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(1999-07-04) X-Pac and Kane defeat the Hardy Boyz, Acolytes attack the Boyz, X-Pac and Kane help fight off the Tag Champs. Undertaker enters the ring and asks for a rematch against Austin at Fully Loaded. He wants a First Blood match, first man to bleed loses. European Title Match: Mideon defends the title against Al Snow, D'Lo interferes allowing Mideon to retain the title. Interview: Stephanie McMahon is upset about Andrew's (Test's) treatment. Jarrett defends the IC Title against Test, match ends when Test assaults a Posse member at ringside, then gets pummeled by the rest of the Meanstreet Posse. Hardcore Holly issues an open challenge, but his opponent must be at least 6'6" and 400 pounds. Viscera takes the challenge. Holly takes him out with a chair, then calls out Kane. Kane choke slams Holly as the Big Show makes his way to the ring, followed by the Undertaker who joins his brother, Kane, in the ring. Big Show retreats back the ramp. Backstage, Big Show says he'll take on either of them. Venis and Godfather vs Prince Albert and Droz, if Droz and Albert win Val and Godfather get pierced if they lose they become hos for a day. Albert inadvertently hits Droz and Godfather gets the win. Road Dogg vs Big Show, Kane comes to the ring, slams Dogg out of the way and goes after the Show but Pac arrives to keep the big men separated. Undertaker appears on the ramp as Kane and X-Pac make their way backstage.

(1999-07-05) WWF Champ Stone Cold Steve Austin enters the ring, accepts Undertaker's challenge, then Austin reminds Undertaker that, "payback's are a bitch!" (Referring to Austin vs Kane) Vince steps out on the ramp and says the WWF ain't big enough for the two of us, one has got to go. If Austin loses to Undertaker he must give up the WWF Title race, if he wins the first blood match then Vince will step down as chairman and no longer be on RAW. Stone Cold accepts. Acolytes vs Hardy Boyz for the WWF Tag Titles, Bradshaw goes in against medical advice due to his injuries from Heat, then gets cracked with Hayes' cane and goes down for the three count. Hardy Boyz are the new Tag Champs.

GTV segments continue, this one featuring Droz and Albert dressing. Gangrel vs Godfather, but first Godfather calls down Val Venis to join him as he introduces his hos for the day - Prince Albert and Droz. Godfather defeats Gangrel, but gets attacked by Droz, Albert, and Gangrel. The other Brood members take Gangrel away. Test vs Joey of the Meanstreet Posse, Shane drags Stephanie to the ring, the rest of the Posse attacks Test. Outside Chyna's car appears vandalized, and she's accusing Road Dogg and X-Pac. D'Lo vs Snow for the Hardcore Title, Snow attacks from behind, they fight on to an escalator, Mideon knocks some tables on D'Lo then Snow jumps off a lift to make the cover and retain the HC Title. Road Dogg vs Val Venis, police bring X-Pac to the ring in cuffs and take the Road Dogg with them. IC Title Match: Jarrett vs Chaz with Marianna. Debra tries to distract Chaz but Marianna gets in her face, Jarrett takes the win then gets the guitar and tries to hit Chaz. Thrasher comes out to aid his former partner, Mosh. Edge defeats Boss Man, but gets handcuffed to the ropes and Boss Man beats him with the night stick. Christian comes to aid but gets cuffed to the ropes as well and Boss Man continues the assault.

Mr. Ass defeats Meat, PMS go after Gunn until Chyna steps in and clobbers Jackie, Chyna and Gunn drag Meat and Jackie to the center of the ring and paint a 'DX' on them. Holly and Big Show vs Kane and a partner, match starts, then the Undertaker arrives and Show is distracted while Holly gets pinned. Both Undertaker and Kane stomp on Big Show. Kane leaves as Taker nails Big Show with a chair. Cage Match: Rock vs Triple H, Chyna gives Triple H handcuffs, he tries to cuff the Rock but fails, Chyna slams the door on Rock and pulls Triple H out but the ref is down. Rock brings him back in the cage. They fight atop the cage wall, Chyna smacks Rock with a chair but Triple H slips and gets caught on the ropes, HHH crawls toward the door. Rock recovers and slowly slips down the wall to the floor an instant before Triple H makes it to the floor. Mr. Ass attacks Rock.

(1999-07-11) A video looking at the Undertaker / Kane relationship, and how the Big Show's arrival affects it. Big Show Paul Wight enters the ring and speaks about Undertaker and Kane's reunion, calls out Kane tonight and Undertaker on Raw. Backstage, Brood says all is well with the group. Six-Man Tag Match: Brood vs Viscera, Mideon, and Boss Man. The ref gets distracted and Gangrel DDTs Edge allowing Boss Man to make the cover, Gangrel leaves the arena. Al Snow says no one wanted to fight him tonight so he arranged a hard core match against four minis, the match ends as they fight backstage. The Rock comes to the ring upset because Triple H was named the number one contender, then mocks Mr. Ass speaking to God. Backstage, Gunn says bring it on and Chyna says it wasn't her car last week. Droz and Albert, Droz still wearing a skirt, vs Hardy Boyz. Venis and Godfather attack Droz ending the match, Hardy Boyz and Hayes attack Venis and Godfather. Test vs Mr. Ass, Shane and Posse attack ending the match. Rock comes after BA Gunn and Shamrock clears out the Posse. Hardcore Holly steps in as time keeper for Bradshaw vs Kane in a hard core match. Kane wins then Holly gets in the ring and gets choke slammed, Big Show clubs Kane. Yesterday Steve Austin threw the first pitch at Yankees vs Mets.

(1999-07-12) Stone Cold Steve Austin enters the ring with a contract for Vince to sign. Vince was in a motorcycle accident and arrived in a wheel chair, tells Austin to sign first, Stone Cold says he wants his Smokin' Skull belt first. Kane's music plays and Undertaker attacks from behind cutting Austin's head and allowing Vince to sign the contract in Stone Cold's blood. Backstage, Steve Austin gets patched up. Edge vs Gangrel, they fight up the ramp and Edge falls in the 'fire pit'. DX's music plays and they're seen backstage tar-and-feathering Howard Finkle for his actions last week. D-Generation X enters the ring followed by Kane, X-Pac tells him to choose. Triple H, Chyna, and Mr. Ass attack. Undertaker clears the ring and tells Kane he won't make him choose.

Tag Title Match: Val and Godfather vs Hardy Boyz, Hayes interferes to save the belts. Acolytes attack HB, Val and Godfather help fight them off. Jarrett enters the ring with Debra, a furious Stone Cold runs to the ring and stuns him. Then he calls out Undertaker. Big Show says you know it'll be 2 on 1 so why not make it a tag match? Austin agrees. Jarrett gets cocky as Steve Austin is leaving and gets a second stunner. Triple H, Chyna, and Mr. Ass enter to DX's music for a six-person tag match. Then the real DX arrives but Kane doesn't show, the Rock joins in and the match is on. Rock gets the win for the team. Al Snow accepts Droz's challenge for an evening gown match as long as its hard core, Droz agrees, Snow takes the victory. Apparently Mark Henry has high blood pressure so the Acolytes are without an opponent, until Hardcore Holly shows up and tries to take on both of them. He gets clobbered till Big Show carries him backstage. Gauntlet match: Test vs Meanstreet Posse, ends when Shane gets involved. Then Blackman attacks but gets chased off by Ken Shamrock and the whole Posse attack Test till Stephanie accidentally gets elbowed by Shane. Backstage, Taker and Kane are together again. Anything Goes match: Kane and Undertaker vs Big Show and Stone Cold, they fight all over the arena floor, Austin's head starts bleeding again but he still nails Kane with a stunner for the win.

(1999-07-18) Undertaker enters the ring and speaks about his upcoming WWF title match. Kane joins him in the ring and they walk out together. Jeff Jarrett vs Road Dogg for the IC Title, Jarrett warns Austin not to come after his IC Title after he loses to Undertaker. Dogg swings the belt at Jarrett but Jeff throws the referee in the road, Road Dogg goes for a cover but a second referee jumps in and disqualifies Jarrett. Mr. Ass and Chyna attack till X-Pac arrives on the scene. European Champ Mideon joins commentary. D'Lo Brown vs Gangrel, who takes the victory after spitting 'blood' in D'Lo's face. After the match Mideon and Gangrel attack D'Lo, Edge comes to his aid. Backstage, Road Dogg challenges Chyna to a dog pound match. X-Pac vs Hardcore Holly ends when Holly hits Pac with a chair. Kane choke slams Holly then Big Show enters and X-Pac smacks him with a chair to aid Kane but when the Undertaker appears on the ramp Kane leaves and X-Pac gets choke slammed by Big Show. Ken Shamrock calls out Blackman in an unsanctioned Iron Circle match, a ring of cars. Acolytes vs Droz and Prince Albert, Hardy Boyz come to ringside followed by Godfather and Venis, Droz gets the win inside as fighting erupts outside. Triple H vs Big Show, Kane attacks the Big Show as Undertaker gets in Triple H's face, then all three attack Big Show. Jesse The Body Ventura, Governor of Minnesota, will be the guest referee at Steve Austin vs Undertaker.

(1999-07-19) Corporate Ministry fills the ring. Vince speaks about the upcoming First Blood match, warns Undertaker he better do well. Undertaker says, "I'm doing this for me not you." then threatens Vince. Triple H gets in the middle then asks Vince to put him in the title match. Vince orders Undertaker vs Triple H with the winner to face Stone Cold Steve Austin. Stone Cold arrives in a blood mobile and announces that he will lock Undertaker in the van and bust open Vince tonight. Dog Pound Match (combatants are chained together at the neck): Chyna vs Road Dogg. Chyna refuses to be chained , Mr. Ass and Chyna attack Dogg. X-Pac clears the ring once again. Shane and the Posse call out Stephanie, Shane blames the incident last week on Test, then wants her to go back to Joey. Stephanie slaps Joey and leaves the ring.

Tag Team Elimination Match: Godfather and Venis, Acolytes, Prince Albert and Droz, vs Tag Champs the Hardy Boyz. Acolytes eliminate Droz and Albert, then the Acolytes get eliminated, Hardy Boyz retain the title with an assist from Hayes. Jeff Jarrett defeats Christian, then gets a blood bath and Edge runs out from the back to attack him. Apparently Gangrel was behind the bath but without the former Brood members knowledge. Rock vs Mr. Ass, Chyna distracts the referee then gets knocked off the ring, she recovers and catches Rock with a chair as he lines up the People's Elbow allowing Billy Gunn to take the win. Al Snow vs Boss Man, Snow begs Boss Man to hit him with the night stick and Boss Man obliges ending the match. D'Lo and Edge defeat Mideon and Gangrel. Stone Cold Steve Austin leaves his locker room and cameras follow but he was only getting a drink. Test vs Blackman ends when the Posse fills the ring, Shamrock comes in for the assist. Big Show and Holly vs X-Pac and Kane, Pac tells Kane to leave not knowing if he can trust him or not. But Kane attacks Show as Holly and Pac fight in the ring. Undertaker choke slams X-Pac then smacks Holly and Big Show with the steel steps. The brothers start to leave but Kane returns to check on X-Pac, Undertaker follows him into the ring, then Kane sees the replay of Taker slamming X-Pac. Kane is enraged, he choke slams Undertaker and carries X-Pac from the ring. Triple H vs Undertaker with Vince and Chyna at ringside. Backstage, Austin grabs the camera man and heads to the ring. The Rattlesnake strikes Undertaker ending the match, Rock attacks Triple H and they fight away from ringside. Stone Cold drags Undertaker closer to the blood mobile and throws him inside locking the door, Austin nails Vince with the belt busting him open, then signs the contract. Stone Cold Steve Austin celebrates in the ring, however Bearer releases Undertaker and Stone Cold gets blind sided. Undertaker breaks open the cuts on Austin's head once again.

(1999-07-25) Val Venis vs Joey Abs, when the Posse gets involved Test takes them down allowing Venis to get the win. A video look at the evolution of D-Generation X, Road Dogg and X-Pac speak their mind followed by Chyna and Mr. Ass. An exhausted Meat gets defeated by Godfather then insulted by Terri. A video look at the Triple H and Rock WWF Title race. Triple H gives a candid interview about being held back and declares he will be the WWF Champion, he's angry and wants what he believes he deserves. Christian vs Viscera, Gangrel assists Christian for the win. Another video explored the Stone Cold and Vince McMahon rivalry. Undertaker attacks Stone Cold Steve Austin during an interview reopening the wound on his head.

Fully Loaded 1999

(1999-07-25) Jarrett lost the Intercontinental Championship in a controversial decision on Saturday night at the Sky Dome in Toronto and he was hell bent on regaining the title from Edge. During the match the lights went out and Gangrel attacked Edge trying to give him a blood bath but it backfired. Then as Edge was about to make a cover, Debra distracted the referee and was accidentally knocked off the apron. When Edge leaned over the ropes to check on her Gangrel choked him allowing Jarrett to regain the IC Title. Jarrett started bragging about being the 'greatest' and an angry Rattlesnake sprinted to the ring and stunned Jarrett. Stone Cold had just been stitched up after Undertaker's attack on Heat and announced that if he had stitches so would Undertaker.

Acolytes reclaimed the Tag Titles from the Hardy Boyz. Mideon vs D'Lo Brown, D'Lo became a three time European Champion. Al Snow vs Big Boss Man for the Hardcore Title. The two fought across the street to a parking lot barricade, where Snow got handcuffed to the fence. Covering an unconscious Snow the Boss Man became the new Hardcore Champion. Kane vs Big Show, Hardcore Holly as the special referee, Kane was set up for the choke slam when Holly interfered allowing Big Show to get the win with a fast count. Afterward X-Pac nailed Holly, then Undertaker slammed Pac. Big Show and Undertaker teamed up to attack Kane. When Undertaker returned to the locker room Stone Cold Steve Austin was waiting, a furious Rattlesnake pummeled Undertaker busting him open. Iron Circle Match (inside a circle of cars): Ken Shamrock vs Steve Blackman, Shamrock got the win when Blackman blacked out. Road Dogg and X-Pac defeated Mr. Ass and Chyna for the rights to D-Generation X. Rock vs Triple H, in a Strap Match for number one contender status. Chyna and Mr. Ass both interfered Gunn clobbering The Rock with a club, but somehow the Rock landed the People's Elbow. However, Mr. Ass grabbed the strap and pulled the People's Champion out of the ring before he could make the cover allowing Triple H to get the number one contender status when he recovered and hit the Pedigree winning the match. Mr. McMahon joined commentary for the First Blood 'End of an Era' match. Austin grabbed a chair when Undertaker got tied up in the ropes, but Shane McMahon got in the way and received the chair shot instead. The next time Stone Cold got the Undertaker down Vince tried to stop him, and got clobbered as well. Undertaker recovered and grabbed a chair, X-Pac came out and kicked the chair into Undertaker's face. Austin followed it up with a shot to Taker's head from a TV camera, finally busting him open. The referee regained consciousness and awarded the win to Austin. After the match Undertaker nailed the Rattlesnake with the camera drawing blood once again. Undertaker snapped and attacked anything at ringside including Shane McMahon. After the Undertaker finally headed for the locker room, Austin gave Vince a 'farewell' stunner.

(1999-07-26) Video highlights of Stone Cold Steve Austin's win last night. Backstage, Undertaker attacks DX dragging X-Pac to the ring. Kane comes to his aid but gets attacked by the Big Show. Big Show and Undertaker shake hands after destroying Kane. Vince arrives at the arena for unknown reasons. Kane watches as X-Pac is taken away in an ambulance then storms back into the arena. Hardcore Holly is the guest ring announcer for the Tag Title Match: Edge and Christian vs Acolytes. *RINGSIDE ANNOUNCEMENT* Ken Shamrock was hit by a car in the parking lot. When the Acolytes defeat Edge and Christian, Holly jumps in and gets slammed. Kane enters and takes down all four men, then motions for a mic. He promises to hurt Undertaker and Big Show for hurting Shawn (X-Pac). Shamrock refuses medical attention and a video reveals Blackman as the car's driver.

Vince enters the ring and says he has come to give a formal farewell. Stone Cold Steve Austin comes in, Vince offers his hand after saying we're alot alike deep down. Steve Austin grabs the mic, "After two years! Just like that?" Austin calls Jim Ross in the ring. "You probably feel the same way I do about Vince." Then asks him to sing a song as the arena joins in: "NA NA NA NA, OH HELL YEAH, GOODBYE!" Vince walks out, pauses to give Austin the finger then leaves the arena. Stone Cold and JR have a drink. Tag Team street fight: Droz and Albert vs Godfather and Venis, Godfather is attacked briefly by an audience member, but his team still gets the victory. Rock warns Triple H, Bad Ass, and Chyna he's coming for him. Triple H tells Stone Cold he's been watching him, then Chyna calls out Rock. He answers but gets attacked by Mr. Ass on the way, all three pummel the Rock then start to leave. Rock recovers and says I'll take you both on, Chyna and Mr. Ass, tonight. Big Show and Undertaker vs Kane, Big Show grabs a chair but Kane takes it and nails them both. Undertaker gets the chair and takes down Kane ending the match. Road Dogg comes in for the assist, as Kane gets pummeled, but gets choke slammed. Jarrett calls Ben Stiller out of the audience, for a remark he made on GTV, and attacks him. D'Lo attacks Jarrett. Backstage, Triple H apparently destroys Austin's locker room. The WWF Womens Champ Ivory makes an open challenge then levels the audience member that gets in the ring, Tori comes in for the assist. An injured Shamrock faces Triple H, the referee ends the match after Shamrock can't fight anymore. Test ambushes a Posse member backstage. Triple H joins commentary for Rock vs Chyna and Mr.Ass, Rock gets repeatedly double-teamed. JR and Triple H argue throughout the match, finally Triple H hits JR. Stone Cold runs through the ring knocking Chyna down and attacks Triple H. Rock is preparing to give the People's Elbow as Raw went off the air.

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