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Season Three

Filming of MacGyver moved to Vancouver, British Columbia.

045 and 046 Lost Love - 1987-9-21 (Part 1) 1987-9-28 (Part 2)

Part 1 MacGyver is assigned to protect China's national treasure. When a former love, thought dead, appears needing his help to escape from Soviet agents.

Part 2 Attempting to save Lisa MacGyver has less than a day to break his own security system and steal the Ming Dragon risking a diplomatic crisis. Only to find out it was all a set-up to catch him.

047 Back From the Dead - 1987-10-5

Jimmy "The Eraser" Kendall gets a new identity as a minor-league baseball coach, but his appearance in a sports magazine draws the attention of his former employer's thugs.

048 Ghost Ship - 1987-10-19

MacGyver comes upon a seemingly abandoned ship with a stowaway Russian girl aboard, and a Sasquatch, while on a surveying expedition in Alaska.

049 Fire and Ice - 1987-10-26

A thief kills MacGyver's old friend, leaving a trail of stolen jewels to a foreign consulate.

050 GX-1 - 1987-11-2

A secret high-tech plane goes down in the Alps. MacGyver races the Soviets to the wreckage. Nikki accompanies him across the East German border.

051 Jack in the Box - 1987-11-9

During a mission to the rural South, MacGyver gets a taste of redneck justice when he gets tossed into a prison labor camp.

052 The Widowmaker - 1987-11-16

When long-time friend Mike Forester dies in a mountaineering accident, MacGyver goes into mourning. However a pyromaniac with a score to settle forces MacGyver to concentrate on matters at hand.

053 Hell Week - 1987-11-23

MacGyver returns to his alma mater for a Physics contest and witnesses a frustrated physics student become a ticking time bomb when the contest gets to intense.

054 Blow Out - 1987-12-21

Nikki accidentally witnessed a terrorist bombing and now she's the target.

055 Kill Zone - 1988-1-4

When Wildlife begins to mysteriously perish MacGyver discovers the culprit: an uncontrollably mutating organism that speeds up the aging process.

056 Early Retirement - 1988-1-18

Thornton mediates the Phoenix Foundation's talks between the UN and a rabidly anti-American subversive. After a suspicious explosion forces him to resign, his replacement could be connected to murder and sabotage.

057 Thin Ice - 1988-2-1

A high-school hockey player has a chance to go pro - if he plays dirty enough. MacGyver tries to teach him about sportsmanship after a fight on the ice puts the opponent in the hospital.

058 The Odd Triple - 1988-2-29

Jack Dalton sucks MacGyver into his latest scheme to pilot an heiress back to France after she purchases a fortune in jewels. But when MacGyver and Dalton accomplish the mission, they're arrested.

059 The Negotiator - 1988-3-7

MacGyver is doing an environmental-impact study before builders can start a project. When bribery fails, the developer hires a beautiful woman to get rid of Mac.

060 The Spoilers (AKA Earthquake) - 1988-13-14

Someone is dumping toxic waste in mountain streams and MacGyver enlists a reclusive, troubled Vietnam veteran to help track the culprits.

061 Mask of the Wolf - 1988-3-28

Jack Dalton talks MacGyver into accompanying an elderly Native American on a search for a legendary wolf mask, but MacGyver must thwart two mercenaries who have plans of their own for the artifact.

062 Rock the Cradle - 1988-4-18

Jack nearly kills MacGyver in a plane ride. Later, in the hangar, he finds a baby tagged "Jack Jr." strapped into the cockpit, and a fortune in counterfeit bills in the bassinet.

063 The Endangered - 1988-5-2

MacGyver visits an ex-girl friend, a ranger at a wildlife reserve. However, his vacation turns into a bloody confrontation by poachers who are killing off endangered species.

064 Murderer's Sky - 1988-5-9

A deadly ninja is involved in the takeover of a Chinese mogul's company. MacGyver and the mogul's grandson must halt the escalating bloodshed.

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