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(1999-05-02) New Age Outlaws vs D'Lo and Mark Henry, outside Droz and Prince Albert attack D'Lo, match ends when Henry chases them into the crowd. Billy calls out X-Pac to apologize for his behavior on Smack Down. They shake hands, then Gunn attacks X-Pac. Road Dogg gets between them, then Kane comes to the ring and choke slams Road Dogg, the Tag Champs leave. A video highlighting the events leading to the Corporate Ministry is shown. Acolytes vs test and Shamrock, Ken gets the submission win. The Corporate Ministry fills the ring leaving two battered bodies behind. Boss Man goes after Mankind in the Boiler Room, after the Corp Ministry enters Shane locks the door. Big Show, Paul Wight, breaks down the door and clears out the CM. Then Big Show goes to the ring and calls out Undertaker. Undertaker brings the CM with him and they finally get the big man down, Shane calls the police on Paul Wight. HC Holly calls out Snow, Snow tells him Head is the champion so he can't give him a title shot but he has a peace offering. Snow enters to Spark Plug's music (HC Holly's previous persona) riding a toy car. Holly attacks Snow then leaves with Head. Big Show breaks the windows out of Shane's limo as the police arrive, they take him away. CM enters the ring and Shane announces Triple H vs Rock and Stone Cold vs Undertaker for the WWF Title with himself as the referee at the next PPV.

(1999-05-03) Corporate Ministry to the ring, Shane Triple H, and Undertaker speak to the crowd. Mankind, Shamrock, Test, and Big Show walk out on the ramp wielding 2x4's and Mick Foley introduces the Union - all former disgruntled Corporation members. The Union quickly clears the ring. Billy Gunn defeats X-Pac, then grabs a chair, Road Dogg gets in the way and gets nailed instead. *LIGHTS OUT* Kane carries X-Pac from the ring. CM returns to the ring as Vince, Stephanie, and Mrs. McMahon arrive. Shane announces a new line up for the evening. Vince enters the ring followed by the ladies, Vince asks Shane to listen to his mother, refuses to fight him, and the three exit the ring. Shane admits he was behind Stephanie's abduction. Vince charges into the ring but is quickly beat down. CM leave as Vince agrees to fight his son. Backstage, Vince tells Brisco and Patterson to do what they have to and beat the Meanstreet Posse - and the Posse loses.

Four Corners Match (3 on 1) Boss Man vs Viscera vs Mideon vs Test, when Boss Man mistakenly hits Mideon, Test pulls off the upset and the Union comes to his aid as he gets attacked. Backstage, Vince is attacked by HHH and Undertaker. Shane enters and surprisingly a beaten Vince staggers to the ring, Shane is in control until Vince hits him with a clothes line then gives him the stunner - Stone Cold style. Mankind vs Acolytes, Mankind does well but can't overcome the odds. Shamrock vs Triple H, Chyna assists HHH for the win. Big Show vs Undertaker, Taker gets man handled till he puts ether on his elbow pad and attempts to knock Paul Wight out, that failing he breaks a baseball bat over the Big Show's head and getting the win. Evening Gown match: Sable vs Debra, Sable sends in Bass as her stunt double, Debra rips off her own dress ending the match. Jarrett aids Debra, Venis attacks Jarrett and walks away with Debra. Lumberjack Match: Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin enter the ring, CM surrounds it then fill the ring, Vince sends in the Union (along with apparently the rest of the WWF roster). Fighting breaks out everywhere. Triple H and Undertaker isolate Rock, Stone Cold reappears, Rock gets tossed off the ramp as Steve Austin and Undertaker disappear on the elevator. Stone Cold returns, followed by Undertaker and Stone Cold gets thrown off the ramp as well. Rock apparently suffered a broken arm during the fall.

(1999-05-09) Corporate Ministry arrives, locking the door behind them. X-Pac and Kane vs Acolytes, for the Tag Team titles, when Billy Gunn attacks X-Pac Kane gives chase, Road Dogg steps in as a tag partner but gets pinned. But the belts do not change hands. Viscera and Mideon attack. Outside, the Union arrives and Big Show rips the door from its hinges. Kane returns to the ring to carry X-Pac out. BA Gunn defeats Venis with a distraction from Debra. Kane enters and choke slams Venis as Gunn runs out, Bass gives Venis some mouth-to-mouth. HC Holly calls out Al Snow, Holly 'signs' a match between Snow and Head for the title, Snow wins. Road Dogg vs HHH, Gunn gets nailed before he can interfere. HHH wins with an assist from Chyna. Kane prepares to slam Road Dogg, But X=Pac saves him. Outside, Billy Gunn drove away. Big Show defeats Mideon. Meat with PMS vs Droz with Prince Albert, Meat gets attacked, PMS aid enough to allow Meat to get away. Rock speaks to the audience, but gets attacked by CM, the Union storms the ring as Heat ended.

(1999-05-10) The Union arrive with three masked security guards and Vince McMahon among them. Kane vs Billy Gunn, a fan meets Billy on the way to the ring, during the distraction Kane gets an early advantage. But when Kane gets tied up in the ropes Mr. Ass pummels him. Road Dogg and X-Pac aid Kane as the match is ended. Then D'Lo and Mark Henry attack the Tag Champs. The Union fills the ring. Vince speaks to Shane and the Corporate Ministry come out on the ramp. As the two factions begin to approach each other, Commissioner Michaels appears on the Titan Tron, apparently from San Antonio. HBK, Shawn Michaels, first announced a second referee for the Undertaker vs Stone Cold Steve Austin at Over the Edge, Vince McMahon then began signing matches for the evening. Lumberjack Match: Faarooq vs Bradshaw with the Union as the lumber jacks, Test vs Boss Man night-stick-on-a-pole match, Brisco and Patterson vs Meanstreet Posse loser leaves the WWF, Chyna vs Ken Shamrock, Big Show vs Paul Bearer and if CM gets involved Taker forfeits his title shot, HC Handicap Match: Viscera and Mideon vs Cactus Jack, Evening Gown Match: Debra vs Sable for the Womens Title. And finally a 6-Man Match: Shane, Triple H, and Undertaker vs Vince, Stone Cold, and Rock with a guest referee. And there's only one referee capable of such a match... Shane says you're in San Antonio I'll pick the referee. However HBK replies, "I anticipated this." and after insulting Shane, asks the officers to remove their masks one by one - Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco, and...The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels!

HBK drags Bearer to the ring for Big Show. Big Show throws him around then calls out Undertaker (HBK says alright) CM fills the ring and the Union comes to Paul Wight's aid. Sable vs Debra, Venis comes to ringside and Sable rips off Debra's dress while she's distracted, Jarrett nails Val with a guitar. HBK gets an idea, tells Sable he sees the rules of an evening gown match differently. "With puppies like that," motions toward Debra, "especially ones we haven't seen already..." and Debra is the new WWF Womens Champ. Boss Man defeats Test with the aid of a foreign object and the night stick which Test retrieved. Hard Core Match: Cactus Jack (Mankind's alter ego) overcomes the odds taking the win. Acolytes surprisingly fight each other after a brief argument, the lumber jacks get involved numerous times, Viscera and Mideon try to separate the Acolytes, then Viscera gets caught alone and clobbered by the Union. Brisco and Patterson get the win with the aid of a helmet. Jarrett defeats Venis with a distraction from Debra. Shamrock doesn't want to fight Chyna, which goes against his beliefs. However, HHH and Chyna shove him around till he snaps and slams Chyna then leaves after realizing what he did. Main event, three fights break out - Vince vs Shane, Undertaker vs Austin, Rock vs HHH. Stone Cold counters a pedigree, Rock gives Triple H a rock bottom, Undertaker breaks the count and is about to choke slam Rock when Steve Austin pulls Undertaker outta the ring. Shane throws Vince back in the ring, Stone Cold stuns Shane Vince goes for the cover, Austin breaks it, stuns Shane again and gets the win. Shawn Michaels watches everything not getting involved and has a celebration beer with the Rattlesnake.

(1999-05-16) X-Pac vs D'Lo Brown, match ends when Ivory gets in the ring. Corporate Ministry enters the ring, Shane announces Stone Cold vs Triple H on RAW and Rock vs Undertaker in a casket match as well. Also the Rock will not be allowed to wear any arm protection at Over the Edge. Brood vs Droz and Prince Albert, Brood get a quick victory with an assist from Ryan Shamrock. And Ryan has joined PMS (Terri, Jackie, and Meat). After the match Doc Hendrix and the Hardy Boyz give Brood a blood bath, repaying them for Doc's blood bath three weeks ago. Brood continues the fight backstage. Road Dogg promptly defeats HC Bob Holly in a Hard Core match, then Holly attacks Snow and Pierre (a deer head) at ringside. Jerry The King Lawler interviews Venis, Val wants a mixed gender match at Over the Edge: Jarrett and Debra vs Venis and Nicole Bass. Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry vs Kane. D'Lo gets involved followed by X-Pac. Too Hot Scott Taylor and DOA vs the Union in an 8-man match, the Union weren't carrying their 2x4's since they were not out numbered. The match ended abruptly when Big Show choke slammed and pinned one of DOA. The Corporate Ministry headed for the ring, but Shamrock retrieved the 2x4's from beneath the ring and the Union stopped the Corp Ministry in its steps.

(1999-05-17) D-Generation X members X-Pac and Road Dogg with Kane vs Bad Ass Billy Gunn, D'Lo, and Sexual Chocolate, the match ends when all six men brawl out of the ring. Corporate Ministry to ring, Shane announces his 'hit list.' Vince barricades himself in his office, but the Undertaker and Triple H emerge from a closet as the Ministry beats on the door. Vince is taken to a hospital. Jarrett and Blue Blazer (Owen Hart) get defeated by Godfather and Venis when Bass comes to ringside distracting Jarrett. Meat with PMS (Jackie, Ryan and Terri) vs Test, Test wins by DQ when PMS get involved, Tori attacks PMS. Stone Cold speaks about his upcoming matches, Shane and CM head for the ring, Shamrock grabs Shane from behind, CM attack Shamrock, Union comes out and a brawl erupts. Stone Cold pulls Paul Bearer into the ring for a stunner. Casket Match: Undertaker vs Rock. Undertaker gets the win with Triple H's help, then HHH smashes the lid in with a sledge hammer sending Rock to the hospital. Brood vs Hardy Boyz and Doc Hendrix (Michael Hayes, former Freebird), match ends with all 6 men fighting. Snow mourns for Pierre. HC Holly enters the ring and gets nailed. Union and the Ministry clash backstage. Big Show with Union vs Boss Man with CM, Big Show gets the win. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Triple H (non-title), during the match the Undertaker's symbol lowers into the ring, Taker comes out and they try to 'sacrifice' Austin. But the Rattlesnake cuffs Taker to the symbol and has him raised instead.

(1999-05-23) Corporate Ministry enters the ring and Shane orders a warm-up match for Stone Cold against Mideon and himself as the guest referee. Meat defeats Too Sexy Brian Christopher with an assist from PMS. Hayes and the Hardy Boyz clear Too Much from the ring. Vince, Brisco, and Patterson to the ring. Vince says no Stone Cold warm-up, Shane says if Austin doesn't show he'll forfeit the title unless someone replaces him - Vince. Vince accepts. Rock speaks, Triple H responds on the Titan Tron. Blue Meanie and Goldust vs Hardy Boyz, the Boyz win *LIGHTS OUT* Hardy Boyz and Hayes get a blood bath. Boss Man blocks the Union in a room backstage. Mideon vs Vince, CM at ringside, Vince gets clobbered.


(1999-05-23) Kane and X-Pac defeated D'Lo Brown and 'Sexual Chocolate' Mark Henry. Al Snow defended the Hardcore Title against Hardcore Holly, the two battered each other with cookie sheets, a fire extinguisher, and a steel chair, fought into the lobby and the women's bathroom. Finally Snow got the win, retaining his title. Jeff Jarrett and Debra vs Val Venis and Nicole Bass in a mixed tag team match: Debra smacked Nicole from behind with a guitar to no avail. Bass turned and ripped off Debra's shirt. Jarrett prepared to clobber Bass with the guitar but Val Venis intercepted and pinned Jarrett for the win. After the match, Bass planted a kiss on the Big Valbowski - and he enjoyed it. The New Age Outlaws clashed as Badd Ass Billy Gunn took on the Road Dogg, Mr. Ass squeaked by with a win after nailing Dogg with a tapped up fist. Eight-man elimination match: Corporate Ministry (Acolytes, Viscera, and Boss Man) vs Union (Test, Ken Shamrock, Mankind, and Big Show). Anyone who is pinned, counted out, disqualified, or submits, must return to the locker room - first team to eliminate the other team wins. Bradshaw took out Test, but had to tap out when Shamrock applied the ankle-lock submission. Shamrock snapped a bit later and got disqualified. Big Show promptly eliminated Faarooq, Mankind and Boss Man ended up as the last two after Big Show and Viscera were counted out. Mankind got the win with Mr Socko's help.

Triple H vs The Rock, prior to the match HHH and Chyna attacked Rock backstage attempting to cut off the cast on Rock's left arm. Mankind, on his way to the locker room, aided Rock, but Triple H and Chyna nailed Mankind with a metal rod. When the match began Triple H focused on the injured arm, finally getting the cast off and then knocked out referee Earl Hebner, getting himself disqualified. But The Rock wasn't finished he clobbered Triple H with a chair, threw him into a ring post, and smacked him with a fan. Then he gave HHH a Rock Bottom and prepared for the People's Elbow but Chyna grabbed his leg and Triple H nailed him from behind with a chair. Mankind ran Triple H and Chyna off. Shane McMahon entered assuming he would be the only special official for Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Undertaker for the WWF Title, as Vince was injured However Pat Patterson arrived to take Vince's place. Undertaker came out and choke slammed Patterson. After the match started Shane was inadvertently knocked out by Undertaker. Mr. McMahon suddenly appeared, limping badly and took over officiating. Austin gave Taker a stunner and went for the pin, but Shane woke in time to pull his father away before he could make a three count. Vince and Shane assaulted each other, Vince accidentally pushed Shane into Austin and Undertaker, Taker fell on top of Austin, and Shane made a fast count. Undertaker became the new World Wrestling Federation Champion. The Corporate Ministry stormed the ring, but Austin fought them off with stunners and a steel chair.

(1999-05-24) A Tribute to Owen Hart. The entire WWF roster is out as the bell tolls ten times. A video tribute follows. Throughout the show wrestlers share their candid comments about Owen.

Jarrett defeats Test with a sharp shooter, X-Pac and Kane defeat Brood, Hardy Boyz defeat Kientai, Ken Shamrock gets a quick win over Holly. Billy Gunn vs Mankind, Gunn invokes his old chant, "If you're not down with Owen Hart. I got two words for ya! - Suck It!" D-Lo and Sexual Chocolate defeat Acolytes. Road Dogg vs Godfather: Godfather says. "Why don't we take the hos down town and remember Owen." Dogg replies, "Let's go...tell some Owen stories." They leave. Triple H defeats Al Snow. Big Show defeats Goldust and Blue Meanie, even though it wasn't supposed to be a handicap match. Rock defeats Venis. Stone Cold Steve Austin enters the ring and toasts a cold one to Owen Hart.

(1999-05-30) Mixed gender match: Test and Tori vs Meat and Jackie, Tori gets the win while Meat and Test battle outside. King of the Ring Qualifying Matches:

Road Dogg challenges Boss Man tomorrow night. Acolytes challenge the Tag Champs. Stone Cold Steve Austin calls out Undertaker tomorrow night as well, Undertaker says he'll sacrifice Austin.

(1999-05-31) A brief video of Owen Hart's funeral. Druids carry an Undertaker symbol to the ring, Corporate Ministry follows, they speak about the 'higher power' and sacrificing Steve Austin. Vince walks out the ramp, "tonight I'm going to screw you, Undertaker." And demands a Stone Cold vs Undertaker rematch. Shane says no title, Vince agrees but I want Undertaker first, Shane replies you win and Stone Cold gets a title shot. As CM leaves the ring, Stone Cold Steve Austin (dressed as a druid) attacks the Undertaker, Union comes to his aid. Big Show defeats Mr. Ass, when Gunn tries to leave Road Dogg throws him back in. Christian faces the new comer Harry Beaver Cleavage (former Headbanger) with Ms. Cleavage, Hayes and the Boyz give Beaver the assist, the rest of Brood aids Christian. IC Title Match: Jarrett vs Godfather. Debra distracts Godfather allowing Jeff to nail Godfather with her belt and get the win, Jeff Jarrett is the new IC Champ. Vince vs Undertaker, Vince wins via disqualification after Undertaker assaults the referee too many times. Mankind calls out Triple H for a hard core match, Boss Man attacks Mankind on his way to the ring, Road Dogg was scheduled to meet Boss Man. Mankind rolls Boss Man into the ring, but Dogg gets nailed with the night stick and a chain. Tag Title Match: Acolytes defeat Kane and X-Pac when Shane nails X-Pac with a chair. Acolytes are the new Tag Team Champions. Val Venis with Bass vs Shamrock, Jarrett and Debra distract Ken giving Venis the win. Mankind vs Triple H, Chyna gets involved numerous times, HHH finally takes the win with the help of a sledge hammer. Mankind is hurt, HHH and Chyna return to the ring and continue attacking until Rock comes to Foley's aid. Undertaker vs Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWF Title. Stone Cold charges the ring. During the match Austin gets a stunner but Bearer pulls the referee out of the ring. Corporate Ministry fills the ring, clobbering Austin, the 'higher power' enters and reveals his face to Stone Cold - and the Rattlesnake is livid.

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