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Season Four

065 The Secret of Parker House (Halloween Special.) - 1988-10-31

MacGyver must act as a ghostbuster in a spooky old house inherited by Penny Parker. Penny happens to be a dead ringer for her insane aunt, who once lived in the house.

066 Blood Brothers (Season Premiere) - 1988-11-21

Back in his home town, MacGyver recalls a fatal shooting accident from his youth while trying to stop his old friend's son from using a gun to defend himself against drug-dealers.

067 The Outsiders - 1988-11-28

MacGyver is rescued by Amish after wrecking his jeep while driving through Pennsylvania. He helps intervene when a construction company wants to bulldoze land that the Amish refuse to leave.

068 On a Wing and a Prayer - 1988-12-5

Thornton and an old girlfriend, who's now a nun, are taken hostage by Central American rebels. MacGyver, Jack Dalton, and his seaplane come to the rescue.

069 Collision Course - 1988-12-12

Calling on his earlier experience racing, MacGyver tests a car engine designed by the Foundation, but a rival car-owner is out to ruin the effort.

070 The Survivors - 1989-1-9

MacGyver and Thornton discover the wreckage of a DEA plane, during routine survival training in the woods, MacGyver determines the plane was shot down by drug smugglers.

071 Deadly Dreams - 1989-1-16

A police task force is searching for an escaped psychopath, MacGyver joins in suspecting that the man is a pawn in a larger scheme.

072 Ma Dalton - 1989-1-23

Jack Dalton and MacGyver search for Jack's mother and learn that she's a fugitive being pursued by a bounty hunter.

073 Cleo Rocks - 1989-2-6

Murdoc poses as the director of a musical, and uses MacGyver's friend Penny Parker in a plan of vengeance against MacGyver.

074 Fraternity of Thieves - 1989-2-13

A highly classified Phoenix technology system could be compromised by espionage, and the culprit is Pete's son.

075 The Battle of Tommy Giordano - 1989-2-20

MacGyver's friend wins custody of her son. Her ex-husband seeks the help of his uncle, apparently the head of a crime family to steal young Tommy Giordano back.

076 The Challenge - 1989-2-27

A youth from an inner-city club run by MacGyver's friend is framed for a theft by a racist who wants to shut the club down.

077 Runners - 1989-3-13

MacGyver offers protection to a runaway girl. He helps her cope with her bitter past, unveiling a tragic memory of his own.

078 Gold Rush - 1989-3-27

MacGyver joins a U.S.-Soviet team in Alaska which is trying to retrieve millions in gold from a wrecked World War II transport plane. They're left out in the cold when they discover someone's gotten there first.

079 The Invisible Killer - 1989-4-10

MacGyver leads a group of Phoenix employees into the Cascade mountains as part of a stress reduction program. Stress is replaced by paranoia when it's discovered that convicts are on the loose.

080 Brainwashed - 1989-4-24

Jack Dalton is "programmed" to assassinate the country's president by a power-hungry couple seeking to overthrow a foreign government.

081 Easy Target - 1989-5-1

MacGyver and Pete Thornton are held hostage by terrorists bent on crippling the nearby metropolitan area with a sophisticated electronic device.

082 Renegade - 1989-5-8

A mentally disturbed man steals a vial of deadly bacteria, and MacGyver is shocked when a confrontation with the thief reveals that he's a friend who once saved his life.

083 Unfinished Business - 1989-5-15

A beautiful woman with a mission returns to kill MacGyver.

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