vs Stone Cold match at Wrestle Mania." Mankind accepts. *Lights Out* - Taker speaks to Vince.

Triple Threat match: for the IC title, Shamrock vs Goldust vs Venis, Ryan comes to ringside, Goldust kisses her and Shamrock attacks, they fight into the fans, match ended, then BA Gunn attacks Venis on the ramp. (Billy Gunn was supposed to be part of the match but was not allowed for medical reasons.) Jim Ross returns! He interviews Bart Gunn and ends up discussing the issues involving the paralysis in his face and the JR's boy comments. Then JR slapped Bart and Dr. Death Steve Williams attacked him from behind. Hart and Jarrett give an open challenge for the Tag Titles, DX members X-Pac and HHH accept - Debra will disrobe if her team loses. Deb distracts the referee, X-Pac knocks her from ringside accidentally and goes to check on her, Shane attacks him from nowhere and X-Pac gives chase, Ivory to ringside, DQ as X-Pac is returning, D'Lo attacks Jarrett and Hart on the ramp and Ivory rips off Debra's robe. Later Debra challenges Ivory, she accepts.

Luna with Sable-fan, Tori, calls out Sable but the fan turns on her. Sable gives a Sable-bomb and ignores Tori as she exits. Rock defeats Road Dogg in a title match with a small assist from Paul Wight. Then Snow enters the ring with a chair followed by HC champ Holly, Dogg nails them both - then calls them out back for more. Public Enemy mocks Brood, call the Brood out, *Lights Out* Flyboy abducted. He was later found covered in blood and hanging from ropes. Dogg and Holly fighting backstage. Droz vs Blackman, Kendo stick match - win by knocking opponent off his feet, the ref is accidentally hit and Droz wins during the distraction. Fighting continues outside as Snow joins in, finally officials stop the fighting as it goes on to the highway. Shane video. Vince to commentary, announces Boss Man vs Undertaker - Hell in a Cell at Wrestle Mania. Undertaker vs Mankind, Taker attacks Vince, Boss Man attacks, then TC makes a hasty retreat, match ended, Undertaker choke slams Mankind. Debra vs Ivory, PMS (Terry and Jackie) attack Ivory, D'Lo clears ring. Austin vs Kane (w/ Chyna), Chyna attacks Stone Cold numerous times, the Rattlesnake fights them both off, the referee goes down giving Chyna time to interrupt Stone Cold's count, Wight tosses a chair in the ring, Austin nails Kane with it then misses Chyna, Chyna gives him a low blow, Kane grabs Austin and Wight missing Austin kicks Kane instead, the Rattlesnake exits the ring and "salutes" Paul Wight.

Undertaker will be in an upcoming episode of Poltergeist: the Legacy. Flyboy was spotted during the Hard Core fighting, preparing for his scene. I thought the Stone Cold vs Kane match was pretty good.

(1999-03-08) Last night on Heat, the Rock and Wight had an argument. Stone Cold's music played and Rock sent Wight to intercept him, but the Rattlesnake came from behind and gave Rock a stunner. Raw, Rock calls out Wight. Vince enters and calls for a truce, Rock doesn't want to listen. Wight enters to answer the challenge then Mankind offers to referee the match, however Vince orders Mankind vs Stone Cold with Wight as the referee. Steve Austin comes out to say he doesn't care about the 'rules' for tonight, he'll be the WWF Champ after Wrestle Mania (WM). Ministry of Darkness members are searching for Boss Man and destroying everyone in the path. D'Lo vs Owen in a street fight, Jarrett tosses in a guitar but D'Lo intercepts and gets the win. New Age Outlaws, together again, defeat HC Holly and Snow, with an assist from Snow. *LIGHTS OUT* MOD storms the ring. JR takes Cole's seat at commentary, then Terry Taylor (former Red Rooster) takes over. Shamrock vs Goldust, Blue Meanie kisses Ryan, Shamrock wins. Test defeats X-Pac with an assist from Shane. Godfather vs Blackman, Blackman accepts Godfather's customary offer, Droz attacks, *LIGHTS OUT* MOD storms the ring again. Chyna calls out HHH, Kane enters and inadvertently hits Chyna with a 'fireball'. HHH tries to help her, but Kane shoves him aside and carries her away. Sable makes an appearance, Luna defeats Tori. MOD find Boss Man and 'crucify' him - Boss Man breaks loose. Team Corporate and the Ministry fight, Undertaker arrested. Mankind vs Stone Cold, a fast count out gets Mankind the win.

(1999-03-14) Mr. McMahon and 'Big Show' Paul Wight call out Mankind, congratulate Mankind for successfully beating Stone Cold Steve Austin (via count out) last week. But one more challenge lies in Mankind's path to referee the championship match at WM - he must defeat Wight. In return Mankind put the mandible claw on Vince, Wight attacked him. Then Mankind went on a tirade, attacking officials, Test, and demanding the match tonight. D'Lo vs Test, X-Pac at commentary, Shane interferes and X-Pac jumps in as well. The deranged Mankind continued his tirade backstage attacking Snow and Droz, then HC Holly. NAO vs Venis and Holly, Venis got a quick pin on Road Dogg. Then Dogg challenged Val to a title match, then BA Gunn challenged for the HC title. Backstage Mankind attacked the Hardy Boyz. Then Brood attacked Public Enemy during an interview. Singh called for an impression of Jim Ross, JR and Dr. Death arrived and attacked the volunteer and Singh. Vince sent Wight out to clear the ring, JR and Dr. Death left, Rock came out next. Rock attacked Wight, Mankind smacked the big man with a chair. Then Stone Cold came out and told The Rock that maybe he wasn't paranoid after all - maybe he and Wight did have an agreement. Austin said that Wight would call things down the middle at WrestleMania, and count him to victory. HEAT ended with Wight lifting the ring beneath Rock.

(1999-03-15) Rock calls out Vince, who tries to lay on a guilt trip then brings out Big Show Wight, Wight is upset also, McMahon orders a tag match: Rock and Wight vs Stone Cold and Mankind. Road Dogg defeats Venis to become the IC Champ, Bad Ass congratulates him then asks for a shot. The European Champ Shane defeats LOD (the Stooges). Undertaker is at Vince's house apparently. Jim Ross has an announce table built for himself. Owen and Jarrett defeat Public Enemy. Mideon (MOD) vs Boss Man (TC) in a cage match, TC attacks ending match. Sable makes an appearance. Another Taker at Vince's house scene. BA Gunn defeats Holly for the Hard Core Championship. HHH calls out Kane, Vince comes to the ring and asks Kane to talk to the Undertaker. But Kane unmasks and it is the Undertaker, Vince is left standing in disbelief. Rock and Wight vs Mankind and Stone Cold, good match, all four men fight into the audience, show ends.

(1999-03-21) Shane McMahon at commentary. Corporation members made their way out to the ring. The Rock said that since Mr. McMahon was not in the building, he was in charge and began insulting the other TC members. Boss Man challenged him to a match later on HEAT. Shane left to try to bring peace back to the Corporation. B.A. Billy Gunn vs Snow for the HC Title, Hard Core Holly on commentary and later got involved attacking both Snow and Gunn. Billy Gunn recovered and got the win. X-Pac interview: he doesn't want to just win, but hurt Shane. Road Dogg vs Ken Shamrock for the IC Title, Venis interrupted the match, Dogg retains the title. Then Goldust joined and a brawl erupted among the four participants in a Four Corners Elimination Match at WrestleMania XV. Dr. Death Steve Williams defeated Hardy Boyz in a handicap match. Triple H defeated Godfather. The Rock vs Boss Man, the match began then *LIGHTS OUT*, The Ministry of Darkness attacked Boss Man while Rock watched. The champion started to walk away, but the Undertaker appeared in his path. Wight joined Rock as Heat ended.

(1999-03-22) Rock and the McMahons enter the ring, Shane challenges X-Pac to a street fight. Vince announces Stone Cold vs Wight with Rock as the referee, Mankind challenges Rock for the right to referee the match, Rock declines, but Commissioner Michaels has already signed the match.[Beer Bath] Stone Cold Steve Austin drives a Coors® Light truck to the ring, declares he'll be the next WWF Champ, then gives the McMahons and Rock a 'beer bath.' Owen and Jarrett vs Brood (Edge and Gangrel), Christian slides in for part of the match, PUblic Enemy storm the ring and are soon tossed out by both teams, *LIGHTS OUT* Debra gets a blood bath. Road Dogg vs Bad Ass Billy Gunn, Title for Title - Snow, Goldust, and Venis storm the ring - New Age Outlaws clear it. LOD attack Stooges backstage. Blue Meanie calls out Shamrock, Ryan not Ken, but Ken follows her out anyhow and Goldust assists the Meanie. Sable vs Ivory, PMS to ringside, trip Ivory and Sable gets the win. Rock vs Mankind, referee gets knocked down, Wight choke slams Mankind, Mankind wins be DQ. Kane vs Goldust, but Goldust is HHH and he hits the Big Red Machine with a fireball then attacks him. 'JR is War' frat party is crashed by HC Holly, Dr. Death and Holly fight thru the house. X-Pac is ambushed by Shane's goons. Boss Man, Test, Shamrock vs Acolytes and Undertaker, all six men brawl *LIGHTS OUT* ended. Rock to commentary and Mankind to referee - Stone Cold vs Paul Wight. Mankind assists Stone Cold several times, the Rattlesnake finally nails the Big Show with a chair followed by a stunner for the win.

(1999-03-28) Heat. Vince McMahon and Paul Wight to the ring. McMahon announced a no disqualification clause for the main event at WrestleMania. The Big Show said he intended to keep the WWF Championship in the Corporation, then Vince had him wait at the entrance for Stone Cold Steve Austin's arrival. Terri Runnels joined commentary for Jacqueline vs. Ivory. Jacqueline won then Terri stuck a cigar in Ivory's face, Tori ran into the ring and ran PMS off. All of D-Generation X came out to say they would win their matches at WrestleMania and, "If you're not down with that suck it!" A battle royal was held to determine who would face Hart and Jarrett for the Tag belts at WM, D'Lo Brown and Test prevailed earning the title shot but both were attacked by Jarrett and Hart. The Big Boss Man promised to make the Undertaker serve hard time at WM. *LIGHTS OUT* Boss Man gets a blood bath from the Brood. Mankind distracted Paul Wight, waiting at the entrance, allowing Austin to slip inside as Heat ended.


(1999-03-28) Boyz II Men opened Wrestle Mania with America The Beautiful. Triple Threat match: Billy Gunn, AL Snow, and Hard Core Holly for the HC title. Gunn knocked out Snow and went for the cover, but Holly nailed Gunn with a chair and covered Snow for the win. D'Lo Brown and Test vs Hart and Jarrett for th Tag Titles, Debra tried her usual tactics but Ivory rose to the challenge. Test got in Ivory's face, leaving D'Lo alone. Even though D'Lo was in control the tag champs retained the titles after a team effort. Brawl For All: Butterbean vs Bart Gunn, Butterbean got the win via knockout 40 seconds into the first round. Paul Wight vs Mankind to determine who would referee the main event at WM, The Deranged One had apparently pissed off The Big Show earlier on Heat so Mankind won via DQ after being pummeled with a chair. Mr. McMahon marched out from the backstage area irate at Wight for not getting the job done. This upset The Big Show, and he grabbed the owner for a choke slam but let Mr. McMahon go. The owner went on to slap Wight, and got punched. An ambulance crew carted Mankind away on a stretcher - later, Wight was arrested.

Four corners elimination match for the IC title: Road Dogg vs Val Venis, Ken Shamrock and Goldust (with Ryan Shamrock and Blue Meanie). Val and Shamrock were counted out. Ryan tripped Goldust and Dogg got the win. Kane was attacked from behind by the Famous Chicken (Pete Rose - apparently upset about the Tombstone he got from Kane last year) but unfortunately received another Tombstone this year. HHH vs Kane, Chyna came to apparently nail HHH but hit Kane instead, after numerous chair shots the match ended in a DQ. However, Triple H and Chyna embraced, and the crowd went crazy. Sable vs Tori for the Federation Womens Championship, Tori was about to get the pin when Nicole Bass came through the crowd and attacked her - Sable got the win. X-Pac vs Shane for the European title, X-Pac was first attacked by the Stooges, then repeatedly by Test, Chyna and Triple H came out, but turned on X-Pac allowing Shane to retain the title. After the match, Test, Triple H, Chyna and Shane assaulted X-Pac. The New Age Outlaws came out to aid X-Pac, but they were also beaten down by the Corporation. Finally Kane came out and ran off TC.

Hell In A Cell: Undertaker defeated Boss Man then Boss Man was hung from the ceiling. Finally, EMT crews arrived and took Boss Man away on a stretcher. With Paul Wight in jail and Mankind in the hospital, Vince named himself referee for the main event. Then Shawn Michaels' music played and the Commissioner arrived to a huge ovation. Michaels reminded everyone that no WrestleMania is complete without HBK. Shawn said that only the commissioner can appoint a referee for the main event. HBK assured Mr. McMahon that he would not be the referee, and ordered him back to the locker room, then banned all of TC from ringside. Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin: exchanged several near falls, Austin grabbed a chair, but The Rock pulled the referee in front and the Rattlesnake inadvertently clobbered the official. Another referee came in, but he upset The Rock and was the victim of a Rock Bottom. Another official came out followed by Vince who knocked him down. Seemingly every referee had been taken out, but Mankind arrived and assumed officiating duties. Austin was able to hit the Stone Cold Stunner for a second time and cover Rock for the win, regaining the WWF Championship. As WrestleMania XV came to an end, Austin and referee Earl Hebner downed a beer, then Austin stunned Mr. McMahon, and poured a few beers on him.

(1999-03-29) The new WWF Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin enters the ring, says "this belt ain't gonna cut it." Then calls out Vince to come get the belt, he's relinquishing it. Vince gets the belt and is about to leave when Stone Cold tells him to stay and rolls a video of Vince taking his custom made belt last September. Then tells Vince he wants HIS belt back and gives Mr McMahon 2 hours to get it. Vince says no and reminds Austin of his contract stating: he can not attack Vince without provocation or he's fired. Stone Cold rolls a second video from WM, last night, where Vince attacked him - that's sufficient provocation. So he gives Vince 2 hours or, "I'll stomp a mud hole in your ass, and walk it dry!" Vince nails Austin with the belt and runs out.

Tori and Ivory defeat Sable and Jackie when Sable turns on Jackie. *LIGHTS OUT* the Ministry fills the ring cornering Sable, call out Vince and Stephanie is kidnapped while Vince is confronting the Undertaker. X-Pac challenges HHH. Big Show defeats Test. Backstage Vince sends Ken Shamrock to look for Stephanie. Holly defeats Dr. Death with an assist form Snow. Rock vs Billy Gunn, close match but Rock gets the win. Gangrel vs Shamrock, Ken tries to find out where Stephanie is, match ended by referee. *LIGHTS OUT* Ken gets a blood bath but Christian doesn't get away and gives Stephanie's location. Road Dogg vs Goldust, Goldust wins the IC Title with an assist from the Blue Meanie. Backstage Ken finds Stephanie. Jarrett and Hart defeat LOD. Stone Cold's belt arrives, Vince tells Shane to give it back while he takes Stephanie home. HHH vs X-Pac ends when Chyna and HHH attack X-Pac, Kane enters and clears the ring. Shane gives Austin's belt to the Rock. The Rattlesnake attacks Rock but the Corporation storms the ring, then Big Show comes to Steve Austin's aid, and the two clear the ring. Raw ends with Stone Cold directing Big Show for a choke slam on HHH.

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