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(1999-06-06) A King of the Ring Qualifying Match: Road Dogg vs Godfather, Mr.Ass tries to smack Road Dogg with a chair but hits Godfather instead giving the win to Dogg. JR interviews Acolytes, they issue an open challenge. Brood appears *LIGHTS OUT* the Acolytes get a blood bath. Backstage, Stone Cold Steve Austin arrives - and he looks pissed. Qualifying Match: Big Show easily defeats Droz, then takes out Prince Albert. Stone Cold attacks the two as they exit the ring area. Jarrett vs Mark Henry for the IC Title ends when Debra gets attacked by Ivory. Steve Austin stuns Henry, D'Lo, and just misses Jarrett. Shamrock defeats Meat, Jarrett knocks out Ken with a guitar. The Rattlesnake strikes again, stunning Jarrett and Meat. Qualifying Match: Kane defeats Test. Qualifying Match: Chyna defeats Venis with an assist from Triple H. Stone Cold storms the ring, stuns Venis, about five officials, and Slaughter, then drags the ring announcer in as Heat ends.

(1999-06-07) Vince enters the ring dressed to fight, speaks about the 'higher power' and the speculation surrounding who it might be. Is it HBK, a McMahon, or could it be Jake Roberts? Then announces that he intends to go no holds barred with the 'greater power', further more he believes it is a McMahon. And Vince wants to fight Shane for control of the WWF. Shane walks out the ramp and accepts the challenge. Backstage, Stone Cold Steve Austin is talking to someone inside a limo. Corporate Ministry to the ring, the 'greater power' comes to the ring, followed by Shane, and unmasks - Vince is the higher power. Vince says he had to teach Stone Cold a lesson. Stephanie and Linda appear on the ramp (Vince's daughter and wife). Stephanie asks, "How could you be so cruel?" Then Linda says, "Lets talk business." Shane and Vince do not each own 50% of the WWF, but each of the four McMahons's own 25%. Then she informs Vince that she held an emergency board meeting, "and there's gonna be some changes." Starting with a relaxed dress code at the office, profanity allowable, as well as occasional drinking on the job. Then she announced that she was stepping down as CEO, and introduced her hand-picked successor with full power. The new CEO of the WWF - Stone Cold Steve Austin. Vince and Shane seemingly awe struck, watch the Rattlesnake start making changes:

Beer with the ladies Backstage, Linda and Stephanie have a beer with Stone Cold Steve Austin, CEO. Tag Title Match: Acolytes defend against Brood members Gangrel and Edge. Hayes and Boyz to ringside, Acolytes get the victory as Brood gets attacked. Union to the ring, Big Show thanks Steve Austin then challenges Undertaker for the WWF Title. Shamrock wants Vince in the Lion's Den. Test calls down Stephanie, then asks her out on a date. X-Pac and Kane vs Shane, Meanstreet Posse come out of the audience to interfere. Brisco and Patterson toss them in the ring for X-Pac and Kane to dismantle. Cast Match: Undertaker interferes and Big Show chases him away. Debra challenged Nicole Bass to a bikini contest rather than a title match, and Debra wins. Val and Jeff Jarrett start fighting, then Bass inadvertently knocks out Venis. Val begins to argue with her and she dumps him. Another GTV clip of PMS's locker room. Godfather vs Mr. Ass, Road Dogg nails Gunn while Godfather is outside the ring, Godfather rolls back in and gets the win. Stone Cold delivers a message: "If any Corporate members interfere in the WWF Title or Lion's Den match their ass is fired on the spot." Hard Core Match: Snow dominated Droz. As the Lion's Den match begins, between Ken Shamrock and Vince, Jarrett knocks out Ken and Vince takes the win. WWF Title Match: Big Show vs Undertaker, a large part of the match takes place outside the ring, Big Show choke slams taker thru the ring ending the match. Bradshaw and Faarooq enter the ring and get choke slammed as well.

(1999-06-13) Six-Man Elimination Match: Brood vs Hardy Boyz and Michael Hayes, Christian ends up facing all three members, eliminates two, then gets the victory with an assist from Too Cool (formerly Too Much). Tag Title Match: Acolytes vs Sexual Chocolate and D'Lo Brown, match ended when Viscera and Mideon get involved. Jarrett and Debra interview, Test challenges Jeff; accepted. X-Pac and Kane vs Big Show and Hard Core Holly, X-Pac takes the win after Big Show gets tired of Holly's attitude and choke slams him. Val Venis defeats Droz but gets a nose ring from Prince Albert, they continue fighting backstage. IC Title Match: Test vs Jarrett, Shamrock nails Jarrett while the ref is knocked out, Test gets the win. However, Debra convinces the ref to reverse the decision. Mr. Ass and Chyna vs Road Dogg and Shamrock, Ken chases Jarrett backstage, Road Dogg wins. Triple H and X-Pac enter for their respective sides, then Kane clears the ring. Road Dogg tosses Chyna to Kane for a choke slam.

(1999-06-14) Video highlights of Stone Cold's first day on the job were shown throughout the broadcast. Steve Austin was meeting his various employees, and giving the executives a taste of Stone Cold attitude. Corporate Ministry enters the ring and the McMahons announce several matches for the night. Brisco and Patterson voice their disapproval. Road Dogg comes out for the first match, a Dog Pound Match against Mr. Ass, where the combatants are to be chained together with dog collars. Billy Gunn comes out in a neck brace, which is quickly shown as fake, and attacks Road Dogg with out putting on the collar. Gunn takes the win with an assist from Chyna. The Rock comes to the ring and challenges Undertaker at King of the Ring, the McMahons and Undertaker on ramp, Taker accepts but Vince says first Rock must beat Undertaker in a non title match tonight. Then Shane says he will add a stipulation immediately prior to the match. Ivory wins the Womens Title from Debra with an assist from Nicole Bass. Boss Man vs Test, in a blindfold, ends when Boss Man uses his night stick. Stephanie comes to Test's aid. David vs Goliath Match: X-Pac vs Big Show. Big Show tries to forfeit, but X-Pac won't have it. Then Kane tries to take his place knocking him away, Pac knocks both big men down and Big Show walks away. Jeff Jarrett vs Ken Shamrock, in a strait jacket, Ken gets the victory by submission using only his legs. Vince runs off with the key to his jacket leaving a very angry Shamrock.

Brisco and Patterson vs Mideon and Viscera, Meanstreet Posse joins in to clobber them. Tag Title Match: Kane vs Acolytes, after multiple chair shots and double teaming they manage to pin Kane. X-Pac comes to his aid after the match. Backstage, Shamrock breaks free from the jacket. A video clip is show of Stone Cold Steve Austin having Vince's office filled with manure. The McMahons enter the ring to announce that they will face Austin in a ladder match, the CEO title and their stock in WWF is on the line. Near the end of their speech Shamrock charges the ring, slams Shane and chases Vince from the arena. Rock vs Undertaker, in a triple threat match with Triple H (Shane's stipulation). So its two on one of course. Rock nails Undertaker with the people's elbow but the referee is down, another ref jumps in but Chyna pulls him out. Then Chyna mistakenly trips Undertaker, the Phenom assaults her, Triple H comes to her aid giving Rock the opportunity to pin him for the victory earning his title shot at King of the Ring. After the match Undertaker and Triple H continue fighting till CM breaks them apart.

(1999-06-20) Triple H and Chyna interview; Chyna speaks about her entrance in the King of the Ring. Triple H announces his goal to be the WWF Champion. By Stone Cold's order - the winners of two elimination matches will meet later on Heat. Four Corners Elimination Match: Mr. Ass, Big Show, Kane, and Ken Shamrock. Hardcore Holly attacks Kane and Big Show with a chair, Kane nails Big Show with the chair, both men eliminated. Ken Shamrock gets disqualified after throwing a referee, Mr. Ass wins. Undertaker speaks about his upcoming match with the Rock. Sexual Chocolate and D'Lo interview. Elimination Match: Road Dogg, X-Pac, Holly, and Chyna. Triple H pedigrees X-Pac outside the ring, Holly eliminates him. Triple H distracts the ref while Chyna nails both Dogg and Holly with a chair taking the win. Val Venis calls out Droz tomorrow. Mr. Ass vs Chyna, Gunn moons her, Triple H attacks and then assists Chyna to get the win. Undertaker attacks Triple H and the Corporate Ministry once again pulls them apart.

(1999-06-21) Triple H calls out Undertaker, CM fills the ring and Vince says they won't fight. Stone Cold Steve Austin brings a ladder out on the ramp, accepts the 'winner take all' ladder match at King of the Ring. Then Stone Cold announces the stipulation that he wins if any other Corporate Ministry members get involved. Vince disagrees and says the final stipulation makes the match no holds barred, meaning interference is allowed. Commissioner Michaels arrives and, after Brisco and Patterson bring his coffee, says that to decide the final stipulation Stone Cold Steve Austin will fight a Corporate member. Vince's first choice is the Undertaker - HBK responds already booked. How about Triple H - booked too, cause they're wrestling eachother for the WWF Championship. Vince says Boss Man vs Stone Cold for the final stipulation. Michaels agrees - and I'm the referee. Steve Austin tosses HBK a beer and walks backstage. Commissioner Michaels announces McMahons vs Brisco and Patterson. As CM chases HBK and associates away Shamrock slams Viscera with a chair.

Shamrock vs Test becomes a Triple Threat match against Jarrett with the IC Title on the line by HBK's orders. Jarrett retains the title with an assist from Steve Blackman. Rock defeats Edge but gets attacked by Undertaker. Body Slam Match: Mark Henry vs Viscera, Viscera wins. Stone Cold vs Boss Man, McMahons bring a ladder to ringside, Austin uses it on Boss Man then later knocks Vince from the top when Vince taunts him. Stone Cold takes the win. Backstage CM punishes Boss Man. Venis vs Droz with Prince Albert, Venis retrieves hand cuffs from beneath his towel cuffing Droz to the ring post, drags Albert in the ring cuffs him to a rope and proceeds to tattoo 'VV' on his butt - the match never officially started. Road Dogg, X-Pac, and Kane vs Acolytes and Mr. Ass. X-Pac says put the titles on the line, Gunn says yes then walks off with a belt after making the cover. Big Show vs Hard Core Holly, Holly says let's make it hard core. They fight outside, Big Show rolls a car over Holly (minimal contact) and takes the victory. McMahons vs Brisco and Patterson, Shamrock attacks Shane and chases Vince away, Meanstreet Posse jumps in with a new member and pummel Patterson and Brisco. WWF Championship Match: Triple H vs Undertaker, HHH gets a near win with a figure-four. Chyna tries to assist but fails, Rock attacks and the match ends. Bearer gets strapped to the Rock's symbol as CM storms the ring and Undertaker slips away, then Boss Man comes to fight the Ministry.

(1999-06-27) Vince and Shane lead CM to ring with ladder in hand and announce Boss Man vs Mideon and Viscera. McMahon 3:32 said, "Payback's a bitch." Commissioner Michaels arrives and announces a warm up match for Vince against Ken Shamrock or forfeit the ladder match later tonight. Shane is accepted as a substitute, and HBK states any interference from CM will forfeit the ladder match as well. Hardy Boyz with Hayes vs Brood, Acolytes clear the ring and Bradshaw calls out Mr. Ass on Raw. Boss Man gets pummeled by Mideon and Viscera, D'Lo and Henry chase them away. Road Dogg spoke about his match against Chyna, Chyna and Triple H attack, X-Pac clears the ring. Street Fight: Venis vs Prince Albert, Droz gets involved and Godfather comes to help Val. Shamrock vs Shane, Blackman attacks Ken, Shamrock's injured but refusing medical attention. Rock enters the ring and speaks about his upcoming title match, Undertaker responds from the Titan Tron.

King of the Ring 1999

(1999-06-27) First round matches:

Since their match on Heat was inconclusive, HBK ordered a rematch between Brood and the Hardy Boyz with the winner being the number one contender for the Tag Titles. Gangrel sipped from his goblet and spit at Jeff Hardy but it hit Edge instead and Hardys got the win. King of the Ring semifinals:

WWF Title Match: Rock vs World Wrestling Federation Champion the Undertaker, when the referee got knocked out Bearer poured ether on a handkerchief. But the Rock was able to use the handkerchief on the Undertaker. Then Triple H pedigreed The Rock and both superstars lay on the mat, Undertaker rolled on to the Rock, but the People's Champion kicked out. The champion delivered a Tombstone pile driver and made the cover retaining the Federation Championship. King of the Ring final match: Mr. Ass vs X-Pac. Prior to the match, Billy Gunn announced he would go after X-Pac's fragile neck and he did. X-Pac got a near win but was to weak to make the cover. Later he delivered a devastating dropkick to Mr. Ass while he was climbing the ropes but this brought on a bout of pain and Billy Gunn was able to take the win, becoming the 1999 King of the Ring.

A briefcase containing paperwork for control of the World Wrestling Federation hung over the ring as the Ladder Match began. Since Shane was apparently hurt during his match on Heat, Commissioner Michaels ordered Mr. McMahon to find a 'suitable replacement.' Mr. McMahon found the Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman. However, before the match started, GTV cameras picked up Shane McMahon and his Mean Street buddies celebrating backstage and Shane was clearly not hurt. He and the Posse realized they were on TV and tried to escape from the arena, but HBK cut them off and ordered Shane to the ring and Blackman to take his "G.I. Joe-lookin' ass" to the locker room. Steve Austin proceeded to beat the hell out of the McMahons, at one point he buried them under a pile of ladders from the set. Austin climbed the ladder and reached for the briefcase but as Austin moved up the ladder, the briefcase moved up too. Stone Cold grabbed several nearby officials trying to find who was responsible, but no one would admit to it. Mr. McMahon began climbing the ladder and the briefcase began to lower. Austin climbed up the other side of the ladder and the two men fought on top of the ladder. Then Shane recovered, tipped the ladder sending both Austin and Vince crashing to the floor. Shane grabbed the ladder and retrieved the briefcase, winning the match and control of the company for the McMahons. Stone Cold Steve Austin was furious knowing he had once again been screwed.

(1999-06-28) Corporate Ministry enters the ring to celebrate. they fire Stone Cold Steve Austin as CEO. Boss Man enters to his old music and rejoins CM. Stone Cold enters, he signed a new contract last night before King of the Ring. In which he gave himself more money and got rid of the Vince/assault clause. Furthermore he signed a WWF Title match Undertaker vs himself, any interference results in Undertaker forfeiting the title. The McMahons were irate but helpless.

Weapons Match: Steve Blackman defeats Ken Shamrock. Bad Ass Billy Gunn, 1999 King of the Ring, gives an interview. Chyna and Triple H form an alliance with him, Rock attacks Triple H. Chaz (temporarily Harry Beaver Cleavage) speaks about an incident last week where he stepped out of character, he's tired of gimmicks and wants to be himself. Chaz defeats Meat with an assist from his girlfriend Marianna. Test gets attacked by Meanstreet Posse during an interview. Hardcore Holly calls out Kane, Big Show choke slams Kane letting Holly get the win but Kane rises and choke slams Holly several times. Rock vs Triple H, Mr. Ass smacks Rock with a club ending the match. Prince Albert and Droz attack Venis backstage. Edge defeats Godfather with an unwanted assist from Droz and Albert, but when they try to pierce a ho Edge comes back to Godfather's aid. Bad Ass vs Bradshaw, Mr. Ass moons Faarooq, Faarooq inadvertently hits Bradshaw but X-Pac smacks Gunn giving the win to Bradshaw. Chyna attacks Pac and Road Dogg comes to his aid. Ivory with Nicole Bass enters the ring, calls for someone out of the audience. A fan enters and they both attack her, Security has to pull them off. IC Title Match: Jarrett vs X-Pac, Mr. Ass misses Pac with a guitar and gets flattened, X-Pac smacks Jarrett with the guitar then Gunn takes out Pac giving the win to Jarrett, Road Dogg and Chyna enter the fray. WWF Title Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Undertaker, Bearer smacks Stone Cold with a shoe, and later distracts the ref giving Undertaker an opening, Austin nearly loses when a body slam fails. Stone Cold recovers and stuns the Taker, Bearer pulls the ref out, Undertaker gets another stunner and Stone Cold gets the victory. Steve Austin is WWF Champion for the fourth time. Undertaker attacks him from behind and a bloody Steve Austin is still battling as Raw goes off the air.

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