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(1999-09-02) Chyna vs Mr. Ass, Jarrett joins commentary, Chyna fakes an injury, Gunn covers Chyna but the ref is down and Triple H delivers a Pedigree and the win to Chyna. Big Show is angry with Undertaker, calls him out, Taker says something to calm Show down. Mankind vows to get even with Shane for the incident on Monday, speaks about his Tag Title win with Rock and invites the Rock out. Rock replies we'll never be friends. Shane announces Rock vs Mankind for the number one contendership, and if they don't fight they get suspended. Then he announces a WWF Championship match, "Triple H will take on that bald-headed SOB." Triple H is upset believing he's about to face Stone Cold. Mankind asks Rock to give him the match, but the People's Champ is all business. Finkel grabs the announcer's mic and challenges him to a tuxedo match for the announcer's position, Finkel loses.

X-Pac tells Kane to stay backstage while he faces Jericho. Shamrock arrives at ringside but Pac talks him into leaving, Big Show interferes ending the match. Shamrock chases Jericho out, Kane aids X-Pac. An angry Triple H arrives in the ring for his title defense expecting to see the Rattlesnake, Shane calls for his opponent. Gillberg, the Light Heavy Weight Champ, arrives and gets defeated though he surprised Helmsley several times. A limo is waiting outside. Boss Man feeds Snow his own dog, Pepper, then pummels him. Rock vs Mankind, when the referee goes down Shane jumps in. Triple H and Chyna stomp both men, match ends as Rock and Mankind clear the ring. Venis submits to Shamrock, Blackman attacks and gets knocked out. Jericho calls Shamrock out to the parking lot. Blackman recovers and clobbers Val, outside Finkel helps Jericho ambush Shamrock. Shane tells Mankind and Rock to come out and finish their match. Test interrupts, then introduces Stephanie and Linda McMahon. Linda says no to Rock vs Mankind, then announces a Tag Title Match: Rock and Mankind vs Triple H and Shane. Tag Team Elimination Match: Hollys defeat Viscera and Mideon, then Prince Albert and Droz, Hardy Boyz defeat Hollys, Acolytes defeat Hardy Boyz, then Richards and Meanie, Edge and Christian enter, and the Dudley Boyz interfere ending the match. Shane and Triple H vs Mankind and Rock, Chyna gets in a low blow, Mr. Ass nails Triple H, the Rock lands the People's Elbow for the win.

(1999-09-06) Tag Title Match: Rock and Mankind vs Kane and X-Pac, Kane starts without X-Pac, Triple H steps in Kane's corner. Chyna brings a sledge hammer to ringside and Triple H nails Kane in the back with it. Rock and Mankind retain the titles. Triple H continues the attack until big Show and Undertaker arrive. Jeff Jarrett defeats Jackie. Edge and Christian defeat the Acolytes. Dudleys attack Acolytes backstage, later Acolytes return the favor. Meat broke away from PMS and is going by his given name Shawn Stasiak, Posse attacks during his interview. Venis calls out Big Show after an incident on GTV, Val gets clobbered by Show then Steve Blackman attacks. Finkel steps in as ring announcer, then realizes Shamrock is on his way out. Jericho challenges Ken to a match on Thursday. Triple H speaks about his achievements and tells Linda McMahon to stay out of his business. Mr. Ass has some choice words for HHH, Triple H says lets go - for the Title. Test, Patterson, and Brisco defeat Posse, with Terri. Hollys vs New Brood (Hardy Boyz), they bring a scale and say the Brood doesn't weigh enough, match starts anyhow. Hollys get the win followed by a blood bath. Big Show and Undertaker challenge Rock and Mankind to a rematch; a Buried Alive Tag Title Match. Al Snow appears as the Avatar. D'Lo vs Blackman, Henry at ringside, Venis nails Blackman giving the victory to D'Lo. Henry flattens D'Lo. Ivory vs Tori, Hardcore Womens Championship match. They fight in the backstage area, through the shower, and Ivory retains the title. Then she burns Tori with an iron. WWF Championship Match: Triple H vs Mr. Ass, Gunn gets two near wins but the referee is distracted, HHH retains the title. Shane and Chyna enter the ring, Kane returns and hands out a trio of choke slams.

(1999-09-09) Smack Down. Triple H and Chyna attack Kane outside the arena, Big Show and Undertaker chase them off. Boss Man challenges any dog lovers in the back for the Hardcore Title. Al Snow was expected by most, however the British Bulldog returned and quickly defeated Boss Man. Bulldog is the new Hardcore Champ, but on his way out he runs into Snow and hands over the belt. Kane throws gasoline on Triple H's car then on HHH and Chyna preparing to light them on fire. Edge and Christian defeat New Brood with a little assistance from Stevie Richards. *LIGHTS OUT* Rather than a bloodbath Kane clears the ring and threatens to burn Triple H. X-Pac calls Kane back out to the ring and tells them that their partnership is over. Hollys issue a challenge, Chyna answers and doesn't take no for an answer. Jarrett attacks Chyna ending the match and Gunn comes in to apparently help Chyna, instead he levels her.

Bradshaw vs Buh Buh Dudley ends when their respective partners get involved. Test and Stephanie call out Linda, Jerry, and Pat and announce the wedding date as Oct. 11 on Raw. Posse with Terri interrupt but Shane sends them away and apologizes for his behavior before giving Stephanie his blessing. Shane shakes Test's hand. WWF Title Match: Triple H vs Kane, Chyna nails Kane with a sledge hammer, ultimately Triple H gets the victory. Big Show and Undertaker prevent Kane from another attack. Shamrock calls out Jericho, he appears in the ring in a small cage and wielding a bat. When Finkel fails to raise the cage in time, Ken grabs the bat then bends open the bars to get at Jericho. Ken ends up going through several officials as Jericho slips away. Jericho fires Finkel on his way out of the arena. Jarrett speaks about his upcoming match with Chyna then calls in Fabulous Moolah from the audience. After she puts him in his place he smacks her with a guitar. Buried Alive Tag Title Match: Rock and Mankind vs Big Show and Taker. Mankind and Rock low blow Show with a shovel and start to cover him but Undertaker interrupts and Show climbs from the grave. As Rock and UT fight backstage Show tosses Mankind in the grave, with Socko's help Mankind gets Show into the grave and starts covering him again. Backstage, HHH attacks Rock, Kane pulls him off. UT is back out and attacks Mankind, tells Show to bury Mankind and heads backstage but runs into the Rock. Triple H smacks Show with a sledge hammer and buries Mankind giving the win to Big Show and Undertaker. New Tag Champs are Undertaker and Big Show. An ambulance arrives at the grave and Stone Cold Steve Austin leaps from it and pummels Triple H, throws him in the back of the ambulance and heads out of the arena. Stone Cold parks the ambulance then drives a Mack® truck into it repeatedly.

(1999-09-13) WWF Champ Triple H arrives with a large police escort. Linda McMahon enters the ring with Associates, Pat and Gerald, and announces a No Holds Barred Contender Match: Kane, Big Show, Undertaker, Rock, and Mankind battle with the first pinfall winning number one contendership. Then announces that Stone Cold Steve Austin still has his right to a rematch. Triple H and his security engulf the ring and HHH assaults the Associates. The five men involved in the contender match surround the ring and a brawl erupts as HHH slips away. Jarrett challenges any woman, Luna answers. Ivory nails Luna with a guitar giving her the win by disqualification. Jeff drags the ring announcer, Lilian, into the ring and puts her in a figure-4. Finkel steps in as ring announcer. D-Von Dudley defeats Faarooq with an assist then Bradshaw clears the ring. JR interviews British Bulldog, "Snow deserved the Hardcore Title. There's only one belt I haven't held, the WWF Championship, and I will be WWF Champ before I retire."

Boss Man speaks to Bulldog then Snow steps out and challenges Boss Man to a Double Cage Hardcore Title match, and there'll be dogs between the cages. Bulldog attacks Boss Man. Joey Abs calls out Test, Test gets the win then the Posse attacks, Shane comes to the aid of Test. They clear the ring then chase the Posse from the arena. Stone Cold Steve Austin enters the ring for a rematch but Triple H arrives with police and has him arrested for the incident on SmackDown. Godfather vs Chaz, Marianna comes to ringside with a blackeye, Godfather gets angry and puts a quick end to the match. Jericho is out to prove he's better than Shamrock and arranges a Cage Match: himself vs Gotch, apparently a submission expert. The match was a setup, Jericho tossed Gotch around the cage winning the match then they both attacked Shamrock when he entered the cage. Gotch reveals himself as Curtis Hughes. Five-Man Contender Match: Undertaker, Show, Rock, Mankind, and Kane battle in and out of the ring. Mideon and Viscera get involved. Then the match gets outta control as the superstars knock referees aside to continue fighting. Eventually the entire locker room fills the ring finally stopping the brawl. D'Lo and Venis defeat Blackman and Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry, Henry never showed and GTV revealed why to an angry Blackman. Triple H calls out Linda, ordering her to tell the world that Stone Cold forfeited his rematch. She refuses and HHH gets in her face grabbing hold of her arm. Shane's music plays and everyone assumes he's returned from chasing the Posse, instead Vince McMahon stalks to the ring. "I promised not to get involved in WWF shows, but this is personal!" He sends Linda out and seemingly is prepared to fight Triple H himself when the Rattlesnake sprints from the back. The match is started but Stone Cold is simply there to whip HHH's ass, Stone Cold pummels HHH in and out of the ring then nails him with a chair. When the referee grabs the chair Stone Cold gets disqualified for nailing the referee. Austin chases HHH up the ramp and tosses him back in the ring as the cage comes down, the WWF Champ gets a stunner in the center of the ring before Austin celebrates.

(1999-09-16) The referees are on strike due to unsafe working conditions, so various security officials, the Associates, Sgt. Slaughter, and others step in to referee the matches. Stone Cold Steve Austin demands a rematch or Triple H will be hauled out in a body bag. Triple H, with security, refuses. Then announces that he's been ordered to defend the WWF Title tonight but against an opponent of his choosing. "And it's someone you've main evented with." Stone Cold warns Triple H he's coming for him. Shane McMahon calls out Joey Abs, the Posse gets involved, Pat and Jerry both try to referee but get tossed aside, finally Shawn Stasiak counts Shane to a victory. The Womens Champ Ivory calls a woman from the audience, Jarrett puts the lady in a figure-4, then puts Ivory in one before leaving. Sexual Chocolate defeats Blackman with an assist from Shamrock then gets attacked by D'Lo. Test assaults Jarrett backstage, causing Jarrett to challenge him later that night with the IC Title on the line. Jericho has Hughes take his place against Shamrock, a masked Finkel is referee, Ken gets disqualified for not breaking a hold.

Five man Royal Rumble rules match: Rock and Big Show start off, Mankind and the Rock team up until Kane enters, then they team up again to knock Kane over the top rope. Undertaker joins commentary rather than getting in the ring. After Kane goes out Rock tosses Mankind out, Rock and Show are struggling at the ropes when UT finally gets in the ring and shoves them both out. Show is upset but Viscera and Mideon enter and when the Rock lays them both out, Show flattens the People's Champ. Chyna takes on the Hollys, Mr. Ass steps into her corner and gets the win after tagging himself in. Chyna is upset and gets knocked out by Jarrett, then dressed in an apron. Boss Man vs Snow in a Pepper on a Pole match, Boss Man recovers the bag but tosses it away as dogs surround the ring, Snow recovers the bag for the win. Jarrett vs Test, Posse attack Test, Shane comes in for the assist, the match ends as Shawn and the Associates fill the ring, Jarrett prepares to give Stephanie a figure-4 but Shane takes him out.

Triple H chooses Shane to be the referee for the WWF Title Match, then runs though a list of opponents and why they aren't his choice. Finally Hunter calls out Vince McMahon. Vince enters the ring and refuses to get involved in WWF business but Triple H gets too personal and Vince attacks him. After Vince lands a low blow HHH grabs a chair and clobbers Vince, Shane takes him down but Chyna gets involved and Shane get pummeled as well. Linda and the Assoc. enter the ring as HHH continues to assault Vince, Pat and Jerry get knocked away and Chyna restrains Linda. Stone Cold Steve Austin runs in from the audience, stuns Chyna, then HHH. The Rattlesnake rolls Vince atop HHH and pulls Shane over to make the count. Vince is the WWF Champion.

(1999-09-20) WWF Champion Vince McMahon enters and acknowledges the unexpected help from Stone Cold Steve Austin. "Due to a previous contract agreement I can't remain the Champ, so I'm relinquishing the WWF Title to the winner of the six-pack challenge at Unforgiven." Stone Cold remarks, "This place hasn't been the same without you." Then says since Vince won't be competing then there's an open slot in the six-pack and he wants it. Due to the contract agreement Vince can't comply. Triple H walks out the ramp and demands the open slot or threatens to hurt Vince's family. Shane enters and announces himself and Vince vs HHH and Chyna. Stone Cold tells Vince, "Be a man and take control of your company." Then Austin revokes the contract clause reinstating Vince, after Vince agrees to give him a title shot. Vince announces that Triple H gets the open slot, Austin will face the winner of the six-pack challenge for the WWF Championship, and after a complaint from Triple H names Stone Cold the special referee for the six-pack.

Mideon, Viscera, and Show assault Mankind backstage. Rock breaks it up. Later, Rock and Mankind challenge Undertaker and Big Show for the Tag Titles. Jericho defeats Mr. Ass with an assist from Hughes. Ivory gets pummeled when she challenges an audience member that is Luna in disguise. Mark Henry attacks D'Lo during an interview. D'Lo later tracks down Henry at a strip club and clobbers him. Jarrett and Debra challenge Test and Stephanie. Dudley Boyz defeat the New Brood; Acolytes attack them after the match. Jeff Jarrett puts a figure-4 on the makeup lady. Jarrett and Debra vs Test and Stephanie, Test levels Jarrett then tags in Steph to make the cover. Jeff puts Debra in a figure-4 after the match. Tag Title Match: Undertaker joins commentary as Big Show starts off the match by himself, Viscera and Mideon join in making it 3 on 2. *LIGHTS OUT* Kane arrives apparently on Taker's side but takes out Show instead. The Rock lands the People's Elbow for the win. Rock and Mankind are two time Tag Champs. Marianna appears with bruises again, police take Chaz away. Shawn Stasiak defeats Blackman after a distraction by Venis. Undertaker calls out Kane. Kane gets ambushed by Mideon, Viscera, and Show. They try to set Kane on fire but Mankind and Rock, with bats in hand, assist Kane. Al Snow buried Pepper. Hardcore Holly defeats Boss Man in a hard core match, with an assist from Crash. Triple H and Chyna vs McMahons, however Shane apparently blocked Vince in the locker room and Test steps in as his partner. Jarrett attacks Test and Chyna gives chase. Triple H knocks out the referee, pedigrees both Test and Shane, then attacks them with a chair. As HHH exits he runs into an irate Vince who clobbers him with a chair.

(1999-09-23) SmackDown. Triple H is livid when Vince invites him to the ring and promises to get even. Triple H must run the gauntlet of six-pack members, and win 3 out of 5 to stay in the six-pack challenge. Choke Slam Match: Triple H vs Big Show, win the match by choke slamming the opponent, Show gets a quick victory. European Title Match: X-Pac vs Mark Henry, Pac wins by count out. Jeff Jarrett assaults a female ring manager, who was alerting him to bring his interview to an end. Before he can put her in a figure-four Chyna knocks him out with a frying pan, puts an apron on him, then pulls off his shorts and tells him to look at who's wearing the pants.

Inferno Match: HHH defeats Kane when Undertaker appears with a beaten X-Pac and Kane leaps over the ropes taking down Viscera and Mideon. But catches his glove on fire. (Triple H is 1L-1W). Backstage Undertaker refuses to enter the Casket Match, Vince takes him out of Unforgiven, UT leaves saying he may not be participating period. Later Vince arranges a handicap match against Viscera and Mideon. The Rock speaks about his upcoming match, Mankind joins him and offers him a cup to protect the People's jewels. Road Dogg appears on the ramp and introduces Mr.Ass. The New Age Outlaws reunite and challenge for the Tag Titles. Match starts immediately, Mankind accidentally knocks Rock from ring apron, Bad Ass Billy Gunn covers Mankind for the win. NAO are four time WWF Tag Team Champions.

Handicap Casket Match: Triple H vs Viscera and Mideon, Hunter rolls Mideon in the casket apparently winning. However Shane announces that he must place both opponents in the casket simultaneously to win. Triple H can't overcome the odds as the match restarts(2L-1W). Hardcore Holly defeats Al Snow in a non title match, Boss Man nails Holly then feeds Al dog food. Boiler Room Brawl: HHH vs Mankind, Mankind dominates the brawl, as he prepares to leap from a high platform someone knocks him off allowing HHH to crawl out of the boiler room for the win (2L-2W). First Blood Match: Ken Shamrock vs Jericho, Jericho arrives in a hockey helmet, Hughes distracts the referee while Ken gets nailed with a hockey stick and Jericho takes the win due to internal bleeding. British Bulldog finds Vince and demands his title shot, Vince puts him in the six-pack challenge. Then Bulldog asks to be the referee for the next match. Brahma Bull Rope Match: Bulldog is the referee, they battle in and out of the ring. Triple H lands a low blow, argues with Bulldog, HHH and Rock fight backstage. Meanwhile Jarrett blindsides Chyna. They return to the ring. HHH gets a rock bottom, Bulldog levels the Rock giving the win to HHH (3W-2L).

(1999-09-26) Heat. Ken Shamrock can't compete by Doctor's orders. A video look at Al Snow's recent feud with Boss Man. New Age Outlaws speak to the crowd then Christian and Edge, number one contenders for the Tag Titles, challenge them on Unforgiven. Road Dogg says we don't have to wait. All four brawl until the replacement referees break it up. Backstage Jericho and X-Pac fight. the referee strike situation is explained. X-Pac vs Jericho at Unforgiven is announced. Ivory gets leveled by Fabulous Moolah after inviting her into the ring. Triple H's rise to the Federation Championship is reviewed, as well as the Jarrett and Chyna feud.


(1999-09-26) Val Venis defeats Steve Blackman, after the match Val grabbed Blackman's duffel bag but Blackman recovered and was able to grab a kendo stick. Blackman knocked out Venis and refused to leave the ring, head of security Jim Dodson tackled him. Lilian Garcia slapped Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry for an inappropriate remark, later he was reluctant to start the match but D'Lo went right after him defeating him for the European Championship. The Acolytes promised to defeat the Dudley Boyz. During the interview, Chaz was seen getting beaten by several superstars for his alleged actions towards Marianna.

Intercontinental Title Match. Prior to his match Jarrett ordered Debra to stay out of his business. During the match, Jarrett argued with Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young at ringside, both of whom he recently attacked. When the referee was inadvertently knocked out, Young and Moolah double teamed Jarrett but he got the upper hand and leveled them. As he went for the figure four on Chyna, Debra clobbered him with his guitar allowing Chyna to make the cover. However a second referee, who Chyna later clobbered, explained the situation causing the decision to be reversed and Jarrett retains the IC Title. Acolytes vs Dudley Boyz, Stevie Richards, dressed as one of the Acolytes, hit D-Von with a super kick allowing Faarooq to get the win. After the match, Richards got destroyed by the Acolytes. Womens Title Match, Hardcore Rules, Ivory vs Luna. They battled all over the backstage area, never making it to the ring, Tori got involved and got smacked by Ivory. Ivory got the victory after nailing Luna with a steel pole.

Tag Team Championship Match: New Age Outlaws vs Christian and Edge, the New Brood got involved, giving the win to the Outlaws. Kennel from Hell Match, a double cage with dogs in the middle. Both used various weapons and were bleeding when Head made a return allowing Snow to get the win retaining the Hard Core Title. Jericho vs X-Pac, Curtis Hughes got involved, then Road Dogg appeared and DX cleared the ring ending the match in a disqualification.

Six Pack Challenge. Stone Cold Steve Austin was the enforcer, initially joining Jim Ross and Jerry The King Lawler. Big Show choke slammed Mankind but the referee got yanked out by his fellow strikers and pummeled. Austin took over referee duties. The Rock nailed Triple H with the Rock Bottom and People's Elbow, but the other superstars pulled Austin out. Bulldog hit the Rock with a chair, and appeared ready to hit Triple H, but Stone Cold grabbed the chair and clobbered Bulldog. Triple H hit Rock with a Pedigree, Austin was forced to count Triple H to his second reign as WWF Champ. Austin reluctantly handed Hunter the title. When Triple H pushed Austin away the Rattlesnake struck, stunning Triple H, and celebrating with a few beers.

(1999-09-27) Raw. Vince has come to an agreement to end the referee strike. Giving them more authority. New WWF Champion Triple H reassures the fans, he is The Game. "And Stone Cold will be the next notch on my belt." An upset Bulldog says, "We had a deal. I want my title shot you promised." "I lied." After a brief argument Bulldog clobbers HHH until Chyna gets involved. Then she and Hunter attack Bulldog. Vince announces that HHH will defend the title tonight, against the Rock. Test and Stephanie are shown picking a tuxedo. Big Show vs Jericho, Prince Albert attacks Show ending the match. Road Dogg comes out after Jericho but he quickly slips away.

Stone Cold Steve Austin calls out Vince demanding an explanation, "You agreed to give me a title shot if I reinstated you." Vince replies, "I didn't say when." Stone Cold is livid, backs Vince into a corner. Vince promises Austin his shot at No Mercy. Austin replies, "If it doesn't happen. I will, like never before stomp a mudhole in your ass and walk it dry." European Title Match: Blackman vs D'Lo, Droz joins commentary, the match ends when Blackman uses a kendo stick. Blackman then assaults the head of security. Droz attacks D'Lo, Mark Henry comes to his aid. Mankind has a surprise for the Rock and asks the People's Champ to come to the ring. He drops hundreds of balloons: "Rock this is your life." Mankind invites out the Rock's 6th grade teacher, then his high school coach and the Rock sends them both away. Then he gives Rock a couple presents, a 'Rock and Sock Connection' jacket and Mr. Rocko (a sock with Rock's face on it). Then introduces a mystery guest, a clown. Mankind gets upset when the Rock begins to insult her. She leads the audience in Happy Birthday, but its not the Rock's birthday. Triple H crashes the party, Mankind and Rock retreat.

New Age Outlaws issue an open challenge. Hollys head to the ring but X-Pac and Kane get there first. The Hollys interfere in the match ending it. NAO, Pac, and Kane clear the ring. Evening Gown Match: Ivory vs Mae Young and Fabulous Moolah (both former superstars), Mae gets defeated rather quickly, then Moolah takes down Ivory and yanks off her dress for the win. Jarrett and Pritchard (scab referee) vs Debra and Chyna, Pritchard nails Chyna with the guitar. She falls on Jarrett getting the win, and a shot at the IC Title. WWF Title Match: Rock vs Triple H, Stone Cold joins commentary. Triple H grabs a chair, referee gets in the way and gets knocked out. He nails Rock then taunts Austin. Stone Cold obliges him with a stunner, then HHH walks into a rock bottom. However, the Bulldog interferes before the referee can make the count ending the match.

(1999-09-30) SmackDown. Road Dogg vs Jericho, Hollys to ringside, Dogg tosses the referee out of the ring giving the match to Jericho by disqualification. Bad Ass Billy Gunn slides in a table but the Hollys attack giving Jericho time to flee. Vince McMahon announces Triple H vs Bulldog, with Chyna barred from ringside and guest referee Rock. Triple H is irate. Mankind speaks about the Rock and Sock connection, then calls out Val Venis for an incident caught on GTV last week. Mankind wants Mr. Rocko back (a sock with the Rock on it), Val says he'll go get him. Edge and Christian defeat New Brood, Terri Runnels joins commentary to announce her invitational tag tournament. European Championship Match: Big Show vs D'Lo Brown, Droz to commentary. Prince Albert attacks Show ending the match then Droz attacks D'Lo. Mark Henry aids D'Lo, then confesses that he's a sex addict and needs help. This being the reason that he left D'Lo without a partner on numerous occasions.

Triple Threat Elimination Match: Acolytes vs Dudley Boyz (Buh Buh wearing the Rock and Sock connection jacket) vs X-Pac and Kane, the Acolytes get eliminated by the referee and Kane takes the win for his team. Acolytes return to attack Pac until Kane arrives at his side. Jarrett invites two ladys from Shasta McNasty into the ring, then Debra arrives followed by all the women Jarrett has been attacking lately. He tells them all to come get it, then Chyna clobbers him and tosses him out of the ring, where the rest of the women attack and chase him backstage. Moolah and Mae Young attacks Lawler. Blackman attacks the head of security again. Mankind calls out Buh Buh Ray Dudley, Venis arrives as the match starts, Stevie Richards nails Buh Buh, Mankind gets the jacket but Dudleys and Veins attack him and rip the jacket. WWF Championship Match: British Bulldog vs Triple H, Rock knocks Bulldog out of the ring as he tries to enter. Triple H goes for the first cover and Rock refuses to count, then ignores a low blow by Bulldog. Later when HHH hits the pedigree Rock gives him a round of applause but won't count. When HHH goes after the Rock he gets a rock bottom. Rock joins commentary for awhile then returns to the ring when the Bulldog goes for a cover. "One, Two, ... it doesn't matter if the Rock counts to three!" Bulldog gets in the Rock's face and gets nailed with the belt, Rock nails HHH, then a People's Elbow on Bulldog before walking out with the WWF Title belt. Triple H goes looking for his belt, all three men fight backstage, HHH recovers the belt and heads for his locker room. As he opens the door, the Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin, clobbers the already battered Hunter. Personally I think the gimmick with Mark Henry is going a bit far. I don't feel it fits his character.

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