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(1999-04-04) Shane McMahon, Rock, Chyna and HHH to ring. Shane announced that, having an unblemished record, and nothing left to prove he was retiring the European Championship. And announced a rematch for the WWF Championship, and promised he would have a surprise for Paul Wight on RAW. Triple H challenged X-Pac to a match at Backlash. Tori vs Jacqueline, DQ when Terri came in. Ivory came to her aid and the cat fight was finally broken up by the ref. Ryan Shamrock asked Val to take her back, Venis declined. Val Venis defeated a more aggressive Steve Blackman, Blackman attacked Venis after the match with his kendo sticks. Hart and Jarrett, with Debra, made an open challenge. *LIGHTS OUT* Kane appears behind the champions when the lights come back on he knocks them both outta the ring. Droz was defeated by Boss Man. Lawler interviews Vince and Stephanie at their home: Stephanie said she didn't remember what happened to her on Monday, the owner then described the various events leading to her kidnapping by the Undertaker - he had photos of Stephanie, the bear was hers, strange messages on her mirrors. The owner said that the Undertaker's behavior would have to stop. In a Handicap Match for the Tag Team Championship: Kane vs Jarrett and Hart. Match ended in a disqualification after Jarrett nailed Kane with a guitar. Owen and Jeff attacked Kane and then X-Pac came to his aid - Kane raised X-Pac for a choke slam but released him.

(1999-04-05) Kane and X-Pac vs Tag Champs Jarrett and Hart, X-Pac took a beating then finally tagged Kane who cleaned up, Kane hoisted X-Pac in the air as if to choke slam him but slammed him on to Jarrett getting the win. Kane and X-Pac are the Tag Team Champs. Backstage, McMahon's room was guarded by police. Vince let Shane in charge, his only concern being Stephanie. Shane and the Corp headed for the ring. Shane ordered Wight vs HHH and Rock then put Stone Cold's custom championship belt on the Titan Tron. Ivory called out Terri, and when she arrived Ivory ripped off her shirt leaving her topless, but *LIGHTS OUT* Ministry of Darkness entered the ring. Undertaker promised there would be a sacrifice, a woman that would 'break her father's heart.' Backstage, Vince ordered the stooges to get more security and told Shane, "I may have to give that S.O.B. what he wants."

Snow defeated HC Holly in a non-hard core match then Dr. Death Steve Williams attacked both men. Backstage, Undertaker was whipping Christian, apparently disciplining him for revealing Stephanie's whereabouts last week. Gangrel and Edge vs New Age Outlaws, Christian walked to ringside and was tossed into the ring, Gunn covered him for the win. Backstage, JR interviewed Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Rattlesnake promised that if Shane put the custom-made title on the Titan Tron one more time, "it was going to cost the McMahon family a lot of money." Viscera vs Shamrock, *LIGHTS OUT* MOD attack Shamrock, dragged him backstage and drove away after stuffing him in the trunk of a car. Suspecting a trap, Shane ordered the Corp not to aid Shamrock. Mankind defeated Val Venis. Goldust put the IC Title on the line against Godfather, Blue Meanie got involved, then both men were counted out. MOD dragged a young woman out and tied her to the Undertaker's symbol. The young woman was Ryan Shamrock, Undertaker admitted that it wasn't the girl he had in mind, but when he looked into Ryan's eyes, he saw Stephanie. Triple H and Rock vs Big Show, the match ended when Chyna came in and gave a low blow to The Big Show. The Rock, Triple H, Chyna and Shane attacked the Big Show. Stone Cold Steve Austin came out and together they fought off the Corporation. Once again Shane put Austin's custom made title on the Titan Tron to make the rattlesnake mad. Then Stone Cold lived up to the promise he made earlier in his interview with JR - The Big Show pulled the Titan Tron down to the ground, then the two shared a couple beers as they cut apart the Titan Tron.

(1999-04-11) The Tag Champs, X-Pac and Kane to ring. X-Pac calls out Jarrett and Hart, New Age Outlaws follow, both teams challenging the Champs. X-Pac says let's have a 3-way title match tonight. Shamrock defeats Mideon. JR announces his return to commentary tomorrow night, then brings out Mankind for an interview. Mankind throws a party for Socko complete with cake, balloons, and a clown. Rock defeats D'Lo. Boss Man vs Droz ends when a guy from the audience aids Droz. 3-way title match, X-Pac pins Billy Gunn for the win retaining the Tag Titles.

(1999-04-12) The Corporation to the ring, Ken Shamrock questioning where the Corporation was when he was abducted last week by the Ministry of Darkness. Shane calls Stephanie to the ring, Vince comes out with her and confronts Shane, an argument about priorities breaks out. Then Shane fires the stooges (Brisco and Patterson) and questions Vince's power.Vince starts to leave with Stephanie, Shane tells him to stop then slaps him, and ultimately disowns his father as Vince and Stephanie leave. Shamrock shows his loyalty by escorting Vince to his limo. Four corners match for the Womens Title: Sable with Nicole Bass, vs Tori, Ivory, and Jacqueline. Bass attacks the other three and the match never happens. *LIGHTS OUT* Undertaker's voice announces that another victim will be sacrificed in Stephanie's place.

Stone Cold Steve Austin arrives and walks straight to the ring and calls out the Rock. The Rock appears on the Titan Tron, standing on a bridge, and tells Stone Cold to come find him. The Rattlesnake begins the hunt. Big Show vs Brood, Undertaker speaks - tells Gangrel and Edge to let Christian fight alone. Christian gets pummeled. Mankind gives an interview from the Boiler Room, Shane sends the Meanstreet Posse (Shane's stooges)after him. Billy Gunn vs Val Venis, Jarrett and Hart attack Bad Ass, Venis and Road Dogg aid him. Backstage, Mankind tosses the Meanstreet Posse outta the Boiler Room. Jarrett and Hart vs Acolytes, Brood attack *LIGHTS OUT* Undertaker enters the ring and prepares to sacrifice Debra. However, Shamrock arrives with a baseball bat, clearing the ring except for Taker. Undertaker tells Ken his sister is in the Boiler Room, then Ken attacks MOD. Boss Man vs Goldust for the IC Title, Godfather swaps 5 hos for the title shot and defeats the Bizarre One to become the new IC Champ. Backstage Ken finds Ryan in the Boiler Room, MOD attack him and Mankind, they carry Shamrock away leaving a crying Ryan and Mankind behind. D'Lo vs HC Holly for the Hard Core Title, Snow assists Holly for the win. Outside, rock finds a fishing pole and does a little fishing while awaiting the Rattlesnake. MOD prepares to sacrifice Shamrock, Undertaker wants Christian on the cross and order Brood members to do it. A fight erupts between Brood and Mankind against the rest of MOD as Undertaker 'sinks' into the floor among the fighting, meanwhile Ken unties himself. Tag Champs X-Pac and Kane vs Test and Triple H. the Champs retain the titles after HHH walks away. Shamrock returns to the ring and calls out Mark, the Undertaker. *LIGHTS OUT* Taker appears in the ring but as Ken gets the upper hand MOD attacks, HHH and Test pull Ken out of the ring then attack him. *LIGHTS OUT* Outside Stone Cold finds the Rock and attacks him, Austin gets tossed over the bridge then Rock throws his belt in after him. Debra appeared to be laughing for most of her scene with MOD.

(1999-04-18) Shane said he's proud of his actions last Monday. Handicap Match: Boss Man and Test vs Shamrock, apparently as punishment for Ken's show of loyalty last week. However, during the match Boss Man refuses a tag and Test taps out from an ankle lock. Backstage, Shane tells Test to quit dropping the ball. Tiger Ali Singh offers $500 to a woman to massage his feet, PMS takes the offer then a stranger from the audience attacks Singh and is apparently with PMS. JR interviews the Rock concerning Stone Cold. Brood vs Mideon and Viscera, Acolytes attack the Brood ending the match. Sable introduces her bodyguard Nicole Bass. Rock and Triple H vs Tag Champs, X-Pac and Kane, and it looks like Kane is a no show. X-Pac gets double-teamed several times. *LIGHTS OUT* Kane enters followed by Jarrett and Owen, the match ends, New Age Outlaws join X-Pac as they clear the ring.

(1999-04-19) Rock drives a hearse into the arena, and announces that he's gonna bury Stone Cold tonight. Road Dogg vs Owen Hart, Dogg wins and Debra shows her puppies loses and Hart and Jarrett are the Tag Team contenders, Road Dogg wins and Debra starts to take off her shirt but Jarrett takes her away. Brood vs Acolytes, Shamrock nails Bradshaw with a bat, Brood wins MOD attack Acolytes backstage. IC Title match: Godfather vs challenger HC Holly, Holly turns the match hard core when the ref gets knocked down, Goldust interferes, Godfather wins. Ken Shamrock vs Boss Man in a anything goes match, Shamrock wins. *LIGHTS OUT* Undertaker tells Ken he knows where Ryan is and Ken runs from the arena. Shane's stooges, the Meanstreet Posse, to commentary for Triple H vs Mankind. Chyna gets several shots in, match ends, the Corp attacks Mankind, Big Show clears the ring. Mankind thanks Wight but see you in my Boiler Room. Billy Gunn vs Jarrett, and Debra will show them. Hart and Dogg come to ringside both getting involved somewhat, Billy moons Debra, Owen breaks the count, Road Dogg gets in, Debra takes off her shirt, Jarrett escorts her out as the match ends. Big Show vs Viscera, Wight signals a choke slam *LIGHTS OUT* Undertaker attacks Big Show, both go for a choke slam, Viscera attacks, Mankind returns the favor and aids Big Show. Interview with Vince and Stephanie at WWF studios, during the interview Vince learns that someone's outside. Vince runs out and attacks Mideon, tries to hit him with a car but misses then Mideon drives away. Back at the arena, Venis enters the ring, Sable comes out to announce her second edition of Playboy. Ivory and D'Lo come out, Ivory attacks Sable and Nicole Bass comes out to pull her off. Rock comes to the ring and still has the custom 'Smoking Skull' belt. As he prepares to bury the belt Stone Cold Steve Austin arrives in a monster truck. Stone Cold crushes the Rock's new car then drives into the arena and crushes the limo, then attacks the Rock. Austin tosses Rock into the grave and pours a beer on him to celebrate, Shane nails the Rattlesnake from behind as Stone Cold raises his belt in victory. Shane mocks the Rattlesnake as he takes the belt back.

(1999-04-25) Sable and Val Venis vs Ivory and D'Lo Brown, Nicole Bass took Sable's place and defeated Ivory to gain the victory. Bass chased Venis from the arena. Droz and tattoo artist 'Prince Albert' defeated Too Much. Big Boss Man vs Kane, Test accidentally hit Boss Man costing him the victory. Test vs Viscera, Viscera wins with an assist from Boss Man. Shane McMahon entered the ring and announced a new stipulation for Stone Cold vs Rock at Backlash; it would be held under no holds barred rules. Just as HEAT ended, Vince and daughter Stephanie arrived.


(1999-04-25) Brood vs Acolytes and Mideon in six-man tag match, Viscera aids the Acolytes giving the Ministry the win. Hard Core Championship: Hard Core Holly vs Al Snow, the match spilled into the audience and out into the parking lot, finally Al was able to nail Holly with Head becoming the new Hard Core Champion. The Intercontinental Championship was on the line as Godfather defended against Goldust, Blue Meanie interfered and Goldust attempted to throw some powder in the face of the Godfather, but the plan back fired and Godfather retained the IC Title. New Age Outlaws vs Jarrett and Hart, the winner facing the Tag Champs, NAO win. Boiler Room Match: Mankind attacked as soon as Paul Wight entered the Boiler Room using various weapons, the two battled intensely with Mick finally burying the Big Show under a stack of pipes, then made it outside for the win. However, Boss Man and Test attacked Foley - leading to a fight between Wight and Boss Man while Test got a taste of Socko. X-Pac vs Triple H, the former friends battled in and out of the ring, HHH targeting X-Pac's neck, when the referee gets knocked down Chyna nails X-Pac with a low blow, *LIGHTS OUT* Kane enters and choke slams Hunter and Chyna. However, after giving Chyna a bronco buster X-Pac gets nailed with a Pedigree and loses. Ken Shamrock vs Undertaker, Undertaker gets the win with an assist from Bradshaw. WWF Championship: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Rock with Shane as the special referee. Being a no holds barred match the two opponents took the match outside the ring using a variety of weapons, they fought into the crowd where Austin apparently injured his knee. However, when Rock commandeered a camera Austin delivered a Stunner on the commentator's table. Back in the ring, Shane tried to hit Austin with the belt but accidentally hit The Rock instead. Shane refused to count on Austin's behalf. Vince entered the ring and nailed his son with the gold, allowing referee Earl Hebner to count for the Rattlesnake. Following Austin's victory, Vince returned the Smoking Skull Title to the Rattlesnake. As the Pay-Per-View ended, the Ministry abducted Stephanie while Vince was occupied with The WWF Championship match.

(1999-04-26) Rock enters the ring and blames Shane for getting involved at Backlash and causing his loss. Shane and the Corp come to the ring. Shane insults Rock, Corp attacks him, then Shane fires him from the Corporation and they leave. Rock challenges Shane to a match and Shane accepts. X-Pac and Kane vs Brood, non-title. The Tag Champs win *LIGHTS OUT* Kane gets a blood bath, when the lights come on Kane grabs the first person he sees and choke slams X-Pac. Backstage, Vince gets a call from the Undertaker about making an exchange for Stephanie and Undertaker wants Steve Austin to deliver the documents. Stone Cold Steve Austin enters the ring for an interview. Soon, Vince approaches the ring and asks Stone Cold for his help, telling Austin that, "Vince McMahon needs Stone Cold Steve Austin." Austin replies, "Stone Cold Steve Austin needs Vince McMahon to kiss his ass."

Venis vs D'Lo, Nicole Bass to ringside, D'Lo gets the win during the distraction, Ivory attacks and gets a choke slam from Bass. Triple H vs BA Billy Gunn, Chyna throws Gunn into a ring post, Road Dogg comes to assist but Chyna holds him at bay, allowing HHH to get the win. Big Show and Mankind vs Boss Man and Test, Big Show chases Boss Man from the ring while Socko defeats Test in the ring for the win. After the match Test and Boss Man start fighting. Backstage, HC Holly attacks Al Snow. Jeff Jarrett vs Godfather (IC Champ), Jarrett says make it a title match. Godfather agrees but, "If I win. Debra joins the ho train." Val comes to ringside and begins flirting with Debra, Bass arrives and Val retreats, but during the distraction Godfather gets the win. However, Owen takes Debra away. Bradshaw vs Shamrock, Shamrock brings a bat but Faarooq attacks him before he gets to use it, Test comes to aid Ken. Rock vs Shane, Shane's Stooges jump in and quickly get knocked down, HHH attacks as Rock prepares to give Shane the people's elbow. Then Chyna nails Rock from behind, and the Rock is left battered in the ring. X-Pac calls out Kane, Hart and Jarrett attack, Kane enters and chases them out. X-Pac gets in Kane's face and gets another choke slam, then realizing the mistake Kane carries X-Pac out over his shoulder. Ministry of Darkness bring Stephanie to the ring tied to the Undertaker's symbol and Bearer begins a ceremonial marriage between she and the Undertaker. Ken Shamrock tries to stop it but is quickly knocked away, then the Big Show enters and takes down several MOD members till Taker nails him with a bat. As the ceremony is about to finish *GLASS BREAKING* Stone Cold Steve Austin storms the ring. Mideon gets a stunner, then the Rattlesnake clears the ring with a chair as Undertaker slips away. Steve Austin unties Stephanie, and she thankfully hugs a reluctant Austin. Then goes to her dad when Vince arrives in the ring.

(1999-04-29) Smack Down, a World Wrestling Federation network television special. Vince and Stephanie McMahon enter the ring, thanking all the superstars that helped Stephanie get away from the Undertaker, especially Stone Cold Steve Austin. Vince promised he would change the way he conducted business. Shane and the Corporation forced Vince and Stephanie to leave. Shane announced a match for later on Smack Down: Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock vs Triple H and the Undertaker. Taker on the Titan Tron promised the Rattlesnake that he would pay. Owen Hart vs Val Venis was scheduled but Owen didn't show, so Jarrett said he would substitute. However, the Blue Blazer attacked Val from behind. The Blazer (Owen) got the win with an assist from Jarrett. After the match, Godfather tried to claim Debra as his newest ho, but Blazer and Jarrett wouldn't allow it. Later during an interview, the Blazer said he was here because the Federation needs a superhero. Big Show defeated Test. Boss Man attacked Test, but Big Show ran off the Boss Man.

The Rock entered the ring to say he would be Stone Cold Steve Austin's tag partner, but they are not friends. Stone Cold got in the Rock's face. However, Shane McMahon walked out the ramp and warned Rock and Austin both were in trouble. *LIGHTS OUT* Undertaker came out and stood beside Shane, then all members of the Corporation and the Ministry emerged, and Shane introduced the Corporate Ministry. Droz (w/ Prince Albert) vs D'Lo Brown (w/ Ivory), ended in a DQ when Prince Albert got involved. Droz and Albert prepared to give D'Lo a piercing, but Ivory sprinted to the back and returned with Mark Henry. A Sable video played. New Age Outlaws vs X-Pac and Kane for the Tag Team Titles, the match ended when Road Dogg inadvertently knocked Billy Gunn down and X-Pac pinned him for the win. Outside the NAO had an argument then Mr. Ass went looking for X-Pac. Interview with the Brood. Gangrel said their visions of darkness are different than the Undertaker, which is why they left the Ministry. Edge said people would understand the Brood in time. Ken Shamrock vs Bradshaw in a street fight, Shamrock won with the help of a baseball bat. Mankind vs Boss Man, Boss Man tried to escape once but Test threw him back into the ring. Boss Man tried leaving again, the Big Show tossed him back into the ring, then Mr. Socko went to work giving Mankind the victory. Backstage, Billy Gunn attacked X-Pac, Kane pulled him off X-Pac. Triple H and Undertaker vs The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, the entire Corporate Ministry filled the ring attacking Austin and Rock ending the match. Test, Ken Shamrock and The Big Show came out and together they fought the Corporate Ministry back to the locker room. Triple H and The Rock battled through the crowd, leaving the Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin alone in the ring, Austin got choke slammed and Shane threw a chair to Undertaker. Vince McMahon, who was thought to have left the arena, nailed Shane. Then Vince entered the ring and tried to grab the chair from the Undertaker, the Phenom nailed the owner with it, giving the Rattlesnake time to recover. Stone Cold caught Undertaker with a stunner, Shane started to pummel his unconscious father, but Austin gave Shane a stunner too. Stone Cold celebrated with a few beers, pouring one on Vince to revive him.

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