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(1999-10-03) Heat. Chaz vs Viscera, apparently due to the recent allegations of Marianna the referee allows Viscera to dominate the match and take the win with a fast count. A look at the formation of the New Age Outlaws: Rockabilly (Billy Gunn) leaving Honky Tonk Man, the NAO's first win over LOD, building incredible fan support, Bad Ass's change of attitude and change to Mr. Ass, feuds among DX and former NAO partners, reunion of New Age Outlaws a few weeks ago. Hard Core Title Match: Al Snow defeats Mideon retaining the title. Highlights from the Hunter Hurst Helmsley (Triple H) vs Mankind cage match; when neither were main eventers. Godfather defeats Gangrel by disqualification. Highlights of last week's WWF Title Match: Triple H vs Bulldog.

(1999-10-04) Raw. Tag Elimination Match: New Age Outlaws vs X-Pac and Kane vs Hollys vs Acolytes. NAO and the Hollys get counted out, X-Pac refuses to tag Kane, Kane gets in anyhow and covers Faarooq but X-Pac being the legal man is covered by Bradshaw, Acolytes win. At Rebellion in England, Bulldog accidentally hurts Stephanie causing her to have some form of amnesia. Apparently she doesn't know Test right now. Bulldog says there are too many women in the WWF, and they don't belong here. Chyna challenges him to a match later. Backstage, Mankind tells Rock he wants to end the Rock and Sock connection. Mae and Moolah attacks Ivory, provoking Jarrett to challenge them to a match against Ivory and himself. Edge and Christian defeat New Brood in the second round of Terri Runnels Invitational.

Triple H calls JR into the ring to watch an interview with Stone Cold last Friday, where Austin promises HHH will get his pay back. HHH asks JR what Steve Austin thinks of him, "Well he thinks you're an asshole." Then asks what JR thinks of him, "You're a sorry, lowdown, SOB." HHH clobbers JR until the referees restrain him. Moolah and Mae vs Jarrett and Ivory, however Jarrett shoves Miss Kitty in the ring and he joins commentary. Moolah covers Miss Kitty for the win, Jarrett puts Kitty in a figure-four until Mae and Moolah chase him off. GTV shows Droz puking in D'Lo's luggage. Mankind enters the ring with a couple stars from GvsE, after they take a seat the Rock joins Mick in the ring. Mankind informs Rock that he changed his mind, he doesn't want the Rock and Sock connection to end. The Rock starts to respond but Y2J interrupts. Jericho taunts Rock for the second time since entering the WWF. (A Jericho fan has to be removed from the ring.) Rock makes fun of Jericho's WCW history then challenges him. Dudleys attack Mankind and Stevie Richards (now going as Dude Love) backstage. Bulldog defeats Chyna after Jarrett knocks her out with a frying pan. Tries using her to bait Triple H but it fails. JR returns to ringside after Triple H's attack earlier. Mankind and Dude Love vs Dudley Boyz, Venis appears and gets Mr Socko. Dudleys pin Dude Love for the win while Mankind is occupied with Venis. Mankind drops both Dudleys. Vince demands an apology from Bulldog, Bulldog refuses, Vince calls him out but Bulldog replies that he's taking the night off. Jericho vs Rock, Hughes gets involved and Jericho gets Rock in his submission hold, but the Rock recovers and gets the victory. Bulldog attacks Rock, referees separate them. Vince comes to ringside and tosses Bulldog in to the Rock.

(1999-10-07) Smack Down. Kane and X-Pac defeat Mideon and Viscera, once again X-Pac gets upset when Kane tags himself in, Acolytes attack after the match. The Rock challenges Val Venis, Mankind calls out the British Bulldog. Road Dogg vs Hardcore Holly, Crash distracts Dogg as he's about to finish off Hardcore and Mr. Ass yanks him out of the ring. Hardcore gets the win, aftward the New Age Outlaws clobber the Hollys. Mark Henry has his first therapy session. Jeff Jarrett announces a Mud Wrestling Match later with Miss Kitty and an opponent, the winner must remove her opponents top. Mankind assaults the Bulldog during an interview. Terri Runnels Invitational Round Three, Texas tornado rules (all four men in the ring at the same time): New Brood defeat Edge and Christian bringing the score to 2 to 1 in favor of Edge and Christian. Jarrett brings out Miss Kitty and invites Ivory to the ring to watch but then shoves the Womens Champ in the mud, Kitty loses her top and Ivory gets the win. Jarrett shoves Mae and Moolah in the mud, then gets booted into the mud by Chyna.

Shane announces during an interview that Stephanie is recovering, and the wedding has been postponed. Jim Ross visits Stone Cold Steve Austin while he's target shooting. Droz was injured earlier this week. Bulldog and Mankind knock down the referee then fight off into the crowd as the match is ended. Big Show defeats Boss Man by disqualification, Boss Man used the night stick then tried to cuff Show but they wouldn't fit and got a choke slam for his effort. Triple H speaks about his upcoming match against Stone Cold, and makes an example of a Rattlesnake after putting it into a burlap sack he smashes it with a sledge hammer. Mankind assaults Venis, however Bulldog and Venis clobber Mankind. Venis vs Rock no disqualification, they fight up the ramp and back, Rock joins commentary momentarily, Val gets a couple near wins then grabs a chair. Mankind grabs the chair and inadvertently nails the Rock. The Rock gives Mankind a rock bottom then one for Venis and the win.

I still disagree with Mark Henry sex-addicting scenario and feel its inappropriate so will not include what was apparently said at the session.

(1999-10-10)Heat. A tribute to the late Gorilla Monsoon. Godfather gets an easy win over J.R. Rider. British Bulldog's career and his goal of attaining the WWF Championship are highlighted. Steve Blackman vs Chaz, Marianna arrives with police to arrest Chaz and the distraction allows Blackman to get the win. However, before the police can take Chaz his former partner Glen Ruth (Headbangers) arrives and shows a GTV clip of Marianna using makeup to create the bruises. Headbangers reunite. X-Pac vs Shane, at WrestleMania is reviewed. Dudley Boyz defeat Y2J and Hughes after Jericho leaves the ring area. The origin of the Rock and Sock connection is examined.

(1999-10-11) Raw at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta (WCW territory). Vince introduces Stone Cold Steve Austin. Stone Cold remarks that Triple H's antics of late don't scare him, then a pissed off Austin calls out Triple H. Hunter walks out the ramp, "I could kick your ass but I'm not going to." After some provoking by Stone Cold, HHH heads for the ring area. He assaults Jim Ross then Austin attacks him, tells JR to get in the ring. Stone Cold pummels Hunter then holds him while JR gets in a couple shots before Chyna levels him, but Chyna gets flattened by Austin. As HHH and Chyna leave the ring, Triple H challenges Austin and JR to fight he and Chyna. Austin recruits JR and replies, "Oh hell yeah."

Mr. Ass gets a quick win over Crash Holly, Hardcore lays out both Outlaws with the scales. Mankind wants a commitment, one way or the other, from Rock concerning the Rock and Sock connection. Ivory vs Mae Young, Ivory uses her belt, Moolah attacks chasing Ivory from the ring. JR speaks with Rock on his cell phone and the Rock doesn't care about the Rock and Sock connection. Bulldog promises to destroy Rock at No Mercy. Stephanie McMahon reveals that her short term memory isn't functioning yet, during an interview, and she can't remember her feelings for Test. Bulldog and Venis attack Mankind backstage. Match four of the Terri Runnels Invitational: Edge, Christian, and the Hardy Boyz all start fighting outside the ring ending the match; leaving the score at 2 to 1. Rock arrives and says he has a surprise for British Bulldog. Mankind confronts Rock, Vince interrupts and announces Rock and Sock vs Val Venis and Bulldog.

X-Pac vs Faarooq, Kane ordered to stay backstage by Pac, X-Pac gets the win but Bradshaw attacks. Kane hesitates on the ramp but erupts in the ring anyhow angering X-Pac. Another Sexual Chocolate session. The reunited Headbangers defeat Jericho and Hughes after Jericho leaves the ring. D'Lo consoles Big Show backstage, who's father has terminal cancer. Backstage Rock has Mankind scoop up a tray of dog poop. Godfather vs Sexual Chocolate, with girls surrounding the ring, Henry is easily distracted for the win. Boss Man vs Big Show, Boss Man ends the match when he uses his night stick, Show clobbers him. Triple H and Chyna vs Stone Cold and Jim Ross, HHH attacks JR immediately and Austin sprints to the ring to clobber HHH. Chyna continues her assault on JR while Austin and HHH fight around the arena. Meanwhile, Jarrett sneaks in and nails Chyna, then tosses her into a laundry cart and pushes her off a loading dock backstage. Stone Cold leaves HHH flattened and returns to the ring for a toast. Bulldog and Venis vs Rock and Sock Connection, Mankind brings the tray of dog poop to ringside, chases Val backstage while Rock slams Bulldog in the dog poop. Backstage, Austin and HHH are seen fighting. Stone Cold shoves HHH into a room with a live rattlesnake.

A note on Big Show's father. The events in the story line are purely scripted. Paul Wight's father past away prior to his arrival in the WWF.

(1999-10-14) SmackDown. Mankind asks Vince to sign one more match for the Rock and Sock Connection, later Rock agrees to a match against NAO. New Age Outlaws issue an open challenge for the Tag Titles. Triple H appears with large bruise on his face, NAO steps aside to let him speak. HHH speaks of his dream of wrestling, continues in a shaken manner about the risks involved, then announces that he's finished. He requests Vince McMahon's presence and reveals that his injury was from the rattlesnake last Monday. Hunter declares he'll hand over the WWF Championship to Steve Austin since it means more than life to him. Backstage, Kane tells X-Pac to stay out of his match, he takes on the Acolytes alone and gets defeated. X-Pac clears the ring after the match. Jericho and Hughes are caught fighting backstage, later during their match Finkel distracts the referee allowing Jericho to get the win. Afterward, Jericho gives Finkel to Hughes.

Big Show speaks briefly about his father's terminal cancer, and Sexual Chocolate has another session. Triple Threat Hardcore Title Match: Boss Man vs Snow vs Big Show, Show slams Al through a table, Boss Man nails Show with his night stick and covers him for the win. Boss Man is once again the Hardcore Champ. Chyna frantically gets medical assistance for Hunter and he's rushed to the hospital. Venis defeats Dude Love (Stevie Richards). The New Brood attacks Edge and Christian backstage. Debra informs Jeff Jarrett that Chyna's going to win the Good Housekeeping Match. Stone Cold says he isn't sorry in an interview. Fifth round of the Terri Runnels Invitational, New Brood defeats Edge and Christian with an assist from Gangrel (score 2 to 2). GTV shows Stephanie's unsuccessful attempt to get an apology from the Bulldog. Godfather defeats Mideon with a little help from the hos, but gets clobbered afterward. *ANNOUNCEMENT* Triple H is returning to the arena. Tag Title Match: Rock and Sock Connection defeats NAO with assist from the Hollys, Rock's not happy. Rock and Sock are Tag Champs. Chyna helps Hunter into Stone Cold's locker room to apparently hand over the WWF Title, but he pummels Austin, then rips off the latex makeup revealing it was a ruse.

I thought HHH's acting was pretty good, though the makeup could've been better. I spotted it as phony as soon as Hunter got in the ring the first time.

(1999-10-17) Heat. Triple H admits he's proud of his actions last Thursday and ready for No Mercy. Vince commends HHH on his performance then informs him the WWF Title Match will be no holds barred.

No Mercy

(1999-10-18) Godfather defeats Mideon in spite of Viscera's involvement. Ivory lost the Womens Championship to seventy-something-year-old Fabulous Moolah after frequent distractions from Mae. The New Age Outlaws vs Crash and Hardcore Holly. One of the Hollys brought a chair into the ring that went unnoticed until Mr. Ass planted Crash on it; Hollys won the match by disqualification. Good Housekeeping Match for the Intercontinental Championship (essentially a hard core match with household implements). Jeff Jarrett pinned Chyna after clobbering her with the Intercontinental Title, but the referee ordered the match to continue since the belt is not a household item. An irate Jarrett set up the referee for a figure-four, the Ninth Wonder of the World nailed Jarrett with the guitar and pinned him becoming the first woman Intercontinental Champion. Miss Kitty left with Chyna.

The Rock defeated the British Bulldog. The final match of the Terri Invitational Tournament, Hardy Boyz vs Christian and Edge. The two teams competed in a spectacular match involving two ladders, eventually Matt Hardy knocked Edge off the ladder and grabbed the $100,000 and Terri's services. Prior to the next match Rock challenged the winner of the main event, on his way back to the locker room Triple H attacked with a sledgehammer. The Great One needed medical attention but did not leave for a hospital. Val Venis defeats Mankind. Four Corners Elimination Match: X-Pac vs Kane vs Acolytes. Kane eliminated Bradshaw, X-Pac pinned Kane moments later, ultimately planting Faarooq with the X-Factor for the win. WWF Championship Match: Triple H defended against Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin countered the pedigree but took out the official in the process. Austin later hit Triple H with a stunner but there was no referee to count. HHH got Stone Cold with the pedigree again, however, by the time Earl Hebner ran from the back Austin kicked out. Austin gained some revenge when he grabbed a chair and repeatedly clobbered Triple H's knees, HHH caught Austin with a low blow. Both men were exhausted and recovering when The Rock appeared with a sledgehammer prepared to hit Triple H, but nailed Austin inadvertently. Hunter nailed The Rock, then covered Austin. Triple H retained the title, though he could hardly walk. Austin chased Triple H from the arena.

(1999-10-18) Raw. The Rock speaks about his WWF Title shot at Survivor Series. Stone Cold Steve Austin feels he's still the number one contender due to Rock's interference at No Mercy. Vince McMahon intervenes as they're about to clash and invites Triple H out, "Which one do you want to face?" Then continues, "You're The Game, you probably want to face them both. You probably want to face them both at the same time." So at Survivor Series you'll face them both in a Triple Threat match for the WWF Championship.

X-Pac and Kane defeat the Dudleys, Headbangers taunt the Dudleys into a fight after the match. Backstage the Acolytes are playing poker with Curtis Hughes, eventually they win Finkel. Also, the Hollys talk Vince into giving them a title shot. The Hard Core Champ Boss Man challenges Big Show, and Show accepts. Mae Young wants a title shot from Fabulous Moolah and Mark Henry has another therapy session. Viscera defeats Godfather. Mankind gives Rock a copy of his autobiography, which Al Snow later finds in the trash. IC Champ Chyna arrives with Ms Kitty (dressed like Chyna) and issues an open challenge. Jericho comes to the ring and taunts her till she drills him with the belt. Test vs Bulldog, the Meanstreet Posse attack ending the match. Backstage, Snow returns the book to Mankind, and sincerely apologizes, Mick lets Al keep the book. The enraged Mick Foley confronts Rock backstage, Rock pleads ignorance, Mick says no more.

Boss Man wins his match against Big Show by forfeit when Show gets news that his father died. New Age Outlaws vs Acolytes with Finkel, top rope breaks, both teams use the loose turn buckle to their advantage. Finkel slides a chair in the ring and Mr. Ass uses it allowing Road Dogg to get the win. Acolytes are not pleased with Finkel. Hardy Boyz enter the ring and inform everyone that they're not the 'New Brood' they are the Hardys. Edge and Christian arrive to congratulate them on a great match at No Mercy. Terri and Gangrel arrive, Gangrel implies he was with Terri last night and gets destroyed by all four men. Terri leaves with the Hardy Boyz. GTV reveals Boss Man paying off the messenger that told Big Show the bad news. Tag Title Match: Rock and Sock Connection vs Hollys, a distraught Mankind sits on the ring steps refusing to help Rock. Triple H pedigrees Rock while the referee is distracted giving the win to the Hollys. Hardcore and Crash Holly are the Tag Champs. Triple H retreats up the ramp but gets attacked by Stone Cold, chasing him back into the ring and a rock bottom. Rock lines up for the People's Elbow, but Austin steps in the way and delivers a stunner to HHH.

(1999-10-21) SmackDown. Mankind enters the ring to speak about his book saying, "It's the greatest thing I've ever accomplished." This being the reason for his reaction after finding out the Rock threw his copy in the trash. After alluding to his accomplishments he demands Vince come to the ring and give him what the Rock has. After Vince enters the ring, Mankind demands a title shot, and is prepared to fight the Rock for it. Vince hesitates but Rock arrives and accepts the challenge. Rock remarks to Vince that Austin should be wrestling, Vince replies that, "You're the one who accepted." Val Venis makes his way to the ring and challenges Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin heads for the ring and clobbers Venis. Backstage, Vince informs Triple H that he'll be facing Al Snow with the WWF Championship on the line.

Test, Edge, and Christian defeat British Bulldog and the Posse. An irate Big Show awaits Boss Man's arrival. WWF Title Match: Triple H vs Al Snow, Triple H attacks Snow backstage prior to the match. Snow gets several near falls before HHH hits the pedigree retaining the title. Rock vs Mankind, Venis joins commentary eventually nailing Mankind with a copy of his book and ending the match. Val rolls Mankind in the ring and pummels him, Rock levels them both before getting a pedigree from HHH. Moolah retains the Womens Championship against Mae after Ivory attacks ending the match. Then Tori, Jackie, and Luna join the fighting. Mark has his fifth and final therapy session with Godfather, who tells him to be himself. Tag Title Match: Hollys successfully defend against Hardy Boyz, but get attacked by the New Age Outlaws afterward. Boss Man enters the ring with his cohort from last Monday, Big Show storms the ring and destroys the messenger but Boss Man sneaks away. Mark Henry and Godfather defeat Viscera and Mideon. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Val Venis, for number one contender status, Val nails Austin with a chair while the referee is distracted. Ultimately, Austin lands a stunner for the win. HHH gives him a pedigree, and receives a rock bottom for his efforts.

(1999-10-24) Heat. Kane and X-Pac defeat the Headbangers, Dudley Boyz interfere and Buh Buh get flattened by Kane. The Rock and Sock Connection's demise, and the development of the Triple Threat match at Survivor Series are reviewed. Prince Albert defeats Stevie Richards (as Meat), Blue Meanie (dressed as Albert) interferes to no avail. Chyna's title win is reviewed, then Jericho appears to challenge Chyna to a title match. Chyna says no after harassing him. Chris Jericho tells Vince he wants a title shot tonight, and gets it; against D'Lo Brown for the European Title. Gangrel defeats Steve Blackman. D'Lo retains the European Championship against Jericho with an assist from Chyna.

(1999-10-25) Raw. Backstage New Age Outlaws tell Vince they want a title shot. However, the Hollys and Rock and Sock Connection are out of the question. Triple H barges in and wants to know why he's facing Mankind, then gets into an argument with Badd Ass. He suggests the NAO take on Rock and Stone Cold, Vince agrees. Godfather vs Viscera, winner takes hos. Viscera offers the hos to Mark Henry if he wins, so Henry assists Viscera to get the victory. Viscera returns to the ring to slam a couple ladies that are reluctant to leave.

Tag Title Match: Edge and Christian vs Hollys, Too Hott makes a return by interfering in the match. The Hardys come to Edge and Christian's aid. Moolah announces that she wants to retire and relinquish the Womens Championship due to her age. However, Ivory demands her contractual rematch and Ivory regains the Womens Championship in the impromptu match. Prince Albert challenges Big Show, but reminds him that he's not Boss Man. During the match Boss Man arrives with a family heirloom (a pocket watch belonging to Show's father), Big Show heads up the ramp and while he's distracted Albert attacks from behind and Boss Man nails him with a hammer. Then Boss Man smashes the watch. Jericho challenges Chyna and D'Lo, stating he will choose a partner from the audience. During the match Chyna rips the clothes off Jericho's partner to reveal Stevie Richards and pins him for the win.

WWF Championship Match: Mankind challenges Triple H, HHH brings in a chair but Mankind retailiates nailing HHH with the title belt. It appears as though Mankind will win the match, but Venis interferes ending it. Al Snow comes to Mankind's aid. Stephanie McMahon reports she's feeling better. Kane tells X-Pac to stay out of his match with Buh Buh Dudley, but both Dudleys begin to clobber Kane. X-Pac clears the ring at Tori's urging. Cage Match: Test vs British Bulldog, Meanstreet Posse gets involved, then Shane enters the cage. Bulldog sneaks out for the win, leaving Test and Shane to get clobbered. Stephanie comes out to help after the Posse leaves. Acolytes bust up a local bar. New Age Outlaws vs Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock, Gunn prevents Dogg from receiving a People's Elbow causing a brawl outside the ring, Triple H tries to get involved but Austin chases him from the ring. Meanwhile, X-Pac kicks Rock giving the victory to NAO. After the match Triple H joins X-Pac and NAO to stomp the Rattlesnake and the Rock. Apparently the former D-Generation X members have reunited.

(1999-10-28) SmackDown, the reunited D-Generation X informs the Federation that they're taking over. X-Pac announces that there may be a new member tonight, Gunn challenges Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Road Dogg challenges the Rock. Triple H calls out Vince, "...you're no longer needed." Vince replies, "Suck It!" Too Cool (Brian Christopher and Scott Taylor), formerly Too Much (Too Hott) defeat Edge And Christian with an assist from the Hollys. Jericho calls out Stevie Richards, he enters as Chyna. Chyna and Miss Kitty come to ringside, Richards gets the win after an assist from Chyna, then Chyna knocks out Stevie. DX attacks Rock in the parking garage and Road Dogg drives away with him in the trunk of a car, Road Dogg later returns without the Rock.

British Bulldog defeats D'Lo for the European Championship, with much assistance from the Meanstreet Posse. X-Pac and Kane vs Dudleys, Pac betrays Kane giving the win to the Dudleys, DX pummels Kane, then X-Pac announces that, "There will be no new member of DX." Mark Henry and Viscera vs Hardys, Viscera slams Henry after they lose to the Hardy Boyz. Boss Man, with Prince Albert, defeats Al Snow after nailing him with the Hardcore belt that Albert tossed him. Snow grabs the mic, "What an upset. The two of you beating me." Then challenges them both to a hard core match in the parking lot. Backstage, Road Dogg gets caught in a bear trap by Austin, and later Billy Gunn gets snared. Outside, Boss Man and Prince Albert hide in a car awaiting Snow, but Big Show pins them in the car with a fork lift then demolishes the car, shoving a large dumpster on top of it. Al Snow set them up. Mankind vs Val Venis, when Mankind can't find Mr. Socko, Snow brings him to Mankind but Val gets the win. D-Generation X is regrouping in the locker room when X-Pac answers a phone call, and gets a load of ceiling tile dumped on him by the Rattlesnake. The battered DX members enter the ring, as Triple H is speaking he realizes that maybe Austin is under the ring so they check but he's not. HHH calls Steve Austin out, Austin appears and says, "...ain't no way you're taking over." As he heads for the ring, a net drops over DX. Stone Cold attacks, as HHH breaks free Kane and the Rock jump in the ring and DX gets clobbered.

The audience had a somewhat mixed reaction to the reunited DX. While Triple H got the familiar a**hole chant, the other members were well accepted. Also, it appeared to me that the DX members looked concerned about whether or not their reunion would be accepted.

(1999-10-31) Heat opens with the Hollys trying to get out of their match with the Acolytes, Vince refuses. Later, the Acolytes request a no holds barred match and get it. Mideon defeats Shawn Stasiak (formerly Meat). The current feud between Boss Man and Big Show is reviewed, as well as the demise of DX and their recent reunion. Headbangers vs Meanstreet Posse in a Handicap match. Thrasher gets nailed with a foreign object, allowing the Posse to get the win. A Rob Zombie video featuring WWF action is shown. Tag Title Match: Acolytes vs Hollys quickly turns into a brawl. Both teams use anything they can get their hands on including the steps, announcer's table, chairs, the referee's belt, and the Tag belts. Eventually Hardcore pulls a bloody Crash from the ring and the Hollys leave the ring area. The referee declares it a 'no-contest', Hollys retain the title.

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