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Season Two

Season Two marked the beginning of Dana Elcar as a regular cast member.

023 The Human Factor - 1986-9-22

MacGyver is hired to test an automated security system. The malfunctioning computer interprets the test as the real thing. MacGyver and the computer's designer are trapped inside a top-secret lab with only 30 minutes of air.

024 The Eraser - 1986-9-29

MacGyver inadvertently leads a hit man to his target. A man wanted alive by the Government for selling information to the East Germans and dead by the mob for double-crossing some foreign clients.

025 Twice Stung - 1986-10-6

MacGyver and Thornton operate a private sting to recover a friend's life savings who was swindled by a dangerous con artist. (This is the first point at which MacGyver is clearly working for the Phoenix Foundation).

026 The Wish Child - 1986-10-20

Chinatown, MacGyver attempts to rescue a friend's brother from a scam in which he's being passed off as the reincarnation of an ancient Chinese legend.

027 Final Approach - 1986-10-27

MacGyver and four street youths assigned to a rehab program are returning from a camping trip when their plane crashes in the mountains and they must struggle to survive.

028 Jack of Lies - 1986-11-3

Jack Dalton calls on MacGyver to help free a "botanist" who's being held hostage by drug smugglers in Central America. (This episode introduces Jack Dalton and contains some commentary on MacGyver's life following college with Jack and Mike.)

029 The Road Not Taken - 1986-11-10

MacGyver is in Southeast Asia when he meets up with his former love. They are pursued by government troops after a plan to rescue a nun and some orphans goes awry.

030 Eagles - 1986-11-17

MacGyver runs across an escaped felon who's shot and wounded a rare golden eagle.

031 Silent World - 1986-11-24

MacGyver's deaf friend is suffering from recurring nightmares. It turns out that they may be the clue to finding arms dealers who have stolen a missile-guidance system.

032 Three for the Road - 1986-12-15

MacGyver must recover evidence for a counterfeiting group. However when his contact gets shot, and dumps the evidence (a satchel of phony $20's) in an older couple's `56 Caddy convertible, MacGyver gets involved with an aging actor and his wife.

033 Phoenix Under Siege - 1987-1-5

While MacGyver and his grandfather are trapped at the Phoenix Foundation building they are hunted by terrorists. Flashbacks reveal deaths of MacGyver's father and grandmother.

034 Family Matter - 1987-1-12

An old DXS colleague kidnaps Thornton's ex-wife and son and holds them hostage in exchange for Pete.

035 Soft Touch - 1987-1-19

Penny Parker sees thugs torturing a Federal agent and gets MacGyver involved in an assassination plot.

036 Birth Day - 1987-2-2

A pregnant woman has evidence that could send her husband back to prison. Her husband chases her into an abandoned factory where she becomes trapped with MacGyver.

037 Pirates - 1987-2-9

Using Navy SEAL tactics some modern-day pirates steal an 18th century Spanish captain's log that could lead them to a sunken treasure fleet.

038 Out in the Cold - 1987-2-16

MacGyver while on a skiing trip, is hunted by the mob after a man secretly slips him some microfilm.

039 Dalton, Jack of Spies - 1987-2-23

A CIA operation to ferret out a mole leads Jack Dalton to fake his death. Things get complicated when he and MacGyver are framed for murder.

040 Partners - 1987-3-2

The first appearance of MacGyver's arch-nemesis Murdoc. The 7th anniversary of their mutual meeting, MacGyver and Thornton are trapped by an assassin they thought had died on the first case they worked together. (This episode conflicts with the story of Mac & Pete's first meeting as presented in "Deathlock.".

041 Bushmaster - 1987-3-23

Latin America, MacGyver's launches a rescue mission and the imprisoned daughter of an American cargo pilot tags along.

042 Friends - 1987-4-6

Pete Thornton and some of MacGyver's friends throw him a surprise birthday party. MacGyver ponders resignation after considering his life-threatening career.

043 D.O.A.: MacGyver - 1987-4-27

Terrorists hunt MacGyver believing he knows of their plan to assassinate U.S. military figures. Little do they know that MacGyver has amnesia.

044 For Love or Money - 1987-5-4

In Czechoslovakia, MacGyver and a free-lance mercenary pose as honeymooners to free a political prisoner from asylum.

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