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Season Five

084 and 085 Legend of the Holy Rose - 1989-9-18 (Part 1) 1989-9-25 (Part 2)

Part 1 Exhausted after a rescue in Colombia, MacGyver is enticed to join archaeologist Zoe Ryan on her quest for the Holy Grail.

Part 2 Their search for the Holy Grail may come to a halt after Von Leer steals artifacts they need to unlock its secrets.

086 The Black Corsage - 1989-10-2

A Bulgarian scientist is on the run from "techno-bandits" seeking the location of an ancient gem. MacGyver teams with a bounty hunter to track down the scientist.

087 Cease Fire - 1989-10-9

MacGyver, while in Switzerland for peace negotiations between two countries, gets framed for an assassination attempt on one nation's president.

088 Second Chance - 1989-10-16

MacGyver heads a project bringing young Amerasians to the U.S. for medical treatment. His companion finds a son he didn't know he had.

089 Halloween Knights - 1989-10-30

Murdoc asks for MacGyver's help to free his innocent sister, who's being held captive by a vengeful ex-employer. Mac's not sure if its a trick or not from his ruthless rival.

090 Children of Light - 1989-11-6

A Chinese student trailed by agents of the People's Republic arrives claiming to be MacGyver's foster daughter. She's secretly holding evidence of the bloodletting at Tinanmen Square. (The Chinese government protested when a Vancouver building was made into the episode's Chinese consulate.)

091 Black Rhino - 1989-11-13

MacGyver tries to help the wildest of the Colton's nail a poacher, in Africa, who's butchering endangered black rhinos for their valuable horns.

092 The Ten Percent Solution - 1989-11-20

MacGyver researches a claim to a masterpiece painting by a concentration-camp survivor. The two uncover a neo-Nazi group that's auctioning off stolen artworks to finance its plot to create an "Aryan Nation."

093 Two Times Trouble - 1989-12-11

MacGyver is in jeopardy a rock-singer friend thinks her twin is trying to kill her.

094 The Madonna - 1989-12-18

Christmas Eve, MacGyver helps his priest friend find stolen statue of the Madonna. A homeless woman has a pocketful of minor miracles.

095 Serenity - 1990-1-8

MacGyver dreams he's a Civil War veteran in the Old West. In the dream he gains a claim to a home on the range in Montana, however he meets resistance from a neighboring rancher (Pete Thornton).

096 Live and Learn - 1990-1-15

As part of a Phoenix mentor program MacGyver reaches out to a promising high-school student. However he must get around a cynical teacher and a no-nonsense father for his message to get through.

097 Log Jam - 1990-2-5

An environmentalist friend believes that a logging company murdered a whistle-blower before he could expose the management's illegal activities. MacGyver infiltrates the company to find out.

098 The Treasure of Manco - 1990-2-12

MacGyver helps a friend search for an Inca treasure. Some greedy guerillas are looking for it as well to finance a revolution.

099 Jenny's Chance - 1990-2-19

MacGyver, Jack Dalton, and Pete Thornton go undercover as a computer geek, a drug lord, and a dirty big-time bookie to bring down a money launderer.

100 Deep Cover - 1990-2-26

A drug cartel spy steals a prototype stealth submarine by seducing the < Main engineer.

101 The Lost Amadeus - 1990-3-19

A woman leads MacGyver on a wild chase to save a priceless violin, and the virtuoso who owns it, from hoods.

102 Hearts of Steel (AKA Kidnapped) - 1990-4-9

A steel executive whose mill has been shut down kidnaps the daughter of the corporate raider responsible for the closure.

103 Rush to Judgement - 1990-4-16

MacGyver serves as a juror in a racially charged murder trial. Afterward he can't resist researching it further, which upsets the judge although he may've discovered new evidence.

104 Passages (AKA Coma) - 1990-4-30

While waiting to fly home to his ailing grandfather, MacGyver pursues a stolen Egyptian artifact.

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