Episode Synopses

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Season One

001 'untitled' - 1985-9-29

MacGyver rescues a downed Air Force pilot from his Mongolian captors. When the Government has an impossible mission, it calls on MacGyver, former special-forces agent. His mission is to rescue scientists trapped in an underground lab protected by a deadly security system.

002 Golden Triangle - 1985-10-6

MacGyver is in a junkyard, he uses a magnet to retrieve stolen documents from a car and escapes before its crushed. MacGyver is mistaken for a narc when he tries to retrieve a canister filled with a deadly chemical from the site of a plane crash in the heart of Asia's opium trade, the 'Golden Triangle.'

003 Thief of Budapest - 1985-10-13

MacGyver recovers a stolen horse and gets snatched into the air by a helicopter. In Budapest, MacGyver is supposed to receive a microfilm from a Russian double agent, but a young gypsy steals a watch containing it.

004 The Gauntlet -1985-10-21

MacGyver is pursued through the desert and escapes his pursuers with the aid of a top secret map that he recovered. An investigative reporter, in a Latin American country, has evidence linking a general to an illegal arms dealer; and requires MacGyver's help to get out.

005 The Heist - 1985-11-3

$60 million in diamonds earmarked for an African relief fund are stolen. MacGyver and a senator's daughter venture to the Virgin Islands to recover them.

006 Trumbo's World - 1985-11-10

MacGyver rescues a prisoner on the Pyrenees and escapes, on a raft, with her. MacGyver helps a plantation owner, in Brazil, defend his land from an army of ants that threatens to destroy the jungle.

007 Last Stand - 1985-11-17

Armored-car robbers have taken over a desert airstrip. MacGyver stumbles into the hostage crisis.

008 Hellfire - 1985-11-27

MacGyver visits a couple of old friends, in Wyoming, from his hellcatting days. Then turns 'hellfighter' to cap an oil-well fire that's burning out of control.

009 The Prodigal - 1985-12-8

A protected Federal witness is testifying against his mobster brother and MacGyver is hired to arrange a new life for him. And also to help him visit his dying grandmother.

010 Target MacGyver - 1985-12-22

MacGyver comes to the rescue of a lady general at a beachhouse, then uses common kitchen equipment to catch her kidnappers. MacGyver is tracked and hunted down by a contract killer, in Colorado, while visiting his grandfather.

011 Nightmares - 1986-1-15

MacGyver is captured, returning from East Germany with information, and given a mind-disorienting drug. He's given 6 hours to divulge the information or die.

012 Deathlock - 1986-1-22

MacGyver escapes Berlin by posing as a corpse, his coffin turns into a jet-ski. An old nemesis traps MacGyver in an electronically booby-trapped mansion.

013 Flame's End - 1986-1-29

MacGyver's old college girlfriend discovers the theft of uranium at a nuclear plant and suspects someone is trying to kill her.

014 Countdown - 1986-2-5

Two sophisticated bombs are found aboard a cruise ship. MacGyver and an ex-Army buddy have only hours to defuse them.

015 The Enemy Within - 1986-2-12

The witness to the murder of three DXS agents plans to defect and MacGyver must protect him.

016 Every Time She Smiles - 1986-2-19

Bulgaria, MacGyver must retrieve a microfilm. However, his plans for a quick departure are hindered by an American woman who gets him involved in her lovers' quarrel with a Bulgarian security officer.

017 To Be A Man - 1986-3-5

Shot down and wounded by Soviets in Afghanistan while recovering satellite, MacGyver is rescued, healed, and guided out by Afghan woman and her son.

018 Ugly Duckling - 1986-3-12

A 15-year-old genius is in high demand when black marketeers find that he's the only one capable of fixing their stolen missile's guidance system.

019 Slow Death - 1986-4-2

MacGyver's train trip through India is derailed when a hijacker seeks revenge on two unidentified Westerners who sold his son, a doctor, poisonous medicine.

020 The Escape - 1986-4-16

In North Africa, MacGyver is hired by woman to spring her missionary brother from prison. But the scheme goes awry.

021 A Prisoner of Conscience - 1986-4-30

A friend is being held as a political prisoner in a Soviet mental hospital. MacGyver and Thornton infiltrate the hospital to rescue their friend.

022 The Assassin - 1986-5-7

A killer who's a master of disguise plans to kill the archbishop. MacGyver must prevent the assassination.

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